Police redacts to protect Scot Gov on Newco. Motherwell gesture


The Scotsman today report Police Scotland “released 17 pages of almost entirely redacted correspondence between it, the SPFL and the Scottish Government” around Newco’s planned league win celebrations.

The police initially decided not to release any related documents but was forced to comply after a review.  What looked like a complete cover-up, not just looks like a sloppy cover-up, but for who’s benefit?

ITV’s Peter Smith reports that after an earlier Freedom of Information request, the Scottish Government said it “has zero record of communication …. via meetings, email, text, messenger or minuted calls” regarding these plans.  Police Scotland redacted the name of the Scottish Government official(s) involved in these discussions.

Why are 17 pages “almost entirely redacted” if not to provide cover to the Scottish Government’s incredible version of events?  They tried to stop you seeing anything, then the redacted as much as possible to hide her fingerprints.  But still, flags and all that.  You are being taken for granted.  Hell will freeze over before Nicola Sturgeon turns on Newco the way she has grandstanded on Celtic.

Motherwell made an incredible gesture yesterday – a free season ticket next season for everyone who bought one this season.  Amid all the plaudits they have rightfully received, some context is useful.

During the current financial year, Motherwell received a single transaction amounting to 75% of their normal annual income.  In Celtic terms, that would amount to £55m.  Right now, the Lanarkshire club have more money in the bank than at any time in their chequered financial history.  In that respect, they are alone in Scotland; few across Europe will be in such rude health.  Indeed, that extraordinary transaction would almost cover the next two season’s ticket money.

Celtic paid for it, of course, with the purchase of David Turnbull, good business for both clubs.  Good for Motherwell, but you know we can’t do anything like this, right?  There’s a league title to be won, the sole focus.


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  1. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Steven Gerrard has been blabbering on about all the good guys who helped him finally topple Celtic,







    Kenny Dalglish,







    Walter Smith,







    Graeme Souness,







    Rafa Benitez,







    what a shower of ratbags, and thanks a lot ‘King Kenny’

  2. One of the posts I try to make annually is to list a couple of teams from players elsewhere in the SPFL who have impressed me with their performances against us in the flesh or on TV. This year it has all been seen via the TV







    I usually pick one team without Sevcoites and one team with and I am very reluctant to pick Sevco players at all. This year 7 of their players would walk straight into Team 1-







    McGregor as GK







    Tavernier, Goldson and Barisic in the back 4









    & Kent, Aribo and , possibly Kamara in midfield







    I don’t rate the season long performance of any of their strikers or Steve Davis who only started to play in recent weeks. I don’t rate Helander and Jack has been injured for too much of the season as has Katic.







    I am still going to pick 2 teams without Sevco players in them- I struggled with keepers to pick. I am horrified at the thought of Siegriest or Marciano coming to CP. Siegriest looked good because the United back 4 was so weak that he got a lot of shot stopping practice and I don’t see Marciano as having any virtues at all.









    My teams are:-









    Team One







    Liam Kelly (QPR on loan at M/well)







    Shaun Rooney (St, J) Declan Gallagher (Well) Joe Shaugnessy (St, M) Josh Doig (Hibs)







    Alan Campbell (Well) Lewis Ferguson (Dons).







    Ali McCann (St. J) Jamie McGrath (St. Mirren)







    Martin Boyle (Hibs) Kevin Nisbet (Hibs)









    Team Two







    Trevor Carson (Well)- Out injured this year but he’s the only other talented keeper in the SPFL









    Ryan Porteous (Hibs) Connor McCarthy (St, M) Considine (Dons)









    Hedges (Dons) Harkes (United) Callachan (Hamilton) Scott Pittman (Livi) Hayes (Dons)









    Robinson (Livi) Cole (Well)









    The only ones I would be interested in seeing at CP in a Celtic shirt are Doig, Campbell, Ferguson, McGrath, Boyle or Nisbet, and maybe Carson, if he ever gets back to his best.

  3. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Two things:



    1. I am as offended as P67 by the overt favouritism afforded those despicable huns. It only rewards their supremacist entitlement. All the more reason why Desmond and Lawwell shouldn’t have worked so hard to bring them back. They can take their share of responsibility along with a Scottish Govt that’s either Hunnish in sympathy, afraid of the hun hordes or (more likely) both.



    2. THE league title to be won was this year. Peter and Co decided to take the year off and taunt the fans along the way.

  4. SFTB.


    Worthwhile post , and I agree with most of your selections.


    The diddy teams have some decent players.



    On the Newco players, I think Kamala is very decent. When mentioning Davies , the disciplined shape of the new Rainjurz, helped them play a 35 year old that wasn’t exposed to the same extent as our old hero.



    The trouble with disciplinary shape , and structure, ( wee GS had structure) is the fans called it boring fitba.


    When you perform in Europe without structure, you tend to get a bleaching. HH

  5. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    During the pandemic lockdown the sevconians were given a police escort from Ibrox to the centre of Glasgow so they could celebrate ‘stopping the ten’, that tells you all you need to know about which team the ‘establishment’ favours. The police were even complimented by the government on how they had handled the whole thing, farcical.



    Meanwhile, at the back of the bus, we don’t even know who will be our manager next season, more farce.

  6. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Celtic FC Statement



    We had invited supporters to pay tribute to our Club captain, Scott Brown, by giving them the opportunity to display their own banners in the stadium.



    Unfortunately a small group, which was given access in good faith, has attempted to exploit this opportunity, taken advantage of an occasion intended for our Club captain, Scott Brown, and used it for a different purpose.



    Clearly this is unacceptable and the display was immediately taken down by the Club.

  7. I always thought Liverpool were behind the improvement in Sevco from their 2 defeats to bottom of the league Hearts last March until now, fitness tactics conditioning analysis all from Melwood.


    I for one will never forget that ever.

  8. Any of our SNP friends said anything about this weekends proposed celebrations or are they waiting for it to happen again, say its not their fault then mention us in their condemnation after the event

  9. I think there will be a lot of pressure on the Police and Authorities to prevent a george Square riot again.



    I also think they will manage to fail to curtail it.



    They then will get the best of both worlds and be able to condemn it (retrospectively) but not prevent it

  10. jeez_I_thought_blinker_was_pants on




    Add Alex Ferguson to that list too



    Sportings’ open top bus parade didn’t get going till 4 am…..

  11. The Palestinian flags would have brought us enormous goodwill throughout the world. What is the board afraid of? UEFA couldn’t fine us. The Scottish government couldn’t object. The SFA?

  12. Police Scotland treatment of Celtic and Rangers fans is not even handed. They continually use a heavy hand dealing with Celtic fans while waving through the orcs in blue. Selfies are common.



    The redaction of Documents is no surprise merely “covering up their work”

  13. squire danaher on

    ROCK TREE BHOY on 12TH MAY 2021 12:38 PM


    Steven Gerrard has been blabbering on about all the good guys who helped him finally topple Celtic,



    Kenny Dalglish,



    Walter Smith,



    Graeme Souness,



    Rafa Benitez,



    what a shower of ratbags, and thanks a lot ‘King Kenny’






    That will be the King Kenny who was a first team regular for 4 seasons, had to be persuaded not to leave while Mr Stein lay critically ill, and spent the next two years agitating for a move ?



    That King Kenny?



    The King Kenny who spent much of his time thereafter either being an Honorary Scouser or sookin up to David Murray as his global ambassador with the brief to talk Batistuta and Fat Ronaldo to sign for the Huns?



    The King Kenny who lumbered us wi Barnes for a manager because he could put the cones out for Newcastle under 18s? While he faffed about playing golf on £750k pa and sued the club for the remainder when sacked ?






    Why would you be surprised he would help a Scouser before us?




    That’s a cracker 👏

  15. timmy7_noted on

    A parody of a supporters site, the articles get worse where I never thought that was possible.



    Not a single critical word on our current forelock tugging predicament.



    Not lazy journalism.

  16. Hot smoked from previous article – 263 Roystonhill was where Mrsdavid66 was brought up for 20 years before I swept her off her feet with my Steve McQueen looks at charismatic charm and gave her a WAG lifestyle. 😂



    D :)

  17. When I saw the pictures of the Palestinian flags at CP today I was stunned. I thought that with McKay making his presence felt, we had someone willing to say, “you know what, we are a club that supports the oppressed and downtrodden, if we are fined for it so be it”.



    Looked on Twitter five minute later and it is business as usual.



    Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss.



    PR disaster yet again.





    Sadly, I fear that you will be proved correct.



  19. Bada from previous thread Eddie Howe will be our next manager of that I am 99% sure. 😂



    Seriously I believe what I heard.



    D :)

  20. DAVID66 on 12TH MAY 2021 1:31 PM


    Hot smoked from previous article – 263 Roystonhill was where Mrsdavid66 was brought up for 20 years before I swept her off her feet with my Steve McQueen looks at charismatic charm and gave her a WAG lifestyle. 😂





    You are the Garngads very own ” POSH and BECKS”….You even share Becks 1st Name.




    HH Mate.

  21. Support for Palestine


    Even the – much maligned on here – First Minister of Scotland has done so publicly and without equivocation.



    You have to wonder just how right wing our corporate leadership is?



    SFTB – some good talent to be had among that list of yours.



    HH jg

  22. Get the tories and free staters run out of our Club then we can discuss the ScotGov and newco. God watch over, Palestine.

  23. Only 24 hours late …



    Missed the whole yesterday blabbering on about offshore green hydrogen production.


    What a bundle of laughs that turned out to be — couldn’t fit in “and white” anywhere but I tried.



    So here goes regarding the Lowland League opportunity.


    I think that it is a good idea — trying something different.


    Just a case of who you play in these games.


    P67 is barking up the wrong tree.



    Back in the mists of time — late 60’s the club had a well tried strategy for new young players.


    Send them out to the Juniors for a year — seemed to work in a number of cases.



    Lowland League — Not a great standard agreed.


    But that is through the lens of the first team and people 20 years old and over.



    The 60’s Juniors year out was for players aged 17 / 18 in the main.



    We should play 18 year olds in the Lowland League.


    If they find it too easy then it should be passed on to a team of 17 year olds.


    If they find it too hard then they need a boot up the erse or a new club.



    The main thing here is too challenge them — take them out of their comfort zone.


    Show them a sporting experience far away from pro youth.



    Time spent as an egg chaser — youth team was full of mouthy 17 year olds.


    One year later in the seniors and they had turned into empty shirts who were scared fartless if anyone growled at them coming off the bus.



    St Ninians is more High School Musical than a football hothouse.


    With the WAGS angle more important than talent.


    The social structure is Pictish — girls to the fore.

  24. Gerrard comments are for Liverpool consumption, It will be reported down there and keep his name in the frame for future jobs in Liverpool. the same is the story about Carracher.



    No mention of Klopp though

  25. I find it fascinating that hardly anyone comments on the blatant bias of the SNP Government, while so many have done so about Palestine, when the GB abused the opportunity to honour our captain.



    By the bye, don’t even begin to presume that I have no sympathy for the Palestinian people.

  26. Paul 67,



    We are not treated equally and a blind man can see it. We accepted this, indeed we advocated and endorsed it for another 5 years.


    No worries about treating us badly, we will willingly come back for more.



    For obvious and predictable reasoning, the appeasement will ramp up for the unbelievers ( I very much doubt they will be called rebels, but paradoxically that is what they will be seen as )



    Our disabled fans were told to find another team and we have just given this same individual carte blanche. Forget parking concessions.



    The majority of us have got their Ronseal moment and there will be no change.



    Others may be more blunt and say we have brought it on ourselves. We are not even on the bus.


    Can we seriously argue with that.?




    Somebody in authority should take responsibility and the subsequent consequence for the hate fest planned for Saturday. Our shops and hospitality need the revenue, who will compensate them ?



    Expect more of the same going forward.


    This will not be the last article you will write on this subject, but does the majority of your blog listen, do they even care ?




  27. I’ve contacted the SLO to check that all the flags have been removed.


    If that’s the case, I won’t watch the game tonight.



    HH jg

  28. SFTB



    I’m surprised we didn’t move for Gallacher for a small fee last summer or winter. Even now we could have taken him. We have a glaring lack of defenders and especially centre halves.



    some basic , heid the ba’s were what we needed especially after we were out of europe. Kenny was the right idea and although he has made a few mistakes, he did add balance for a while on the right side



    My preferred first 11 next season would be



    New player



    New player Julienne New Player New Player



    Forrest Ajer Turnbull McGregor



    New Player Edouard(if he goes, Ajeti gets a chance with new player)

  29. Big Jimmy,



    Re Beer Frenzy.



    From last article.



    Thanks for the invite, I will try my best to pop in for a few gargleblasters.



    Cheers and HH.

  30. STx2 @ 2.00



    Interesting focus on my comments — nothing to say on the other matters?



    Regarding St Ninians — they are not there to enjoy themselves.


    They are there to learn and develop their sporting / physical skills.



    Enough about the girls …



    Now what about slackers who pretend to play football.


    As a football academy It is not working.



    Year after year all it produces is 20yr old never wizzers.


    MJ and SW being two exceptions.

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