Formidable but achievable task


No one said management was easy.  Neil Lennon has spent the best part of a year preparing for this game.  The scouts were told to go out and find pace up front which would allow us to defend in numbers but break effectively when possible.

That plan brought Derk Boerrigter and Teemu Pukki to the club but Derk has only recently returned from injury while Teemu made his debut on Saturday.  Meanwhile, Anthony Stokes has been busy making himself the heart of the team.  If Anthony was having a stinker of a season Neil Lennon would deploy the plan which has been long in gestation, but, unlike his opposite number tonight, Neil has genuine choice.

Before kick-off, there is no correct decision to this choice, hindsight will provide that answer, but we should remember that this is a squad game.  Players tire and performance falls late in the game.  Nine years ago we were within touching distance of a great result away to Milan but attempts to shore up the defence in the closing minutes failed.  If Celtic are in a position to take something from the game, they will have to plan for a 95 minute endurance exercise.

The margins for error in this competition are slight.  We matched Juventus in many areas of the field last season but were walloped 5-0 on aggregate.  Some fine teams found the step up to the big stage a harrowing experience last night but other smaller clubs got it right; Copenhagen made Italian champions, Juve, look ordinary.

The task ahead is formidable but get the plan right and the spoils are there for us.

Prediction: 0-2 to the good guys.  Enjoy your night.

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  1. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    Personally I don’t doubt yer credentials,but others clearly do.



    And that post didnae help!




  2. jimbob71 is praying for wee Oscar on

    Juve let me down for 200 quid last night!



    Dislike them more than I did last season now!!

  3. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    I know that SYDNEYTIM has accused you-playfully,IMO-of posting new articles any time we get a bit critical of the board,but…..



    Do you have to post straight after one of mine? Quite so often.



    Just as well I leave this podium-chasing malarkey to the experts…




  4. bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers forza oscar and mackenzie



    12:08 on 18 September, 2013,



    Don’t you sleep?



    Going to my kip.HH

  5. Off topic survey for the Ozzie Tims:



    Is the a more gorgeous babe on Ozzie TV than Sarah Abo?



    Anyone who says Lee Lin Chin will be taken outside and shot!

  6. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    Had a coupla hours earlier,and another few shortly.



    8pm start tonight,gonna miss the game-as always on a Wednesday.



    Highlights in the morning….



    Enjoy yer kip,bud.



    And the game. (That means ALL of you!)

  7. ————Forster————–


    Lustig Ambrose Van Dijk Izaguirre


    –Matthews Brown Mulgrew Samaras-






    Subs Stokes Boerrigter Rogic Balde Biton Kayal Zaluska



    1-1 draw, Kris Commons our scorer

  8. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    Canny believe she wisnae told to change her name.



    Is that not a pejorative term for one of the indigenous population?

  9. Paul67



    Last time I was in the San Siro (1-3) we were singing: “no women no cry” after full time.



    Hopefully after tonight’s game we will be singing the chorus: “Everything ‘s gonna be alright, everything ‘s gonna be alright!”

  10. tommytwiststommyturns supporting Wee Oscar on

    Turkeybhoy – you were blessed to see them so royally pumped so often! :-)




  11. “0-2 to the good ghuys”



    Take heed, all of you, of the perils of lunchtime alcohol abuse.



    Sami hat-trick for sure.

  12. Brave prediction, Paul.



    I’ll take a draw and the psychological boost that will provide.



    A night for pacey counter attacks so Sammi and Pukki get the nod and reluctantly Stokesy gets the bench.



    Great to be a tim!

  13. Mea Culpa .



    post 2 photos and we can have a debate.i will let SOUP vote for me ,he looks like an expert.



    miss HENDRICKS ………………………..

  14. As I’ve said before this optimism before an away game doesn’t sit well with me. We’ve been here a few times before and it hasn’t always worked out. Milan may have a few players missing but those that they have available are pretty decent.



    As Paul says, a 96+ minute effort will be required from all of our players tonight. Mistakes at this level can change games. I’d be happy to get out of the San Siro with a point.

  15. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    We will score 2 – dont know if it will be enough but Sammi will be on the scoresheet.

  16. skyisalandfill c'mon wee Oscar on

    Only working until 2 . Too excited to do much other than read the stories on CQN. Think Paul is being a bit conservative with his 2-0 prediction. Actually believe NL will err on the cautious side and go with who he knows.





    Lustig Ambrose Van Dijk Izzy


    Adam Brown Mulgrew Sammi







    Puki or Boerrigter to make a late impact sub if still level /in the game.



    Cant wait. It almost hurts



  17. greenyinfurrafenian on

    My tuppence worth on tonight. If we forget about milan, the CLUB and all their history, san siro and all that goes with it and concentrate on the 11 men we face on the park i think we’ll do ok.



    We are capable of gettin a result tonight. Apply ourselves in the right manner and play smart like we all know we can, then theres a point or three to be had tonight.




  18. Marrakesh Express on



    If your still with us…it was either Keevins or McNee who said in 1998 ‘Rangers are over the horizon now, out of sight, and Celtic will never catch up with them on or off the field’.


    Derek Johnstone took at least 6 months to get Lubo’s surname right. It wasnt as if he was trying to pronounce a Sri Lankan cricketer, it was Moravcik.[Mo-rav-chik] How hard is that?


    If I remember correctly, two of his attempts were Maverick and Movrek. And these guys are getting paid for that.

  19. leftclicktic oscar in our thoughts on

    As I said yesterday what a resposibility Neil Francis carries


    in trying to pick the right players for the job , I’m thankful it’s not me.


    Fortunately our young Lurgan lion Tloves & thrives on it .



    In other news leftclicktic was have an hour ago crowned coatbridge hide & seek champion 3013 beating his rubbish at


    H & S grandson :))


    admittedly I used 2 secret weapons laughter & Willie Maley ring tone on my phone.



    Grandsons 1st hidey place under the housecoats on the bedroom door ,Secret weapon number 1 start laughing and the wee mhan joins in found EASY PEASY :))


    2 hiding place he is getting better so have to use secret weapon number two switch on phone to Willie Maley and the wee mhan join in instinctivly from under my bed FOUND!!!!!!!! :))



    I will revael my hidey place when he stops crying :))))))))))))




  20. Paul 67 .



    ” Copenhagen made Italian Champions , Juve , look ordinary ”



    Indeed ! .



    Post match stuff included a raging , veins popping , eyes bulging Conte giving his players real stick for seriously underestimating Copenhagen..[ that and slackness when attacking ] He is such an intense man.



    To be fair , he also heaped praise on Copenhagen’s goalie and their defense. He added that Copenhagen’s Brazilian midfielder, Claudemir,was one to watch[ I thought so, too ]