Government’s decade of harassing and criminalising football fans


I get that we all need to do our bit to suppress Covid, but we know so much more about the disease now than we did earlier in the year.  We know its transmission rates in well-monitored socially distanced outdoor spaces is significantly less than unmonitored indoor spaces.  Maybe by as much as 1000 times safer.

If the country needs to go back into lockdown, fair enough, but if indoor venues are preferred over football stadiums it has nothing whatsoever to do with the virus or science.  It is politicians who are blind to evidence picking on the same people they have victimised for years.  This Government has harassed and attempted to criminalise football fans since they got their mits of power over a decade ago, it would be a disgrace if they went against the science to stick the boot in one more time.

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  1. I think some fans could return to football with the proper safety measures. It’s an argument that will not be won though.



    The very real prospect of a closed door season is now on the horizon. What football looks like next summer is anyone’s guess.

  2. I’m in a fortunate position being a pensioner with a private pension so it’s easy for me to take the ‘ close everything down’ position. However peoples livelihood is at stake – striking a balance between health and the economy isn’t easy – glad I don’t have to make the decisions.


    It’s people who spread the virus – follow the guidelines.

  3. Sporting clubs in England are looking for govt funding to see them through this. Desperate for the return of fans in numbers.

  4. BAMBOO on 22ND SEPTEMBER 2020 2:25 PM



    Theres NO second wave. Its a lie. Its just tests that get loads of false positives and a few that feeling bit off weather. Its a pretext for the theroll-out of the Great New Global Reset. Checkout the World Economic Forum . They are implementing a worldwide takeover thats been years in the planning .



    This is the big one. Get researching





    incorrect on many levels my friend




  5. Silver City 1888 on

    This growth in infections could be a casedemic. It might not. I’m glad I don’t have to make the call on how to respond. Being a football site, the question I have is will Celtic now start selling football games to viewers other than season ticket owners, ideally on a real tv channel rather than the unreliable streaming service they offer now?

  6. The EPL clubs don’t do themselves any favours – the spending goes on unabated while they plead for fans return as they need match day revenue.

  7. timaloy.



    I don’t think Paul is out of line to point out the SNP government’s previous antipathy towards football fans. .



    i think Paul is shallow in his blog today.ably summed up in your paragraph



    shallow as f… i lump what is going on with Covid and somehow bolt on snps behaviour towards fan is a total nonsense.



    You may not be saying that in oct if the figures pan out. Try be a little less death by this virus is one and life is above Celtic.



    Paul 67



    the fans,especially those called by Fergus a ‘prince’ when they forked out their hard earned cash to buy shares in all levels.where was your concern when those fans


    1.watched a cartoon/made up league for years when Sir Pockle of Hun was spending his tenners?




  8. There’s still a bit of a dialogue of the deaf going on here.



    Paul67 points to the history of anti-football legislation and practice from this government (Just this week we got fined for the private actions of an employee whom we had already punished but there was no closing down or fine given when our Chief Medical Officer broke guidelines or when some faux-Jacobites gathered on the border to shout at the English) and asks where is the science behind the decisions.



    Most of what he got in reply was:-



    Whit? you want thousands cramming into stadia and concourses?



    or Why are you encouraging people to cram on buses and trains and ferries to the game?



    or I understand how serious this is and I can do without my football.




    All of these were seriously irrelevant points ( I exempt ernie’s point about economic benefits because that is an entirely accurate and justifiable point, in the short term).



    Why are we still, on the third round, at least, of this debate portraying scenarios that have been disabused and rebutted roundly on each prior occasion.



    We were told that there would be “trials” to see if these events could be held without adding significantly to the risk of covid sprreading; so far so good- a small scale trial is an entirely scientific way of modelling the risk factors involved. We had to let the rugby wallahs have first shot of this (because football fans can’t be trusted) but we eventually got our trials started at Dingwall and Aberdeen. We saw them on TV and there was no crammed concourses, no fights or disagreement with police and stewards and. most important not one piece of scientific information associating those named and recorded individuals who did attend matches on our behalf with one single case of Covid spreading. In short, the trial was passed and these practices could be rolled out and replicated at every Premiership ground, with the caveat that any breach of protocol that was not adequately stewarded, leading to ejection from the ground, would lead to a suspension of that privilege. Just as we closed Aberdeen pubs for the egregious carelessness of a few, we did not see fit to close Glasgow and Embra pubs at the same time; we can and do respond to specific situations and specific risks.



    For the first few months of this proposed trials, when the pandemic was not receding in the general environment, no ground would see crowds of over 10, 000 and no ground would see opposition fans. Many grounds would be lucky to see as manay as 1000 lucky locals allowed in for the first 5 or 6 fixtures.



    But instead, we get nothing, Nada. You’ll just have to wait your turn. Football’s not that important, and anyways, yous are all oiks!



    I belong to a demographic that is most at risk from contracting this disease. As an individual, I have been assiduous in minimising my risk to exposure from Covid and certainly form spreading it. I have negotiated my way, in public, past and way from people who were behaving recklessly and, cross fingers, I have not contracted Covid symptoms as yet. I understand the risks associated with the flu season and the re-surgence of the number of infections. I even have a passing understanding of what has not been established or found out about the infection as yet.



    But, I am prepared to attend as part of a small crowd, socially distanced, and restricted in movement, a match involving my team.



    I cannot make the position any clearer. If you disagree, you will not be forced to go. I promise to do nothing to raise risks or endanger others. I have too many loved ones i this demographic to be considered careless or selfish.




    Now, how about a serious grown up analysis of why or why not without the usual red herrings?



    We ca start with the idea of a “Circuit Breaker”. I am no electrician but I don’t think that particular tool is a useful analogy.

  9. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    I’d like to apologise to you BAMBOO (if you are reading this) for calling you an “idiot” earlier – uncalled for personal abuse. Sorry.






  10. BGFC



    Just back on . Cheers . Everyone is stressed just now.


    With me its about warning whats really going on. I’m not being controversial for the fun of it.


    I’m scared about the real agenda thats being played out. The Great Reset. This is what people should be aware of. Look at the graphics on the World Economic Forum. This plan for a New One world has been years in the making……….but it needed a global catastrophic event to make it happen.


    MELBOURNE You’ve had some of the most extreme restrictions in the world………..for how many deaths?

  11. Btw if the universities don’t get their students into line the Scottish Government will have to take drastic action. Case numbers are already alarming, here and in England.

  12. anyone ever visit the hilltown celtic club ? was there ever a lochee celtic club ?



    I have a distant bhoyhood memory of the greenock shammy bus going to a club in dundee before our games up there, i thought at the time it was a juniors team club, and obviously it was full of tims from doon the road doing the same thing.



    anyone ?





    Jim Spence






    Sep 20


    The Plaza cinema and the old Hilltown Celtic supporters club forefront.


    Quote Tweet



    PictureThis Scotland




    · Sep 20


    Tower Blocks of Scotland: Building the Maxwelltown multis, Hilltown, Dundee in Jan 1967. (Pic: DCT)







  13. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    CORKCELT on 22ND SEPTEMBER 2020 7:35 PM


    BGFC, I thought your original post was spot on.





    Not changed my view on the points being made by BAMBOO one iota – but I do regret being rude.



    What I really don’t like is the fairly recent propensity for equivalence being provided to all views – no matter that one view can be proven (to a degree of statistical probability) through observed, repeatable, verifiable scientifically sound methods that are open to independent criticism, while the other may be no more than made up suspicion and wild conspiracy theory.



    I’m not particularly using BAMBOO’s post as an example, but it was just another thing after listening to too many Trump-idolising idiots on CNN, and starting to hear more of the anti-scientific garbage being repeated here in the UK.



    On BBC Radio Scotland yesterday morning for instance – I think it was the Kaye Adams show – they had a call in about the latest threats to our freedom (i.e., public health advice).



    One chap (I think he was a plant, actually – sounded lucid, talked garbage) was banging on unchallenged about how there was no evidence that wearing masks has any impact, in any way, on the spread of the virus and that it couldn’t be spread through the air, it was all made up – just a wee flu.



    This despite the fact that numerous studies have, for instance, found mask wearing beneficial in reducing spread of droplets, that aerosol spread does happen, etc.- this piece in the Clinical Infectious Diseases Journal in America (backed by 239 experts in the fields of infectious diseases, virology, building engineering, ventilation, etc.) describes the latter issue well, but there are multiple scientifically validated papers.:



    The bold Kaye – on a public service broadcast channel – was happily balancing this fellow’s opinion – and other like-minded people, their views based on nothing apparently> I’m not for people not being allowed to express their views, but they should not be given an apparent equal weighting versus public health advice based on observation and a weight and breadth of empirical evidence. They should be challenged – especially by a public-service broadcaster, which the BBC is supposed to be.



    This chat-show format is a real danger to public health – you can see these views spreading across the ocean from the USA – anti-maskers, anti-vaxers, ‘it’s only a mild flu’, its all a government conspiracy, it was the Democrats, etc.



    I mentioned Ralph Malph’s idea the other day – people spreading this stuff should be invited into a ward and offered the chance to help clean and care for the patients hospitalised with this horrible, horrible disease without the benefit of a facemask or other PPE. If they are correct, and it is a made up conspiracy, or a mild disease that can’t spread easily, though the air – they will no doubt have the courage of their own convictions and be happy to spell some of the NHS staff that could, believe me, use a break.



    Sorry for the rant – but it really does rip ma knittin!






  14. Who would have thought that governments around the world would want to destroy jobs and ruin their own economies?



    I’m amazed. Didn’t know there was a grand plan. Silly me.

  15. St Stivs


    Our supporters bus (Bannockburn), used to stop at a pub in Lochee area of Dundee


    Sure it was stated it used to be a Celtic Supporters club


    From memory it was run/owned by the manager of Brechin at that time, who was a big Celtic fan


    Got that from a couple of Bhoys who travelled on our bus and had played for Brechin and the manager at that time




    Excellent post. The Demon-haunted World by Carl Sagan should be taught in schools.

  17. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    DAVID66 on 22ND SEPTEMBER 2020 8:29 PM


    Douglas Ross BBC1 – take the marbles oot yer mooth ya sleekit git.





    Haw – you’ve got a cheek, calling bools ‘marbles’ – posh boy :-))






  18. ta Norrie, i must have been 6 to maybe 8 we went a few times.



    next up.



    see as much as our big games would get massive crowds, there were plenty of times there was less than 15000 at celtic park, and particulalry for away games you started to recognise the same faces. in different places.



    this fella popped up on the twitter feed, anyone recognise him, i think it is a brilliant pic. and i thought i knew him at some point



    anyone ?






    Celtic Wiki Retweeted


    Celtic Curio






    Sep 18


    2nd can of a 4 pack of Skol.



    Ipswich 1981



    *no me, i was barely born.



  19. The more faux-Gaelic the moniker is on here, the more slavish is the addiction to SNP cant.


    They’re trained up at some butt and ben to attack any departure from Wolff/Salmond/McCaskill orthodoxy.

  20. FRITZSONG on 22ND SEPTEMBER 2020 8:37 PM



    The more faux-Germanic-Korean the moniker is on here,………….

  21. Saint stivs





    Looks like he’s got his name and address written on his hand – best be prepared.🤭






    I zoomed in to check it out, maybe one of those ink stamps on the back of your hand to let you in/out a social club once you paid in



    then i noticed the black shield sown on badge on the scarf, i had that one on mines, sewed it myself

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