Competition for wide slots at all-time high


Watching Celtic at Livingston yesterday you would be inclined to wonder what all the fuss was about.  The early goal helped.  It allowed Celtic to settle into a patient game and gave Livingston the onus to come out and play football at some stage of the match.  This fact did not appear to occur to them, however, as they persisted with what looked like a 6-3-1 formation throughout.

Again, Celtic showed a preference to go down the left.  Sead Haksabanovic has flourished in his partnership with Greg Taylor.  Had Jota been fit this last month or so, Sead would be less of a known asset.

It seems unlikely that Jota will be fit enough to start in Madrid, so Sead should keep his place.  It is just as unlikely that despite being one of our top current performers, Sead will keep Jota out of the team, no one will keep a fit Jota out.  Earlier in the season we saw Jota on the right for periods during a game, with Maeda on the left, I expect we will see Jota and Sead swap sides in this manner, if nothing else, it disrupts defensive patterns.

With James Forrest back on form and Liel Abada continually providing evidence that he is an exquisite predator, competition for the wide slots at Celtic is higher than I think I have ever known it.

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  1. Very surprised that Kyogo and Hatate will miss the world cup. Disappointed for the boys. Thought Kyogo was a cert, though their boss often prefers Maeda.

  2. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Re Guardian article



    I noticed that Leicester changed their approach against Citeh at the weekend


    The same manager who refused to change his style while managing us in Europe . Seems he has learned a lesson or 2

  3. ZIGGYDOC1 – don’t think either of them have been regular first choices for a while, seem to get chances in some games, sub appearances here and there.


    Good news for us, I think. They will now get the equivalent of a second pre-season without any injury wories.

  4. While I am disappointed for our 2 Japanese lhads who missed out, I am happy they might get a bit of a rest and won’t attract world-wide attention. Can’t see Maeda attracting the same attention.

  5. I thought a friend in Madrid had got me a couple of tickets for the game tomorrow but itdidn’t materialise. Should have known as he is an Altletico season ticket holder :)



    If anyone is going, remember to have a couple of covid masks handy. You still need to wear them when using public transport, including taxis.

  6. Some real guff on the go today surrounding the Hun game tonight.


    “Gio about to unleash his tactical masterclass to beat Ajax”.


    Laudrup tells Rangers to target “Ajax weak link Calvin Bassey”.Shurely shum mishtake,he is “World class”to our media.Well he was when their favs needed cash.How soon they forget.


    Police launch investigation into Aberdeen offensive banner.H,mmmm.With the lack of resources they keep saying they have,you would think they would already be short of “Investigators”,investigating,the attempted attacks on the Napoli players,and the attempted attacks on the Liverpool fans,at Ibrox.


    Police will escort the Ajax fans through Glasgow tonight on their way to the game in a Corteo.


    Just another Orange Parade.

  7. Delighted Kyogo and Reo are not going to the world cup.



    We should try and sign the guys who are keeping them out!

  8. @Big j …Two wee jokes fae the weans Galloshins to cheer you up……


    What you call an Egyptian taxi driver.????…………Tootancumoot……..


    What you call a small chap that fell intae a concrete mixer…..????


    A Wee Hard man…lol….


    Keep well big Mhan..





  9. Ajax would need to be very bad to get beat tonight by the huns. I don’t think Ajax will treat the game as a dead rubber, it’s still 3 million quid and a CL group stage win at the end of the day. Ajax should win with a couple to spare.

  10. TURKEYBHOY – I saw that and laughed too. All going for score draws apart from Michael Gannon who thinks a home win is on the cards.

  11. Garngad to Croy on

    Feel sorry for the Japanese lads hopefully they are not too downhearted. Japan must have a fantastic selection of midfielders if Hatate can’t make the squad.

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Ziggydoc1 – interesting.



    Saw it earlier.



    Am personally disappointed for the two lads and hope they don’t get too disheartened.



    Reo has rarely been quoted.



    Kyogo’s omission feels tactical (read dogmatic)



    A front-foot player will be a luxury in the World Cup for a (likely) back-foot team.



    IMHO – wrong choice. Squads are big. Take some wildcards.



    Parallels (in my head at least) with the old “Matt Le Tissier for England” yawns of yesteryear.

  13. bournesouprecipe on

    Disappointed about Kyogo’s omission from the Japanese World Cup squad he’s surely at least on the late call ups list. Not so much, Reo Hatate who faced much stiffer competition and wasn’t tipped to be included with Europe sprinkled with Japanese midfielders, including the big leagues. Daizen Maeda has a flexibility in his game allowing him to play anywhere up front, and has at least one other expert fan who happens to be the international manager.

  14. I see that moronic motormouth McAvennie is spouting garbage again, advising David Turnbull to demand a period out on loan. If that clown had another brain it would be lonely.



    I don’t expect any of us would ordinarily have any great desire to wish Ajax well, but the term ‘lesser of two evils’ springs to mind.



    Destroy them Ajax.



    Plzen have scored 3 and conceded 20 GD -17


    Huns have scored 1 and conceded 19 GD -18


    Both 0 points



    Will the Gers suffer the ignominy of becoming the worst team ever to play in the Champions League?



    Here’s hoping.

  15. By Celtic FC Foundation






    Celtic FC would like to remind supporters that the annual celebratory Mass at St Mary’s in the Calton will be held this Sunday, November 6 at 2pm to commemorate the 135th anniversary of the club’s formation.



    Every year since the 125th anniversary, the club has enjoyed a celebration Mass in the church to mark its foundation, Celtic having been founded from the parish of St Mary’s following a meeting in the church hall on November 6, 1887.



    As always, the Mass will be conducted by parish priest, Canon Tom White, and will be a celebration of Celtic’s long and illustrious history.



    The date also coincides with the launch of Celtic FC Foundation’s annual Christmas Appeal.



    It’s sure to be an afternoon filled with emotion and a huge sense of pride, so we encourage supporters of all faiths and none to come along and share it with us.



    Michael Nicholson, Celtic FC Chief Executive, said: “It is always a fitting commemoration that we celebrate this anniversary Mass at St Mary’s, our spiritual home.



    “We look forward to welcoming supporters along and hope they can share in this wonderful occasion which commemorates the club’s origins and our Founding Fathers.”



    Parish priest of St Mary’s, Canon Tom White, added: “Since the memorable celebration of Celtic’s 125 Anniversary Mass and tremendous victory over Barcelona the following night, many of us might be excused for asking where the past 10 years have gone.



    “I treasure the annual foundation day Mass each year on the 6th of November, where the club visits its spiritual home to energise once again what we have come to call ‘The Celtic Way… Faith, Family and Football’ where we reconnect again with the Christian charitable aspirations of our founding Fathers.



    “Since the 125 Mass, a lot has happened. I only just realised that my niece and nephews who are enjoying for the first time this year their season tickets were not around to witness our 125 achievements, and it brought to mind to me that this Mass serves year and year again to help the Celtic family to know their history. Hail, Hail.”

  16. Re the Japan World Cup squad



    I only hope our unselected Bhoys are not too disheartened by the news.


    Conversely, I hope it gives Maeda a massive boost.



    Big game, against the big boys, tomorrow evening. We will need all our players to be focussed for 90+ mins.




  17. WHAT IS THE STARZ on 1ST NOVEMBER 2022 10:07 AM


    Irish Times today






    Typical from the Times, the ahem ‘paper of record’ to get it wrong in the headline, Br. Walfrid was not ordained, he was not a priest. To be fair to the writer that headline would not have been down to her but a sub editor, lazy journalism indeed!

  18. Japanese NT for KF / RH — still time with potential injuries in the main squad.


    KF — couple of goals vs RM would raise his stock somewhat.



    In other news – the MJ bus is back on the road


    Showing some form at his loan club — believe I tell you / believe …



    Hopefully he makes the most of this season and he returns to the first team.


    He has the talent to push JPNF and SH to raise their game.


    Just needs to focus on his game.



    KDS has us with 10 players out on loan — some good feedback so all is not lost.


    VB and AA being the two big money challenges.

  19. WHAT IS THE STARZ on 1ST NOVEMBER 2022 11:23 AM


    McPhail Boy







    Really ??





    who cares







    Well now that we live in a post truth world I don’t suppose it matters that a national newspaper gets a basic detail about the subject matter of an article wrong.

  20. What is the Starz on



    You too



    Its irrelevant to the article


    What in the name of Jaysis is wrong with you guys

  21. Very best birthday wishes to BLANTYRE TIM, a great ghuy and Tim!



    Hope you have a great day mate!!

  22. WHAT IS THE STARZ on 1ST NOVEMBER 2022 11:38 AM




    Well it’s a basic fact about the subject matter of the article and the distinction presumably would have been of some significance to him personally, so for that reason alone it should have been fact checked.



    I blame the schools.

  23. MADMITCH – hand on heart, I think the pressure of playing for Celtic is too much for MJ. Has plenty of talent but never made the most of his opportunities. Physically, he is not robust enough and definitely injury prone.


    Playing in Portugal, where the emphasis will be more on football than facing industrial-like tackles, probably suits his game better.


    I hope he goes onto bigger and better things but I don’t think he is a good fit for us anymore.

  24. What is the Starz on



    Nonsense and you know it


    It has no significance whatsoever, nobody really cares but just an excuse for you to get your encyclopedia to prove what an erudite chap you are.


    The article is worth a read for Celtic fans,that’s why I linked it.


    Priest Brother Rabbi it doesn’t matter to me and it doesn’t alter or affect the substance of the article.


    But let’s have a roasted toasted CQN bunfight about it.

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