Competition for wide slots at all-time high


Watching Celtic at Livingston yesterday you would be inclined to wonder what all the fuss was about.  The early goal helped.  It allowed Celtic to settle into a patient game and gave Livingston the onus to come out and play football at some stage of the match.  This fact did not appear to occur to them, however, as they persisted with what looked like a 6-3-1 formation throughout.

Again, Celtic showed a preference to go down the left.  Sead Haksabanovic has flourished in his partnership with Greg Taylor.  Had Jota been fit this last month or so, Sead would be less of a known asset.

It seems unlikely that Jota will be fit enough to start in Madrid, so Sead should keep his place.  It is just as unlikely that despite being one of our top current performers, Sead will keep Jota out of the team, no one will keep a fit Jota out.  Earlier in the season we saw Jota on the right for periods during a game, with Maeda on the left, I expect we will see Jota and Sead swap sides in this manner, if nothing else, it disrupts defensive patterns.

With James Forrest back on form and Liel Abada continually providing evidence that he is an exquisite predator, competition for the wide slots at Celtic is higher than I think I have ever known it.

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  1. Mount Rushmore –













  2. I would have included DAVID66 but there would have been no room for the other three!



    Only kidding mate!

  3. ernie lynch



    Maybe the Green Brigade could do a banner in Stone Mountain style


    Get Sean South up there, seem to like singing about him

  4. From Auldheid



    Financial Sustainability in Uefa






    A useful summary of aims of FSR. The next link is a must read in terms of explaining the % wage control detail and how it will affect Rangers and Celtic.






    Store for reference Celts




  5. SAINT STIVS on 31ST OCTOBER 2022 3:03 PM


    Mount Huns-sore




    What about that Scandinavian striker they signed, Scottish football record signing.


    What was it 12/14 million he cost.


    I would put him up on the Huns Stone mountain.



    Also are all the others you mentioned not going to seem freakishly small once head for Aunt Sally is carved?




  6. AT


    As well as can be expected thanks.


    I do, that was a while back, I was at a Christmas fair last week and sold a fair few of them, red and yellow went well as did green and white, one pr*ck asked for a union jack one, I just laughed


    Take care

  7. !!BADA BING!! on 31ST OCTOBER 2022 3:29 PM




    A lot of people all over have not yet had these vouchers and they are supposed to be sending out the next lot soon.



    Something very, very fishy going on here.

  8. JinkyRedStar



    God bless yir Uncle Alex,one of the millions who have contributed to bringing us Celtic,I had my big bruv take me to my initial games,held by the collar in an iron lock as we navigated the thronging crowds,;-)



    We have our pillars as we see here, they vary but the constant was the supporter,the fan,from that first announcement at St.Marys,fans organised and set up


    and supported at every stage,we dug the original site out,we followed fervently and have done since,as CONNAIRE points out an ordinary fan in John Keane stepped forward.:-)



    At every stage we are there,special mention those who carried the torch from the 1920s to 65,my older cousins had only a smattering honours,they are the true foundation and I am glad for them 1967 was their reward,and history for us to follow and try emulate.




    Hail Hail

  9. glendalystonsils on

    Difficult to narrow it down to four , but here goes ;












    And keep a plain block , Ange size , for possible future use .



    As for the huns …..find that gargoyle specialist sculptor from Notre Dame cathedral.

  10. boondock saint on

    Mt Celticmore:



    Neilly Mochan: Legend, funniest man at Celtic, treated every player the same


    Billy McNeil: Absolute Gentleman


    Paul McStay: Most humblest of Celts


    Tommy Burns: Role model of amazing proportions




  11. BOONDOCK SAINT on 31ST OCTOBER 2022 3:57 PM




    ‘Paul McStay: Most humblest of Celts’








    More humble than Joe McBride?



    I suppose each of them would say the other was more humble.

  12. Philbhoy – None taken sir.



    I will just keep that payment for advice firmly in my Davie Crocket.



    D :)

  13. Now guys, be nice.



    We have a nice female referee against Real Madrid. ( Stephanie Frappart )


    Multiple awards for the best female referee and on the FIFA list for the 2022 World Cup.



    Any negative comments will be regarded as Misogyny. Be careful. 😀



    HH. #MahaAmini.

  14. lets all do the huddle on

    Celtics Mount Rushmore



    Me (obviously)


    Natasha Meikle


    Maria McAneny


    The girl who was in front of me in the pie stall queue last week

  15. bigrailroadblues on

    Greenpinata 4.41


    Stephanie is an awfy nice girl. She was in Neesons last night playing pool.

  16. The Star above The Crest on

    Mt Rushmore Celts



    Br Walfrid


    Willie Maley


    Jimmy McGrory


    Jock Stein

  17. CELTIC40ME. Thanks for recalling the name for me. Advancing age plays havoc with the memory for names, but I will never forget what John Keane did for us all.

  18. I really hope James Forrest starts in Madrid. His loyalty and overall contribution to the club should be recognised. He has also played well since he came back.

  19. A lot of good responses on the Mt Rushmore Celts. I’ll read back tonight and compile a list as some different and interesting choices.



    You fine men are, for the most part, 4 hours ahead of me right now so the “poll” closes at 10pm Celtic Park time.



    Fun reading back over lunch.

  20. Aipple


    Sorry Mt Rushmore Celts – First three pick themselves for me – Walfrid, Stein and McGrory. Fergus did a lot


    for us , Henrick in the modern era, Sean Fallon, John Thomson, Bobby Evans, Jinky, names that shine out through our history, too difficult to call for me. ( Coward )

  21. In black history month



    Mohamed Salim – first player from the Indian subcontinent to play for a European team


    Gil Heron – our first black player


    Paul Elliott – he stood up against abuse


    Henrik Larsson – king of kings

  22. The Star above The Crest on




    As you say those 3 pick themselves. I’d argue that Willie Maley’s influence is unsurpassed in terms of longevity and trophies. Success has many fathers etc but without Willie Maley there probably wouldn’t be a Celtic.

  23. Stein, McNeil, Maley, McGrory



    Obviously lots of other contenders, but these guys committed a long part of their lives to Celtic and set the bar for those who followed.

  24. bigrailroadblues on

    Terry Hurlock


    Davie Dodds


    Mark Hately


    Alex Mcdonald


    That lot would frighten the weans at Halloween. 😳

  25. CONNAIRE12 on 31ST OCTOBER 2022 5:34 PM



    I was talking to my Mrs’s Uncle about John Keane at the weekend, they grew up time same village in Mayo. John’s lovely guy and a huge Celtic supporter to this day.

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