For as long as Celtic’s history is written, these days will live in legend


Queens Park (twice) Vale of Leven, Rangers (twice) and Aberdeen have all won the Scottish Cup three consecutive seasons.  The latter were the last, in 1984.  Celtic have won the old trophy 38 times, more than any others, but have never won the Cup three time in-a-row.

They successfully retained the Cup only eight times, the first time in 1901, when they beat Queens Park in the final, having despatched Rangers in the previous final.  It looked good for three-in-a-row the following season, when Celtic faced Hearts in the final, but despite goals from McOustra, Quinn and McMahon, Hearts scored four and the trophy went to Edinburgh.

The record could then have been put right in 1909.  Celtic got the better of Hearts in the 1907 final, and St Mirren a year later, but 1909 was the year the Cup was withheld after a riot, a fire and many injured Celtic and Rangers fans.

Celtic dominated the Scottish Cup in this era.  Dundee won the Cup in 1910, the only side apart from Celtic who won it between 1906 and 1913.  And without wanting to write too much about them getting the better of us, it was Hearts, again, who in 1913 stopped Celtic, after successes against Hamilton and Clyde in the two previous finals.  That loss to Hearts also cost Celtic four-in-a-row, as they won the trophy again in 1914.

Fans in this era would have grown used to retaining the Scottish Cup, but it would be an incredible 60 years before Celtic would do so again.  Celtic beat Rangers in 1971 and Hibs in 1972, but lost 3-2 to Rangers in 1973’s Centenary Scottish Cup Final.  That loss actually denied Celtic five Cup wins in-a-row, as they beat Dundee United in the 1974 final and oldco Airdrie in 1975 (my first Scottish Cup Final).  The 1976 attempt at three-in-a-row ended at Fir Park, when Motherwell won their third round tie.

The closest we came to three-in-a-row was 1990.  Having beat Dundee United in our own Centenary Season Cup Final in 1988, we denied Rangers a treble to beat them in the 1989 Final.  Celtic had a miserable 1989-90 season, but a fourth round win over Rangers cleared the way for a run to Hampden and Aberdeen.  90 minutes and extra time came and went without a goal.  18 penalties could not separate the teams, but after Anton Rogan missed Celtic’s 10th kick, Aberdeen scored to win.

Martin O’Neill’s Celtic won the cup in their imperious 2003-04 season, with Henrik Larsson bidding farewell by despatching Dunfermline, then Martin bid farewell after a far-from imperious 2004-05 season with a Cup Final win over Dunfermline.

Celtic’s next opportunity to win three consecutive Scottish Cups came in 2006, but, alas Roy Keane and Du Wei’s debut, also the latter’s final game, is remembered warmly by Clyde fans.  Which brings us to tomorrow.  After completing the Invincible Treble by beating Aberdeen in the 2017 Final, Celtic achieved the Double Treble last season when they overcame Motherwell in the Final.

In our long and illustrious history, on only eight occasions have we retained the Scottish Cup and we have never achieved what will be attempted tomorrow.  If it helps you contextualise how much an achievement the Treble Treble would be, the Scottish Cup treble alone has been an as yet impossible task.

For as long as Celtic’s history is written, these days will live in legend.  Let’s make it happen.

No pressure now, Celtic.


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  1. 16 roads. on 24th May 2019 5:58 pm,



    Tomorrow is gonnae be a really hard game to get this Trophy. The weight of History says so, it is obvious the team is running on empty, we will need every experienced player out there that is fit and hopefully we will have a wee bit of Magic from someone in the Hoops.



    Hearts will be very hard to beat and it will take a Herculean effort for Celtic to get an Incredible Treble of Trebles in a row.

  2. I think Neil Lennon should be given the managers Job. He has the club interests at Heart and has shown he can win titles at Celtic 10, I believe.



    It is a big gamble to bring in a new face and puts at risk the 10 in a row. Now is not the time to bring upheaval at our Club. We should be changing as little as possible. The Current team is superior to our challengers. We have enough in the tank to get to 10 at least.




    Yep. Much as I’m sitting here counting the seconds and trying to distract myself I do believe that too.



    Start well, score early, spend the rest of the weekend partying :)

  4. Saint Stivs,



    I hope you are right and Lenny has Won the must win games.



    I hope some of the present players got to speak to the Maestro, for me the Greatest Ever Celt.

  5. TheLurkinTim on

    BSR & JF….get a room you two…disnae even hav to b the same room ;-))




  6. James Forrest



    There you go again James! It was a play on words, on your words.


    Widely used in American culture, especially music, but this particular use derives from the cult movie The Loveless, 1981, spoken in this case by no less than Willem Dafoe. Thought you might have got it!

  7. Good luck to everyone who is lucky enough to have a ticket for tomorrow. The chance to see history being made is a seldom taken chance. My Lhad will be there and carrying my torch, i will be biting my nails as i expect a tense affair. Good luck to our club and all the Celtic family. Hail! Hail!

  8. If anyone else is in Arisaig for the Americana Festival (and I expect there’s hunners of you) – I’m at The Crofters. So just gimme a shout.







    “A wee Friday conundrum to mull over…”



    Well before I venture my choice, my thoughts…



    You are correct, the executive are risk averse, to the point where they’d see footballing torpor rather than spend an unnecessary dime on the Club.



    However, I believe your assessment is quite right, we are now at the stage where the executive have got a lot more than money to lose over underachieving.



    For that reason I believe fundemental changes are afoot and we will a new approach and chasing success.



    So I’m convinced we’ll appoint Rafa, he can bring the sort of performances domestically that BR could but his European experience will be key.



    Yet he has one you counted out…



    So in that case I’d go Dutch. Cocu for manager, utilising Academy, home grown and quality hand picked foreign players.



    Enhance the Academy and get a good DofF to put in and maintain medium term processes and procedures, throughout the Club.



    We’ll maintain our domestic dominance and within a couple of Seasons be a tier three European Club.



    Hail Hail

  10. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    oh jebus, wife’s found new ‘say yes to the dress’ hellisodes

  11. PETEC on 24TH MAY 2019 6:31 PM



    Celtic set about them from the get go Petec.






    Last season the team looked tired and jaded after the league campaign, then the cup final was perhaps one of our easiest victories.



    More of the same tomorrow hopefully.



    HH. ?

  12. Thought Oliver NChaim back to something approaching his best last week so would be happy to see him starting midfield tomorrow. No happy about Kieran playing but what is a double hernia between friends after all? Painful.


    Our scorers all must start, Sinclair, Odsonne and Forrest, backed up by Rogic and Johnson at some point. Burke might be a good shot also. Amazing we haven’t played them in the SC Final since 1956, all the more reason to play some of our best football of the season.

  13. TheLurkinTim on

    Natknow…am there in spirit…am the one spouting Trumpisms to show my intellect;-))




  14. 16 Roads,



    Celtic have been tentative in games under Neil, IMO.



    I hope, as you say, he unleashes the Bhoys and we make it a Mega Day.

  15. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    anybody, óglach, headtheball et al. come across the details of the brexiteer who’s been accused of self milkshaking (me no makeeupee) who may also have been found not guilty of attempted murder in the 6 counties ’74?

  16. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Sorry wee robert’s said it was self cherryyoghurting not self milkshaking

  17. Celtic allegedly linked with Hearts massive Heffalump of a player Uche Ikpeazu – WTF – A joke Shirley? Only 1 SPFL player I would like to see in the hoops squad and he has sadly been claimed by the dark side – Ryan Kent.


    Now is Is Kent spelt with an e or u — yup me also – I do believe it is spelled with a U and a soft K that is pronounced more like a C.




  18. i’vehadtochangemymind on 24th May 2019 7:19 pm




    anybody, óglach, headtheball et al. come across the details of the brexiteer who’s been accused of self milkshaking (me no makeeupee) who may also have been found not guilty of attempted murder in the 6 counties ’74?



    Jaysus, just would one start? Soooo many likely candidates. Sadly not heard anything




    Not heard anything about that. Is self milkshaking a crime now? I hope not!

  20. TheLurkinTim on

    Am I the only one who, after the league was won, who thought…thank fek. It was more a case of relief rather than uforia…that being sed…am as nervous as a kitten in a room full of rocking chairs re tomorrow…



    COYBIG you History Bhoys




  21. THELURKINTIM on 24TH MAY 2019 7:17 PM



    Natknow…am there in spirit…am the one spouting Trumpisms to show my intellect;-))





    Mate – there’ll be a lot of Trumpisms after I’ve had another couple of beers!




  22. Quote of the year



    “Being prevented from marching past Catholic churches with drums shouting “Fenian bastards” at parishioners is not persecution. It’s Scotland joining the 21st century.”



    Angela Haggerty

  23. THELURKINTIM on 24TH MAY 2019 7:43 PM



    Ffs is milkshaking the newest euphemism…for choking the bishop…;-))





    Brings all the boys to the yard…




  24. glendalystonsils on

    Sign Ikpeazu?



    Aye , if you want tae clear landslides that have blocked the road wi’ big boulders?






    If yer elephant’s escaped frae it’s pen and you want sumbdy tae shoulder it back in?






    If there’s a stubborn bit o’ the Berlin wall that jist refuses tae budge?



    Fair enuff . Jist keep him away from a fitba field.

  25. Well 44 years ago today I got married to my beautiful wife – how she’s put up with me for this long God only knows. How have we celebrated – a McDonald’s and a visit to the Odeon to see Detective Pikachu with our granddaughter.


    Who says romance is dead.

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