Cenkos involvement worth attention


There is a realisation that the information issued by Craig Whyte last week is only the beginning of what promises to be weeks of salacious details.  Ownership of Ibrox, Murray Park and other assets purchased by Sevco 5088, a company which Charles Green signed a Companies House form for on 27 December 2012, but which Craig Whyte claims to be a significant interest holder in, is in doubt.

This matter could take weeks to play out and months, or longer, to settle.  The evidence provided thus far is interesting but courts are notoriously more concerned by paperwork than recorded conversations.  If Craig Whyte has paperwork to back his claims he will feel by far the more comfortable of the two parties.

Of more immediate concern will be what Cenkos Securities knew.  Cenkos were the Nominated Advisors for Rangers International’s recent Initial Public Offering and Newco’s directors would have been required to inform them of any claim over assets, no matter how spurious or disputed.

City Regulators move quicker than the courts and will want early information on when Whyte’s claims were made, what was revealed to Cenkos and how the board minute-d these matters.  Keep your eye on this one.

Having used David Longmuir to get at SFL clubs in an attempt to sink league reconstruction plans Charles Green, who has made no secret of his opposition to them, turned to St Mirren chairman Stuart Gilmour.  Gilmour, who was incandescent with outrage last year when SFL clubs refused to make a space in their top flight for Newco, plans to acquiesce.

He should reconsider before the St Mirren board meet to discuss this on Wednesday.
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  1. Good effort yesterday Doc in all ways – congrats on creating a worthy rallying banner! Food for thought though – tried to figure out who the old guy was holding the pole in a number of the photos till I realised – it was me!



    Whoever made the comment about “The Grey Brigade” was spot on !

  2. WeefratheTim on

    Ok guys, let’s be brutally honest. Swally truly is a magician of a manager. In his short tenure, he has turned a 40k+ support in to an incredible 11,500. Now that’s magic. Ha.



    Weefra HH

  3. paul agus cqn



    off message, do you mind if I offload a bit politically – the government have used the Philpott case to bring in a cap on family benefit (500 a month, I think?) – six kids realised something was up, burnt, choked and died and they cap benefit. That aspect of benefit is 3 % of the overall welfare bill, the elderly cost a fortune in comparison. Did they whoop with joy when the verdict came through ? Did they rub their hands during the funeral ?

  4. WeefratheTim on

    Just seen on twitter the Bayern supporters at their game yesterday had a banner supporting the Green Brigade. Class.



    Weefra HH

  5. Jackie Mac – yet another disgraceful move by this govt that this country didn’t vote for. By their logic all Old Etonians are nanny killers after all Lord Lucan went to Eton. Utter scumbags.

  6. If St Mirren are in bed with Sevco then the fans of every other SPL team should boycott their ground next season.



    They can be the new Linfield and have a couple of love-ins with Sevco to generate money…

  7. The Boy Jinky on

    Jackie mac



    Not a newspaper / site that I use to keep abreast of the news.

  8. DBBIA



    LeCoist’s quote although paraphrased was * Catholics* *2013* and *Not a Problem*.



    The Burns family are also better than me, in religious terms and always will be.



    It was that family to their eternal credit that bridged religious divide, but there has been much troubled water under the bridge since that sad day.



    LeCoist’s antics since do not merit graceful association as a poll bearer,


    he is more than discredited in many eyes not least inciting potential violence in society.

  9. Steinreignedsupreme on

    For years the Huns/Zombies have attempted to take the moral high-ground regarding racism (don’t laugh) on the basis of a shameful display by some Celtic supporters 25 years ago. It was a dark day, but we’ve moved on.



    Of course they conveniently ignore the racist taunts of their own mob towards Paul Elliott, Agathe, Bobo, Stan Petrov, Lubo, Naka, Ajax players and PVH by their cross-dressing paramilitary-loving goalkeeper.



    Now Charlatan Green reveals in today’s paper he refers to one of his boardroom cohorts as a Pak*. They just don’t know when to give our sides a rest.

  10. There can be absolutely no circumstances that should qualify Sevco fof an SFA licence for next season.

  11. 9452 full bloodied healthy looking attendants at the ramsden cup final.



    not a zombie in site.

  12. The Moon Bhoys on

    Who was it that said if anything terminal was to happen to trfc there woul be ‘civil unrest’? Quite a seed to plant, one which imo has flowered into the ‘Save Sevco’ campaign. The campaign managed unseen by the masonic legal and football authorities, sponsored of course by the MSM. Nothing terminal will ever happen to that lot as long as they continue to play in Scotland. Yes its a Circus but thats as good as its ever going to be for us.

  13. prestonpans bhoys on



    17:37 on


    7 April, 2013



    On a serious note it should never be underestimated the contribution fat Sally has played in the demise of them.



    Last season he managed to end every possible revenue avenue open to our hero. Our hero even said that he did not pay PAYE etc because he had no choice.



    Well done Sal………..

  14. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    The Moon Bhoys I agree fully with your post at 17.54 they will survive and eventually prosper for us this is as good as it will get.H.H.

  15. the bould bhoys on

    Did I hear that right Chick Dung says the police will decide what end the penalties are taken in RC cup Final. Bizzzzzarre

  16. I am Neil Lennon e El Juarez Bravo on

    Sky commentary team gutted as their beloved ‘arry heads for the Championship.

  17. the bould bhoys on

    Moon Bhoys



    It was either Regan or Dungcaster




    Dungcaster retracted the statement recently.

  18. WeefratheTim on

    prestonpans bhoys



    I, personally find the guy obnoxious, and have done before he was thems manager (sic). I will never forget him initiating the huddle at CP after beating us. Could have caused a riot. A total hideous excuse of a man.



    Maloney just equalised.



    Weefra HH

  19. leftclicktic on





    17:44 on 7 April, 2013




    If St Mirren are in bed with Sevco then the fans of every other SPL team should boycott their ground next season.




    Thank you for saving me the bother of typing that :))


    AGREED 100%

  20. the bould bhoys on

    There was an article recently which exposed Salmonds attempt to assuage HMRC

  21. prestonpans bhoys on

    the bould bhoys


    18:07 on


    7 April, 2013



    Thanks I was searching all over the place however those shorts in those days was almost obscene!!

  22. the bould bhoys on

    Im a ‘local’ (purely through dictated finances…



    Green Spraypaint is on the shopping list

  23. Watching the RC Cup Final on BBC Alba as its in Gaelic I can’t understand a word of it, but it still makes more sense than one of Craig Burleys efforts.

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