If not on the wing, where does Maeda find space?


Brendan Rodgers post-match press conference in Yokohama was interesting on two fronts.  Almost a year after sustaining a shoulder injury, the manager revealed Kyogo did not start the game as the same issue left him short of the fitness levels even his team-mates were at.  If the medics have not resolved the issue by now, it is likely Kyogo will have a persistent weakness in the joint.

A more positive note was struck when discussing Daizen Maeda, Rogers said, “I thought Daizen was outstanding. I like him more through the middle. I think he does a good job on the side, but there is a reason he plays for Japan through the middle.”

This could be taken for a platitude to a player who scored a hat-trick, but Brendan added detail, “I like players at the top end who can really press the game and Daizen can definitely do that.

“It’s just about adding to players’ development. Daizen is still a young player who can improve. Of course, his strength is running in behind, but sometimes there won’t always be that space. So, can we develop his game and get him into areas he can work the defenders?”

That last point is critical.  In 90% of Celtic’s domestic games there is no space for Daizen to exploit, at first pass, his greatest asset is unsuited to our game.  “Can we develop his game and get him into areas he can work the defenders?”

I have no idea what that will look like.  The best example of Daizen at Celtic was at Ibrox in January, when he ran through the opposition defence to open the scoring, but that game was ultimately rescued by the innate ability of Kyogo to find space inside the box.  When fit, Kyogo will remain out top striker this season.

It has been four years since Brendan watched a bank of five defenders on the edge of their box with another four a few yards in front, so close, they could almost hold hands, his memory of what’s in store may be more generous to our standard opponents than they deserve.  Working them is entirely desirable, I just don’t see where Daizen will do this, if not on the wing.

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  1. Brendan Rodgers has a real talent for dramatically improving players.


    Watching Maedas progress will be interesting.


    We need to strengthen central defence and improve our goalkeeper situation.


    No fear for our forwards, the will destroy our Scottish opponents.


    The real question is, are we going to improve our stature in Europe ?

  2. “And the dust is only just about now settling, after the Gothia Cup Under-18 match in Sweden was overshadowed by a mighty brawl-for-all between Götaholm and Mexican visitors Atletico Real Morelos



    Surely NO!!!



    por cierto

  3. I hust dont think BR is here to put 5 past Ross County or Kilmarnock.



    his second term must be to take us to the mythical “next level”…Europe. and for that job Diazen is a key figure

  4. The returnof weeron on

    Paul, Maeda may have answered your question (in part).



    He said that BR wants his striker to come deep, helping the midfield. That, in itself, asks a question of opposing defenders. Do they push up and stay tight? Or do they stay deep and leave room for a no. 10 to cause some havoc? We’ll see.



    It has to be said that Ange’s build up play was painfully slow over much of last season. A bit like basketball. Gain possession deep in your own half….pass the ball about until the opposition get all of their players back in a defensive shell….then carefully try and pass through/around them (where there is very little space).



    Transitions worked much faster in Ange’s first season. Think Abada..forward pass from midfield to Abada already motoring into space. No more than 2 touches, and a goal is scored, or at least a good chance created. Last season, Abada wasn’t as effective. Gaining possession on pass #12 of our basketball game, by which time he was 15 yards or less from the bye line. Surrounded by defenders, forced to pass back….



    Wednesday’s game. Abada bursting into space. Early pass from midfield, 3 goals,



    A quicker transition might be on the cards. Who knows?



    And while I’m at it….I will acknowledge that BR’s first 2 seasons went much the same as Ange’s. Season 1, think Sinclair getting away on an early pass, and creating or scoring. Season 2, the obligatory 9 passes to Lustig before we were allowed to cross the half-way line…and all of a sudden Sinclair was a ‘dud’.



    I would like to think, well, hope….that Brendan has added a few more ideas to his game plan. Defensive and offensive transition would be a good place to start….






  5. GREENAPINTA You are right about the invincible facilities all spin ,and for a club that’s supposed to be skint they at least accommodate their fans ie outside there stadium,the majority of our fans on match days have really no were to go ,and this why I think The Celtic Supporters Association should be putting forward these concerns about the treatment of the ordinary Celtic fans,but I forgot they get the away tickets and hospitality at home games as to keep them from rocking the boat ,a club built on charity,well it’s time charity begins for our supporters,so Paul start putting questions to this uncaring Celtic Directors or whatever name they come under .

  6. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from Kelly’s Bar. Where’s them super Friday signings?🤔

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Two low banks encountered domestically?



    Narrow spread our bank of attacking midfielders. (Typically four players) in front of their second bank.



    Narrow spread our attacking players between their two banks (three players)



    Execute the drill.



    Selected attacking midfielder shoots a bouncer.



    Our three attackers follow up the rebound


    (Just like the LA Lakers Showtime fast break, the guy that gets there first gets the score)



    Shooter and two other midfielders advance into space vacated by attackers (create chaos in the two banks)



    Fourth midfielder drops deeper at the point the shot is taken … in case of blocked shot to either


    – pick up rebound and recycle ball


    – become fourth man in four man defensive screen if opposition secure possession



    Nae bother this coaching lark?

  8. The other 10 players will impact on Maedas game. Do we have in house replacements for Jota and Mooy?


    Do we have signings lined up?


    Does our transfer policy seem to be a little slower than in previous years?


    Will CQN replies reference ‘bed wetting’ without actually considering the above? Hopefully not.

  9. Timbhoy,




    How many would the majority of our fans at home number?.40,000,50,000.Would take some size of a pub\ cafe to house that .Might be wrong but I would think the two Lounges would hold a comparable amount to Edmiston House.


    Hope you are god.

  10. Uncle Jimmy,



    No.We have got 4 in just now.The more expensive you go,the longer it takes.More teams interested.Agents all on speed dial.

  11. It is almost as if some people cannot accept we are a well run business. In profit with a strategy that delivers football objectives and financial stable results.



    Oh well.



    Think I will take a wee drive up to celtic park and barrowfield for a wander see where the monies are being spent.



    As an aside, did the Non Exec board members travel to Japan ? if they did why ? if they didnt good.

  12. MADRA RUA @ 12:11 pm,



    Agreed, Brendan Rodgers will develop several of our players to be much better.



    Meada has a wonderful talent that is worth it’s weight in gold in Europe.



    If we can pressurise UCL teams away from home, we restrict their ability to play out the back which most top teams like to do these days.



    We can also be a great danger on the break due to our pace up front. That means our opposition defence have to always be vigilante.



    Maybe it was because he was in familiar surroundings but Meada’s composure in front of goal and his finishing seemed much improved already.



    Agree with NOTTHEBUS @ 12:22 PM –



    We should forget about how we play most of our games domestically and just play OUR game.



    It’s a leaf we can take out of Ange’s book with a difference, be stronger in defence and more flexible with formations and tactically.



    We need four first team recruits that’s for sure but I feel BR and staff can improve our current squad to ensure, with the additions, we are competitive in Europe.



    Hail Hail

  13. garygillespieshamstring on

    Sevco new third strip from Castore has a strong resemblance to the uniform of the Swiss Guards.

  14. Tom McLaughlin on

    I wonder what is the point of Celtic announcing the opening of the Celtic Cafe Bar every day throughout the close season for supporters and families to enjoy drinks and snacks while visiting Celtic Park, because everybody seems to forget about it within a few days of said announcement.



    Funnily enough, they all seem to have no problem remembering what daily facilities are on offer at Ibrox.



    Dear oh dear.

  15. Tom McLaughlin on




    His first name MAIK is . . .






    Maybe we should call him Big Mick.

  16. Maeida in the striker role can only be used in Europe, pointless in the SPFL where we are up against a 10-man defence most weeks, and then he plays on the wing to stretch those deep defences, por cierto

  17. The returnof weeron on

    CHAIRBHOY on 21ST JULY 2023 1:29 PM….



    I don’t think we should be pressing the likes of Real Madrid. They’d just pass around us, find the space that our ‘pressers’ left open, and score the first of their 3 goals…..




    POR CIERTO on 21ST JULY 2023 2:45 PM……



    The 10 man defence would be a 5 or 6 man defence if we moved people and the ball quickly in our attacking transition. It becomes a 10 man defence because we dicker around and take a thousand passes (no exaggeration) before getting anywhere close to their box.






  18. Dear oh dear nothing.



    It was Celtic who made the announcement to great fanfare about the external redevelopment, museum and hotel complex.


    They have even had their plans approved by GCC.



    It wasn’t a CQNer who declared this. It was Celtic.



    So why is it such a negative to reiterate what the club themselves have stated.



    In the meantime the huns via our transportation facilitators have redeveloped an external building for match and non match events.



    Dear oh dear indeed.

  19. By Anges second season teams knew what to expect from Celtic and had a couple of examples of teams doing well against us. Or at least better.



    Any new-fangled notions of a high press were abandoned after getting hammered or watching teams getting. hammered by us



    The new blueprint was defend deep for 80 minutes, even if you’re two or three behind and hope to get a goal or two late on. Or go man for man in your own half with someone sitting on calmac.



    If you dont rarely win back possession in your own half with the opposition having committed numbers in attack there is no real transition. Or if you do and everyone is marked tight there’s little to be gained from a past someone with an opposition player up their behind.



    If. a team sits back on the edge other box in numbers theres little else to be done than move them around and look for spaces to open up

  20. talk of the new Korean midfielder playing in central defense – signing another 6ft CB – playing Iwata at right back – playing maeda at center forward. Over the years we had mcgregor at left back, Sutton at center back , biton at center back , Johnson at center forward, the list goes on.



    I get the need for flexibility, but why can’t we buy players to play in their specialist positions.



    Rangers focus on the spine from back to front (that their model and history) – Celtic buy hundred of wingers and work our way back to defense.



    was need goalkeeper – a big center back – a physical left back – a striker to hold the ball up ( maybe Oh – but Kyogo and maeda cannot hold the ball up – facts)



    Going into the season with some potentials is interesting and may be a masterstroke – trying to impact on Europe and win a league against as rangers team with new players who have played in decent leagues – we will need 2-3 players ready for 1st team action.



    We await – but so far we stink of complacency. Time will tell

  21. Just learned of the death of one of my Dad’s favourite singers: Tony Bennet. After away games, the bus often had a rendition of “I left my heart in San Francisco”.

  22. Tim McGlaughlan and STStives always having a dig at me ,just because I want our club to have better for the ordinary fans ,is that a crime ,as for ST Stives when you are up at Barrowfield there is a lane which leads to the River Clyde does a favor jump in .

  23. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    FRED COLON @ 2:11 PM



    Surely not another banking crisis 🤪






    Truly awful Fred.



    Sounds like something I would say.




  24. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Stebhoy – respectfully



    “R@ngers focus on the spine from back to front”



    … And the outcome of that approach is?




    “Celtic buy hundred of wingers and work our way back to defense.”



    … And the outcome of that approach is?

  25. bournesouprecipe on

    By the time the two Koreans put pen to paper next week we’ll have signed EIGHT players.



    What larks CSC

  26. Moderator1888 on

    Close season chaps, nothing to argue about RE football so it tends to be arguing with each other



    Keep the heid and don’t have a pop



    Or if you are gona have a pop do it in some funny creative and unique way



    That does not involve rivers and jumping in



    The blog has been amazing the last wee while



    Please keep it that way x

  27. Bigrailroadblues That St Stives always makes snide remarks to me ,I haven’t been rude to him on here ,but every time I mention Barrowfield he’s never of my case ,enoughs a enough

  28. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Celtic Star



    “Kyogo was also asked about his decision to sign a new long term contract with Celtic in the close-season, and as a consequence has he made up his mind to continue playing for Celtic.



    “Yes, exactly,” Kyogo replied. “There are a lot of people who believe in me and love me and need me. I was very happy when I was offered the contract extension and I want to continue to repay the favour with results.”



    So lucky to have him on board, thanks Ange!

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