Despite the result, Brendan was right to rest five players


Yes, the Filip Benkovic’s goal should have stood and we really should learn to convert penalties, but Celtic did not cause Motherwell sufficient alarm to make the points safe before a late equaliser.  This was our fifth consecutive game away from Celtic Park in an intense period for the players.  It was also the first game after Sundays’ cup final party, the chance of points being dropped was high.

We have not looked so pedestrian since……… the last time Scott Brown and Olivier Ntcham started.  I’m not sure what conclusions to draw from this, if any.  Ryan Christie delivered again.  His impact on the team since late October has been incredible, without him, you would be feeling slightly less easy about our position.

Brendan Rodgers rested James Forrest, Mikael Lustig, Scott Sinclair, Odsonne Edouard and Tom Rogic from the starting line-up.  Despite the result, I still think this was the right decision.  Salzburg have this midweek off and face bottom of the Austrian table Admira on Saturday.

They will arrive in Glasgow next week fully rested with only one game to go before a two month winter break.  With a 14-point lead in the league, they will be resting no one against Celtic.  The Austrians are likely to be the strongest team we face this season and if we are to have any chance against them, we need to be as physically prepared as they are.

The ‘Always play your strongest team’ mantra just weakens your strongest team for when you really need it.  This month’s priorities were the League Cup Final, Salzburg, the visit to Ibrox and the visit to Pittodrie, in that order.  We should be utilising the squad on other occasions.

Kilmarnock top of the league in December is noteworthy.  They will not finish the season within 10 points of the top and, in all likelihood, their stay will last no more than three days, but this is a remarkable overachievement by a team who found their managerial maestro.  They also lost their best player to Celtic in the summer.  Credit where due.

Celtic Foundation letter from Santa

As part of this year’s Christmas Appeal, the Foundation have arranged a letter from Santa to be sent to any child (or good adult) you know.  For a £5 donation the recipient will receive a letter signed by Santa, the signature of their favourite Celtic player, their name, age and what they would like for Christmas.

You must know someone who would like this, even if what they want for Christmas is another 1-5 win at Ibrox.  Details here.

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  1. prestonpans bhoys on




    I’ll open a bottle of red, drink it then try and work out what you are on about?

  2. Can I have your indulgence for a mo?


    My young cousin is in hospital to donate a kidney, not for a relative, just to help someone, anywhere. He helps out with the Kano Foundation on match days and I’ve just discovered he has a Just Giving Page, link later.


    Can you keep him in your prayers for a successful op tomorrow?


    Half of the Donations are to be shared between the KanoFoundation/Invincibles.


    Here’s the link:





  3. BIG PACKY 1 on 6TH DECEMBER 2018 6:47 PM


    THE EXILED TIM, you know I usually agree with your comments, but regarding this apologies cant agree, 7 changes against them cloggers at fir park, as I said before accident waiting to happen.still luv ya bruv.??hh.




    HH, big Packy, hope that Joane, yerself and the rest of the brood are grand.


    Imho, being the paranoid-android type, with great reason, I wouldn’t be surprised if, the Old Firm PLC, are instructing Brendan the £45 k a week puppet manager, to ensure that, 10 in a row doesn’t happen, because Celtic PLC are running scared of civil unrest, which, for me, was the “real” reason that, NFL was flung under the ‘shame-game’ bus, just like, the PLC flung the Resolution 12 Requisitioner Rebels, under the PLC bus, at the AGM.


    Ye can never be paranoid enough, about a PLC board, who would throw you under the bus, without batting an eyelid.


    Good luck, HH.

  4. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    Interesting piece from David Mc.Williams.



    He was one of the very few economists in Ireland who warned about the crash and said there were be no soft landing.



    He was sneered at and the Taoiseach ( Leader of the Government. PM), pronounced that anyone promoting doom and gloom should go and commit suicide!!

  5. mike in toronto on




    I remember hearing the same thing….



    but that was a while ago, and wasnt he out of work for over a year before landing the Killie job? things like that can sometimes cause a rethink…



    Scotland could do a lot worse than offer him the job …

  6. i cant take credit for finding that article, someone pointed us in its direction a couple of days ago, and i just cant remember who, they did say how fascinating it was, and it is, the graphs included in the article are excellent.



    The biggest irony I can find in the whole brexit things, led by Little Englander tories, is that the last of the empire will fall. Its an obvious consequence. They are taking their country back to a geography that last existed in medieval times.



    Pog and others, ta for the compliments.

  7. KEV, love your input on here, the blog would not be the same without the oul jungle rebels, hope your health is ok.hh.

  8. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    From a scorching hot Melbourne, 35 degs yesterday and hotter


    today think i’ll need to wear my wee hankie with the knots at each


    corner on my baldy napper this weekend.


    Last shout for the peninsula rebels and Oz visitors and anybody


    else who loves our CSC’S company and there are many.


    Our big Celtic BBQ is this Sunday, down at the beach park, bottom


    of Main St, free sausage sizzles, burgers, and some beer ,wine


    available for those who have travelled a great distance ( HEBCELT ?


    and don’t have time to visit the shops for a kerryoot lol.


    The singing and dancing will probably start early morning but that


    will be me and Paddy hanging the flags from the trees and practising


    our keepy uppy for our world renowned soccer tourny.


    Wonder if Paddymac still has those boots with the wooden toes and


    nailed in studs?


    And apart from the fun to be had it’s all for a great cause, all moneys


    collected from raffles etc. and cash provided by our club will buy


    Christmas pressies for the poor sick kids and those wonderful nurses


    and doctors at Frankston Hospital.


    So who wouldn’t want to be there with the Celtic family eh….


    H.H Mick

  9. Avon Barksdale on

    Good point Kev – it was obvious that Brendan was delighted to drop points last night. Also, excellent spot that Stevie Clarke is doing a good job- don’t think anyone else had spotted that. Not even that old “cuter than a fox” cute guy, Mark McGhee!!

  10. mike in toronto on

    Kev @ 7:44



    I agree with much of what you write… and I think our Board would probably see a Sevco win as good for business ….



    but, I cant see BR agreeing ….he seems pretty ambitious, and he isnt going to get a move to a biiger club/league by losing a one horse race..



    to get the type of move that I suspect he wants, he would have to dominate in Scotland (but wont get much credit for that because of how Scottish football is perceived, so he will also have to get Celtic to do something in Europe to really get noticed).



    If a Board wanted to undermine a manager, there are lots of ways that could be done …. not closing transfers (“we tried… but player didn’t want to come… or got offered more money elsewhere”), or insisting that players be sold …



    but BR being okay losing? … honestly, I just dont see it.

  11. St Stivs


    Glad you managed to source the article and enjoyed ?



    Now I’m on David17 & Tradionalist88 page


    Celtic away form in only collecting 12pts from a possible 24 is a concern and needs urgent action



    Another point made


    Craig Gordon – how often does he create pressure on us through his horrendous distribution with the ball at his feet ?



    Oh TET – that is not the reason Clarke did not get the job when Ronnie did


    Sure I sent you a message with info

  12. Hi Bhoys



    Haven’t read back yet so apoligies if already posted. From johnjames site.




    The Demise of a Dynamic Duo?


    Glasgow Sheriff Court


    Thursday 6 December 2018


    Data Published at 17:42 on Wednesday 5 December 2018


    Civil – Ordinary Actions




    Sheriff Unallocated


    Case Title



    David Grier v Philip Gormley QPM, Chief Constable, Police Scotland



    The current Chief Constable of Police Scotland, Iain Livingstone, as I write, has apparently just intimated to the court that our international man of mystery DCI Robertson – who brought little more than an abacus and a roving moustache to the Economic Crime Unit, and his pert assistant Jackie O’Neil – who left no per diem unclaimed – are the subject of a criminal investigation and as such will not be able to provide testimony in this civil suit.



    Will Robertson’s alleged tampering with witness statements and O’Neil’s mislaying of unlawfully seized data lead to their dismissal, or is this just the latest tactic by Police Scotland to kick Grier’s, Whitehouse’s and Clark’s pursuit of £18m in damages into the long grass?



    One would like to believe that Robertson & O’Neil are being scrutinised by an independent police authority, and not those who would pitch in with the chorus of The Billy Boys to accompany Robertson. Hello, Hello, silent third refrain if you will.



    Spare a thought or two for our globetrotting dynamic duo at this time of year. There will be a conspicuous absence of mistletoe in HMP Barlinnie




  13. mike in toronto on




    What part? Our Board being okay with Sevco winning a title?



    Absolutely think that would be the case.



    If we were to win 10 or 11 in a row, I think the zombies’ sense of entitlement would not accept that … and I think many would stop paying for season tickets at zombieland as a result …



    Based on what DD has said, and this would be consistent with what our Board has done/not done over the last six years, I think our Board sees them, and the rivalry with them, as an integral part of our business model …



    if they are so far out of the picture, that rivalry is lessened, which is bad for business ….that is not my view, but that is how I think our Board see our business … for me, it is the model that best explains the events of the last six years.




    Good point Kev – it was obvious that Brendan was delighted to drop points last night. Also, excellent spot that Stevie Clarke is doing a good job- don’t think anyone else had spotted that. Not even that old “cuter than a fox” cute guy, Mark McGhee!!







  15. Anyone got proof that PC Lustig had a secret double leg transplant recently? To me, he has looked back to near his best – running less like an ironing board on castors – and his positional play is, alas, better than Senor Gamboa.


    Not sure why BR singled Jonny out for special praise; young Morgan for me anytime. Is he still crocked too? HH

  16. Stairheedrammy on

    When you saw the number of changes last night you knew we were likely to drop points. Its almost as if we dont mind the current league placings

  17. Scott Sinclair has called out racism using his own accounts on social media. Are Celtic going to support him, retweet or endorse his message, or release a statement condemning the abuse? Or more silence? Hopefully we will grow a backbone and do something for a change rather than leaving it to the players and the supporters.

  18. Clearly a nine year old Sevco fan runs the Show Racism The Red Card Twitter account. In one Tweet they actually state ‘I am sure Celtic supporters’. What organisation refers to themselves as ‘I’ ? Embarrassing.

  19. Grown sensible men surmising that the Board might be conspiring to hand a Title to Sevco just to keep the Old Firm pot stirring for another few years.


    Apart from loss of Champion’s League Income, loss of marketing windfall that would follow 10 in a row,


    The fact that if they ‘allowed’ Sevco to win a Title & gain access to Champion’s League Income it could be extremely difficult to put Panodora back in the box.


    It makes no Business sense, no Sporting sense, to pull a stunt like that there would need to be 7 or 8 in the know, what a risk for any business man to take.


    In short it’s a crock of shite, we are still in pole position to win the League, I have no doubt that we will win the League and next year will take care of itself.

  20. NorrieM


    I recall he didn’t want the job, he was on record saying he wouldn’t take it due to the garbage his family would have to endure, but my memory is not as it used to be.

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