Doing your talking on the park


Scott Brown’s comment that the players will “look to do any talking on the park” is what you want to hear from the captain this week. Scott’s only just returned from a lengthy absence and is yet to get into full flow, but on form, he is the difference between an anaemic and an effective Celtic.

It’s always hard to judge from the stands what a team is missing when it’s off form but it’s clear we need leaders on the park to grab hold of games and dominate opponents. Scott is our most effective player in this role; a lot of responsibility lies on his shoulders in the coming weeks.

Saturday can’t come soon enough. It’s a far more important game than the semi-final I continually see articles on.

I’ve been in touch with three of the Res 12 guys and hope to pick up on this shortly.

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  1. Those of you wee elmers that think that the Huns being back in the league next season and the boards lack of interest in pursuing your resolution 12 will be the cause of declining season tickets for next years fixtures are really out of touch with reality


    Even before EBT’s and whatever else you imagine, season ticket sales were on the decline. For most Celtic fans the games that they really want to see are broadcast live now,Hearst,Rangers,Aberdeen,Europe and the majority of domestic cup ties


    Allied that to the cost of a season ticket and watching teams that are better suited to the Vanerama league come to Celtic Park on the majority of occassions. Pound for pound football in Scotland is probably the most expensive leisure time activity for the product on offer. Most people now are aware of the alternatives on offer and a excercising their right of choice to spend their hard earned money on.


    I suppose there will be the usual off gridders and those that are detached from reality will maintain that the fall in season ticket sales,is for the picture they paint on here day in day out.They will bleat on about how they are giving up their ticket because of a loaded dice,but if truth be told they are only expressing what they think their wee corner pals and best internet buddies want to hear.


    Me personally well it will probably be a one shared season ticket household next season rather than the usual two basically for the reasons outlined above


    Ps Did I forget to mention Kodi boxes

  2. Macjay




    Any evidence, any at all, to support your assertion that the Celtic Trust only look after ‘their own interests’?




    If of course you mean the interests of shareholders then you’re of course correct and there’s no need for a reply.

  3. The Battered Bunnet on

    My sense is that Celtic need to start speaking to the crowd on Res 12, or risk finding there’s no crowd to speak of.

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    TRADITIONALIST88 on 10TH MARCH 2016 12:20 PM















    That`s how you feel.





    Basically ,do yourself a favour and stop pretending to support my team , Glasgow Celtic or be prepared to accept your attitude for what it is.










    We don`t need wee pretendy supporters.





    Why don`t you just vote with your bloody feet and leave Celtic supporters to support as we always have done.





    As we always have done and always will do.





    I take it that we real , genuine Celtic supporters will not have to tolerate your negativity in future.





    Or maybe your need for sharing your negativity will again manifest itself with further attempts to damage my club , our club








  5. Good day John Paul,




    To say I am raging at the PLC Boards dereliction of duty towards myself and fellow shareholders would be a monumental understatement.




    I am one of the shareholders involved in Res 12. I have been very patient, giving MY club the benefit of the doubt, and trusting you, and the Board to keep your/their word to “have faith in the Club to do the right thing and to act in the best interests of Celtic and our fans.”




    Is THIS acting in the best interest of Celtic and our fans?




    “The board of Celtic PLC have encouraged shareholders to write to UEFA and in particular the CFCB who regulate licensing matters, and bring that body up to date with the correspondence sent to the SFA by the shareholders and the replies received from the SFA compliance officer – including those replies which state that the SFA will discuss the matter with the Celtic Board and only the Celtic Board.”




    Excuse me John Paul “The executive function of the board of directors is to preserve, protect and maintain the interests of shareholders in the company.




    It seems odd that the same board, who previously said that they would take all necessary steps to look after the interests of shareholders in relation to matters of Governance in Scottish Football, should ask shareholders to formally write to UEFA instead of doing it themselves.”




    The board are either taking us for mugs, or are complicit in this whole scam.




    I wonder.




    I feel the least we deserve is a statement from the club informing THE SHAREHOLDERS why they (the PLC Board) are not preserving, protecting and maintaining the interests of shareholders in the company.





  6. Good Afternoon.



    Here is my latest, which asks a simple question: “What Is The Point Of The Celtic Board?”



    Please read and share





    BTW last night’s offerings were about a rare outbreak of truth on Sky.





    And about the man who won’t shut up about Celtic!



  7. traditionalist88 on

    macjay1 for Neil Lennon on 10th March 2016 12:45 pm



    TRADITIONALIST88 on 10TH MARCH 2016 12:20 PM











    That`s how you feel.



    Basically ,do yourself a favour and stop pretending to support my team , Glasgow Celtic or be prepared to accept your attitude for what it is.






    We don`t need wee pretendy supporters.



    Why don`t you just vote with your bloody feet and leave Celtic supporters to support as we always have done.



    As we always have done and always will do.



    I take it that we real , genuine Celtic supporters will not have to tolerate your negativity in future.



    Or maybe your need for sharing your negativity will again manifest itself with further attempts to damage my club , our club









    What time is it in Australia and what have you been smoking, you absolute cretin.



    1. The article is not my words. Reposts are not always an endorsement.



    2. The article is reasons TO support Celtic NOT walk away.



    3. You obviously didn’t even read it.



    Embarassed for you.



    Next time you can’t avoid overreacting at least read the piece first.



    Go to bed or something.

  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    HAMILTONTIM on 10TH MARCH 2016 12:48 PM






    Any evidence, any at all, to support your assertion that the Celtic Trust only look after ‘their own interests’?









    Approx. one week ago , you stated that the Celtic Trust wished to ” become the Celtic Board or to “take over the Celtic Board. .”


    Is that correct or have I misquoted you.?


    In which case could you repeat precisely what you said ?

  9. I believe the suits have gambled that having the OF back on track will far outweigh bringing the sfa to book for their corruption re season book sales.


    I hope they are wrong.


    Between myself and my immediate family we spend well over £1000 a year via the shop and online, this stops till the present board are gone, or they stand up to the corruption both on and off the park.

  10. traditionalist88 on

    Here is the article from Hail Hail Media:



    ‘Reasons to Back Celtic, One, Two, Three


    Posted On 10 Mar, 2016 – By Krys



    Dermot DesmondThere’s a phrase I’ve heard throughout my life that I’ve never really understood. It’s one that gets thrown about a lot, but especially towards fans of the two most well supported teams in Scotland.



    “Support your local team”



    Why? Because they happen to be local to me at that time? Let’s assume for a moment that locality should play any part in which team I choose to support. At which point in time in my life should I focus on exactly?



    I was born in Glasgow, and spent the first few years of my life in Maryhill, so does that mean I’ll be supporting the wrong team in the Glasgow derby this weekend? Sorry, but as much as I don’t mind Partick Thistle, they’re not my team and never have been.



    Incidentally, does anyone mind Partick Thistle? I once heard them described as the cuddly toy of Scottish Football because even though they might not be yours they’re about as inoffensive a club as you can possibly find.



    Getting back to my point though, we moved out of Glasgow when I was barely old enough to remember it, and long before I had any interest in football. I don’t think where I started life should have any bearing on which team I support.



    Okay, so let’s assume I should support my local team from the point in time where I took an interest in football. I’ve estimated that to be around 1989 in the past, and where I stayed in 1989 the closest senior club to me as the crow flies would have been Falkirk.



    But there’s a problem there too. About five years later, Clyde moved into Broadwood Stadium in Cumbernauld and technically that was closer to where I lived than Falkirk’s Brockville. So should I have switched teams when my local team changes?



    That gets worse as time progresses. Falkirk are now on the other side of the town, while East Stirling’s Firs Park has long since closed with them moving in with Stenhousemuir. So even if Clyde were to follow through with moving to East Kilbride as has been mooted in recent years, if I still lived there today I’d have to pick between one of two teams playing out of Ochilview.



    It had to make you wonder, how do you support your local team if you live in Milan?



    Of course, I’ve long since moved away from there and more recently my local teams have included St Mirren and Queens Park. If you’re keeping track, that means I’ve had no fewer than five local teams across my lifetime so far.



    But wait a minute. This is only accounting for teams in the senior league! The whole “support your local team” comment is usually directed our way because we’re perceived as being glory hunters who chose one of the historically big successful clubs in Scotland. So I’m assuming when you’ve worked out who your local team is you’ve also taken into account non-league and junior teams? We wouldn’t want to be hypocritical now, would we?



    It seems I’ll need to re-evaluate this. Back in 1989 Falkirk weren’t my closest team after all, Dunipace Juniors were. I think! It’s harder to find where all these clubs play, you can’t just use a search engine. Not that you could do that in 1989 either of course.



    The truth is, there are probably three main reasons I support Celtic. Reasons that I’m sure a lot of you reading this will identify with as well.



    First, there’s family. My dad was a Celtic fan, his dad before him was to some extent as well. There’s a really good story I only recently discovered myself there, but that’s a story for another time and place.



    My dad didn’t take me to a Celtic game until 1991, and that was his first game since before I was born. He never drummed into me that I should be a Celtic fan, but I’m sure it was always there under the surface anyway.



    Topping that up was the fact that I was bullied a lot at school, for a number of reasons. My name, the fact I was an outsider to the village, the fact I was a geek, the fact I was quite clever as a kid… the list goes on.



    Given I went to a non-denominational school and was therefore surrounded largely by Rangers fans, it doesn’t take a great leap to see that supporting the opposite of those bullies made sense to me.



    I have to be honest, those two were almost enough already. But the third reason is why even after my dad has long since stopped caring and I’ve left the bullies behind that I still support Celtic today.



    We’re the good guys.



    We’re the ones that were set up to feed the poor. The ones who play the beautiful, inventive football. The ones who don’t sign prima donnas and want nothing to do with bigots, racists and general “bad eggs” as my mother-in-law would say.



    At least we used to be.



    We’ve laughed and scoffed at Rangers and their financial demise, but I look across the city and I see a club there now that looks exactly like the team I despised as a kid. New club, old club, in football rivalry it makes no difference when the fans cling to the same traditions.



    Well, apart from giving us the biggest stick ever to beat them with of course.



    But I look at our financially healthy club and I can’t help but think that from a certain perspective we’re actually worse off. We barely resemble the club I fell in love with now.



    From the club that feeds the poor to the club who screw every last penny out of the fans and don’t pass that on to those who work for the club never mind the surrounding community.



    From the club who played beautiful, inventive football to the club who have bored us to tears far more often than not.



    From the club without prima donnas and bad eggs to one who has a squad full of players using us a stepping stone to bigger wages and includes convicted drink drivers, racists and homophobes.



    How did it come to this? It’s certainly not the fault of the fans. Look at what we the supporters have achieved in recent years and it’s clear we still have the same ethos as we always did. The Foundation may have been set up by the club but it’s the fans who put in the leg work, both under their banner and elsewhere.



    These problems can only have come from the top, and when you see what kind of self-serving people we have in place there it really should be no surprise. There’s an unhealthy obsession at that level with the financial aspects of the club over everything else.



    Well I don’t support a balance sheet. I never have. I may understand the importance of running the club within its means, but that is not the be all and end all.



    Besides, by many measures they’re not even doing that very well either.



    I wish I knew what we could do to change this course we’re on, but I don’t. I’ve often seen it suggested that affecting what they love the most – the aforementioned balance sheet – but you know that won’t work now like it did in 1994. There’s no pressure from unforgiving bankers this time.



    If we fans stop spending, they won’t see that as a signal to leave. They’ll see it as numbers on the balance sheet that no long balance and they’ll correct that by cutting expenditure further. Our quality will only fall further as a consequence.



    Don’t believe me? It’s been happening already. Look at our attendances. They’re dropping like a stone yet the board don’t seem concerned in the slightest. It’s just numbers to them and as long as the numbers balance then that’s all that matters. That’s why Resolution 12 has been kicked into the long grass and the board have done as little work there as they think they can get away with.



    Sadly for us, despite all that Fergus McCann promised about handing over the club to the fans, the real truth is that never happened. We fans may have handfuls of shares but we don’t have control at all, only a select few do. As such, there’s really only one man who can make a difference to our direction now.



    Wake up Dermot Desmond. I want my club back.



    Krys (Twitter @Krys1888)’




    Yes and and he can go and do one


    after all he is only telling the truth.




  12. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    traditionalist88 on 10th March 2016 12:54 pm



    Do you know what a cretin is ?


    I`ll do you the favour of assuming you don`t.


    And that`s a big favour.

  13. Macjay



    Just saw your post to Trad88.



    So you’re the real Celtic supporter and the rest of us are merely playing soldiers?



    Away ye go and try finding some semblance of balance.

  14. traditionalist88 on




    As I said, embarrassed for you, and not just for the 3 reasons I outlined above.

  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Hamiltontim on 10th March 2016 1:01 pm



    No answer to the question,then.


    Quick deflection from the issue.


    That`s O.K.


    I quite understand why you would not wish to repeat what you stated clearly to be the intention of the Celtic Trust.


    The takeover of the Celtic Board .


    Correct or not?

  16. traditionalist88 on




    Yep, I notice he wasn;t so quick to jump on any of the other posts on the subject of withdrawing financial support to the Celtic board over the last day or so.



    Then he pounces on an article which advocates continuing to support the TEAM and accuses me(not even the author of the piece) of a lack of support!



    A brash coward is what he is.




  17. Mountblow Tim



    Just heard the terrible news.



    I will remember you and your family in my prayers.



    May your good lady rest in peace.



    Eternal rest grant unto her o lord


    And let perpetual light shine upon her.

  18. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I thought you asked the first question that was ignored ?

  19. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    TRADITIONALIST88 on 10TH MARCH 2016 1:07 PM





    As I said, embarrassed for you, and not just for the 3 reasons I outlined above.





    I`m comfortable with your considerate embarrassment and your failure to respond to my question.



    In the meantime I ask you again…….



    “Do you know what a cretin is ?


    I`ll do you the favour of assuming you don`t.


    And that`s a big favour.”

  20. traditionalist88 on

    Dharma Bam on 10th March 2016 1:09 pm



    I think you’ve misread the post Macjay





    Thank you. Its a thought provoking piece. Didn’t expect the bizarre overreaction.

  21. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    DHARMA BAM on 10TH MARCH 2016 1:09 PM


    I think you’ve misread the post Macjay.






    That`s always possible.


    I`ll review.

  22. For what it’s worth here’s a zombie view on BRTH post from last night on CQn re Res 12 ….




    What it means is the Beasts are encouraging their fans to complain to UEFA with a view to having UEFA investigate the licence granted to Rangers to play in Europe the season before administration.



    The objective is two fold.



    They wish UEFA to sanction Rangers for breach of rules with a view to seeing whether any sanction is applied to ‘oldco’ or the current company.



    In short it’s an effort to prove we are a new club.



    This however is not the sole objective.



    Should UEFA find themselves compelled to carry out an investigation and subsequently find that no licence should have been granted to us to compete in Europe that year phase two of the poorly disguised plot would come into play.



    Celtic FC would then be able to instigate proceedings against RFC for loss of European revenue that year and they would also be looking for punitive damages and interest on any monies lost.



    They would also be seeking substantial compensation from the SFA as it is they that they contend wrongly issued the licence that in their opinion should have been withheld & as a result Celtic lost the European income they see as being theirs for the season in question.



    The reason Fat Pete is disguising this as a ‘fans’ initiative is he couldn’t be seen as chairman of Celtic to be mounting a witch hunt against Scottish footballs governing bodies however if the action is fan led and proves to be successful he can then begin to act in the best interest of his shareholders and seek damages for lost.



    Fiduciary duty and all that.



    The plot also has another angle that is very significant.



    Dave King has IMHO wrongly voiced his desire to merge oldco and newco, again IMHO he would have been better keeping his powder dry on this.



    Should this orchestrated pincer movement succeed and should in the fullness of time BDO succeed in their quest to seek compensation from those responsible for the administration abomination then the objective of Celtic would then be to to seek substantial compensation from oldco for lost revenue again in the season they allege they should have been in thenChampions league.



    They are playing a long game with the intention of keeping us hamstrung for as long is possible.



    In short many years ago a scheme was hatched to kill Rangers off.



    That scheme didn’t go to plan & along the way the route to that objective has come across stumbling blocks that have required some adjustments to the methodology however those who seek to see us dead have not lost sight of their ultimate objective and are simply coming at it from a new angle.



    Anyone who thinks this is over and it’s safe to use the fighting fund to build a stand to watch footballers train is at best misguided.



    There is still a rocky road to be negotiated before this is over.



    NEVER under estimate your enemy.

  23. mickbhoy1888 on 10th March 2016



    Thank god we have supporters with enough arrogance to put me straight!. Here was me thinking I was giving up my season tickets because I don’t like fixed sporting competitions, but thanks to you I now know i’m skint, deluded and love watching my team on TV. Many thanks for sorting out my grand delusions and allowing me to admire the crystal clear clarity of your certain little world.

  24. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    that post is straight from the bowels of the SFA, the best defence they have is to turn it into and old firm problem and let the morons try and bully it into submission.

  25. Winning Captains,



    “Fat Pete” is that the best they can come up with.????



    Far more complementary than what you can read on here;-)))))




  26. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    TRADITIONALIST88 on 10TH MARCH 2016 12:20 PM



    Reasons to Back Celtic, One, Two, Three


    Posted On 10 Mar, 2016 – By Krys – With 1 Comment



    Dermot DesmondThere’s a phrase I’ve heard throughout my life that I’ve never really understood. It’s one that gets thrown about a lot, but especially towards fans of the two most well supported teams in Scotland.





    DHARMA BAM on 10TH MARCH 2016 1:09 PM



    Is correct.



    I read the above as YOUR opinion and apologise for having done so.


    Nevertheless , an easy mistake to have made in these times of over the top Board bashing.



    However , mea culpa.


    Sorry about that.

  27. its what our own heirarchy are doing!



    and that will be the death of Celtic if authentication of whatever form of fraud is going on there is called.and it is goin on right now,consented by our so called governing body.it is the biggest laundry in Scotland overseen by a convicted criminal in king,the laundryman personified.


    i would rather our club resign than stay silent.




  28. Canman,Auldheid and BRTH



    your efforts are heroic,i am down after on readin that post by Brth last night,your own



    Are all alleys exhausted if i may ask?




  29. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on









    informal offensive


    a stupid person (used as a general term of abuse).



    There is another version that was obviously going to be used for shock tactics, to bring down scorn upon you for being less than politically correct, usually the only time fascists find being politically correct useful is to isolate and persecute. And that was his next move had Dharma not stepped in, do not doubt that for one second.

  30. Paul et al,



    Hope you’re all well, it’s been a while.



    We’ve absolutley missed Scott Brown in the middle (fit) and harrassing the opposition. At various stages this season, I don’t think Ronny has had close to a full squad to choose from. While he’s not blameless, he’s not entirely at fault either. The truth will be somewhere in the middle I suspect.



    The performances however, are not the stuff which will make future Celtic fans from our young uns, and might turn off some of us older uns also. If even if it was only fight we were seeing, it woudl make a difference, but sadly, some of it seems to be lacking in certain quarters.



    I recall similar under WGS, and being disgusted at some of the Strachan GTF chants which were heard after a (I think) home game against Motherwell. The performances where awful, and the result followed this. WGS is remembered fondly after his time with us, but Tommy Burns, IMHO is a big reason for the club coming together (Support and playing staff) and helping us get over the line for the fondest of those memories. It even happened with the above mentioend Scott Brown being dropped from the team (injury?) and the turning left footed oil tanker of Robson & Paul Hartely dishing out a Hun skelping or 2.



    While that driver to draw together as a support to help us get over the line this year, may not be apparent, the forces which supported a Hun establishment throughout that time is still alive and kicking, and may have infiltrated above our station if some rumours are true re BRTH update & Auldheids exhaustive works to date (to name only 2).



    We need to come together as a support to oppose this and support The Team (Backroom staff and all) and get this over the line. I don’t beleive any fan on here would oppose that sentiment, even while emotions run high at times.



    Make no mistake though, this board needs dealt with. I have argued in the past that we were lucky to have some of them, given how the excelled within thier positions, and could be held up as having the best interests of the club at heart, I fail to see how they are achieving this now.



    There is a timeline to success within any senior position before familiarity and executive burnout will take hold, and the potential for contempt to sneak in. This may now be too late to stop for the current incumbents. In fact the contempt appears to be descending from on high as quickly as it ascends from the support (and other shareholders whom they legally represent).



    We should be so far ahead of other clubs in this league (that’s not a devine right statement, just fact) that there shoudl be no question of Aberdeen being close. Fair play to Aberdeen, but the excitement is not from them getting so much better, it’s us stgnating waiting for others to catch up (or worse).



    That the Huns have belief in a Cup match, or we haven’t won trebles, well that happens. You can always get beat, but I beleive we should be better more than we’re not.



    The Board have allowed this to happen. Scouting, coaching, transfer policy, Loan policy, development …. all of it has issues. I find it difficult to nail one area where this club is excelling at present.



    PR, Media, retail, Ticket schemes, the list goes on. Day to day, game to game, we’ve lost our way. The accounts are grand if you only want to stay afloat, and do nothing better than alrighht. If you really want to up your game though, you’ve got to start being the number one and living up to it in as many areas as possible before someone else shows you how it’s done. (if you want to run a business Celtic, at least start doing that bit.)



    To end my ramble, in the last 4 years, the only piece that has actually been done well is the support has continued to hold out hope for us turing the corner and getting this right. The support fight the battles (RES 12), create the PR (#That’s not a Knife as an example etc.) support the accounts (Tickets, jerseys etc.) and actually support the team.



    While outside Celtic Park just now looks fantastic and the Banners are a great touch, there’s more than just some DIY which needs completed internally.





    Likes a ramble CSC

  31. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    An Tearmann,


    I have been trying to tell all that we have not given up, as far as I’m concerned its just another set back, if the 31st of March proves to be the deadline and nothing has been done, then we can only try the fraud squad and serious organised crime squad :)

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