Fergus for flag day* and Tommy Gemmell


You can imagine the scene, deep inside Celtic Park.  “Let’s invite Fergus over to raise the flag on the opening day of the season.  Would be great to get him back 20 years after his critical role in saving the club, especially after that nonsense in ’98.

“Wait a minute, probably best not to mention the flag just yet, let’s call it the opening home game of the season”.

16 years ago Fergus McCann accompanied Jean Stein onto Celtic Park to raise the league title flag, an event which seemed beyond us when he flew into Glasgow to complete the takeover from the old board in 1994.

He was booed by a sizeable minority of the support, ostensibly for not spending enough money on players.  It was a source of regret for tens of thousands of us.  Fergus arrived with a plan to turnaround a club which played in an antiquated stadium and were being thoroughly routed on the park.  He left five years later with the league flag flying high, a modern 60,000 seater stadium and net bank debt at £2.5m.  It was something of an economic miracle, and although he got the money he wanted when he sold up, he never got the credit he deserved.

Celtic fans had been conditioned to distrust him by a small handful of people with considerable reach.  The club was being rag-dolled, despite the miracles it was performing.  The man himself was never one for showboating, his last two contributions to Celtic were to speak at the annual Celtic Charity (the charity he formed) dinner, and to mark the unveiling of the Brother Walfrid statue.  Only charity has brought him back, so this will be a rare day indeed.

I’m absolutely delighted to announce we are publishing Tommy Gemmell’s autobiography, “Tommy Gemmell – All the Best’.  The book is written and will be out in the summer.  It will be a paperback but we are going to do a small hardback run, all of which will be signed by Tommy, and will include a special chapter with questions from CQN’ers, which Tommy will answer in the book. Details on how to submit a question soon.

This one is going to be a lot of fun……….

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    Reverse podium again!



    Let the good times roll…..

  2. embramike supporting wee Oscar and Res 12 on

    Just podium again – that’s what I get for the rubbish chemistry jokes !!

  3. Paul 67……



    You are falling into that SMSM talk.



    Celtic people fly in / flew in to places



    Rainjurz peepul jet in / jetted in to places



    Are you a Hun?


    I must admit,not a single one of the books by The Lisbon Lions has disappointed.



    IMO,Bertie Auld’s is the best so far.



    He was never known to pull his punches,and he didn’t!

  5. Couldn’t post this last night due to database issue.



    In the build up to tomorrow’s cup tie an inspiring comeback from March 2013.


    We don’t want to have to do this again. My heart couldn’t stand the excitement.





    Even watching it again is nail biting.

  6. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    ACHHH… Was away enquiring about CQN badges & missed the scoring chance ..



    Gold badges Paul?



    Perhaps for using a fancy word on CQN, which should be as educational as it is humorous.



    We are Celtic supporters.







    I m only joking bout the gold badges- but perhaps an honorary badge is not a bad thought.





    As Castlemilk is known locally as The Milk,any idea why Drumchapel isnae known as….



    Oh,aye. Got it!

  8. leftclick We are all Neil Lennon on

    LiviBhoy – God bless wee Oscar


    Yer man Shankland is 5/1 to score anytime in 90mins tonight against a team that some say are ready to have their contracts reviewed :))))))).



    till later all wee mhans nursery run ,well walk time


    Hail Hail to starry plough is Neil Lennon


    Top Bhoy

  9. Quincy Adams Wagstaff on

    Hearing Graham Wallace has revealed his ideas on new revenue streams at Sevco.



    They include



    Each 1st team player to sell 10 totes each week(must sell 10)



    At least two football cards to be sold every week



    A race night and disco sometime near Easter(venue to be confirmed but should be able to get a cheap “hall” somewhere)



    Saturday morning bag packing at ASDA Govan by Players and Staff

  10. Having read the leader, I am very happy to hear that TG is well.


    He had us oldies concerned last year.


    Keep well Tommy.




    I’m reading that just now and its a great read so far! my new years resolution was to read every Celtic book written so far, going great so far and have amassed quite a pile of books I’m riffling through.



    However can anybody point me to where i can find Jimmy Mcgrory’s story, its a little yellowish book and was published years back, there was a copy on ebay recently and i missed out on it!

  12. God bless Fergus!



    Where would we be now if Chris White and Michael Kelly were still calling the shots?



    Incidentally these two benefitted handsomely, financially, after handing over their shares to Fergus.




  13. Now where’s ma Bunnet??



    No matter what anyone thinks of Fergus on a personal level, it’s the right thing to do to have him back and show our appreciation for the man’s efforts..



    He’s a Tim as are we..

  14. It has to be said that Fergus would not have taken all the crap from the SFA that the present board have meekly accepted. EBT Ogilvie would be in hiding.

  15. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    ‘Celtic fans had been conditioned to distrust him by a small handful of people with considerable reach’



    -some who post on here appear to be still happily brainwashed.

  16. ryecatcher


    12:30 on


    7 February, 2014



    From last thread….wee Bawwys wife is a looker. She grew up roon the corner fae me (a good few years younger mind you) but she is definitely pleasing to the eye.

  17. Afternoon from a spring like hun free mountain valley.



    Whatever way you see Fergus, I doubt we would be talking to each other today, had it not been for the wee mhan.




  18. Well said Paul, we owe the wee man big style.



    What is often omitted is that after the significant minority booed Fergus, the majority rallied to drown out their jeers, but by that time the damage was done.

  19. Quincy Adams Wagstaff on

    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon


    12:43 on


    7 February, 2014


    Mr P Power is offering 13/5 on a penalty being scored and 7/2 on a Dunfermline red card tonight.




    13/5 for a penalty? is that for either team?



    Seems a tad generous – thay do know its Sevco don’t they?

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