Competition for wide slots at all-time high


Watching Celtic at Livingston yesterday you would be inclined to wonder what all the fuss was about.  The early goal helped.  It allowed Celtic to settle into a patient game and gave Livingston the onus to come out and play football at some stage of the match.  This fact did not appear to occur to them, however, as they persisted with what looked like a 6-3-1 formation throughout.

Again, Celtic showed a preference to go down the left.  Sead Haksabanovic has flourished in his partnership with Greg Taylor.  Had Jota been fit this last month or so, Sead would be less of a known asset.

It seems unlikely that Jota will be fit enough to start in Madrid, so Sead should keep his place.  It is just as unlikely that despite being one of our top current performers, Sead will keep Jota out of the team, no one will keep a fit Jota out.  Earlier in the season we saw Jota on the right for periods during a game, with Maeda on the left, I expect we will see Jota and Sead swap sides in this manner, if nothing else, it disrupts defensive patterns.

With James Forrest back on form and Liel Abada continually providing evidence that he is an exquisite predator, competition for the wide slots at Celtic is higher than I think I have ever known it.

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  1. If Celtic had their own Mount Rushmore, which 4 faces would you have on it?



    I’m only including people I have seen or experienced but no rules on who you choose of course.







    Tommy Burns


    Paul Mcstay



    Happy Madrid week.




  2. Got Paul67’d, from end of previous blog ..



    Great win yesterday. No nerves from me during game. For a change.







    According to stats we average 3.5 goals per game. Surprisingly the stats also show 1.58 scored in 1st half, 1.92 in 2nd half.







    The ‘game won by half time..’ claim doesn’t tally with the above With a strong bench we appear to motor on in 2nd half. Which is something I don’t always perceive.







    Anyway, it’s league winning form.







    Good to see the players awareness (instruction from bench?) to Double up on Nouble after captains yellow card. This was something Broonie used to do to protect the backs when under pressure. It usually meant we came away with possession also.







    Onto Madrid…

  3. P67 — JPNF probably has more talent but SH is the more mature performer.



    JPNF like LA has not played as well as he could in the CL.


    Both have a bit of growing up to do.



    SH should start in Madrid.


    Along with DM — JF is still a bit rusty.

  4. KF = high risk finish.


    Game of inches — we have seen too many come back of the post.



    Too much fan dancing in the first half — and not just from MO’R.


    When we attack we play too much of the game just outside the box.


    Need to get into the box and force the issue.



    First half was not great.


    GT got another tight finish — game of inches again.



    DT made a difference when he came on.


    Much more like it from him after a bit of a dip.



    Penalty miss and the JF howler show the work that needs to be done.

  5. Aipple 12.04pm



    Paul McStay



    Tommy Burns



    Neil Lennon



    Scott Brown



    Subs bench … Henrik, Callum & Ange

  6. GGH :-))



    It will mean a variation on songs bout the ref for sure.:-)


    Good development tho




  7. Afternoon all



    I was at the game yesterday and other than trying to get into the actual ground it was a really good day out. Bit scrappy in the first half but a really strong second when we totally outclassed them. Annoying we missed the kick- only 3 pens missed since Ange came have been against Livi I think- but from my view behind the goal it certainly looked like one.



    Not sure about dropping Haksa for Jota- I rather like the Portuguese on the right so why not have both?



    I had not been to a game outside Glasgow since the 1-0 loss at Almondvale 13 months ago and unlike my old amigo Burnley 78 I did not find the songbook as intrusive as other away games I have been at. Just sounded like thousands of people cheering on their team for the most part. Unlike the omniscient critics of the away fans, I can live with the imperfections of our supporters who take the time, make the effort and spend their money following their and our team – and after a slightly rough week I was delighted to be a part of them again.



    Have a good day all.




  8. J67 @ 12.26



    The away support is a sect — a club within a club.



    Happy to spend loads of cash keeping the country end of the SPL alive so that they can sing songs then can’t sing in the house.



    Singing yesterday was crap — quality / volume / song choice.



    Open up the away ticket racket.


    Share out the tickets to the full support.

  9. AIPPLE on 31ST OCTOBER 2022 12:04 PM


    If Celtic had their own Mount Rushmore, which 4 faces would you have on it?







    I’m only including people I have seen or experienced but no rules on who you choose of course.






    That is a great question, and has the old brain cells sparking away.


    I know your over the states, and dont know when you were last at celtic park, but I really miss the legends banner, everyone that was featured has contributed something special to the club, and the really old oroginals had me researching back stories and histories.



    So if I go for the greatest all round contributors, it has to be a five for me.



    Walfrid, Maley, McGrory, Stein amd McNeill.

  10. GFTB @ 12.20



    You are having a laugh — NL / SB instead of BMcN / RA / HL / DMcG?


    You really need to mug up on your history.

  11. Aipple 12.23pm



    I judge Neil on his two decades of terrific service



    Not one shoitey Covid ravaged season with no supporters to help him & the players :-)

  12. MM 12.33pm



    The day I take advice from your good self is the day I chuck it



    All about opinions … and you have plenty that I don’t care about so no need for you to worry about mines … mate :-)

  13. GFTB @ 12.33



    I wouldn’t worry about my opinion — fair point.


    Just the cast of thousands shaking their head at the inclusion of NL / SB in your Top 4 list.



    That dog don’t hunt.

  14. Mad Mitch



    I did not realise being in a supporters’ club made me part of a sect so thanks for that update on my own status.



    Am away to the dentist.




  15. There’s an argument to be made for having Rodgers over Lennon. Obviously in terms of manager, it’s no contest. Lennon’s contribution as a player though makes it a contest. I’d go for Rodgers, he took us to a level that few thought possible.

  16. AIPPLE



    Mount Rushmore isn’t big enough, i agree with BRB but would want a bigger mountain.



    Not to cause an argument,but in the spirit of Black History month.



    Mount Rushmore was built on land stolen from the indigenous it was sacred to them.



    It was built in part by KKK money, on land stolen from the indegenous, where, USA has paid soldiers $300 per dead “Indian”



    I don’t know the exact time that Billy Fullerton set up the Billy Boys.



    But Mount Rushmore being desecrated probably gave him a warm smile.





    All the best AIpple, i am signing off.



    Don’t know much about the people Mount Rushmore was Stolen from.


    I DO know a lot about the Apache and i am away, in case Lozen has a go at me.There was a Legendary female Apache leader named Lozen “the Apache Joan of Art”



    The Apache didn’t like the people for whom Mount Rushmore was sacred.



    So i logging of for a bit in Lozen is cross i would not want to incur her wrath🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣



  17. Wales’ national football teams could change their name to Cymru – the Welsh name for Wales – after this year’s World Cup in Qatar.



    The Football Association of Wales (FAW) already uses Cymru at its headquarters and in communications and documents.



    Informal discussions have taken place with European football’s ruling body Uefa about a possible change.



    “The team should always be called Cymru, that’s what we call it here,” said FAW chief executive Noel Mooney.



    “Our view at the moment is that domestically we’re clearly called Cymru. That’s what we call our national teams.



    “If you look at our website, how we talk about ourselves, we are very much Cymru.



    “Internationally we feel we have a bit more work to do yet. So we are going to this World Cup as Wales.



    “But I think 2023 will be a year when we have a good discussion with all the different stakeholders – whether that’s Governments, our own boards, councils and decision-making bodies, staff, club and players.



    “We’re a very open democratic organisation and we don’t just unilaterally decide today to do something like that.



    “I would say it’s the direction of travel, but there’s no firm decisions on it. It’s more almost by osmosis that we’re heading towards it.”



    Wales’ participation in Qatar is only their second ever appearance at the World Cup finals – the other was 1958 in Sweden – but they have qualified for the last two Euros tournaments.



    In qualifying for Euro 2024 they have been drawn in a group alongside Turkiye, whose governing body has successfully requested its country’s official name on the international stage be changed from the anglicised Turkey.



    “You’ve seen countries like Azerbaijan, Turkey and others use their own language,” said Mooney.



    “They’re quite strong on it and we spoke to the Turkish at the Euro 2024 draw about it.



    “We’ve also had unofficial discussions with Uefa over coffees at different events. Asking how Turkey did this, how other countries did that.



    “We’ve asked what their direction of travel is, for example is there a movement towards people using their indigenous language?



    “What I do know is there’s a renaissance of the Welsh language and a sense of great pride in what we do with the culture and the heritage.”

  18. Crazy to think less than a year ago at Ross County we started with Adam Montgomery and Jura and only Adam Moffat to come on from the bench



    5 genuine first team wingers, all bringing something different, all capable of being match winners on their day.

  19. Jota will see game time on Wednesday, whether he starts or not. He is looking to impress the Portugal manager and this is probably the last Celtic game that the Portugal manager will run the rule over him.



    Ange will want to keep Jota sweet. He is the best player at Celtic, at the moment, and can do things which other players cannot. Saed has done very very well but his ceiling is lower than Jota’s

  20. Busy wee Edinburgh airport this morning. Plenty of green and white on display.



    Not so much on my flight to Munich mind you ??

  21. AIPPLE.



    Rushmere 4



    Walfrid Maley Stein McCann,



    Continuity from when the announcement at St.Mary Pulpit til today.



    If there was a 5th spot,a Celtic fan,as am example of what can grow from little acorns.


    The fan would be a symbol of growth,continuity and fierce resilience, independence of mind and growth from the genocide of An Gorta Mor.



    A club open to all,


    Refugees are welcome and improve our society.



    Hail Hail

  22. Garngad to Croy on

    AIPPLE on 31ST OCTOBER 2022 12:04 PM



    Brother Walfrid, James McGrory, Jock Stein and Fergus McCann (I didnae boo)

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