For as long as Celtic’s history is written, these days will live in legend


Queens Park (twice) Vale of Leven, Rangers (twice) and Aberdeen have all won the Scottish Cup three consecutive seasons.  The latter were the last, in 1984.  Celtic have won the old trophy 38 times, more than any others, but have never won the Cup three time in-a-row.

They successfully retained the Cup only eight times, the first time in 1901, when they beat Queens Park in the final, having despatched Rangers in the previous final.  It looked good for three-in-a-row the following season, when Celtic faced Hearts in the final, but despite goals from McOustra, Quinn and McMahon, Hearts scored four and the trophy went to Edinburgh.

The record could then have been put right in 1909.  Celtic got the better of Hearts in the 1907 final, and St Mirren a year later, but 1909 was the year the Cup was withheld after a riot, a fire and many injured Celtic and Rangers fans.

Celtic dominated the Scottish Cup in this era.  Dundee won the Cup in 1910, the only side apart from Celtic who won it between 1906 and 1913.  And without wanting to write too much about them getting the better of us, it was Hearts, again, who in 1913 stopped Celtic, after successes against Hamilton and Clyde in the two previous finals.  That loss to Hearts also cost Celtic four-in-a-row, as they won the trophy again in 1914.

Fans in this era would have grown used to retaining the Scottish Cup, but it would be an incredible 60 years before Celtic would do so again.  Celtic beat Rangers in 1971 and Hibs in 1972, but lost 3-2 to Rangers in 1973’s Centenary Scottish Cup Final.  That loss actually denied Celtic five Cup wins in-a-row, as they beat Dundee United in the 1974 final and oldco Airdrie in 1975 (my first Scottish Cup Final).  The 1976 attempt at three-in-a-row ended at Fir Park, when Motherwell won their third round tie.

The closest we came to three-in-a-row was 1990.  Having beat Dundee United in our own Centenary Season Cup Final in 1988, we denied Rangers a treble to beat them in the 1989 Final.  Celtic had a miserable 1989-90 season, but a fourth round win over Rangers cleared the way for a run to Hampden and Aberdeen.  90 minutes and extra time came and went without a goal.  18 penalties could not separate the teams, but after Anton Rogan missed Celtic’s 10th kick, Aberdeen scored to win.

Martin O’Neill’s Celtic won the cup in their imperious 2003-04 season, with Henrik Larsson bidding farewell by despatching Dunfermline, then Martin bid farewell after a far-from imperious 2004-05 season with a Cup Final win over Dunfermline.

Celtic’s next opportunity to win three consecutive Scottish Cups came in 2006, but, alas Roy Keane and Du Wei’s debut, also the latter’s final game, is remembered warmly by Clyde fans.  Which brings us to tomorrow.  After completing the Invincible Treble by beating Aberdeen in the 2017 Final, Celtic achieved the Double Treble last season when they overcame Motherwell in the Final.

In our long and illustrious history, on only eight occasions have we retained the Scottish Cup and we have never achieved what will be attempted tomorrow.  If it helps you contextualise how much an achievement the Treble Treble would be, the Scottish Cup treble alone has been an as yet impossible task.

For as long as Celtic’s history is written, these days will live in legend.  Let’s make it happen.

No pressure now, Celtic.

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  1. quadrophenian on

    Sad to see Christian Gamboa leave in total anonymity.


    Thought he was our best foraging right fullback; easily on a par with Jerry T. Dont think he knuckled into BRs backtracking crab pattern for FBs. Gamboa isnt Robinson Crusoe in getting a Euro level roasting.


    Lucky to meet him and he seemed proud and generous in being a Bhoy.


    HH (Hasta Hombre) Christian.

  2. quadrophenian on

    Thanks CBN; informed, timely analysis which helps rubbish my take on CG’s usefulness and proficiency (but you’re saying he’s similar to KT!!)

  3. I’d go with :






    Lustig Jozo Ajer Tierney



    —– Brown McGregor——-



    Forrest Rogic M.Johnston







    Although, ive only went Rogic, because he has a good record at Hampden. If he isn’t contributing sufficiently, we have Ntcham, Sinclair, Dembele to come on.

  4. Paul67


    I am a regular reader but only seem to post to highlight an inaccuracy with your post. Sorry


    Martin O’Neill bid farewall with a Scottish Cup win over Dundee United and not Dunfermline in 2004-05

  5. Celtic provisional squad for ra morra:



    Bain, Toljan, Lustig, Tierney, Benkovic, Simunovic, Ajer, Izaguirre, Brown, Rogic, McGregor, Ntcham, Bitton, Forrest, Dembele, Sinclair, Hayes, Burke, Henderson, Edouard, Johnston, De Vries.



    – More than enough talent there to hammer the Jambos..Let’s do it.

  6. quadrophenian on

    As I think Lustig is injured and Bitton has more steel for hammer-throwing games, I’d suggest:






    Ralston Benkovic Ajer Tierney



    —– Bitton Brown McGregor ——-



    Forrest Edouard M.Johnston

  7. Without wanting to lower the tone of the blog, isn’t yer man JohnJames a bit bonkers?



    Might be Moyes. Might not but can JJ be trusted ?



    Will soon see. I’m in full Cup Final focussed mode now….

  8. onenightinlisbon on




    Interesting piece. Must be pretty sure of his sources or will have major egg on his face if Celtic unveil anyone else….

  9. onenightinlisbon on




    “I don’t know any fan that wants Moyes”



    I do…the issue with a few supporters is that he’s not a dies in the wool Celt..it matters not a jot.

  10. —————–Bain—————–




    Lustig——Jozo——Ajer—- Tierney




    –—– Brown——-McGregor——




    ——Forrest— Rogic —Sinclair—-





  11. traditionalist88 on

    MARADOMINIC on 24TH MAY 2019 1:12 PM


    I don’t know any fan that wants Moyes.





    Same here, the problem is most want Benitez, who is probably unattainable, or AVB, who I’m sure has plenty interesting options in the pipeline.



    Not long till we can put this to bed anyway, you’d think…




  12. ONENIGHTINLISBON on 24TH MAY 2019 1:21 PM





    “I don’t know any fan that wants Moyes”



    I do…the issue with a few supporters is that he’s not a dies in the wool Celt..it matters not a jot.






    Really? I don;t want him as he’s dull, his football’s dull, his philosophy is outdated and he’s pretty unimpressive a candidate. He’s also got a serious string of unimressive assignments on his CV after being feted at Everton (where he won nothing).



    I want Rafa, who named his first puppy as a child ‘McGrain’…..

  13. BSR



    Think that’s the team although I’d have Olivier on instead of Sinclair to begin with and play Callum on the left, with KT bombing down the wing…



    Tire the big buggers out and bring Dembele, Johnstone and Sinclair on to finish them off 2nd half. Also hope Tam Rogic finally turns up too…



    Celtic 7 Hearts 0

  14. quadrophenian on

    BIG WAVY on 24TH MAY 2019 1:07 PM


    Dunno about bonkers…strident, haughty, intemperate – but I think he has – and manages – decent sources.


    ONENIGHTINLISBON on 24TH MAY 2019 1:19 PM – agree; he’s pretty vigilant about his own credibility.


    And MARADOMINIC – at this stage, our powerbrokers will appoint who they believe we need; not what we want.


    Again re DM; I think JJ’s position is really well-considered and I think he could do a managerial Pukki ;)HH

  15. onenightinlisbon on

    BIG WAVY on 24TH MAY 2019 1:26 PM



    I should have prefaced the comment that I want Moyes with, he’s not my first choice!



    Rafa would be box office…..

  16. GREENPINATA on 24TH MAY 2019 10:03 AM



    It is undeniable we had reverses in Europe under BR. Indeed some results with another manager would have called for his head.





    But we the Celtic support had completely bought into the BR mantra, and not a ripple was heard.







    I was rippling. Trust me!




    HH jg

  17. fieldofdrams on

    David Moyes wouldn’t be my first choice, but he would have my support, that’s for sure.

  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    ONENIGHTINLISBON- whoever followed BR was a hard act to follow, a bit like Moyes and SAF……oh wait….??




    all sources for a ticket exhausted, nobody can help.






    if i dont get one I will be at hampden tomorrow anyway, waiting on those gates opening and jooking in to hopefully see the triple treble.




  20. Thought For The Day



    ‘Striving to better, oft we mar what’s well.’


    King Lear

  21. FIELDOFDRAMS on 24TH MAY 2019 1:40 PM


    David Moyes wouldn’t be my first choice, but he would have my support, that’s for sure.






    Sadly the temptation will be based on confirmation bias amongst many. First run of bad results and the ‘I told you so brigade’ kick in. We go for 9 next year and 10 on the horizon. It will feel like a millstone around our necks. Moyes feels like a bad strategic option with that in mind…but it might be all we have given the options.

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