Despite the result, Brendan was right to rest five players


Yes, the Filip Benkovic’s goal should have stood and we really should learn to convert penalties, but Celtic did not cause Motherwell sufficient alarm to make the points safe before a late equaliser.  This was our fifth consecutive game away from Celtic Park in an intense period for the players.  It was also the first game after Sundays’ cup final party, the chance of points being dropped was high.

We have not looked so pedestrian since……… the last time Scott Brown and Olivier Ntcham started.  I’m not sure what conclusions to draw from this, if any.  Ryan Christie delivered again.  His impact on the team since late October has been incredible, without him, you would be feeling slightly less easy about our position.

Brendan Rodgers rested James Forrest, Mikael Lustig, Scott Sinclair, Odsonne Edouard and Tom Rogic from the starting line-up.  Despite the result, I still think this was the right decision.  Salzburg have this midweek off and face bottom of the Austrian table Admira on Saturday.

They will arrive in Glasgow next week fully rested with only one game to go before a two month winter break.  With a 14-point lead in the league, they will be resting no one against Celtic.  The Austrians are likely to be the strongest team we face this season and if we are to have any chance against them, we need to be as physically prepared as they are.

The ‘Always play your strongest team’ mantra just weakens your strongest team for when you really need it.  This month’s priorities were the League Cup Final, Salzburg, the visit to Ibrox and the visit to Pittodrie, in that order.  We should be utilising the squad on other occasions.

Kilmarnock top of the league in December is noteworthy.  They will not finish the season within 10 points of the top and, in all likelihood, their stay will last no more than three days, but this is a remarkable overachievement by a team who found their managerial maestro.  They also lost their best player to Celtic in the summer.  Credit where due.

Celtic Foundation letter from Santa

As part of this year’s Christmas Appeal, the Foundation have arranged a letter from Santa to be sent to any child (or good adult) you know.  For a £5 donation the recipient will receive a letter signed by Santa, the signature of their favourite Celtic player, their name, age and what they would like for Christmas.

You must know someone who would like this, even if what they want for Christmas is another 1-5 win at Ibrox.  Details here.

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  1. When the New World Order finally emerges from the outer limits of Level 6 there will be Black Helicopters shuttling back and forth between the floating hover deck of the Copland Road multi-storied spaceport and the inner sanctum of Celtica.



    A CQN-hating, Mark McGhee look-a-like, of modest proportions will be unveiled to the awaiting press algorithm.



    There the “story” ends.

  2. For all you doom and bloomers in that glorious season of 1966/67 the Lisbon Lions suffered 7 draws and 3 defeats, 4 if you include a friendly against Dukla Prague.

  3. celtic40me



    A litany of failure, as we look to win our 8th league title in a row.






    Indeed, and Amen



    The Joy of Celtic CSC

  4. Good evening CQN -I am just in from an award ceremony in town, free grub and booze etc.


    More to the point, it was to celebrate all the good work of social enterprises the length and breadth of the country. Although we were a winner in 2012 and have grown to 90 staff in the north of Glasgow, we were not up for nomination, but again to all all social enterprises, keep on keeping on.


    Oh and bring on the Killie.



    D. :)

  5. corkcelt.@9:05pmto



    its kev and mit are you surprised, not only that bringing brendan into it.

  6. Love and Happiness to all….



    Here’s a spinning wheel


    Use it once you’ve learned


    There’s a way to turn


    The straw to gold


    Here’s a rosary


    Count on every bead


    With a prayer to keep


    The hope you hold



    You will always have a lucky star


    That shines because of what you are


    Even in the deepest dark


    Because your aim is true


    And if I could only have one wish


    Darling, then it would be this


    Love and happiness for you


    And if I could only have one wish


    Darling, then it would be this


    Love and happiness for you



    goodnight the Celtic ….



    born in 59 and 59 today ….



    smiley never thought I wid see 33 thing




  7. I don’t come on here very often anymore, but last week I took a wee scan and up popped an advert.



    Marketing shenanigans don’t usually interrupt my browsing etc across the web because I use TOR, a VPN or a wee Javascript procedure that keeps most of them at bay….However a few days ago I was on a pal’s machine and an offer came up that really was too good to miss.



    A watch by Rolex. Its Model …a Boucherer, …1888….you can see why it may have been a wee bit interestin…..and what’s more…”free next day delivery”….I was almost tempted to get two of them until I noticed it was termed “The Blue edition”…



    If anyone thought that I was going to squander a mere £15,000 on a badly marketed piece of shite like that…..mind you I wonder how many of you frittered a months wages away so easily?






    Hail Hail




  8. SFTB



    The year it went from 5 to 6 was the invincible year when Celtic won the league by 30 points.



    Their were no such posts, fake news from you, admittedly makes your post look better.

  9. BSR



    Wis I talking about the Celtic board or a message Board not far from here???



    Hail Hail




  10. Yip BJB, we played a 3-4-3 formation that night and had the buzz bomb and Stevie had their shooting boots on we would have won easy, plus their keeper was brilliant, in fact we tried tae buy him but his national service ended that move.

  11. Good morning CQN from a dark, and cold Garngad



    Bring on mañana and a top o the table clash.



    Let’s put Killie and not so big Stevie Clark in their place and push on.






    D. :)

  12. Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Friday to you all. Looking forward to tomorrow’s top of the table clash. But today it’s all about the ole work-Christmas-lunch ;-)

  13. Saturday 7th December 1968



    I was 9 years old.



    My Dad Joseph worked in Singers of Clydebank and often worked a Saturday morning in the factory as overtime to provide that little additional income. He would finish at 12.00 and be back home about 12.50. My Mum Margaret would have soup and a sandwich ready and she normally then went into Glasgow for afternoon shopping with me sometimes tagging along. My price was an Airfix model and a bag of chips for the way home. Other times, I stayed with my Dad to watch Grandstand or World of Sport and listen to the radio to hear the Scottish football commentary.



    This Saturday he came home to find me wittering excitedly about Celtic’s game with St. Mirren that afternoon. I had not yet been to a Celtic game as he had introduced me to football via local juniors Glasgow Perthshire and Ashfield and then Partick Thistle.



    Spur of the moment decision. You know what come next!



    Quick lunch for him; quick getting ready for me; bus from Lambhill to town; bus to Gallowgate.



    It was a typical dull, dark December day at a time when Glasgow was dull and dark with soot stained buildings everywhere. I remember nothing exceptional about the journey except that he told me that I may hear things sung that he would not want me to repeat. To this day, I have never engaged in songs about some topics which have been aired at Celtic Park and I never will.



    He guided me as we approached the Jungle/”Celtic End” turnstiles and the throngs of people until I got a lift over. The official crowd was 47,000 but the real attendance was 47,001.



    We went to the corner of the “Celtic End” just under front of the cover which went about 2/3rds of the way down the terracing. (I now sit in section 443 which is pretty much above that stance)



    We only got there a few minutes before kick-off so the atmosphere had already built up. I gazed around the crowds, just overwhelmed by them and listened to the singing and chanting every time it broke out.



    As the teams came out, I finally saw John Fallon, Jim Craig, Tommy Gemmell, Bobby Murdoch, Billy McNeill, Jim Brogan, Jimmy Johnstone, Bobby Lennox, Steve Chalmers, Tommy Callaghan and John Hughes. My favourite Willie Wallace came on later for Yogi which just completed my perfect day.



    The Celtic team was rampant. Constant attacking; constant shots at goal. The man of the match was Dennis Connaghan, the St. Mirren goalkeeper. He kept the score down to 5 (Chalmers 2, Johnstone, Hughes and Gemmell)



    To a small boy, it looked easy. (How I thought back to that day in the nineties).



    That was it for me – confirmation that I would be hooked for life (as if anything other could have been pre-ordained).



    I went home very happy and wanted Monday morning to come so that I could finally let my pals know that I had been to a Celtic match.



    So, a great memory of 50 years ago today and I will re-live the experience tomorrow as I walk the last part of the journey to Celtic Park for the game with high-flying Kilmarnock.

  14. HRVATSKI JIM on 7TH DECEMBER 2018 7:25 AM





    HJ great post and one that we can all relate to.



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  15. NEUSTADT-BRAW on 7TH DECEMBER 2018 12:11 AM



    A very happy birthday to you.



    p.s. – love the words to that song. Emmylou and Mark Knopfler are just brilliant at it.

  16. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    if memory serves, you where questioning the quantum as single hit of $21 trillion fraud because the US, I’m sure you insisted had not produced that amount of money, as you referred to their GDP as an example, being lower that the total.


    My point being that at no time during that conversation did I see you being advised it was an accumulative amount accrued over a number of years.


    I believe the article I attached provided a lot of background information that may enlighten however I see it was pointless brining it up when you refer to billions not trillions and apparently the fraud aspect is lost.


    Regardless of how the money was used it was fraudulently acquired from the treasury. $21 trillion as a conservative estimate was then fraudulently redirected from being returned to the treasury as excess budget.


    These are the results of independent audits with the comments from the senior auditor, the article was the first I had seen referring to the discussion on a subject I had no knowledge of and found interesting. As to me it represents everything that is wrong with the feral capitalist empire that is the USA.

  17. Sid @ 12:53 am





    The year it went from 5 to 6 was the invincible year when Celtic won the league by 30 points.


    Their were no such posts, fake news from you, admittedly makes your post look better.”




    Quite right, Sid. The format of the posts that year changed from



    “If we play like that we will lose the league”






    “If we play like that we will lose our unbeaten record”




    Of that one year of changed format invalidates the point in the other 5 previous years, then so be it.

  18. canamalar



    “f memory serves, you where questioning the quantum as single hit of $21 trillion fraud because the US, I’m sure you insisted had not produced that amount of money, as you referred to their GDP as an example, being lower that the total.



    My point being that at no time during that conversation did I see you being advised it was an accumulative amount accrued over a number of years. ”




    Thanks for jogging the memory cells.



    I do have a vague recollection of being sceptical of a figure quoted being larger than the GDP at the time but I have no recollection if it refers to the same article and figure you quoted or to a different matter. At no point, did I question the probability that frauds were committed and, as you state, nobody, at the time, suggested that the figure was an accumulated amount over a number of years and you left it to me to work that out by reading the article.



    I failed on that count because I had no idea of what I was looking out for and no framework from memory of the first exchange to help me work it out for myself.



    Now that you have, belatedly, set a little more of the context, perhaps you could provide the link again and I can look at it again this evening, knowing what it is I have to address.

  19. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on




    Happy birthday mate..

  20. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on






    No problem, as I said in my original post I estimate yourself to have an open mind so this is not a ruse to start an argument just an offering to provide more background information on a subject I found interesting at the time and when compared to the US national debt, its relevance to the american working classes who appear to be easily distracted and misdirected from matter of such gravity.


    I do though insist that fraud by misrepresentation and misappropriation are kept front and centre rather than the more colourful terms such as “disappeared into pockets”.


    And more importantly that we do not conflate fraud with theft where you discuss the distinction between what may have been stolen and what may not have been stolen as this allows the ambiguity of “value” to be offered as justification.


    If the proper procedures were not applied to retain an excess budget then it was fraudulently misappropriated, I think the auditor was clear on this.


    If the application for funds were made using figures that misrepresented the actual requirements then they were fraudulent gains. Those committing and accommodating fraud are criminals. And apparently the most successful criminal organisation in the world.

  21. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    The info was not offered for you to address anything, it was for your information only.



    My memory of the discussion was that you thought it impossible to commit fraud on that scale, either because it was too much and that too many people were involved to keep a lid on it. A very interesting point made in the article was that the lid was previously pried open



    “Rumsfeld’s comment that America’s adversary was not China or Russia, but rather was “closer to home: It’s the Pentagon bureaucracy.” Equally stunning was Rumsfeld’s warning that the tracking down of those missing transactions “could be…a matter of life and death.” No Pentagon leader had ever before said such a thing, nor has anyone done so since then. But Rumsfeld’s exposé died quickly as, the following morning on September 11, four hijacked commercial jet planes plowed full speed into the two World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania. Since that time, there has been no follow-up and no effort made to find the missing money, either.”



    So keeping lids on big problems appears to be an American speciality.



    Anyroadup, on team news, James Forrest has impressed me.

  22. Thanks for the “birthday”wishes folks but I am not a full year older yet. More the 50th anniversary of my first visit to Celtic park which is much more important than mere birthdays.

  23. DAVID17 on 6TH DECEMBER 2018 8:54 PM



    Scott Sinclair has called out racism using his own accounts on social media. Are Celtic going to support him, retweet or endorse his message, or release a statement condemning the abuse? Or more silence? Hopefully we will grow a backbone and do something for a change rather than leaving it to the players and the supporters



    Heh David how you doin? Hope your good :-)



    Interesting question tho I think with respect not really needed.


    Scott Sinclair calls out racism,he does so as an individual and as a society we have a duty to respond/react in a way which hopefully positive to society.


    I do not see why Celtic,His employer should comment,their views on racism are well known,and there is no silence on them. From day1 the backbone has been solidly in there- ‘open to all.


    Also do Celtic need to react to everything on t’internet put out by emplyees/thisyin/thatyin(begs question how did we manage before modrinmeejah).


    Good topic to shine a light on,racism.thanks.


    We are Scott Sinclair


    We are Celtic











    The fact is that the abuse was carried out while sinky was at his workplace. So both Celtic and the SFA should be involved

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