Government’s decade of harassing and criminalising football fans


I get that we all need to do our bit to suppress Covid, but we know so much more about the disease now than we did earlier in the year.  We know its transmission rates in well-monitored socially distanced outdoor spaces is significantly less than unmonitored indoor spaces.  Maybe by as much as 1000 times safer.

If the country needs to go back into lockdown, fair enough, but if indoor venues are preferred over football stadiums it has nothing whatsoever to do with the virus or science.  It is politicians who are blind to evidence picking on the same people they have victimised for years.  This Government has harassed and attempted to criminalise football fans since they got their mits of power over a decade ago, it would be a disgrace if they went against the science to stick the boot in one more time.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Morning all.



    By sheer chance I happened across a “record home attendances” stat for British clubs.



    Hibs is almost 66,000.



    Charlton Athletic’s is 75,000 !



    As Scott Brown would say to Fraser Forster






    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  2. T29



    i know they have ‘previous’ re fans


    i know also tgat this covid situation is totally dwarfs anything in relation to football fans.ans anything any gov has experienced since ww2


    anyway mate back to Celtic mate.


    stay safe mate




  3. Taurangabhoy


    As I said, a means to an end.


    A Socialist People’s Republic of Alba, and SNP defunct, would be my ideal.




    And the chances of that actually happening?



    About zero.



    Chances of the people being worse off, particularly the poorest?



    About 100%.



    Be careful what you wish for.

  5. I remember as a kid seeing our record attendance was 92,000. Always bugged me then as theirs was well over the 100,000 mark

  6. Big Jimmy and David66



    Re: Derek and Clive. Me and my mates got hold of the Derek and Clive Get The Horn audio when at school. Played it in the library and nearly died laughing



    I got the DVD years later and still gets quoted when i meet up with the Glasgow lads



    ‘i knew a girl from Amsterdam…….’

  7. Ernie



    You truly are ‘indefatigable’.









    HH jg

  8. FFS,they are all out today,making David Icke sound sane.Just finished watching Ratched,very good,she would have a field day with some.


    “I see Lizard people,its a conspiracy,I tells ya”

  9. RON BACARDI on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2020 10:42 AM


    ‘Spectators should be allowed to attend events of the wish. But they should not complain if they get Covid’







    And what about the people they infect?

  10. I see the Ryan Kent bids appear to be linked to inflation.


    £20 million getting reported this afternoon [by Leeds].


    That would be a 13 million pound profit in a calendar year.


    He must have been sensational this past year in scotland.

  11. ERNIE



    All attendees do so on understanding that they could get infection and could pass it on to their loved ones.



    I think that’s what Paul is proposing.



    Personally I wouldn’t go near a footbal game in the present circumstances. But if the eedjits want to, let them

  12. Great to see James Forrest being lauded by Erik Sviatchenko…invisible he is not! Deserves a song more than most…


    Some are too quick to put players down…we don’t need Escape goats. The only escape goats I wish to see are the ones fleeing the masonic halls…

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