Celtic were done by VAR but the title race is on


Celtic were done by VAR yesterday.  After receiving soft-ish penalty kick, which VAR John Beaton was unable to overturn (because the decision was technically correct in every aspect), he intervened twice in incidents which left scope for referee interpretation.  Consequentially, he determined not only the outcome of the game, but which team tops the league table today.

While struggling against Motherwell a week ago, clear comparable incidents to yesterday’s penalty and red card against Celtic were overlooked.  Yang’s red card was the most egregious of the decisions and ultimately led to everything that followed at Tynecastle.

For unrelated reasons, Celtic remain within touching distance of the top of the table.  Newco’s impressive record of only having lost to Celtic since September crashed at home to Motherwell. The two-point gap at the top of the table will not determine who wins the league as much as which team plays better in the remaining fixtures.  On that point, there is reason to be hopeful.

Yesterday’s 2-0 defeat was completely different than when Hearts won by the same result in December.  Celtic’s passing, movement and purpose was significantly better at Tynecastle.  We still struggle to know what our best 11 is.

Without injured Callum McGregor, there was still no place for Kyogo, who started on the bench.  After coming on at halftime, our Japanese fulcrum put in one of his better performances of the season, playing in a deeper role, behind Adam Idah.  In a side without Reo Hatate and Callum McGregor, there should have been a place for Kyogo.

Look back at the players faces after fulltime at Fir Park, the smiles and camaraderie, which had been missing, was clear to see.  Teambuilding took a further step forward on Wednesday and I am sure yesterday’s shenanigans will further build a siege mentality into the squad.

A friend recalled the 1979, 1986 and 2008 league wins this week.  Celtic looked unlikely to win around this time of the year in both those seasons, but they clicked at the right moment, leading to wins some of us still talk about.  It’s on.

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  1. The Battered Bunnet on

    I only caught the match on radio but the highlights this morning suggest that the team played well and lost, rather than played badly and were beaten.



    The refereeing was diabolical.




  2. bournesouprecipe on

    The Quiet Men.



    Couple of things ……I resign from the “ told you so’s “ club as I would never be a member of any club that accepted me as a member. © GM. I’ll make a one off farewell ‘told you so’ exception for my pre match post yesterday. Celtic supporters, mild, naive, fair minded, Corinthian or just plain Cooncil saw yesterday’s VAR coming down the pike, arriving in full technicolour when it was getting tight in the league. In the interests of demonstrating Celtic fairness, the only physical referee live penalty, given, yesterday was debatable at best IMO.



    VAR man however, proceeded to reduce the game to a level way beyond Brendan’s beleaguered squad reach, crucially twice it contravened the rules (as they stand) Ironically, VAR was called out instantly by Celtic supporters that have walked a mile in the same sannies, and knew what to expect. Seen the movie before in its inaugural game, ironically at the same stadium. Why were we told VAR is here to stay? Why are football supporters paying for VAR ( in more ways than one in our case ) ?



    The Celtic decision to have no Lead to n public voice or personal profile is understandable given the editorial of Scottish football coverage they’d likely attract with every and any utterance. The last guy was shaping up as a “boat rocker” and walked the plank pronto leaving us with his one and only “ noisey neighbours “ depiction of Sevco. We don’t advocate Celtic directors on Radio Snyde every twenty minutes, but the time is not now for continued silence.



    Calling out Hamdump is strictly bad for business in the eyes of a PLC, biting the hand that feeds you, besides folk might think we’re Sevco, which might be an insult too far. Not a good look, especially in St Aloysius type circles, where stume seems to lead to new ‘bonus points’ qin Parkhead.



    Whose idea was it anyway to switch a legal secretary to CEO? That’s a quantum leap in any business , a Mike Powell of long jumps. You don’t have to be public to be successful, where is the Celtic supporter to look for green shoots of justice? “ We have contacted the SFA about certain decisions and were told it was teething troubles “ then when asked about VAR at the AGM he quipped “ we’re on it “ – How did we get on? How is the fan survey ? “ it’s coming “ So, is attila to George Square, from what we can see.



    We have a football coach, like Neil Lennon before him, straight batting (ably) every controversy, and fan communication, fan involvement, never mind ownership is further away than a former Glasgow Lord Provost’s last Parkhead fish tea. Bad patter for the AGM like “:Penalty to Rainjurz “ fine for blogs, and social media, but nobody expected another Celtic Rory Bremner.



    It may be too late to say we will not be treated differently, but now’s as good a time to start as any. For my next trick we have the ‘Blue Card’ and it’s sin bin, we hope to have our cup full and runneth over, with Hoops tout suite, what say the Battered Bunnet now?



    Livingston, next I presume CSC

  3. Turkeybhoy



    From previous



    You are correct that we should take a long term view on these things not just the short term one. Bigger picture etc. The interesting thing will be to see if anything actually happens at organisation level.




    Typically rangers posture publicly to appeal to their hordes. Typically we have made our protestations less via media and more directly to the organisation rather than playing to a gallery and appeasing / patronising our support.




    My feeling is our board should be more vocal this time in backing the manager. If only to show our support that it os doing so.

  4. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    It’s a disgrace that someone as compromised as Beaton is given opportunity to exercise unaccountable corruption to our league. A hun bar steward.



    I still think we’ll sneak it despite the shambles we’ve been all season and the injuries to key players. I hope the huns get through against Benfica because more of thóse games will deplete them and improve our odds.



    Ibrox concerns me. The cheating will be off the scale and I wonder if we have the heart.

  5. It most definitely is on,Paul.Will be all the sweeter to see their hopes and dreams shattered,after being fed glorious fables, like battery Chickens by our vile media,since the arrival of Vlad the Impaler.

  6. Forget about yesterday – we lost our advantage at Celtic park by dropping nine points over four games to Maotherwell, St Johnstone, Kilmarnock & Hearts. We will drop more points in the run in – nothing surer. So many things have come together to make sure that this will not be our season.



    Glad that Abada will go for decent money – he never could play again in front of those who celebrated the slaughter and descecration of his countrymen and women only hours after it happened and whilst bodies still lay raped, decapitated and burned. At least GB/HAMAS are not adding to the million Euros thay have cost us in fines up till now by denying us a fee for the player they effectively ran out the club.



    Open to all? Yes as a club – but in certain areas of the stands….only if you agree with our brand of politics – could be a barren season honours-wise for Celtic, but it already is a shameful season forced on us by a handful of nutters who support, promote and represent only themselves.

  7. Hoop hoop Hooray on

    VAR we keep being told is to correct for clear and obvious errors. It is not for looking for something that could be ‘interpreted’ different from the referee in charge of the game.



    There is clearly a pecking order of referees and if the senior ref is on var the match ref isn’t going to change his mind if called to monitor.



    Don’t forget it was beaton who decided that gokdson palming the ball over his own bar was a corner.


    It wouldnt be difficult for the club to compile a dossier of inconsistent decisions from beaton and adk for an explanation. (Yeah I know)

  8. As I posted earlier,I can see no reason why our club cannot push for club affiliations to be disclosed.Nothing controversial or,content that could give the media scope to criticize.


    Those wretched deluded morons over on FF are baying for the same thing every week.If you EVER needed proof,there’s your dinner.

  9. Wednesday 4th



    Fr Murphy was in tonight. I have not felt too bad today, although I notice the energy beginning to drain. But it is quite early yet. I got showered today and had my hair cut, which made me feel quite good. Ten years younger, the boys joke, but I feel twenty years older, the inevitable consequence of eight years of torture and imprisonment.



    I am abreast with the news and view with utter disgust and anger the Reagan/Thatcher plot. It seems quite clear that they intend to counteract Russian expansionism with imperialist expansionism, to protect their vital interests they say.



    What they mean is they covet other nations’ resources. They want to steal what they haven’t got and to do so (as the future may unfortunately prove) they will murder oppressed people and deny them their sovereignty as nations. No doubt Mr Haughey will toe the line in Ireland when Thatcher so demands.



    Noticed a rarity today: jam with the tea, and by the way the Screws are glaring at the food. They seem more in need of it than my good self.

  10. Paul67 et al



    I seem to remember that this site welcomed the introduction of VAR into our League.


    Those of us who knew better thought and think otherwise. In many ways it has ruined football, from re-addressing serious errors, it has introduced millimetres, or fractions thereof, into the offside rule, and all knds of factors into the handball rule. Ye gotta know yer angles. Similar technology has failed in Rugby too, ruining the WC final, and failing to award Scotland tries against Wales and France. That sport needs now to follow the NFL on touchdowns.


    VAR does not remove subjectivity to our game, it enhances it, it allows the game to be re-refereed. That is bad enough in the EPL, but many times worse when the Referees Association in question is little more than a masonic cabal. You want to challenge something, try challenging that!

  11. Darwin



    That stuff about rape and decapitation is discredited Israeli propaganda, like the claim – without evidence – that UN relief workers aided Hamas. But if Abada objects to Celtic supporters demonstrating their opposition to genocide while Israeli government ministers and military high-ups call the Palestinians sub-humans and “ordinary” Israelis try to starve children to death by blockading aid trucks, the as far as I am concerned Abada can GTF.

  12. Hoop hoop Hooray on



    Abada has played in front of Palestinian flags since he came here. He was happy to sign a new extended and enhanced contract at the start of the season.


    What has changed since October is that he has been subjected to horrific threats and abuse from fellow Israelis and others in the Israeli professional game.


    It has put him in an impossible situation.

  13. The title race is very much on so I’m not too despondent about yesterday. That’s a tough away fixture over with and we’re two behind.



    I’ll take 10 points from our next 4 games and be happy that the league is still in our own hands going into the split.



    BR marked Beaton’s card yesterday and made sure the SFA got his message – keep this man away from our games. We’ll see if that works because if we’re faced with Beaton once again getting one of games for a crucial run in then we’re in trouble.

  14. Darwin,



    The majority of that post is not true.The GB did not drive him out.Abada is a big boy.I am sure knows that a vast majority of people are appalled at the carnage on their TV screens,and will take sides.Think he has come under great pressure from outside influences.Not forgetting,he has a wife.Best of luck,to vicious,Hunskelper.


    What I will say on this subject,not the mayhem,is that the anti Jewish feelings,running throughout the UK is an utter disgrace stoked by illiterate morons and bigots.Seems in their narrow minds they have great trouble seperating Jews,from,IsraelisLike being unable to distinguish Catholics from citizens of Rome..We have one such moron on here.

  15. Paul 67,



    I do not think we played well enough yesterday. Missed a penalty to set the tone of the game then missed numerous good chances.


    I am not totally convinced Shankland was offside for his first ” goal”. The VAR line and timing look open to interpretation.



    I would be raging if we had that ” goal” chopped off.



    The red card was harsh and unjustified, but I have seen similar given. I would like to see what former referees like Dermot Gallagher think.



    I also disagree that Kyogo was successful when he came on. His primary function is to score goals.



    I also feel our subs bench could have been managed better.



    I witnessed us score for fun on Wednesday, we reset our standards in that first half.


    We fell below that standard yesterday.



    HH, the journey continues.

  16. bournesouprecipe on




    Yip, and the Blog lead was VAR would be a good thing for Celtic.



    The Scottish variant is a deadly strain, and in Brendan Rodgers welcome to Neil Warnock he said “ wait till you see VAR up here.



    A blogger once said of ‘honest mistakes’ the trick was to pass it off as incompetence.



    Hmmmm CSC

  17. Without Calmac our team was crying out for experience. James Forrest has scored a few goals at Tynecastle. Is he injured?

  18. bournesouprecipe on

    I would like to know what was technically correct about Cochrane heading Yangs wee boot.

  19. !!Bada Bing!! on

    What time is the ‘Beaton death threats’ nonsense getting released at? It’s what they do,they cheat us and put out lies in the SMSM ,to cover it up,and our complaints are lost in the background.

  20. The genocide apologist is back on with more of his lies, you forgot the ‘babies in the ovens’



    Zionism is a cancer, time to cut it out.

  21. I had a look at the zombie media website over the weekend.



    I have been ignoring then largely. What I’ve seen of them most if the season is an agricultural chaos ball team.



    What I hadn’t realised was the extent of their injury list. Anyone they regard as ‘creative’ is injured. Cantwell is closest to a return – three or four weeks away. Cantwell who has sh@ himself against us in every game apart from the one that didn’t matter and that Ange appeared not to be giving a feck about.



    They bemoan their lack of strikers in particular amd midfield creators a close second.



    What I found strange was, despite their defensive record being better than ours, they are worried about their defence. Goldson And Souttar are getting it tight.



    Tavernier tolerated for his goals contribution but not so much his complete lack of awareness of his own back post.



    We have yet to have a purple patch this season. I think they’ve just reached the end if theirs and with a midfield of Sterling, Raskin and Lundstrum, no wingers to speak of and a slightly less overweight and apparently just as lazy striker than the one they used to have, perhaps other Diddy teams might start believing themselves against these chancers

  22. DARWIN on 4TH MARCH 2024 12:22 PM




    RE Your CHUMP Post yesterday on here…



    I am STILL waiting for you to explain just ” HOW” The Green Brigade managed to make sure that YANG got a Red Card yesterday ?


    I am also STILL waiting for you to explain just ” HOW” The Green Brigade awarded that Penalty Kick against Celtic yesterday ?



    You appear to have ” answers” to everything else ?


    100% CHUMP.

  23. I think I’m right that IFAB have binned the idea of the ‘blue card’.


    A few years back Sepp Blatter proposed an ‘orange’ card


    Imagine a combination of those two cards in Scotland…..


    Doesn’t bear thinking about

  24. GREENPINATA on 4TH MARCH 2024 12:55 PM



    ” The red card was harsh and unjustified, but I have seen similar given. I would like to see what former referees like Dermot Gallagher think.”





    Dermot Gallaghers views are as valid as anything Kris Boyd has to say.


    I couldnt give Toss on what either CHUMP says.




  25. Maybe I am more bitter than others, but the call for Celtic to insist Brother Beaton does not officiate any game involving us, aye very good !


    So ok for him in other games where he can help the peepul and stick it to us.


    Problem is that the Lanarkshire Ludge lot will get one of their many pals , again to stick it up us.


    Been going on for decades, will not change until we get neutral refs, and frankly who in the SFA will vote for that ? Exactly.


    Still. positive is Brendan and the bhoys will be even more determined, so on we go , nae bother.




  26. Fix fitba: empty Hampden.



    Scotland gets the fitba it deserves.



    At least Celtic have now called out the cheat. I wonder will anyone else back us up?

  27. BIG JIMMY on 4TH MARCH 2024 8:12 AM


    Anyone who ” Thinks” that the Celtic Board WILL BACK Brendan Rodgers in relation to BEATON And the rest….are gonna have a LONG Wait.







    I can see the Celtic Board ” distancing” themselves from Brendans after match comments….IF Brendan is Fined/Punished for those comments.







    I seriously hope that I am WRONG ?






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