Competition for wide slots at all-time high


Watching Celtic at Livingston yesterday you would be inclined to wonder what all the fuss was about.  The early goal helped.  It allowed Celtic to settle into a patient game and gave Livingston the onus to come out and play football at some stage of the match.  This fact did not appear to occur to them, however, as they persisted with what looked like a 6-3-1 formation throughout.

Again, Celtic showed a preference to go down the left.  Sead Haksabanovic has flourished in his partnership with Greg Taylor.  Had Jota been fit this last month or so, Sead would be less of a known asset.

It seems unlikely that Jota will be fit enough to start in Madrid, so Sead should keep his place.  It is just as unlikely that despite being one of our top current performers, Sead will keep Jota out of the team, no one will keep a fit Jota out.  Earlier in the season we saw Jota on the right for periods during a game, with Maeda on the left, I expect we will see Jota and Sead swap sides in this manner, if nothing else, it disrupts defensive patterns.

With James Forrest back on form and Liel Abada continually providing evidence that he is an exquisite predator, competition for the wide slots at Celtic is higher than I think I have ever known it.

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  1. SAINT STIVS at 12:32PM re: Celtic Mount Rushmore



    Last game was Hearts this year thanks to MARSAPA and SIPSINI.



    I like your choice. Hard not to throw Walfrid in there.









    GTFB at 12:33PM re: Neil Lennon



    I hear you. Hard for some to forget that season but the man is a legend.






    DALRIADABHOY at 12:44PM re: stolen land



    Yip, stolen land. Was just for a wee bit of fitba stuff.






    ERNIE LYNCH at 12:48PM re: your Rushmore choice.



    True to form, cheers for reply good sir.






    AN TEARMANN at 1:06PM



    Hard to leave out McCann, yip.









    Nice reply!

  2. AIPPLE on 31ST OCTOBER 2022 1:24 PM




    As you might have gathered I’m not sure that emulating Mount Rushmore is the most appropriate way to celebrate the best of Celtic’s heritage, which would largely be at odds with what Rushmore represents.



    Particularly given the anti racist efforts the Club has been involved in recently.

  3. Thought the away support were terrific yesterday…a great mix of young and old…that picture of Jota and a lady of senior years was an absolute joy !!…..


    My 4 for the fictitious sculpture









  4. An Tearmann



    Great idea regarding the ‘Celtic Fan’ as one of the all time contributors to Celtic – we all have that fan in our hearts, he took us to our first game, he was there during the great days and European nights, he told us winning wasn’t everything, he helped make you what you are.



    So for me :








    My uncle Alex

  5. AIPPLE on 31ST OCTOBER 2022 12:04 PM



    If Celtic had their own Mount Rushmore, which 4 faces would you have on it?




    Great poser…but what a toughie!



    Brother Walfrid – founder


    Jock Stein – “immortal” manager


    Fergus – for what he done


    Jimmy Johnstone – greatest ever player (as voted by fans).




  6. Difficult choices really but for me ,


    The crest , the Celtic fc foundation , the KanoFoundation and a big f off UEFA green brigade banner …



    Only half joking 😜😁

  7. On the subject of options to play out wide, I note Paul has omitted Maeda. A player Ange has often started ahead of others that fans would prefer to see. Might Maeda start in Madrid?



    If Ange was to be pragmatic and concede that Madrid will have the majority of possession, he may want Maeda’s closing down abilities to start the game. Not saying I would start Maeda. But might Ange?




  8. This is going to be very difficult to decide. Thought about it and I keep feeling that there are so many I must leave out who were Celtic greats. So here goes:



    Bro Walfrid



    Jock Stein



    Fergus Mc Cann



    Jimmy Johnstone



    My reserve would be a name I have forgotten. It is the supporter who rush forward with the million pounds when the Bank were about to close us down. Please help me remember him.

  9. CELTIC40ME at 1:25PM re:Rushmore



    I too thought about Martin O’Neill.






    ERNIE LYNCH at 1:36PM re: whatever



    It’s a bit of fun mate. I am well aware of history and my good ladies grandmother was a native American. No need to get involved.






    VINNIETHEDOG at 1:40PM re: Four Faces



    First to choose those 4. Nice one.






    JINKYREDSTAR at 1:47PM re: yir uncle!



    Love the uncle Alex.









    CALL ME GERRY at 1:49 PM re: four faces



    Hard to argue with that!!






    BOGNORBHOY at 1:54 PM re: 4 choices



    That would make for a great wall!

  10. In a squad rotation system you need to ensure that players get enough games to stay match sharp. If you don’t then there is a danger that the player brought in is undercooked. Welsh and McCarthy are in danger of being forgotten. With no Reserve Team we need to consider giving them some minutes



    “Tonight, Matthew, as well as being an expert on where Ange is going wrong, I have now watched a programme about the Troubles and I am now expert on that too!”




    Superb, just superb.


    When I don’t know much about something I tend not to talk about it, holes and digging spring to mind, but sometimes when you do know about things, it’s very often prudent to say eff all as you may well say something that gets you into bother………




    “Tonight, Matthew, as well as being an expert on where Ange is going wrong, I have now watched a programme about the Troubles and I am now expert on that too!”



    Laughed out loud!!




    “Saed has done very very well but his ceiling is lower than Jota’s.”



    How can you know that?

  14. Celtic’s Mount Rushmore would be at Cathkin Braes looking towars Celtic Park


    John Glass


    Willie Maley




    Non descript face c/w bunnet and scarf representing the million of fans past and presents.



    The Celtic Way for players and An-others


    Almores Cafe

  15. ‘GG on 31ST OCTOBER 2022 1:40 PM



    If the Huns had 4 places on Mt Rushmore, would the two faced McCoist use up two of them?



    If Dave “clarence from daktari eyes” King is looking and deciding 2 would be enough :-))))



    Hope your feeling bit better




  16. FESS19 at 2:23 PM re: 4 faces



    Love this addition: “Non-descript face c/w bunnet and scarf representing the millions of fans past and presents.”

  17. That is a difficult choice AIPPLE if forced to choose 4 i would choose.


    Our Founder


    Our greatest ever goalscorer


    Our greatest ever player.


    Our greatest ever manager



    I would ensure the background to these faces were entirely surrounded by Refugees welcome here.



  18. aipple



    Not sure Mount Rushmore would suit our modern day Rebs


    More at home at Stone Mountain…..

  19. AT. I’m grand thanks to modern medicine.


    I guess the hold up with the Huns’ accounts is because King I’d scrutinizing them.

  20. garygillespieshamstring on

    Mount Rushmore



    How about KevJ, kevjungle and a couple of other monikers?



    Would mean the sculptor only has to do the one face four times.

  21. CELTIC MAC on 31ST OCTOBER 2022 2:40 PM









    Not sure Mount Rushmore would suit our modern day Rebs





    More at home at Stone Mountain…..







    Both places have fairly strong connections with the KKK, but I suppose that’s the US for you.



    Not sure what attraction they’d have for rebs of any day.

  22. Mount Huns-sore



    Craigy Whyte their last ever owner


    David Murray the man who mastermided their european cup win


    Ally McCoist – their last ever manager.


    An orangeman season ticket & debenture holder to represent the ordinary supporter




    et nos mori clava



    lest they forget

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