Intoxicating in the Cup


Buckie is a long way from Glasgow in every sense.  It is part of the Westminster constituency of Moray, which has Douglas Ross as its MP (he draws a salary from both UK and Scottish parliaments, as well as the SFA).  It’s a farmin’, fishin’ and perhaps foulin’ (apols. P Lynott) community which has planned a day out in the big city to see Buckie Thistle take on Celtic in the Scottish Cup.

Thistle wear green and white hoops, a tradition apparently established when Celtic donated a set of strips last century.  Celtic were their opponents of choice to celebrate their centenary and travelled north four decades ago to play a church fundraiser.  The Grotto needs help too, you know, Celtic!

They currently sit fifth in the Highland League, but a Scottish Cup tie at Celtic Park is the equivalent of Champions League qualification; more money will pour into the Buckie coffers than has ever been seen in the Lanarkshire equivalent.

Their claims to fame might stop there were it not for Stephen King, one of the top selling fiction authors in history, referencing the club in a recent novel, then posing for this photo in team top and scarf.  King knew nothing about the club but chose it because of “it’s gorgeous name”.  Club brand mangers everywhere take note, Lanliq United is still available.

If Celtic don’t progress into the next round of the Cup on Sunday evening, even an intoxicant like Lanny will not be enough to soften the blow.  Safe journey to the estimated 5,000 on pilgrimage to Celtic Park.

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  1. bournesouprecipe on

    The Celtic contract doesn’t shrink to fit inferior players.



    Most Celtic supporters would like to see the transfer fees we pay go up, because they see that as buying better. So long as there is a new unique balance sheet, and highly successful players those expectations will grow. There’s pages and pages of what makes a good football contract, in its detail and duration.



    The length of a contract provides incentive to sign, giving the player security of earnings in fitness or even in injury. For Celtic it protects the ‘investment’ and let’s face it every Celtic player is an investment whether the mad fanatic in the Jungle, likes him or not. From the abominable Ajeti to always exiting Edouard all Celtic signings are commodities, never mad jungle supporters.



    Nicolas Kuhn had sure heard of Celtic, ( and Ajax or Bayern ) but there’s as much Celtic blood in his veins as there is in Barkas the great Greek statue, top of Celtic’s perceived budget cost, we should have gone to Specsavers.



    If the fee goes higher the player might be a loan with option to buy Edouard, Jota, Carter Vickers, Bernardo? lessons learned the hard way. Nothing new in floppy transfers ever since wee Fergus rode into town and met Mark Viduka who went on strike from day one. There are literally lorry loads of bang average players littering the new world transfer market, especially in close neighbourhood Premier League England, where even the King can’t wait to work doing comedy with his sidekick Queen.



    £10M perhaps, is the new entry level, basic model, bog standard top league football fee, but come to Parkhead and play in the shadow of the lions we’ll give you a castle, if you’ll be the new Henrik, we’ll even make you a King of Kings.



    God bless Celtic Glasgow ( and the option to buy clause )

  2. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all from the Vicky Bar. Let those good times roll bhoys. Never take them for granted. 👍

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    PB – Sevco settled their reneging on yet another contractual obligation … in part by agreeing to make the team available for friendlies.

  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Just watched Brendan’s media excruciation.



    IMHO, looked and sounded rested and relaxed.

  5. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Well,well just sat here thinking….is CCV,Kyogo and Matt going during this window….we ought to be told.


    Curious CSC.

  6. Prestonpans bhoys on





    I recall that settlement so does TEG arrange for friendly games and pot the cash but give FC Copenhagen appearance money from it?

  7. Prestonpans bhoys on

    This is the TEG agreement, forgot about touring the world for them until 2026 😁



    “The collaboration wil enable Rangers’ first team to tour international markets, such as North America, Far East Asia and the Middle East, in the years ahead.



    “Rangers Football Club is incredibly fortunate to have the most passionate and diverse supporter base in world football, and we are excited to bring our men’s first team to key international markets with the strong support of TEG as our partner.”

  8. One story commonly told in the north suggests that Celtic donated a set of their strips to Buckie after a match between the sides.



    However, Jags’ long-serving committee member and historian, Easton Thain, was saddened to discover that this urban myth has no truth in it.



    The Celts first wore the green and white hoops in 1903, five years before Buckie did.



    But the clubs’ first meeting wasn’t until 1913, leading Thain to discover the story about how his club first became cock-a-hoop about their kit.



    “It’s a lovely myth that we got the strip from Celtic but unfortunately it’s not the truth.



    “We started wearing the hoops in 1908,” he said.



    “As far as I recall there was a team in the town called Buckie Wednesday. They were shopkeepers and Wednesday was a half day for them so shopkeepers and businessmen played in this team and it eventually phased out.



    “Buckie Thistle absorbed them and they wore green and white hoops which had been worn by Buckie Wednesday (Jags used to wear black and white). How they got the strips in the first place, that is lost in the mist of time.”

  9. BURNLEY78 on 19TH JANUARY 2024 2:23 PM






    Celtic will sign the players who are available and who the manager wants, who will come to the club this window.




    Who rangers sign will not be a factor.










    I doubt if our board are watching the hun, they are skint anyway. Their ‘fans’ going to Spain at £7.5k was to raise cash, as was the recent friendly, then we have the extra Sky game which offers two PPV. And lastly the desperate attempts to cash in on their Turkish LB.




    All good fun though 😅🤣😂




    Is there a Celtic supporter anywhere who believes that if we were 12 to 15 points ahead of sevco right now we would be spending money and trying to improve our team. We would be trying to sell O’Riley or CCV. That is the way our club is run. Since forever.


    We had £72m in the bank at the end of June. Before season ticket money and champions league money. We are now in a dog fight for the league with sevco and the rich rewards available next season and we have spent in the region of £3m. They are skint and we are flush. We keep opening the door and inviting sevco through when we should be hammering them into the ground.


    Some Celtic supporters appear happy with what’s going on. I’m not one of them. This season is too close to call when it should be a foregone conclusion.

  10. GEEBEE1978 on 19TH JANUARY 2024 5:27 PM


    Girona to smash their record for MOR? Seems unlikely surely?




    Very unlikely MOR would want to go there.


    And don’t call me Shirley 😆😆😆

  11. Celtic should let Buckie wear the hoops on Sunday and it should ensure that we will win!!




    Easy ,the mib will give us all 50-50 tackles, we won’t be given offside unless very evident ,they’ll have a man sent off and we will be awarded 3 penalties!


    Oh and we’ll get loads of added on time if needed.







  12. Girona are owned by Man City.



    There chairman just happens to be Pep’s brother.



    And they are currently top of the league




    It’s true they are 47% owned by the City Group but they have been following a very prudent model and also have a La Liga spending cap of under £50m. They are one of the smallest spenders in Spain’s top flight and I just can’t imagine them spending 50% of the entire value of their squad on MOR.

  14. Tom McLaughlin on




    So as far as you are concerned, if we don’t have the league won before Christmas we have deliberately let Rangers off the hook. If we win the league by a few points after a season-long dogfight, we have failed miserably.



    I don’t think football is the sport for you. Try underwater tiddlywinks.

  15. Gerona are indeed part of the CFG. As are another 13 teams.


    I just don’t see MOR playing in a 14,000 capacity stadium with scaffolding stands.


    Imo that is not an upward move.



    We shall see.




  16. Westcraigs,


    On the transfer front,BR,very relaxed.If quality is available,we will be interested,right up to the last minute.January window notorious for last day transfers.


    We cannot stop the Hun winning against the other teams in our league.They are better.What matters is we beat them in our games.We have a much better team than them.No need to buy for the sake of buying.As it stands,in the summer,we could easily be down£ 16 million on Bernardo and keeper.Let’s se what we can unearth in the meantime.



  17. Everything speculation,but reports saying Bologna wanting £ 8 million for SVH,and at the same time wanting Rudi Vata,then if Celtic really wanted the striker,surely a deal could be worked out.


    And there is a LOT of speculation in that post.Made myself dizzy.

  18. scullybhoy



    Buckie Wednesday?


    That’s yesterday’s news!


    Or was it the day before?




  19. Off to watch our Sweethearts play.Hope that ginger Hun captain has a face like a well skelped arse again at the end.

  20. Celtic Women’s Team playing in Scottish Cup Tie on BBC Alba right now.


    We are the team wearing the Hoops

  21. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    I think you are worrying about nothing. Just relax and think back on all of those occasions when we strengthened from a position of strength. That’s sure to put you at ease :-)

  22. THE_HUDDLE on 19TH JANUARY 2024 6:34 PM



    Pep’s brother is also an agent and a shareholder in one of the biggest agencies.



    All very tidy

  23. Tom,



    Just how weak a player is the wee Chinese winger,Menglu.No pace,no strength.Need to be some turnaround here..


    Hate to see them win anything.We have about 5 passengers on the park tonight.Midfield shocking.

  24. Totally agree with BR,he said we’re still looking actively, but if the player and the value isn’t there,we wait,could sign squad fillers no thanks.

  25. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Stopped watching the women’s game after 10 minutes, watching Winter watch instead…..

  26. Just read,Celtic are No 1 club in the world for possession football.There’s a stat.Taken from 55 leagues Worldwide.

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