Hapoel threat has merit, fabrications don’t make SFA report


Hapoel Beer-Shiva delivered Olympiakos first defeat in a Champions League qualifying match in six years. The Greeks have competed in the group stage every season since, holding their own throughout the period, so getting knocked out by Hapoel was the equivalent of losing a Scottish Cup semi-final to a lower-league club.

Hapoel are not better than Olympiakos, not nearly so, but they were good enough to progress when they got the breaks. Anyone who thinks we’ll easy past them into the group stage is being ridiculously complacent.

I’m trying to avoid the nonsense coming out of Ibrox while we have more important things going on, but good grief! Please, please, have them follow through on the nonsense of ditching their legally contracted Puma strips to wear something else.

That stadium seems to be a beacon attracting stupid people doing stupid things.

You’ll note the INDEPENDENT SFA report on crowd at the Scottish Cup final recorded no assaults whatsoever on Newco players. This clearly caused some dissonance at the media organisations who reported utter fabrications after the game.

Never mind, Newco is in the same good hands which were on the tiller when their disastrous EBT plan was enacted, and the players who benefited from EBTs are front and central of Newco media coverage.

If you can’t see how this story ends, you’re not looking.

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  1. Daily Record headline


    Positive Point Gained at Ibrox


    Hamilton Advertiser Headline.


    Accies Drop 2 Points to Newcomers

  2. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I am surprised but delighted that the tribute act dropped 2 points at home to Hamilton and there top scorer was taken off injured.It is now up to Celtic to capitalise by winning tomorrows game.That would give us a great start to the season. H.H.

  3. In Glasgow today. For some reason there were a lot of glum looking people in various combinations of red white and blue. I tried cheering them up with my inane grinning. Didn’t work.

  4. Snake



    Ive seen the rumour doing the rounds regards Michel Vorm.


    Interesting if true and a goalkeeper who did really well for Brendan at Swansea.


    What does everyone think?


    Do we need to replace Craig Gordon?




    Barton named man of the match !! How did they work that out



    *he’s the new barry 8

  6. Burgh- I think he needs competition for his jersey if not replaced. It would make us stronger in my opinion to have two vying for it. Gordon has only ever had back up keepers to compete with.



    All the acrimony discarded….



    the poly-con insights abandoned.




    Tims having a laugh……..




    ……….at the expense of the Ibrox jobbies.




    No better feeling.




    Hail Hail





    Now you’re talking:-))

  8. Real fitba is on tomorrow. Broony wasn’t joking or at the wind up about Aberdeen.



    Sevco are a hilarious freak show to add a bit of extra laughter to life. Nothing more

  9. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    BURGHBHOY. I think Craig Gordon could do with a real challenge he has made a good few errors over the last 12 months Vorm is a fine goalkeeper and would keep Craig on his toes real competition is good. H.H.

  10. Burghbhoy on 6th August 2016 4:06 pm






    Ive seen the rumour doing the rounds regards Michel Vorm.


    Interesting if true and a goalkeeper who did really well for Brendan at Swansea.


    What does everyone think?


    Do we need to replace Craig Gordon?




    I was never impressed by Vorm while he was at Swansea, a decent shot stopper but is pretty small.



    I’d only replace Gordon if it’s someone much better, which Vorm isn’t. Save the pennies and strengthen elsewhere first.

  11. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on

    Regarding Gordon, I personally would like to see another keeper brought in,one who is comfortable on the ball and commands his six yard box,two things Gordon unfortunately struggles at




  12. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on




    You should have asked them the score.



    Way, way back in the day if the hun got beat and


    me being a young fenian scallywag would run down


    to Paisley X and wait for the bus’s to come back from


    Ibrokes and ask hey mister whit wis the score?



    One day in the late 60s the beat some body 10-2,


    I wasn’t deterred……hey mister whit wis the score?


    10-2 son replied the hun…..who fur was my reply.

  13. I don’t think we need a replacement for Gordon.


    I do think we need a genuine competitor for his jersey.

  14. Hi Guys


    I’m on hols on the Costa del sol.


    An old friend has contacted me and we’re going to meet and watch game tomorrow.


    Could someone recommend a Celticy bar I could meet him in the Fuengirola or Benalmadena area?


    I will check in later as I need to go and buy a hat ( sun not magic ).


    Up the Celts.

  15. AULD TAM on 6TH AUGUST 2016 3:59 PM



    Also, McKay had to have his ripped shirt replaced by one with no number and no name. Are they really that hard-up? And isn’t it against the rules to play with no number?





    I thought they did it because he was anonymous for most of the afternoon!

  16. Answer me this.


    Has Sinclair signed?


    Article her on CQN from yesterday.


    Lots of speculation across Celtic cyberspace.


    Howevva, hi Kojo, I see no announcement on Celtic site.


    What’s the Hampden roar?

  17. Snecker you could also try the Pittodrie Bar right beside the ground, my mate is working over there and watches the Celtic games there, that’s where he is tomorrow. H H Hebcelt

  18. glendalystonsils on

    The Sevco defence is like the roof of their stand.


    Cannae keep feck all out.

  19. Cheers hebcelt, it’ll have to be near the shops as the boss is with me, meet halfway and all that. Be happy with a 2-0 win tomorrow.

  20. When I’m no’ at the fitba’ of a Saturday, I really enjoy cooking and baking. Today I did so whilst watching the Accies show TRFC MkII up as exactly what they are – new boys in the big division who struggled to overcome the team favourite for relegation. That really made my afternoon far more enjoyable!



    The fabled City Trader didnae look happy after the game. He reckoned they had 68 – 70% of possession. Sky corrected that assumption afterwards detailing it was only 58%.



    Barton was only MOM because the rest of them were really pish as opposed to him just being pish. Krancjar looks as slow as Over the Hill. The fantastic Jordan Rossiter didnae look much kop (hee hee) when he came on. So much for their 45 year old striker telling everyone that they could be ahead of Celtic by September the 10th. They’ll be lucky to be ahead of Hamilton by September the 10th!




  21. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    Funny that when the bookies had stopped taking bets on Van Persie going to Sevco, none of them had him anywhere on their top scorer markets!

  22. What is the Stars on

    Why did van Persie not play today. Is it a visa problem or maybe some rangers hater in the sfa messed up the paperwork

  23. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Whisper it, but could it be that despite the hype ‘The Rangers’ are sh*te?

  24. Just saw TRFC first ever top league goal. Hamilton series of mistakes. Left fool back (sic) allowed scorer to run free. Centre back allowed ball to go over his head. Keeper allowed tiddler of a shot to go under his dive.



    I expect it was described differently on live commentary.



    Are you at the wind up????


    The wonder winger Forrester beat the whole Hamilton team twice and then set up Waagy(who Van Persie will understudy) who then scored a cracker with the bestest shot ever!

  26. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Neil McCann….”if teams are disrespectful to Rangers by coming to Ibrox and opening up, they’ll get a doing, it happened to Celtic, it happened to Dundee”. What a plonker, of course he was in shock at the time having just seen his team drop 2 points at home, which clearly wasn’t in the script. Big Amuroso looked like he was at a funeral. More of the same please.



    Hate to say it but Joey Barton deserved to win the man of the match award , he looked better than anyone else on the pitch.

  27. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    Well done Neil / Hibs

  28. glendalystonsils on

    ROCK TREE BHOY on 6TH AUGUST 2016 5:03 PM



    There is a myriad of ways to be disrespectful of Rangers. They seem to complain about it with monotonous regularity.

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