Front-loading transfers with loans


Mistakes in the transfer market are more costly to a club than any mistake made on a football field.  It’s too easy to spend millions on a transfer fee and commit to the kind of contract you or I will never see in our lives.  After contracts are signed you need to hope the player settles into the squad, and the city, sometimes hope he learns the language, and assume he can cope with the weather.

So how do you offset this?  In recent seasons Celtic have tried, when possible, to agree a deal in principle, but front-load the transfer with a short-term loan deal.  This gives the club six months or a year to ensure all the boxes are ticked before they commit the kind of resources which would have an impact on multiple seasons.

Miku is a case in point.  Glasgow is a long way from his native Venezuela, and as different from Madrid or Valencia, where he spent most of his adult life, as you will find in Western Europe.  He is a almost certainly a better player than we have seen since he arrived at the end of the summer transfer window, but it would be foolish to suggest he has settled well at the club.

If Miku doesn’t cut it, he will return to Spain in the summer, or sooner, and Celtic will have conserved millions.

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  1. From previous


    Re the McGowan transfer.


    I am bemused as to why he will be a free agent at the end of his trip


    My inference from the various sound bites is that rather than the Chinese club paying a transfer fee for his registration, then the player has bought out his own contract , thus he is a free agent at the end of his wee trip ?


    Any insights ?


    STEINREIGNSSUPREME prevents the perfect hat-trick of….



    Last post before PAUL67 announces new article,first post after it,and first post on the new article.



    C’est la vie……..



    SRS,you still on for 27 Jan in Cardiff?

  3. Like many on CQN, I have a low opinion of Scottish journalism. Today’s publication in The Herald of an obituary of Hugh Adams plumbs new depths. I know the author is a ‘historian’ of the late RFC rather than a journalist, but the responsibility for this disgrace lies with the paper’s editor. The least he can do is contact Mr Adams’s family and offer an unqualified apology coupled with a published retraction.

  4. sixtaeseven - 4 fouls 4 cards & penalty, a day in the life on

    Let me tell you now


    Ev’rybody’s talking about


    Liquidation, agitation, administration,


    Flagellation, regulation, reputation


    Desperation, taxation,





    All we are saying is give Chuck a chance


    All we are saying is give Chuck a chance




    WillISurviveTheWinterBreak CSC

  5. Nice Piece,Kiddo..



    Ah agree .. wi’ it.. muchly..






    “Taste and Try..Afore Ye Buy!”



    Must be right up there.. Well Afore..



    “Transfer in Haste.. Repent… at Leisure!”






    Ye goat that right…






    Still, Laughin’

  6. Clashcitybhoy



    Thought the minis were getting £400K for him? McGlynn said he couldn’t risk him in the derby. If he was buying out his contract then no risk to the minis other than having to pay his wages till May/ June if the deal fell through due to injury.



    Why would the Chinese club let him walk for ‘sfa’ in 18 months time if they are paying £400K to the minis?

  7. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    Paul 67,



    I agree with your article.



    Samaras and Forster being the prime examples of the ‘try before you buy’ common sense approach.



    Even though Gershon has not featured often for S.Liege I get the feeling he will be a good player, our scouts are picking out gems from the likes of Isreali & Belgian leagues.

  8. Steinreignedsupreme on




    I’ll know for definite in the next few days. We are waiting for conformation on the date of a Christening. At the moment that weekend is one of the options.



    If I can’t get down this month, I’ll likely be there in March. But I’ll let you know, pal.



    Hail Hail

  9. My Last Submission.. is Addressed tae



    Sir Paul…



    Sorry aboot that.




    “Ready, when YOU ur.. C.B!”






    Still. Laughin’

  10. Paul 67,


    Try before you buy is the perfect approach for us.


    Historically the challenge has always been ‘ who wants to come on trial’ when there is an alternative option of a longer contract or guaranteed fee on the table.


    Hopefully our success in the CL increases our bargaining power and our attractiveness.



    What would your view be on your old friend Kenny Miller ?


    Proven SPL player, and likely to cause a bit of consternation elsewhere :-)

  11. Can anybody say if BT was on earlier, and (a) is he away to the PV and (b) would that put him off the blog?






    Hail Hail!

  12. Praecepta,


    That is sort of my point.


    I find it confusing that a club would fork out £400k , and then give a free transfer after 11 months.


    Hence, I wondered if he had activated / paid himself the buyout premium / clause in his contract ?

  13. neilymochansmagicsponge on

    Agree with the try before you buy policy…..however still believe Miku has something more to offer the team….would like to see him have more game time..all he needs is a goal to kick him off…he’s come close a couple of times now..HH

  14. By the way..



    Why dae we want anither .. C.B. / Left Back??



    Sure, we kin always use a Back up ..fur oor… well… Back ups..



    an awe that..






    In Ma opinion..



    Neil, should be.. concentratin in concentratin.. oan oor Dearth o’



    Back Ups.. fur oor Wing Positions..



    Ma Fair Heided Bhoy… beginning tae spend mair time on the injury list that… a soiten ither.. player…we hid.. No Names.. Nae Pack drill.. is Needed.



    Let’s tell the Truth and Sham auld Nick.



    When Jamie is Missing.. we dinnae Function. too well.



    We miss , his Excellent Wing Service..



    and.. Sammi, is a Fine Wingman.. but.. we soitenly need an alternative..



    Jist in Case.. Sammi.. comes doon wi’ the dreaded.. Hawaiian Disease..









    Go oot there and get us a Coupla.






    Maks Sense.. tae Me.





    Still, Laughin’

  15. stevebhoy



    yip..alone at the moment, just got rid of lunches, rest of punters not due in for an hour…

  16. Hi Richie,



    Better to text, I think. I’m going to visit tomorrow. I will pick u up if you are able to come.




  17. Clash city



    THE old dogs were back at Murray Park yesterday, handing down some new tricks.


    For Kenny Miller and Kris Boyd, the chance to show the youth of today there is life left in their well-travelled legs was irresistible.




    Read more:


    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook




    Mmmmm no thanks

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