Determined by Dundee


It will be 4 May before action resumes at Celtic Park, by then we will know if we have reached the Scottish Cup Final and positions at the top of the table will be significantly determined by Dundee.  I’m pleased our manager has not spent the best part of two weeks throwing material to be pinned to the dressing room door their way.  Maybe Brendan is too experienced to do this?  Maybe he’s just not over-anxious.

We have scored 13 goals in three games against Dundee this season, conceding only once (when we were seven goals ahead), so Brendan Rodgers will have no complaints that the post-split fixtures send us away there, instead of another trip to St Mirren, which was the alternative.

It is also good to get this game out of the way first, leaving us with three games at home from the final four.  All will be difficult, but the incentive is a huge motivation.

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  1. Great to see 100 minutes of turgid football tonight.



    Personally I think there is a fair bit of the same arrogance as we see from them on here.



    Yes they appear to have lost it but the gap is only 3 points and they have the MIB VAR …..



    We still have to win this.



    As for the cup it is only the fact Mclean is referee on Sunday which would give them hope.

  2. BURNLEY78 (11:09pm) has absolutely hit the nail on the head. If they win their remaining games, with a MIB assisted 3-0 at CP (or any win at CP plus a couple of soft pens elsewhere for them or against us to make up the GD), they will still win the league. The dodgy pen against us could still be decisive.



    Hopefully BR has everyone totally focused on 11 May, as even the scrappiest win in that one surely puts it out of sight once and for all. KTF, but also keep the focus.

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    Posted 1 hour ago




    1 hour ago, The Godfather said:



    Resigned to watching them rack up another run of titles.



    We are f**king done



    This is the worry now. This title was massive. Win it and we are in such a good place. Lose this one and we are in big trouble.

  4. the long wait is over on

    I love that “arms outstretched” pleading thing Their fans to do when they don’t get a result.



    It’s so demonstrative of the whole “ we deserve better” shite which is at the very core.

  5. We have a lifeline here . But a few potential pitfalls await if we put in performances like we did first half v ST Mirren , and second half against them . delighted by our position don’t get me wrong but I’m not a big fan of gloating until we have it in the bag . away to say a decade ,just to be on the safe side HH

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on 17th April 2024 11:42 pm



    Celtic / Hertz double will return €122.22 on a tenner.

  7. Just living in the moment ! Gone to bed a Happy Tim.


    Always love a Hun set back, of-course we have it all still to do.



    That’s for tomorrow.



    HH CQN.

  8. Reading Follow Follow is a great laugh. Here’s one for you Rice Crispies or Aye Ready Brek (Clowns)



    We are a team of cereal losers. Sickening. I honestly think I’ll take a sicky tomorrow. Been lapping up their poor form and as per usual it’s come back to bite me on the arse.



    So gutttes



    Tav, goldon and souttar are hopeless

  9. Major outage at work had me distracted. Home to neighbours wee lad celebrating his 3rd birthday. Just checking news. Wow, superb!



    Say a prayer for BRRBs and my liver.



    Big smiles in Kentucky!

  10. Good morning, good morning, we laughed the whole night through.



    Good morning all from a still laughing like feck Garngad.



    Right focus on Hampdump.



    I have my knee pre op assessment today so let’s see when hopefully I can get a new knee.



    Also fat club later to see if I have lost more than th 2 stone I have already lost.






    D. :)

  11. Boys last night on sly sports, “I mean Tavernier is a proven winner…WHIT a winner at what… then he says I mean he hasn’t won a lot of trophy’s but look at his goals scored” aye take his pens out and he will have scored about 6 goals and even they would be free kicks.


    In fact if you take away the points won through penalties given by their mates in black then they would be 3rd.



    Also what about the Souter hand ball a definite for kick. But nope VAR looked at it and nothing. 🤣🤣🤣





    On to us any win on Saturday will do me, but let’s put on a show and keep the feel good factor going.



    3 – 1 or 4 – 1 to us.



    D. :)

  12. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 17TH APRIL 2024 10:16 PM


    Nice wee treble up tonight.







    Bayern to win 33/20







    City v Real to draw 100/30







    Dundee v Rangers draw 11/2







    £373.21 return for a £5 stake





    Well done TOM Mc…….and also Well done to TURKEYBHOY…Who had the same Bet but with a Tenner as a Stake.




  13. Ross County – 3 v Sevco – 2…..


    Dundee v Sevco….0 – 0…..



    ” Goodie Goodie Gum Drops ” ….TWICE !



    LOL…..and LOL AGAIN !



    ALEX RAE is ” QUARK”……Wan ugly Hun CHUMP.







  14. Well done to ” The Rangers”…you managed to keep a CLEAN SHEET v Dundee !


    Clement is a Magician…..he can make Points Disappear.





  15. Dundee v Sevco…



    The BLATANT CHEATING is so very obvious…



    Ive just watched SOUTTARS Handball, which is up there with many of GOLDSONS Handballs this season that were NOT given by Refs and/or VAR.



    We STILL have to be very wary of the Cheating Officials..






    Thank you! I was 75 on Tuesday!



    Their were times when I was 20 that I thought I wouldn’t see 25. Poor lifestyle and bad women.



    Improved my lifestyle but married a bad yin!!Hehe, she’s a gem!



    Hope you are good!

  17. Mixed metaphor from Hooty on Rancid Rancid –


    “I hope the board have got a brief case full of cash down the back of the sofa, because Phil is going to need fucking 10s of millions to sort this shit out”

  18. FRED COLON on 18TH APRIL 2024 8:45 AM


    League title slipping away from John Beaton




    He’ll no doubt be wheeled out for some of their remaining games.



    They could easily have had a penalty last night when Sima was through and took his shot, Dundee player clearly pushed him over, but nothing given.



    They obviously evened that up by ignoring the Soutar hand ball. The BBC radio commentary team basically brushed that off as nothing to see. Yet, when you see it on the highlights (I use that word loosely 😂), it’s as clear a deliberate handball in the box as you’ll see.



    We just need to keep winning and they’ll drop more points before they come to CP. They look dead on their feet, devoid of ideas, basic football skills and confidence and we will destroy them at home.



    Even Skeletor is feeling the pressure. Some of the pish he’s talking in interviews is hilarious. They had most possession and most shots, so they should have won. 😳🤷🏼‍♂️😂😂😂

  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    “It will be 4 May before action resumes at Celtic Park, by then we will know if we have reached the Scottish Cup Final and positions at the top of the table will be significantly determined by Dundee”



    The above (and this article’s title) are prophetic stuff Paul. Respect.



    Huge bonus for us last night …. but, we’ve still got plenty to think about do ourselves.



    But that is for later.



    For the next hour I plan to sit back, sip coffee, read back CQN and trawl the interweb for chuckles.



    Have a good day all.

  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    MELVIN UDALL on 17TH APRIL 2024 9:54 PM



    Desperate stuff from them. Only 3 minutes added. Wow! Expected more. Maybe the ref is worried about them losing this one. 😂






    First chuckle located …. courtesy of MU last night ↑↑↑

  21. Jeff Portnoy from FF –


    “I would rather stuff wasps up my arse than watch another performance like that”


    Sounds painful 👍

  22. Good morning bhoys.



    According to my much used fag packet calculations, assuming we keep winning then all we need is for the Hun to draw either away to St.Mirren or home to Killie and we can win the league against them at home.



    Looking forward to gubbing Hearts at home … although this will be from the comfort of the Auld Triangle in Matagorda.




  23. It’s a shame there’s no league games this weekend. They’re free falling at the moment.



    A 3 point lead was the stuff of dream last week but it’s not quite champagne on ice just yet. I suspect the VARs will go into over drive.

  24. We will know the writing is on the wall for Phil when the media start calling him filip Clement ( in guttural glesga) instead of philleep Clermont ( in continental drawl )…😁😁

  25. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Ordinarily access CQN via phone.



    Occasionally (like today) via laptop … so ads appearing.


    (Fair enough. CQN Infrastructure needs paying for … I’m glad Pablo isn’t asking us to pony up)



    Anyway – an ad appears inviting one to wedge a toilet roll holder under the toilet seat !!!



    Paul – are you trolling lurkers who made a trip to Seville two years ago perchance?



    If so – I think you’ll find only some of them routinely drink from the toilet bowl and it was a one off for others.