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  1. Scullybhoy,



    Absolutely no need to apologise.


    I really hope Eddie Howe gives us our enthusiasm back.




  2. Greenpinata on 12th May 2021 11:07 pm




    Cheers mhan – I hate the s1 that appears on a site about Celtic and trivializes the deaths of innocent people in the part of the world in which I live (sorry – too much Rioja) anyway – I enjoyed the game and God bless St. Eddie!






    Watch out for the Trojan horse



    EddietheegoJhb CSC

  3. Everyone has a right to truth and justice. The contradiction is with cover up within the UK Govt. Thousands of IRA Volunteers spent time in jaol.


    Now the British Army want an amnesty. Not one British soldier seen what happened or spent a day in jaol for murdering innocents . Gut wrenching.


    That’s the UK Govt for you.


    Remember that much at the ballot box.

  4. SIONNAIGH on 12TH MAY 2021 11:26 PM



    So is the idea that when we remember these things at the ballot box we’re supposed to vote for the SNP?



    Do you think that’s going to work on those of us were alive during these events and remember the SNP’s views at the time?



    How thick do you think we are?

  5. SIONNAIGH on 12TH MAY 2021 11:39 PM



    The leader of the SNP at the time of the Ballymurphy Massacre was Billy Wolfe.



    Billy Wolfe.

  6. DREW1967 on 12TH MAY 2021 11:55 PM









    That is pathetic.give it up









    We’re being told to remember historic events in determining how to vote.



    So lets remember the history of the party the cult want us to vote for. Lets remember what they had to say about these events at the time.



    Billy Wolfe.

  7. UK military’s wing being mocked by Ballymurphy women.




    The British Govt ordered their military wing to “shoot up Ballymurphy….be careful not to kill any rioting Protestants attacking Catholic homes”. “Shoot a Priest if you can find one” UK Paratrooper.

  8. “The protestants would shoot you but the UK soldiers wont” . The last words of a Catholic women of seven left bleeding to die by the UK soldiers that shot her repeatedly at point blank range.


    Seven thousand Catholics fled from UK soldiers to camps in the Irish Free State immediately thereafter.


    The UK’s military wing Brigadier Frank Kitson was then put in charge to kill the Catholics that had not fled in Ballymurphy.



  9. Slán go foill, Broonie.. go raibh maith, tá do obair déanta. Go n-eirí an bhóthar leat.


    There were times when I was frustrated and times I was angry at Broonie. But there were far more times I was proud and glad we had such a warrior fighting the cause. His achievements should not be shadowed by this years craziness.


    You owe us nothing Scott.


    We shared a lot more ups than downs and you never sherked your responsibilities.


    May you enjoy the destruction of the wannabe huns in your new role.

  10. The hand of God on

    I detest our board …they are useless cowards only interested in fleecing our fans of their money.They were desperate for the return of their business partners from Ibrox,they said nothing about their cheating on a massive scale expressing surprise at the LNS sham,said nothing about 55 titles in 9 years and then take down banners put up by fans of Celtic protesting against the treatment of oppressed people..they’re Tory scum and I wish they would F##k off.

  11. Madra Rua.






    sound post.the way i read of the 7-1 team,the lions etc Scott is a Titan in our history