Dear SFA, a joke hurt our feelings


Can you imagine how a formal complaint about the comment ‘Rory Bremner can pretend to be Tony Blair’ would be composed?

‘Dear SFA, a rude man’s joke hurt our feelings.  Tell him straight, no more jokes!’

I clicked onto the NEW club’s site to confirm their reaction.  As well as complaining about a joke [it wouldn’t hurt if it wasn’t true], they complain about the Daily Record, “the paper is riddled from top to bottom with an anti-Rangers bias”, just to prove they also have a sense of humour.

They also attempted to put a stake in the ground by affirming that Pinsent Masons, now representing Scotland’s champions and sole Champions League participants, did not report to the police that Craig Whyte has any connection to the club/company.

No one has ever suggested that Pinsent Masons made such a report.  This is a bit like insisting that Ally McCoist will not manage the Champions League winners this season.  Pinsent Masons were far too busy taking instructions from their top client’s chief executive, in his non-comedic role.

What a laugh!
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  1. Neustadt-Braw


    15:12 on


    16 November, 2013


    a big hello from Lower Saxony….


    I am thinking that warnings should be given when CQN posters “quote from FF”


    am starting to waste a lot of good German Pils….this one almost finished me off !


    leftclicktic oscar in our thoughts


    14:15 on


    16 November, 2013




    I nearly fell off my chair



    “I have had several lines in sand this one will not be crossed.”





    A mean it this time




    wow! a mean just Wow! ……….thats brawer than Braw ! :)

  2. The Battered Bunnet on

    You know, if you were paranoid, you might think it odd that Celtic’s auditors BDO are coincidentally the Liquidators of Rangers, while Celtic’s legal advisors Pinsent Mason carried out the ‘restricted’ investigation into the purchase of the business and assets of Rangers by one or more Sevcos.



    Just sayin’ like.

  3. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    14:23 on 16 November, 2013



    Well said, that mhan….!!!

  4. Steinreignedsupreme on

    ernie lynch 14:52 on 16 November, 2013



    You stuck up an article about Douglas Alexander visiting Auschwitz. I was trying to discover if there was a particular reason for his visit, seeing as he is a Scottish MP and anti-Semitism is a bigger problem in certain areas more than others.



    Where you putting the article up because Alexander missed a vote on the bedroom tax?

  5. Big shout to those I met at the AGM yesterday,and for those partaking in a few libations this afternoon! Enjoy.



    For anyone interested in football, we have dawning upon us one of the most important transfer windows in recent years – it is only three weeks away.


    If our objective is to come out a transfer window stronger than we started, then we failed in the last one. Guys like Puuki , Boerrighter, Balde, Biton may come good, but right now there impact is negligible.



    Which leads me to a key point, and the importance if this window.



    Some guys come to our club and make an impact within weeks, Hooper, izzy, Commons , being examples, some take around half a season to come good Lustig, Wilson, Wanyama, whilst others sadly don’t come good at all ( see annual report and look under Impairments).


    If I look at our current team, IMHO, most of the players took at least half a season to come good.


    So, what we need in this window is 2/3 players who will come good in the summer.


    We also need to remember it is a World Cup year, and chances are the majority from Izzy, Sammy, Mikel, Efe, Fraser, Virgil will be involved.


    It is also likely that when we face CL qualifiers one or two of that lot will be injured, exhausted or both.


    Throw in a possible departure or two, and we could be facing CL qualifiers without 2/3 first choice players.



    My plea to NL and the board, is to prepare for this now.


    Keep buying the frogs ( as Paul 67) calls them, but let’s also make sure we get a couple of guaranteed Princes as well.


    bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers backs resolution 12



    15:24 on 16 November, 2013


    brogan rogan trevino and hogan supports oscar knox, mackenzie furniss and anyone else who fights neuroblastoma



    14:51 on 16 November, 2013


    On a completely different topic.



    Can I highly recommend the début Album from a band called London Grammar.



    Very good indeed.





    Either “I can recommend” or “Can I recommend?”







  7. I seem to recall a time recently when PL swaggered onto the stage with his


    “…another team from, another planet, last night bid – £49 Mill for Gary Hooper !!!”



    Now, in Celtic’s next game – we were skelped 2-4 by fat Sallys huns at the Orcdome !!!



    The point is – don’t temp fate Peter. OK.



  8. 50 shades of green supports wee oscar and his family.h.h.wee mhan on

    Hope you bleached your eyes clean Paul after your wee trip.



    Braver man than i, never felt the urge or inclination to peek.



    Anyway panto season soon, I would imagine they will be apoplectic by the time santa gets here.







  9. The Battered Bunnet on




    Nice to see you again yesterday.



    Re Transfer window, had a chat recently with a fellow who knows, nice suit, who said the way in which the window works, we had effectively recruited next season’s qualifying squad this summer.



    Of course, the corollary – what about player sales – is unanswerable given the enhanced leverage players now have.




  10. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    Altogether now in your best Frankie Howerd voice……………



    Ooh no missus must’t be cruel to sevco!

  11. Steinreignedsupreme



    15:19 on 16 November, 2013





    ‘Where you putting the article up because Alexander missed a vote on the bedroom tax?’







    I thought that was pretty obvious.



    Pairing is there for a reason.



    It allows MPs do do things, legitimate, worthwhile things, things I hope we would all support, away from Parliament, without affecting or distorting the outcome of a vote.



    But then maybe the SNP aren’t concerned about the rise of Antisemitism in Europe.



    Certainly a lot of them weren’t that bothered in the 1930s.

  12. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    Me personally I cant wait for the new huns to complain to the sfa as it would bring the question right back into the public domain and challenge the huns assertion alsong with their MSM backers



    dear campbell


    we are not new huns we are the same old huns that we always were. just look at us, are we not still ugly horrible people?


    are we not still bitter and full of hatred for the Irish and the papes?


    look, its us!


    so please tell Mr Peter not to say that we are new huns, when clearly we are still the same shower that we always were (except we don’t have any debt) oh wait cancel that last bit will ye?

  13. What a laugh indeed! These peepil really struggle in their efforts to “make it up”.



    UnreconceiledbittertubespayyourbillsCSC :-)))

  14. The Comfortable Collective on

    Looks like big Efe is playing right back for Nigeria today.



    Think the big chap will be on his way to the world cup by the looks of it.



    They’re 1-0 up at home after 35 minutes and won the first leg away 1-2.

  15. tamstered=SC003487


    15:33 on


    16 November, 2013




    15:23 on


    16 November, 2013


    i get this all the time





    Thanks, I’ll let my paranoia rest :-)



    CQN can work well for a while then when changing pages or refreshing this happens.

  16. oldtim67





    08:57 on



    16 November, 2013





    I quite enjoy the Blane Valley as a meeting place,Barmaid greeted me when I went in ,(Hello David.nice to see you again,)Good Pub,and not anti Celtic.




    I thought you owned the place

  17. BRTH



    Any info on the hotel deal for the CQNTEN night, looking to book ovrnight for my good lady and myself.

  18. Kevj



    How are you pal?…….this week I met a fellow cgner,had


    nothing but good thing’s too say about yerself.

  19. 50 shades of green supports wee oscar and his family.h.h.wee mhan on

    * kevjungle


    15:26 on 16 November, 2013



    I seem to recall a time recently when PL swaggered onto the stage with his


    “…another team from, another planet, last night bid – £49 Mill for Gary Hooper !!!”


    Now, in Celtic’s next game – we were skelped 2-4 by fat Sallys huns at the Orcdome !!!


    The point is – don’t temp fate Peter. OK.







    Good point Kev,



    Although does the phrase.” For every £5 spring to mind at all??????

  20. Any opinion on the living wage paul67 ?



    We can leave the Laughing and making jokes about range*s to any celtic fan in the world.



    The high paid ones should be able to comment on living wage requets.



    A big hail hail to all who fought and briught this to the table.

  21. tommytwiststommyturns supporting Wee Oscar on

    I trust PL’s softly softly approach to the SFA will not extend to backing down and apologising for his little joke? Otherwise, we’ll be the ones who are raging!




  22. RE the Joke… here’s another one…. now the BBC website is reporting this as THE Headline of the day under Scottish Premiership page…. seriously ?

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