Egregious interpretation of the rules


A year ago, after a late 10-man winner against Dundee United, we gave ourselves a platform to go top of the table next time out, a status that was earned and not relinquished.  Yesterday’s win against Dundee United was just as ominous for those hoping to get the better of Celtic.

15 games remain in the title race, Celtic have 7 away from home and 8 at home, where we have been imperious all season.  Bookies are offering a 4% return on money placed on Celtic, although the period required is less than a year, that is below interest rates.

It took until early in the second half, and we benefited from a goalkeeper error, but the incessant pressure from Celtic was always going to find whatever vulnerabilities United had.  Aaron Mooy’s speculative cross looked harmless until Jota seemed to defy the laws of physics to bend the ball over the line.  How many players get to see a goal they scored when looking back onto the pitch?

Despite having a pretty good view of the action, referee Don Robertson failed to spot Kieran Freeman raise his hand to block the ball inside the United penalty area.  Freeman quickly hid his arm behind his back, so perhaps Robertson believed the player only had the one upper limb.

VAR corrected this aberration.  Despite the clear hand-to-ball action, the referee declined to caution the already-booked player.  Your thoughts may return to the caution Alexandro Bernabei received when the ball struck his arm, behind him, mid-jump, and wonder why the gaping inconsistencies persist in Scottish football.

Do not trouble yourself with that.  Also, set aside any thoughts you may have that the punch on the head Kyogo received was worthy of a penalty.  Instead, consider the new rule.  If you stand on the ball and fall, you receive a foul*.

Liam Smith stood on the ball, tumbled, obstructed Reo Hatate and, according to Don Robertson, earned a foul.  It was an egregious interpretation of the rules which highlights the scale of the challenge we face.

*may only apply when playing against Celtic.

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  1. Roberston has been cheating Celtic since that we forward dived up at Dingwall a few years back…

  2. I take it the ballot has been done for the League Cup Final and I’m once again unsuccessful! The message I am getting on the Celtic website is “This event is not yet available to you”, but I’ve heard sales started this morning

  3. bournesouprecipe on




    VAR will be good for Celtic






    VAR is egregious ( outstandingly bad )



    Welcome Aboard CSC

  4. Hello again all you young rebels.





    All good here, just very busy with our young loons footy training


    in full swing, once I get home, sometimes very late, I open the


    laptop with great intentions, and waken up in the middle of the


    night with laptop lying opened on the floor.


    I guess it’s an age thing.


    Loving the bhoys at the moment, the hun have upped the ante but


    to no avail, our team just never stop.


    Hope everyone else is in good health, and more good wishes to a


    real Celtic gentleman HEBCELT.


    H H. Mick




    Pals seemed to get an email telling them that they were successful. Some found the email in junk.



    I got a text with a link.

  6. Garngad to Croy on

    Fantastic level of performance from the Bhoys , it is really hurting every Celtic hating commentator, referee and headline writing journalist in Scotland , I really expected to see “Celtic close the Gap on Rangers to -9” on the BBC website last night.

  7. And that’s the way we like it, we like it, we like it.



    Oh,Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, oh

  8. Who is the Celtic player who played one game for the club,becoming the youngest player to debut in an European game,until Karamoko Dembele in 2019?

  9. Some euphemisms for assaults on Celtic players used by the commentators apropos tackles.




    V strong




    And my own favourite, meaty.




    BSR Csc.

  10. I received an email from the Ticket Office this morning telling me I was successful in the Viaplay Cup Final ticket ballot.



    Logged in and purchased my seat.



    Happy days.

  11. Good afternoon, friends.


    On the 1st half penalty opinions were divided on whether it was a penalty or not. The starting point here is the referees onfield decision – ‘penalty’. The VAR has a look and alerts the referee – alerts him to what, exactly? What was the possible “CLEAR AND OBVIOUS error by Don Robertson?


    Personally I thought that it wasn’t a penalty but I was maybe 52/48 in my own mind on that so the original decision should NOT have been overturned.


    It’s absolutely incredible that Celtic have not yet actually suffered any points loss or cup defeat due to VAR. Well, one possible exception being the Goldson handball at Ibrox but we don’t know if we would have scored the penalty….


    Keep your votes coming folks SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM

  12. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “15 games remain in the title race”




    Very MSM, Paul – why not go the whole way and call it an “old firm title race”!



    Another good win and another clean sheet.


    Really pleasing to see the patience and confidence of the players when a goal doesn’t come early. A sign of a well-coached team who have bought into the manager’s philosophy.


    Well done Callum – 500 won’t be too far off! And great to hear Ange’s comments about him.

  13. The “foul” when the United player stood on the ball was right in front of Robertson. The wtf look on Oh’s face after he was fouled then Robertson gave a foul against him said it all



    When you press so high up the pitch as we do, and it’s such an important and effective part of our game, if the referee starts giving non-existential fouls it gives the defensive team an out when they’re under pressure. It nullifies a large part of our game. You see it all the time now, take the ball under pressure and fall over. Easier to give the “foul” than to have the attacking team take possession in a dangerous position and have to deal with a very controversial moment. It’s a low percentage risk move from everyone, and opposition managers know it all too well

  14. Paul 67


    I’m sure our CEO, was on the phone first thing this morning to the SFA.



    Or , then again, he probably wasn’t.

  15. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Celtic had 73% possession, fouls 12 against us DU committed 7



    We are clearly a dirty team 🤨

  16. Viaplay Cup Final on sale now to supporters on Home Cup Ticket Scheme


    By Celtic Football Club






    With Celtic set to face Rangers in the final of the Viaplay Cup in February, tickets for the game are on sale now to eligible Season Ticket holders.



    Tickets are balloted amongst HCTS members who attended the previous round of the competition vs Kilmarnock (Saturday, January 14)

  17. I think the lack of the second yellow was the only wrong result. Ref and VAR did OK for me.


    Some lovely passing moves from us yesterday and Utd played well



    Collum was a disaster at Ibrox. I thought deflected close range meant no handball but Collum gave it and we got one last week too. I couldn’t see a red for Clark and Jack looked a red to me. Both should have been the same colour at best



    The Motherwell player wrestled to the ground should have been a pen too.



    I think refs are bottling decisions, waiting for VAR and then now again sticking to their guns to show strength but become inconsistent because of it.



    VAR should be offsides only and bad tackles cited later – let the ref decide on handballs but make it clearer what the rules are

  18. “VAR corrected this aberration. Despite the clear hand-to-ball action, the referee declined to caution the already-booked player. Your thoughts may return to the caution Alexandro Bernabei received when the ball struck his arm, behind him, mid-jump, and wonder why the gaping inconsistencies persist in Scottish football.”



    PMSL (you have to laugh or you’d cry)



    The SFA Refs are Consistently Inconsistent except with a clear pattern to hinder one club and aid another.



    I wish Celtic would publish the QnA with the SFA “explanations” for all these decisions. Better yet, I wish we would publicly call for the refs mics to be recorded and for them to explain decisions in real time and that this recording were available to both teams/dugouts. Should have been done after DougieDougie




  19. Bernabei was yellow carded because ref/ var incorrectly thought it prevented a goal , Utd lad didn’t get the yellow because we got a penalty is the only reason he didn’t get a yellow



    Could be hopelessly wrong though, which leaves incompetence and cheating explanations.









    – Sold Out –

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