Cluj on the break, Forrest, players come and go


The margin between great success and disastrous failure at this level can be paper thin.  Celtic failed to make the most of a 28th minute corner kick and within 30 seconds, Cluj opened the scoring.  Lewis Morgan missed a challenge in the 70 yards from goal and the inch-perfect through ball got beyond Boli Bolingoli for Mario Rondon to score.

We have seen many Celtic teams wilt after losing a goal away in Europe, but James Forrest made sure the same would not happen on this occasion.

Within nine minutes of the opener, Forrest played a give-and-go with the impressive Hatem Abd Elhamed, collected the return pass and shot, the ball clipping the inside of the post on its way into the net.  This passage of play turned the tie in Celtic’s direction.

While there is a high expectation Celtic will progress to the playoff round, our chances are no more than they were when we secured the same result away to Maribor in 2014.  There is work to do on Tuesday.  In particular, the nature of the Cluj goal is of concern.

Apart from one dreadfully defended corner, Celtic restricted Cluj to few genuine chances, but they were able to punish us on the break.  This will be the basis of their game plan next week.  Soak up as much pressure as possible and overload on our flanks when we are forward.  It does teams no harm to have a simple game plan.  We will need to be at our best.

More on Kieran Tierney later.  There will be chat like: “This is how football works and has done so for decades.  It’s why many players come to Celtic.  They come and go, our job is to understand how the sport works and to be good at it….”


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  1. KINGLUBO on 8TH AUGUST 2019 12:55 PM



    Karamoko has just got a deal. He will get a new one when he proves himself!



    As for big Vic, I imagine he’s one wages double our top earner. Spurs would have to share some of the burden.

  2. Emeraldievo and Deniabhoy…………..agreed it has become a right pain trying to negoiate CQN in recent days, in fact almost impossible to follow posts about game last night and had to refer to Newsnow to get match report and final result. Things seemed to have stabilised for the present. Maybe due to the silly season and holiday time.

  3. Our window was weeks ago.. same crap every year …wait to see if we qualify before we buy… absolute stupidity.. same next asummenr..”Can’t get anyone to sign early” Buy now for next years qualifiers then!

  4. MARADOMINIC on 8TH AUGUST 2019 1:15 PM


    Our window was weeks ago.. same crap every year …wait to see if we qualify before we buy… absolute stupidity.. same next asummenr..”Can’t get anyone to sign early” Buy now for next years qualifiers then!






    Until we sold KT we didn’t need anybody as a guaranteed starter. Julien & Hatem filled the big gaps.

  5. we can’t afford to let anyone leave. Not Jozo, not SS, not ON. We need rb, lb, ch, cf strong midfielder and maybe another attacking MF. before Next round in europe.

  6. KT was always going to leave (if medical passed), We needed a LB at Xmas. but £2m bonus for PL was more important

  7. McGeady was ‘ encouraged ‘ by management to go to Spartak, I do wonder if it was the same with KT.



    I know it would be difficult to stay around if the people running the club would rather you were somewhere else.



    A player who was dedicated to his role and put his body on the line every time he played. Kieran Tierney in full flight in a Celtic jersey was a sight to behold. I wish him all the best.




  8. maybe on the odd occasion do I watch an EPL game, Match Of The Day on Saturday night does for me. But now I will look forward to seeing Kieran and the Arsenal and wish him success and all the best for the future.



    I presume Boli Kieran’s replacement will be given time to adjust to his new life at Celtic. I presume he was first choice with Rapid Vienna, he must be a player.

  9. BHOYLO83



    As both Arsenal and Rangers are set to be regulars in the Europa League, he might get the chance to meet them again.

  10. Last night, I thought Boli was poor as was Morgan. our left side was exposed.



    When Morgan was taken off then I thought Boli improved. It is early days for Boli but not so early for Morgan who has been signed since Jan 2018. He has played 10 or 11 times and has not impressed.



    We desperately need a Left back maybe even 2 more.

  11. Emeraldievo and Hankray – the CQN screen constantly reloading was/is bad enough but this latest problem takes it to another level. I can open an article see that there are, for example, 5 pages of comments during a game. Get to page two and then get no further as it then shows there are only two pages. Go back to page one, and it shows the five pages but click on them and there is nothing there, or there is one comment only.


    Tried it on my iPhone, MacBook and pc – same result. Then, later, it works again. Tried logging on last night for comments (why Ntcham or Shved didn’t play instead of Morgan . . .)



    I have been with this blog since the beginning. It is now approaching unusable.

  12. A lot of people in denial today re KT. The board must have pushed him out etc. KT left because he wanted to – Arsenal met the buy out clause. Entirely his decision.



    KT will become a richer man and from time to time will be seen at Celtic Park to remind us all that he’s ‘one of us’…

  13. BIGBHOY LM was signed last Jan but kept at St Mirren. Then pumped out on loan in January.. Hardly had a chance

  14. McGeady wasn’t keen on going to Spartak and had to be talked into it, that is a fact.



    I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think a similar situation could be unfolding in regards to KT’s move to Arsenal, time will tell.




  15. As far as anyone writing off Mbombo after a few games for his new club in a foreign country ( to him ) , words fail me.



    So quick to judge.




  16. Huns and everyone who dislikes Celtic will be delighted to see Scott Sinclair go. Fantastic football player who was so effective in creating and scoring goals for us.



    Set an unbelievably high benchmark in his first season and suffered with the pressure of trying to replicate that kind of form. A guy who still produces when not at his best, very few players can do that.



    Hope he stays.




  17. Victor going outbon loan.I know his wages are big,but Spurs will pay a part of that.A year loan with an option to buy.Must be investigated.Probably £40 grand a week would seal it.The £40 million CL money,would come a step closer.As would the 10.Iwill be raging if we dont bid.


    The Kilmarnock LB is a fine defender.Pity he does not have a foreign name,and cost above £5 million.That would make him a must buy on here.

  18. DBHOY,


    For whatever reason,Sinky just cant cut it now.Loved theguy,but these things happen.Derby maybe interested.

  19. DBHOY,



    I agree totallybwith you on the Boli thing.Absolute disgrace to talk about a player in that manner after a bad game.After we signed him the Rapid manager said”How can we ever get another Boli”.


    Some right eejits about.

  20. `LENNYBHOY on 8TH AUGUST 2019 12:47 PM


    In other news Leicester and Milan made enquires about Ajer, both told where to go.`



    Good news for me. I feel Ajer could become another van Djik.




  21. Turkeybhoy


    Huh! What does the Rapid Manager know compared to some on CQN ?




  22. Turkeybhoy



    You don’t become a bad player overnight. He starred at Swansea in the PL and did the same for us in his first season. He has still be very effective and contributed hugely to the team whilst not hitting top form. He’s a quality player.




  23. What is the word on Bambi’s latest injury? It looked to me like he was getting subbed last night before he went to ground. Julien was already stripped for action.

  24. traditionalist88 on

    TURKEYBHOY on 8TH AUGUST 2019 2:26 PM



    Theres yer problem right there. Some of ours are saying ‘how can we ever get another KT?’ ;)



    Bolingoli needs to be given time, but he does not look comfortable so far, at least defensively. Has been thrown in somewhat whilst Jullien has been given time to settle as someone pointed out earlier.




  25. Gregorius Taylorati,£7 million ,International LB,having medicalat Ross Hall.Stevie Clarke,the vastly experienced manager ofvScotland,said”Celtic will be signing the now,best LB,in his country.Great defender,who will only get better.His style ofbplay will suit Celtic perfectly.”

  26. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Someone above said that KT’s love & commitment to Celtic could never be questioned. He just walked out on the Club he loves while only 2 years in to a 6 year contract, which he (apparently) begged for.



    I guess that is the modern day commitment for ye




    Yes it was me that said it.The boy has hardly been with us long enough to know names,never mind anything else.That eejit Sutton last nightbtrying to be smart,has filled their heads.We do have some eejits .

  28. `An athlete cannot run with money in his pockets.He must run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head.`



    Emil Zatopek, Long-distance Runner

  29. I meant to add that I see part of our function as `supporters` is to help our players achieve their dreams whilst playing for us.




  30. To be fair to Morgan he isn’t really a winger, he prefers to play more central



    Needs to bulk up and become physically stronger



    He has a lot of talent

  31. I’m late to the party on this. Haven’t been on CQN since before kick-off yesterday.



    Firstly : A more than decent result. Would have taken a score draw before the game.



    Performance wise.. it wasn’t pretty. But we fought and dug in well enough. I thought the last 15-20 minutes, we looked capable of adding a 2nd. With the pace of the game, and with Cluj having half a dozen players in their 30s.. I definitely suspected they were starting to wilt.



    And for me… that is key for the return leg. We are younger, fitter, fresher than Cluj. With the right energy and support from the stands, I expect Celtic to go at this team, relentlessly, high press, high tempo. Because, our reward may come later in the game, deep in to the 2nd half. But it will come. I believe we will wear them down.

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