Hapoel threat has merit, fabrications don’t make SFA report


Hapoel Beer-Shiva delivered Olympiakos first defeat in a Champions League qualifying match in six years. The Greeks have competed in the group stage every season since, holding their own throughout the period, so getting knocked out by Hapoel was the equivalent of losing a Scottish Cup semi-final to a lower-league club.

Hapoel are not better than Olympiakos, not nearly so, but they were good enough to progress when they got the breaks. Anyone who thinks we’ll easy past them into the group stage is being ridiculously complacent.

I’m trying to avoid the nonsense coming out of Ibrox while we have more important things going on, but good grief! Please, please, have them follow through on the nonsense of ditching their legally contracted Puma strips to wear something else.

That stadium seems to be a beacon attracting stupid people doing stupid things.

You’ll note the INDEPENDENT SFA report on crowd at the Scottish Cup final recorded no assaults whatsoever on Newco players. This clearly caused some dissonance at the media organisations who reported utter fabrications after the game.

Never mind, Newco is in the same good hands which were on the tiller when their disastrous EBT plan was enacted, and the players who benefited from EBTs are front and central of Newco media coverage.

If you can’t see how this story ends, you’re not looking.

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  1. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    67HEAVEN…..think Hibs are a perfect fit


    for Neil at this moment in his career,just


    hope he’s moved his family too Embra

  2. VFR800A8 on 6TH AUGUST 2016 4:25 PM


    Also, McKay had to have his ripped shirt replaced by one with no number and no name. Are they really that hard-up? And isn’t it against the rules to play with no number?





    SPFL Rules state



    Player Identification


    G22 The Players’ shirts must be clearly numbered on the back and the players’ shorts must be numbered clearly on the left hand side at the front and in accordance with the list handed to the Referee before any League Match or Play-Off Match. Any such numbers and letters must be in compliance with the style and conditions approved by the Board and the Scottish FA.



    …….. but being a new club maybe they are not familiar with the rules.

  3. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    3zombies in saint Enoch’s car park singing sectarian songs. Racially abusing a black family at their car. Then intimidating the poor tramp sitting at the ticket machine.



    Scabby bastas

  4. Just watched Glib & Shameless interview on sky. FFS he actually said (and I paraphrase a bit) “The idea is to challenge Celtic for the league and next year when we are in Europe, challenge in Europe.”



    How he thinks this current mediocre squad will qualify for Europe is beyond me! Fantasy football in action!

  5. Will Tony Watt be lining up against us tomorrow I wonder?



    He’ll probably be out on the town in Embra tonight!



    What a waste of a talent.



    If things had worked out the way they should/could he would be leading the line for Celtic tomorrow.




  6. To all of you slagging the SMSM………….



    “I read the newspapers avidly. It is my one form of continuous fiction”……………..




  7. !!BADA BING!!



    Tough start to the season, let’s see what the Bhoys are made of.



    Neilson is a decent manager and I can’t imagine he will take any smash from TW.

  8. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Adding to today’s fun is another humiliation in Asia for Australia’s cricketers. Well done Sri Lanka for a Test series win.



    Just after lunch on day3, I’ve read it’s the tenth shortest Test match in history when forty wickets have fallen. Spin it to win it.

  9. Go 3 5 2 tomorrow 3 warriors plus two footballers in the middle of the park do this we will not lose, and,, stand a good chance of winning at a difficult venue for Celtic and the support.


    I read talk earlier about signing competition for CG I think it is badly needed as he is making regular errors of judgement particularly running out to the edge of his box.

  10. Just back in from a great afternoon in Glasgow.


    Lovely tapas lunch at La Boca on Hope St, highly recommended. Enjoyed the score from Chateau d’Espair as well.


    Rushed to Central Station and caught the. London train which stopped at Motherwell. Plenty of Orcs on board which made interesting liistening .Orcs summary as follows ” we are shite” ” atmosphere was poor, worst experienced in two years” ” first night nerves”. ( had a quiet smirk at that one). Family in next seats were Burnley lads , according to them, and had a discussion about favourite flavour of crisps. For some reason the child asked about Labrador flavour ? ( I know, I blame the schools) Anyway , older Orcs chips in with ” what? You think we are a Nakamura?”


    For this one, I don’t blame the schools.


    On leaving train at Motherwell, a dejected Orc was at his seat and I asked him the score….1-1 he signalled with his hands. I returned the favour with a double high five.


    Happy days.

  11. Great day.



    Wee Lennie winning.



    Secco drawing at home, BTW sevcomedia is a great read tonight.



    Roll on tomorrow, watching the game at my Dads.



    Life is good brothers and sisters.

  12. Thing is: that was Sevco’s easiest game. At home, on the opening day, on a good pitch, against the favourites for relegation.



    I really can see them taking some doing this season, hopefully from us. The way Brendan has us pressing and moving quickly in the final third I think will really test their hopeless defence.



    Also interesting to see that the Magic Hat is not nearly so popular with the denizens of FF as he is with the churnalists. Lots of anger at his tactics and signing strategy.

  13. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    FRITZ…………..hun media is fantastic so many


    threads on how shite the are

  14. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Would be happy with a point tomorrow.


    Ecstatic with three.



    After our tense, high wire start to the season, our adrenaline levels may be a bit reduced.



    Jambos will be rested and frothing at the mouth to get at us.

  15. After reading our good news and their “fans” forum would it be offensive to say… Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ya Huns ?

  16. Great stuff Scott Sinclair signing, him and the Toure signing are the kinda players I and many others have been screaming out for, they will help us no end.


    I see the govan galacticos were brought back to earth with a bang today, fecking hun scum, I hope the burn in hell.

  17. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    The BBC Richard Gordon getting it tight from


    the hun”Rangers playing in the Premier league


    for the first time”

  18. I see the newly promoted team got a hard earned draw against established Premiership club. They’ll be pleased they’ve got a foothold in the league.

  19. Facebook Chuckles:)))



    There is a thread on SM called “Chequebook oot King.”


    Here’s my favourite comment so far.


    “What f**king cheque book?


    Im in belfast and I know a coach with Northampton f**king town and they were offered that Joe Doodo for fu** all aswell as most other lower league clubs in England who also wouldn’t take him for f**k all.”

  20. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    TET, burning in hell is too goof fur thum.



    Hope Ja is ok mate, give her my love.






  21. Buddy Morrisey on

    Re SFA report – was there any mention of the kick at the Hibs supporter by a Rangers official right in the technical area

  22. Carnoustie Golfer.


    She is a lot better than this time last week, she wisny well, but a couple of days rest and she is back to her hash bash self as if nothing had happened, wimmin eh :-)


    I will, thanks.