CQN 11 Knocking it out the park


Where to start on last night’s CQN11 St Patrick’s Dinner?  We knocked it out the park.  Hundreds came, thousands of pounds were raised, enough to help Mary’s Meals build a kitchen for a thousand more school kids in Malawi, and a £5,000 donation to Lisa Hague’s 30k Challenge for Marie Curie Challenge for Cancer Care.

My sincere thanks to everyone who came along and made the night so special, especially those who stepped forward and helped Mary’s Meals and Lisa’s Challenge.  The night could not have happened without Phil Agnew’s experience, work and charm.  He is a credit to everything good about the Celtic support.

Special thanks to Tom Boyd, John Hughes, Joe Miller and Tommy Coyne, who added range to the night at the Q&A session.  Thanks to Stuart Armstrong, who dropped in to spend an hour with us, and share some of his undisguised joy at being a Celtic player.

Archie Macpherson spoke about the world Jock Stein blew apart when he arrived at Celtic 50 years ago this week.  Archie’s range on Scottish football is peerless.  He became a friend and confidant of Jock, and gave us an insight into the extraordinary man.

No St Patrick’s Night would be complete without great music and for that our thanks to Patricia Ferns and Liam McGrandles, and a special mention those who put their shoulder to the wheel on the night, especially Geo from Biglens and the great hospitality staff at Celtic.

I’ve many people to catch up with but I’m planning to sleep for the next several days.  Cup Final apart.

If all weekends were like this weekend………
If all gatherings were like Celtic gatherings……….

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  1. So, the mulleted muppet actually wore the brown brogues today……….



    He’s just a fan, eh!?

  2. The LC wiin agianst DU at Ibrox in 98 was crucial in giving us the self belief that we would stop the ten in a row. My first and only time in the Copeland Rd stand.

  3. Big Cup Winners- Captain Caveman aka The Exiled Tim was on the blog last Sunday during the game.



    He was almost as apoplectic as me in the 1st half! :-)



    Haven’t seen him on since then mind.



    ET – call home!

  4. Looking forward to the final…hope its the start of a special time in our history….feels like it for me …COYBIG….

  5. Delaneys Dunky on




    I came out of mass at 6.45 tonight. Logged on here at 7 and have just caught up wi the blog cause of your links. Bravo RC you never disappoint.


    This is the One is the song I requested Petec to post here the day Ronny was anointed. I think Ronny is the one I have been waiting for! :)

  6. Delaneys Dunky



    Love ya Mhate; remember that conversation with Charlie G at the airport he e mailed the video he was talking about…couldn’t believe it!




  7. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on




    If and when your about,I read during the week about your bhoy furthering his education in Baton Rouge,Ive noticed one or two bhoys acknowledge your post and sincerely from me,congratulations to your bhoy,Id love to go there let alone go to university in it and when I read your post I immediately thought of the opening lyrics to Me and Bobby McGee and I had a wee look on the net last night at songs about that neck of the woods and the reason Im writing this is to thank you for inspiring me to look because I found one of the best songs Ive heard in a long time,unknown band to me anyway and Im trying to find where I can buy the song but its brilliant,so cheers and good luck to the bhoy!



    Louisiana Honey




  8. weet weet weet(GBWO) on

    Harry Hood, Harry Hood riding through the glen.


    Harry Hood, Harry Hood, and his fenian men.


    Loved by the tims, hated by the huns,


    Harry Hood, Harry Hood, Harry Hood.







    Oh a dirty wee hun came up to me,


    He asked me the secret of the Celtic team.


    I answered him as best I could,


    The answer I gave was Harry Hood.



    Oh Harry, Harry, Harry Hood,


    We loved you Harry, like no-one else could


    You can keep your Rangers and your Colin Stein


    Cos we’ve got Harry in the Celtic team.




  9. My fav hampden goal against Dundee Utd is Franks deliberate back headed goal in 85. Meant it my bahookie.

  10. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    RoyC / almore, Dublin?



    Acgr says oh aye. Count me in?



    Wonderful photo’s Roy.




  11. Just as a thought. Who would be interested in coming to Dublin to help celebrate the men/women of 1916?



    Easter 2016 marks 100 years.



    Anyone who wants to come over will be looked after.



    It would be great if this was a CQN event.



    Let me know what you think lads.

  12. Delaneys Dunky on




    I know many Gallaghers and Gallachers. Most common name in Clydebank. All vg Tims. :)

  13. squire danahar



    filled in your bhoy’s survey- would be v interested in results if poss



    good luck to him



    and to the celts manana



    hope guidetti plays if commons isn’t absolutely 100%



    1-0 hoops Griffiths



    well done to everyone for raising all the money last night




  14. roy croppie



    Got to admire your technical skill and energy


    some brilliant stuff indeed

  15. Delaneys Dunky on




    Got a Bob Marley in the as tray and a dram in hand. Thank you sir.


    We’re dramming, dramming.


    Dramming in the name of the Lord.

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