Frustration and promise in Seville


A game most of us expected to lose without fuss instead turned out to be a frustrating look into what could have been.  Again, we lost four goals in Europe, as we did on three occasions in our Europa League group last season.  Again, we allowed a two-goal lead to slip away.  Despite the superficial similarities to last season, there are reasons to believe we are on a different trajectory.

Celtic bossed Real Betis for the first 30 minutes; the home side could barely hold possession in the final third.  At 0-2, the game could have slipped away from them, but a couple of breaks of the ball 18 yards from the Celtic goal was enough to bring them back into contention and transform the night.  Celtic were too fragile to assert telling authority.

Tom Rogic was head and shoulders above everyone else on the field.  On nights like that, you wonder what he is doing in Scottish football.

After an uninspiring start against Ross County on Saturday, Jota showed us what all the fuss is about.  Forced to play on the right, his deliveries were a delight.  His chance to put Celtic three up may, or may not, have changed the outcome of the game; if you can lose four so readily, there are no guarantees.  The winger pulled up with cramp on Saturday and was visibly waning after 75 minutes last night, when his touch and composure deserted him, but we have a player straight from the ‘Bums on seats’ drawer.

Albian Ajeti’s movement inside the box set the game alight.  He got onto the end of Jota’s cross to score the opener, then tempted Claudio Bravo in the Betis goal into a challenge before nipping the ball away from the keeper.  Would Eduard have made either run?  Not recently, that’s for sure.  The penalty was of the stonewall variety.

After the game, when asked why we keep losing so many goals in Europe, I protested.  The central defenders only met last week, the left back has never played there before this month, and the right and left side pairings were completely new partnerships, “This is different”, I insisted.  Time will tell.

I have watched a lot of Celtic teams lose in Spain but do not recall going there with such an attacking strategy.  I suspect it would never occur to Ange Postecoglou to play any differently.

The game had the look of one of those all-star games we used to see in the 80s, “England v The Rest of the World”, type affairs.  Plenty of talent and lots of goals, as no one really knew each other or what the structure was.  Both Celtic and Betis will improve.  Going on my expectations before the game, there were reasons to be encouraged, despite all the goals against!

BT will be interested to hear that Uefa permit member clubs to veto broadcaster staff assigned to cover games.  I doubt it.  BT subscribers were denied the channels’s top team when Newco refused to allow Neil Lennon and Chris Sutton entrance to Ibrox on security grounds.  Where else outside of the Gangster Clubs will you see behaviour like this?  It is like a club being run by children.

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    It’s a tune that is up there.



    The Four Leaf Clover Sonic should be sung mair @ Celtic Park – oops 1st October I’m banned.



    This Lunacy will only be for a few months, HOPEFULLY.



    So those Vaccinated can transmit the Virus @ same “Viral Loads” (All new to me too) as those not?



    So if you decide not to get Boosters are you then Anti VaXX?

  2. Do you trust Medias & Governments on these issues. No way I do.



    This utterly stinks of coercion throughout the World to get this Global Passport that means you are controlled.



    Whats the Death rate of Covid?



    Is it worth Surrendering All Freedoms?



    It’s not.




    Despicable whats happening.

  3. PETEC on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2021 3:44 AM


    Do you trust Medias & Governments on these issues. No way I do.



    Whats the Death rate of Covid?


    Is it worth Surrendering All Freedoms?




    Of course we all have concerns when we cede certain elements in our life to governing bodies – e.g. vaccinations, seat-belts, food hygiene, health & safety laws, the training and appointment of all health professionals – however the alternative is chaos whereby only the rich will have access to life-saving drugs and treatment.



    In just over one hundred years we have doubled life-expectancy due to better healthcare, including preventative medicine. Twenty-nine killer diseases have been eradicated, or, held in check by vaccines, e.g. smallpox, polio, diphtheria, whooping cough, measles etc. Better food standards have been implemented & cheaper food is available to all. Only governments can institute and control vast social measures like these.



    All of the above is backed-up by hard evidence and is irrefutable. Now we have it challenged by cranks with nothing better to do & access to social media expounding their conspiracy theories. Cranks by the way who are only alive & healthy thanks to all of the above.



    This pandemic is the vanguard of what is to come. Conventional world-wide warfare was superceded by the threat of nuclear war – biological warfare is the future.



    China has crippled the world economy with the release of this Covid virus. Millions have died in this onslaught throughout the world without an army, navy, or, airforce in sight.



    How long before targeted terrorist biological attacks using infected people as weapons start happening?





    I hear what you say regarding Ange and take it on board. I was not suggesting that he is ready to bail-out immediately, just flagging up the possibility that if we indeed have a “gem” on our hands, he may be sought after by others. In my opinion his demeanour has altered recently – however perhaps you know him better than I.

  5. JHB on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2021 7:30 AM








    I hear what you say regarding Ange and take it on board. I was not suggesting that he is ready to bail-out immediately, just flagging up the possibility that if we indeed have a “gem” on our hands, he may be sought after by others. In my opinion his demeanour has altered recently – however perhaps you know him better than I.





    I guess you must be bored …. A load of old tosh or poppycock as it used to be called …. your contributions remind me of the Monty Python sketch about 5 or 10 min argument…. Being argumentative for talking sake so to speak ….



    You are either a Hun plant or just over thinking everything to the point of stupidity …. Give it a rest with these obtuse points …. Off to join the real world soon …. Hopefully Ange has not started taken sweetener in his coffee as a precursor to a move to Man U




  6. JHB,



    There is no proof that China deliberately manufactured and released the virus Covid 19


    But even if they did would we be told. ?



    Oh and another CQN prediction comes to fruition. The Army on our streets. OK its driving ambulances, but absolutely necessary after government ineptitude.



    Our freedoms are being eroded and yet many of us clap. Wake up.



    I also think there was some merit in suggesting that AP could walk away if circumstances dictate. He will have gained a knowledge and reputation for European football. You are only saying what we discussed in the boozer after the game. Hopefully that will not happen, but it remains a credible possibility.



    On a different topic, whether we agree or not, your posts are thought provoking and contrast vividly with the content surrounding them. Silly infantile comments about Michael Fagan that would probably contravene the hate crime bill and personal abusive posts with no meaningful content.



    Keep on posting and ignore the unproductive personal abuse that does the blog no favours.




  7. Drew1967,



    I’ve always been a believer that Celtic fans should police themselves, so in that spirit I think your comments towards JHB this morning are bang out of order.



    If you’ve got any comments regarding his posts fair enough, but play the ball not the man.




  8. Gp


    Army on the street in winter of discontent clearing rubbish….1978.labour govt too.unsuprising after Denis Healey introduced monetarily policies.selective memory me thinks.Tony 1997 onwards used the armed forces too,but you’ll have to ask a relative of one of the 250,000 murdered,as the famed British amnesia appears to well forget.


    You have a good day mate




  9. Well, a day of anti social behaviour in Glasgow no doubt.


    There will be mention of a minority, not associated with the o-o and other tosh.


    Multiple breaches of the law will be tolerated as the authorities do not have the resources to cope.


    The talk after will be on societal problems, 2 sides.


    We’ve seen this shit before


    I can only pray for some turned ankles and the odd fainting.

  10. Jhb/tam you shite talking rantin loon ball



    Getting bold on it.


    Go on play one of your phone in rants to the unelectable Galloway or one of the many stations you were banned from back in day.let people hear your business head at work.fantasist.

  11. An Tearmann,



    Getting out of Glasgow for the day, perfect time for a wedding down the coast.



    As Glasgow decends to the 17th century, let the circus of dinosaurs and zombies commence.


    Disgraceful that they are allowed, possibly encouraged to bring chaos to our streets.



    Hope you are well too.



    Cheers and HH.

  12. JHB on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2021 7:57 AM


    EKBHOY on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2021 7:47 AM






    Unfortunately you remind me of nothing.







  13. “I want to build something that’s going to be a sustainable success.”


    “it’s going to take a little time but we are chipping away at it”


    Ange said this yesterday. Also spoke about a new contract for McGregor.


    I see nothing to suggest he might walk away and I include the board in that. HH ☘

  14. 31003



    May Perpetual Light Shine Upon Maria



    You can keep her light burning brightly, with fond memories & thoughts



    Hope you can enjoy your birthday weekend

  15. Greenpinta,



    The Army are in to help drive Ambulances,nothing more.To use the phrase”Army on our streets”no matter how you try to dress it up is disingenuous.We have Ambulances,but the problem is not enough drivers,and at the moment,Ambulances are being held up at every Hospital,because they can’t unload their patients.No beds.Queuing for hours.The result of the idiots not taking the Vaccine.80% of admissions non Vaccinated.Better to vent your anger on the idiot Anti Vaccine people on here.