Contrast between SPFL and EFL will benefit Scottish clubs


Earlier this month we discussed the English Football League, where Championship clubs are in particular danger.  Unlike the SPFL there is little leadership from “the centre”.  Clubs and the League hope to complete the season and only yesterday published a plan on what to do in the event that is not possible.

Completing the season will require investment in blanket testing which will cost hard-up clubs millions of pounds, players would need to be taken off furlough (where applicable) weeks before games are played, and there will be zero ticket money generated.

All this helps clubs, fans and everyone else feel better about the sporting integrity of their competitions, but it will only compound the financial crisis afflicting the sport if they undertake the process and, as is very possible, some or all clubs need to isolate due to positive tests.  This could lead to a later curtailment of the league, with unnecessary illness (or worse) and cost.

The contrast with the SPFL is stark.  The Scottish League took medical and legal advice and went on the front foot with a strong recommendation to clubs, which was overwhelmingly supported.  These decisions are horrible and inevitably unfair on someone, but good leadership means you need to make yourself unpopular at times.

What happens with the English Premiership is largely immaterial to Scottish football.  Our more immediate competitors occupy the leagues below.  This is where Scottish clubs have lost most of their talent to.  There will be opportunities for Scottish clubs as a consequence of how the two leagues reacted to the crisis.  Keep your eye on what happens here.

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  1. auldheid



    Just for the record have you personally seen the attachment to the email, sent by the SPL apparently at 21.09pm on 26 July 2012? And if you did , are you equating the attached docs. with the final signed copy of the 5WA, despite that it would have still required the agreement of no less than four other Parties, none of which were Celtic Football Club.

  2. Maybe just me


    Thought Martin O’Neill spoiled today’s celebration with his talking around some other team, on how they were strong, and in my view , in turn discrediting our achievements


    Celtic have beat all challengers to achieve the 2020, 9 in a row




  3. leftclicktic on



    Full 9 in a row title party on you tube



    Fast forward 17 .org on vid

  4. leftclicktic on




    Save that for later two shows ready to start at 21:45 on BT sport.

  5. Bhoylo/Norrie



    I haven’t seen today’s documentaries.but it is hard not to think of MoN without a certain victory.


    That victory signified change.it psychologically panicked thum as 10,000 seats kicked in.we spent too.the tenner for fiver establishment kicked in its full masonic backing with banking pals.





  6. lets all do the huddle on

    not sure i will be losing much sleep over martin’s reference to another club



    as Nelson from the Simpsons would say






    let the papers sensationalise it

  7. fourstonecoppi on

    Lenny your just brilliant mate………stay aff the buckie, we done nothing illegal. Love it.

  8. Damian Duff, to leave his coaching role at end of June


    Taking up full time role with the Republic

  9. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Celtic Mz




    You don’t need to be a signatory to be an appropriate person, on a building site an appropriate person can become liable for not reporting unsafe or dangerous conditions.


    Just being there and observing without comment makes them party.

  10. CELTIC MAC on 23RD MAY 2020 7:51 PM





    Just for the record have you personally seen the attachment to the email, sent by the SPL apparently at 21.09pm on 26 July 2012? And if you did , are you equating the attached docs. with the final signed copy of the 5WA, despite that it would have still required the agreement of no less than four other Parties, none of which were Celtic Football Club.




    I have seen copies of the 5 Way but I cannot say which of them was the final copy.



    However given the date of the Doncaster e mail and its contents the chances of it not being the final version are remote to the point of insignificance.



    Given the reasons the SFA had to defer to CAS on Res12 as a result of the 5 Way containing a para that required it, and that such a para appeared in a copy seen, the chances that the para in question was not in the final version are near enough to nil to conclude the attachment to the e mail was the final one and it had the CAS referral clause in it.



    I think Celtic could explain away why they accepted the 5 way at the end of July 2011 as acceptance meant proceedings re ebts with side letters could begin.


    However they either did not foresee that the LNS Commission would proceed on the basis of mis-registered players or did know but did not forsee the Bryson interpretation of imperfectly registered but still eligible players that surprised them because Eric Riley was absent from the SPL Board meeting that met to consider appealing the LNS Decision.



    Had evidence of the two unlawful DOS ebts with side letters and accompanying HMRC correspondence charging Rangers with fraudulent or negligent behavior along with the evidence to support the HMRC claim been provided by Duff and Phelps in April 2012 as requested by SPL lawyers, then the LNS ToRs should have been those of dishonestly using unlawful tax methods to pay players between 2000 and 2003.



    However Celtic were not to know that said documentation had been withheld from the SPL at the time LNS was being commissioned or during the Commission itself.



    Well not until February 2014 when a package containing the documents Duff and Phelps failed to provide to the SPL lawyers landed on Eric Riley’s desk as a member of the SPL Board. Canalamar may recall this being mentioned at a meeting on Res12. Pincer movement might also have been mentioned.



    Packages with the same contents were delivered to the SPL CEO Neil Doncaster and all SPL Board members as well as Riley by contributors to Scottish Football Monitor.



    There was an ensuing correspondence between SFM and SPL lawyer Rod McKenzie that was unconvincing and the SPL passed the buck to the SFA.






    There was no pressure thereafter to get answers,waiting until the Supreme Court ruled in anticipation it would cause LNS Decision to be overturned , but as we all know the SFA refused a request from the SPL to do so.


    However Regan did suggest the now SPFL draw the attention of LNS himself to the testimony of Sir David Murray to the FTT re the advantage Rangers obtained from using ebts. That suggestion, along with an independent one relating to the missing material, was never followed up by SPFL or Celtic, which is surprising since it would have put asterisks at the very least against the titles Rangers “won” using ebts.

  11. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    “As soon as I signed for Celtic, the first thing they said is: ‘You have to beat Rangers’. It’s a six or nine point game, so you have to make sure, when you go on the pitch, you give it your everything: if you have to come off the pitch injured, you do it.



    “I think that’s one of the best games I’ve played in in my whole career.”


    “Before I came, Celtic was just a big club. But once you step in, you realise that it’s more than a football club. It made me grow as a player, as a man and made me see things differently from what I’ve seen before.



    “I think it was a really good experience. I wouldn’t change it for anything. I’m a fan now. I follow every game because it was two fantastic years.



    “It is the greatest club in the world.”



    Moussa Dembele

  12. Good morning CQN from another dreich day in the Garngad



    Big Moussa impressed me yet again last night on that show. He gets what Celtic Football Club is all about.



    Right no more drink for me to Friday😂 ….. Maybe



    D. :)

  13. From one of my ex-pupils:



    “IT’S a bank holiday and the perfect time to head out to one of Britain’s much-loved COVID-19 hotspots to up your viral load. But where will you go?



    A Cornish beach



    There’s no better way to expose yourself to a virus than stripping near-nude and sitting in close proximity to other hot, sweating people exhaling lovely infectious clouds of droplets. Remember to keep wiping your brow!



    The Peak District



    There’s absolutely loads of the Peak District and in theory enough room for many thousands to roam. So make sure to head to that one car park you always go to and go on the same walk you always go on because it’s easy and flat, while tutting at everyone else who’s done exactly the same thing.



    Any London park



    Surely on a sunny day like today, with everyone off and lockdown rules relaxed in a vague, interpret-to-suit-yourself way, there won’t be hundreds of people heading to London parks like there always are? There are? Wonderful! It’s a multicultural fiesta of infection vectors.



    A deserted city centre



    You’ve seen all these deserted 28 Days Later city centres on the news, so what could be safer than driving the family in for a look around and a photo opportunity? You’ll arrive to discover it’s actually still quite busy then contract the coronavirus while queuing for Subway.



    The intensive care unit of your local hospital



    Why not cut out the middleman, stop taking your chances with community infection, and head straight to the main source? Take a picnic and spread your blanket over a spare bed, then munch pork pies while watching frantic medics trying to save lives. You’ll be dry-coughing before you even get home.”

  14. Why does Damien Duff think part time work at his National Team, make him a better coach or be career enhancing?


    Strange decision by him ,with the club going for ten in a row and a fourth treble.

  15. N L & Mc



    I belong to the group ( if there is one) who hold no grudges against either Dembele or Rodgers.I am glad they were both at Celtic for a while.

  16. Dessyhoy, The story I heard is his wife couldn’t settle in Glasgow and has returned to Dublin with the children.


    So the move is for Family rather than Football reasons.

  17. Talking of Moussa made me think of some of the excellent players we have had ( and, in some cases, still have ) over the last decade or so:





    Lustig ( at his best),van Djik, Tierney.






    Dembele, Edouard.

  18. Good Morning all,


    Still 9IAR Champions (again) today.


    Shame about Damien Duff leaving as I think he was having a good effect on our forward players, especially James Forrest. C’est la vie, family first always.



  19. I see the Mail on Sunday have a 2 page spread on the downturn in Anthony Stokes football career after he left Celtic.



    How much are those huns hurting?



    Luvly jubly!

  20. I’ve no qualms about players who leave us.



    People change employer all the time for a variety of good reasons and footballers are no different.



    I don’t have to love them though.

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