Frustration and promise in Seville


A game most of us expected to lose without fuss instead turned out to be a frustrating look into what could have been.  Again, we lost four goals in Europe, as we did on three occasions in our Europa League group last season.  Again, we allowed a two-goal lead to slip away.  Despite the superficial similarities to last season, there are reasons to believe we are on a different trajectory.

Celtic bossed Real Betis for the first 30 minutes; the home side could barely hold possession in the final third.  At 0-2, the game could have slipped away from them, but a couple of breaks of the ball 18 yards from the Celtic goal was enough to bring them back into contention and transform the night.  Celtic were too fragile to assert telling authority.

Tom Rogic was head and shoulders above everyone else on the field.  On nights like that, you wonder what he is doing in Scottish football.

After an uninspiring start against Ross County on Saturday, Jota showed us what all the fuss is about.  Forced to play on the right, his deliveries were a delight.  His chance to put Celtic three up may, or may not, have changed the outcome of the game; if you can lose four so readily, there are no guarantees.  The winger pulled up with cramp on Saturday and was visibly waning after 75 minutes last night, when his touch and composure deserted him, but we have a player straight from the ‘Bums on seats’ drawer.

Albian Ajeti’s movement inside the box set the game alight.  He got onto the end of Jota’s cross to score the opener, then tempted Claudio Bravo in the Betis goal into a challenge before nipping the ball away from the keeper.  Would Eduard have made either run?  Not recently, that’s for sure.  The penalty was of the stonewall variety.

After the game, when asked why we keep losing so many goals in Europe, I protested.  The central defenders only met last week, the left back has never played there before this month, and the right and left side pairings were completely new partnerships, “This is different”, I insisted.  Time will tell.

I have watched a lot of Celtic teams lose in Spain but do not recall going there with such an attacking strategy.  I suspect it would never occur to Ange Postecoglou to play any differently.

The game had the look of one of those all-star games we used to see in the 80s, “England v The Rest of the World”, type affairs.  Plenty of talent and lots of goals, as no one really knew each other or what the structure was.  Both Celtic and Betis will improve.  Going on my expectations before the game, there were reasons to be encouraged, despite all the goals against!

BT will be interested to hear that Uefa permit member clubs to veto broadcaster staff assigned to cover games.  I doubt it.  BT subscribers were denied the channels’s top team when Newco refused to allow Neil Lennon and Chris Sutton entrance to Ibrox on security grounds.  Where else outside of the Gangster Clubs will you see behaviour like this?  It is like a club being run by children.

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  1. Hopefully everybody has told them how horrific the park is and they are looking forward to it.



    “Within these four walls, we are expecting to go and try and pick points up on Sunday.



    “I have got to try and use every advantage I have got. The park is obviously horrific, which helps us.



    The above is an extract from the pre match interview with Livingston manager Martindale on RTÉ website.


    Everything that is so wrong with Scottish football, welcome to the Dark Ages Ange!

  2. Celtic at the The Spaghettihad






    Juranovic Starfelt CCV Montgomery



    …………Turnbull Soro Rogic…………….



    ………….Abada Ajeti Jota…………………

  3. MCPHAIL BHOY on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2021 10:19 AM



    His comments really are a poor reflection on Scottish football .


    I wanted to win, of course but now I hope we really gub his team.

  4. Gp


    Do enjoy your wedding :-)


    Facts eh.


    You’ll not disagree then bout the fact the armed forces


    previously assisting the state then,and conveniently ignore ‘new’ Tony and his fascism. Good ol one sided Brit amnesia for the benefit of the party(whichever party is in charge)…and in Scotland with the OO too,its all the snp’s fault as westminsters ancient orange card is played.


    Do choose what was done to stop these processions before? Zero,Zilch,Nada,nowt,nothing but there were plenty wee ‘arrangements’ along the A8 corridor with for example the ex livi mp who happened to coincide his socialist duties with being a member of a very schizophrenic!all part of that good ol brit amnesia.




  5. going for a bike run soon ………….what time do the bottom feeders kick off and where are the places/routes to avoid??

  6. AN TEARMANN on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2021 10:57 AM



    Of course everything you portray is perfectly balanced……🙄

  7. “Barkas Bombed Out”, what a pathetic CQN heading in a scathing article. Who needs the SMSM, when we have the likes of this.

  8. JHB



    Odd that you seem to infer Petec is a ‘crank’ and make some shocking assertions about folk who do not fall in line with your simplistic big pharma philosophy then espouse such fantasy Re germ warfare as would be the stuff of Netflix blockbusters !



    If your theory held true it is how the West has reacted which has created the economic problem not the bug.



    FYI 78% of people who have died of this bug in the USA were clinically obese and 94% with at least one other morbidity and 82% over 80 years old. None of this is good news and each life is very precious, my old man died last year aged 89 ( he was isolated in a home for 3 months ) It is perspective though. No idea on the UK stats but no surprise to see scotland with its poorer general health stats faring worse than England.

  9. Bada



    Sadly we didn’t expect less.



    Doesn’t make it right.



    For most of the world Irish marches are referred to as parades and actually socially very acceptable though.

  10. 31003



    Belated happy birthday wishes to you. Sorry to hear about the sad passing of your cousin. RIP Maria.






    Totally agree with you. Any club with a plastic pitch should not be allowed into any of the senior leagues in Scotland.

  11. HOT SMOKED on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2021 10:36 AM


    MCPHAIL BHOY on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2021 10:19 AM







    ‘His comments really are a poor reflection on Scottish football .





    I wanted to win, of course but now I hope we really gub his team.’







    He’s only telling it like it is.



    Reminds me of Jim McInally’s comment about his players ‘leaving the boot in’ when they were to play Celtic. He was accused of all sorts, which for anyone who has ever met him was ridiculous. He was simply telling the truth about how the game works.

  12. MARTIM1980 on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2021 11:47 AM


    AN TEARMANN on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2021 10:57 AM



    Of course everything you portray is perfectly balanced……



    It always is.



    Which part do you think is unbalanced?


    No Iraqis murdered?


    ALL political parties eunuchs with neo brit fascism?


    Armed services on our streets?



    Justice eh.whats it like.equal for all.



    Belfast looks good this morning.







  13. JHB



    Re Ange interview demeanour



    I would not be too concerned. Injuries are frustrating. Losing is frustrating. He has had both. He was also pleased with his transfer window.



    The next 5 games will be critical for me. 4 wins and a draw and we really are up and running IMO. Especially given that our talisman is missing.



    Our Livingston form and record is almost as bad as our form v Spanish teams away ! A win tomorrow would be a great start.

  14. JHB



    Now I’m not being alarmist, but if he gets some kind of success over the coming months, e.g. close to Sevco in the table.





    You don’t even make any attempt to hide it now.


    I can’t think of any other poster who mentions the huns in almost every football post they make.



    You are an attention seeking hun.

  15. JHB on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2021 7:30 AM




    “I hear what you say regarding Ange … – however perhaps you know him better than I.”




  16. Haven’t read back, so apologies if already mentioned. Derby County going into administration, with losses a pittance of those of Sevco.

  17. I hope those who post on here, those who are not Celtic fans, realise that they are free to do so, not being allowed to do so, but free to. Unlike some football clubs who want to choose who and what they want to hear and when and where they want to hear it. Shame on them and those who do nothing to highlight it or bring it to account, por cierto




    I agree with your post.



    What I object to is posters pretending they are something they are not.



    They are easy to spot.

  19. glendalystonsils on

    PHILBHOY on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2021 1:19 PM



    I lurk far more than post and I am inclined (maybe too much) to give people the benefit of the doubt but that post last night convinced me that yourself and others are right .



    Sometimes the more subtle ones take a bit longer to show their true colours , and those colours ain’t green and white .

  20. Many years ago I worked part time in a bookshop in Central Glasgow. On a day of a OO march we had to lock the doors and keep customers inside until it went past. Windows were spat on and the door was kicked… our “crime”, we had a green sign. Ironically it was a business and legal bookshop… if they had popped in and bought a couple of books their club might not have died

  21. PHILBHOY on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2021 1:19 PM




    “I agree with your post.


    What I object to is posters pretending they are something they are not.


    They are easy to spot.”



    Yes, if they chose to post freely their honest and open opinions then they would still have the freedom to do so in CQN, unlike so many others forums, por cierto.



    Haven’t read back, so apologies if already mentioned. Derby County going into administration, with losses a pittance of those of Sevco.




  › news


    Derby County in administration is a failure from top to bottom – Football365



    They could be the first of many as a lot of championship sides slip trying to climb the oily/greasy poll into the epl