How to intimidate an appeal panel


Let us be clear, if you are found to have transgressed an SFA rule and a judicial panel is asked to apportion a punishment, you have absolutely no rights to character assassinate or question the independence of the panel.  Nor in doing so, do you, or the Scottish public (good grief!) have a right to try to ‘out’ the panel.

Ally McCoist prepared for a Rangers TV interview yesterday, not normally an environment subject to the kind of spontaneous and offhand comments you get post-match, decrying the work of the “supposedly independent judicial panel”.

The SFA must take whatever steps necessary to protect those involved in their judicial process and must ensure that any appeal by Rangers is heard on the evidence of the case alone.

Despite much protest, no one has actually claimed Rangers are innocent.  That being the case, the judicial panel must apply appropriate punishment.  The option to revoke Rangers membership of the SFA remains open to the panel – something that would be impossible to avoid if the club were found guilty of subverting over 700 games of football and a decade worth of trophies.

These matters are not going away. Take your medicine.

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  1. Sixteen roads to Golgotha on

    That fat sweat hog McCoist is playing a very dangerous game.Seriously…the very language that he is using,and the tone of it is dsturbing.Blood,kicking,fighting…all fire and brimstone tripe,but provocative none-the-less.Der hun is already in an agitated state,the rage & anger is stronger than it ever has been,he seems to be trying to send them into a total frenzy.



    There is always that threat of violence in everything they say or do – the old bullying & intimidation tactics,the lynch mob mentality.



    I have no doubt that the dark and bitter Masonic in the backround are instructing him in what to say.



    He is a sneaky rat.

  2. googybhoy ♥ Celtic and Integrity on 25 April, 2012 at 09:28 said:



    “I hope Neil Lennon whispers in Sally’s ear on Sunday, “EBTs in Division 3, EBTs in Division 3.”



    How about a wee ‘side thread’ with suggestions for what Neil should whisper into Sally’s ear on Sunday?



    Here’s another: “If you’d like me to lend you a Satnav for next season, just let me know …”




  3. Paul67:



    I said yesterday that the SFA were playing Liars Dice with the hun. Yesterday that was a wee bit in jest, today I really, really hope the SFA know how to play Liars Dice to the bitter end.

  4. Got an e-mail this morning from Aer Lingus titled -Just pay taxes & charges. Paul are you doing the copyrighting for them?

  5. lochgoilhead bhoy on

    Folly Folly on 25 April, 2012 at 09:41



    Neil to Sally “I’d like to lend you some of our under 17s so that they gain some experience of 1st team football”

  6. From previous thread:



    Why is Supper Ally so keen for the members of the SFA’s Judicial Panel to be identified?



    Is it so Ra Peepul know who to target with letter bombs?



    Perhaps a journalist could ask him.

  7. Paul67, could McCoist’s comments seen as bringing the game in to disrepute? The club will know who was on the panel, so surely Ally McCoist knows who they are already? What are his motives for wanting them to be made public?

  8. Paul67 – I think the “severity” of the sanctions shocked them as they all know these were the minor crimes. The very minor crimes. If the SFA had the stomach to dish these out I think they are now very wary about what is going to happen when their cheating is decided upon.



    When the lid is blown off that they will be lucky to be in Division 3, all political and media support will wilt in the face of it.



    Rumours that Stewart Regan has been issued with codes and a nuclear football are so far unconfirmed.

  9. Today I have absolutely nothing worthwhile to say, so if you see this post don’t read it, you’ll just be wasting your time. If, on the other hand you are reading it, you are as well to read it all the way through, just in case I say something interesting, even though I told you at the start of this post I had nothing of interest to say, yet, you’re still reading it. Do yourself a favour, stop reading it now, you’ll just waste more precious minutes of your life, then you’ll get angry for reading it, even though I told you not to. IF you’re still reading this then there is no point in me telling you anymore that there is nothing interesting in it cos it looks like you’ll read anything. Even if its not interesting. Have you no work to do?

  10. SmashingMilkBottles on

    Song List for Sunday?



    here’s my top 5



    Dame Vera Lynn – We’ll meet again


    What’s that coming over the hill – Is it the taxman?




    Bye Bye Rangers



  11. I had the dubious pleasure of listening to fat Jabba yesterday on Radio Scotland. He was bleeting about the poor wee Rangers fans not being held responsible for the actions of Whyte as the SFA didn’t do anything at the time regarding fit and proper person. Coming from the Sports Editor of the newspaper who gave us such gems as “Billionaire with wealth off the radar” and “£50m warchest”. This is the newspaper who admitted, in print, that they took these statements verbatim from Whyte’s PR and printed them with no due dilligence of their own. The man is a slug. The notions of Corporate Responsibility were just dismissed, as were the fairness of Rangers gaining league points using players they not only couldn’t afford but had no intention of paying for. The role of the board of directors also dismissed, it was all big bad Whyte. Remember Jabba’s stance on this when the excrement starts falling on Sir David.



    Craig Whyte has came in blown the doors off this whole cabal. The putrid little goblins are now visible with the naked eye and they don’t like it. From fat Jabba, to the wee cheeky chappy yesterday letting his mask slip just enough for us to see his real insidious nature.



    These are literally the death throes, a man called Hector is on his way with a stake to end our fun.

  12. The Pantaloon Duck on

    Dear Mr McCoist



    The names of those on the panel are kept confidential for a reason. The reason is to protect them from people like you.



    & oblige




  13. Don’t post that often, then post on link creator thread, then new article:( Anyway try again.



    UTV prelude to AT



    Love Jim Wilson contacting his solicitors…is that a William Hills bookie pen behind your ear?



    Good to see the bhoycott is going well:)

  14. I cannot see us being allowed to win on Sunday.



    I can see us losing 2 players to injury as make no mistake from fat Sally last night, he will have them booting us and Thomson will allow it to happen.



    What are the odds on Rangers flying in with 3 or 4 cardable offences with not a peep but the very first Celtic tackle gets a warning from Thomson?

  15. Weeminger,End of last article,I know what your saying,but it was a report on Rangers problems,can’t see the need to bring Celtic into it..Heard him do it on Clyde last week..He didn’t need to prove he’s not a fan of Both teams..It’s Scottish jorno’s style to say they support Hibs etc when we know fine well they are lying….

  16. paul67


    should mccoist


    be charged by the sfa


    with bringing the game into disrepute


    by question the integrity of the sfa


    effectively accusing them of bias


    17 game ban ???

  17. Division 3 is too good for them but it would be fun to see Alistair trying to get out of there.



    “Rangers title hopes were dealt a cruel blow as a late controversial penalty gave league leaders Elgin all three points in a field near Glasgow”




  18. I’m not sure that McCoist’s record would tempt a significant club to take a chance on him.



    He might actually relish the martyrdom of going down with his ship and struggling heroically in the murky depths of Division 3.



    He’d probably see some sort of nobility in it.



    Their self image is unbelievable.



    Far too profound to leave at the bottom of the last thread!

  19. j77 on 25 April, 2012 at 09:45 said:


    Have they ever been knocked out the FIRST round of the Scottish Cup?



    Berwick Rangers once put them out in the first round. Jock Wallace being in goal for Berwick. Can`t remember the year, obviously wasn`t an important year. Oh, wait a minute………I seem to recall it now. It was 1967

  20. The names are confidential so that some fkwit with 5 stars tattoed to his forehead from Ayrshire with an IQ to match doesn’t buy a bag on nails and some peroxide and try to assault you with it! Jeez, the stupidity of fat Sally.

  21. Don’t like independent panels do they? How could anyone be against a system where independent people look at all of the evidence then come to a fair and reasonable conclusion without outside influence … oh I see.



    I expect some sort of reduction on appeal. Reducing the fine doesn’t make much difference. So the ban? A half year ban is difficult bearing in mind transfer windows, but could be done. The ban could also be suspended.



    Still, with the two contracts stuff still to come we are not anywhere near finished yet. Oh no, the fun has only just started.

  22. 31003 on 25 April, 2012 at 09:44 said:


    As captain Mannering( I know its the wrong spelling)


    “You stupid boy” :0)

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