Intoxicating in the Cup


Buckie is a long way from Glasgow in every sense.  It is part of the Westminster constituency of Moray, which has Douglas Ross as its MP (he draws a salary from both UK and Scottish parliaments, as well as the SFA).  It’s a farmin’, fishin’ and perhaps foulin’ (apols. P Lynott) community which has planned a day out in the big city to see Buckie Thistle take on Celtic in the Scottish Cup.

Thistle wear green and white hoops, a tradition apparently established when Celtic donated a set of strips last century.  Celtic were their opponents of choice to celebrate their centenary and travelled north four decades ago to play a church fundraiser.  The Grotto needs help too, you know, Celtic!

They currently sit fifth in the Highland League, but a Scottish Cup tie at Celtic Park is the equivalent of Champions League qualification; more money will pour into the Buckie coffers than has ever been seen in the Lanarkshire equivalent.

Their claims to fame might stop there were it not for Stephen King, one of the top selling fiction authors in history, referencing the club in a recent novel, then posing for this photo in team top and scarf.  King knew nothing about the club but chose it because of “it’s gorgeous name”.  Club brand mangers everywhere take note, Lanliq United is still available.

If Celtic don’t progress into the next round of the Cup on Sunday evening, even an intoxicant like Lanny will not be enough to soften the blow.  Safe journey to the estimated 5,000 on pilgrimage to Celtic Park.

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  1. There’s a feel good story about our loanee to St Mirren



    Stephen Robinson well pleased about his talent and his presence about the squad….



    We might get a confident talent back after his spell with the buddies. 🤞

  2. Rats , I missed the first half of the Japan game .


    Iraq winning 2-0 .


    Daizen and Reo on the bench .

  3. MARSPAPA re: juices flowing from yesterday



    Will watch when I get into the office. Few inches of snow here overnight.



    I also may have over served myself for a school night. Nice wee podium you have there, shame of something happened to it.

  4. Speaking of cold weather. I see the rags are saying we are braced for a gargantuan offer for O’Riley from Italy.



    Aye, right ye are.

  5. AT,


    Who rattled your cage.You dont like,scroll by.You just stay in your wee,seemingly cloudy haze,where you think your sorting out the worlds problems,in your garbled manner.There’s a good boy.

  6. APPLE



    I Put your name up as a podium doesn’t look right without it 🤣



    A bit like when JOBO would tell us the in the morning about the weather outside. ……



    People often wouldn’t get out of bed till they saw his post.



  7. Looking forward to the beginning of 4 months make or break football. I fancy us to power on.



    Let’s give CalMac a day off though this weekend.

  8. No worries Tonkaboy


    Try original thought for once,i know i know,difficult concept der der


    You heard it here first

  9. It’s been a slow window. No surprise there. I think we are waiting to see what sevco do and then we’ll react. If sevco do nothing I think we’ll do nothing. If the people who run our club think we have a 50:50 chance as things stand we will go with what we have.


    I wonder how much we had in the bank at the end of December?

  10. AN TEARMANN on 19TH JANUARY 2024 1:50 PM









    That was before you took up your Picasso like talents :-))













    I think you’ve misheard someone Shouting Picasso…



    More like someone shouting….



    BIG ARSEHOLE!! 😂😂😂👍

  11. Westcraigs



    Celtic will sign the players who are available and who the manager wants, who will come to the club this window.



    Who rangers sign will not be a factor.

  12. Back in a sunny Kingdom of Fife via Istanbul last night.



    Good to see Reo getting international minutes and an assist against a strong opponent today.



    This result opens it up a wee bit. Depending on how other matches go.

  13. I see Rishi Sunak involved in the female football punditry debate !



    With Rwanda and Palestine and Red Sea and the economy and the rest he may want to consider other more important issues.



    That said I do think there are good and bad female and male commentators. Cricket, as a sport, for me has the best female commentators in my personal view. Incredible given what a ‘boys club’ it once seemed to be. Tennis also has some very strong women summarising and commentating. I don’t find the football lady Aluko who has been in the news recently to be a very good commentator or expert summariser at all. I also think there is a real mix of capability amongst all football commentators (male and female) these days. Some really bad and only a few who add much.

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Fred Colon – cheers.



    Not ideal but with Daizen and Reo coming back from medium and long term injuries respectively …. Japan duty, training intensity and some game time … isn’t the worst thing.



    Hopefully they come back raring to go.

  15. Prestonpans bhoys on




    I doubt if our board are watching the hun, they are skint anyway. Their ‘fans’ going to Spain at £7.5k was to raise cash, as was the recent friendly, then we have the extra Sky game which offers two PPV. And lastly the desperate attempts to cash in on their Turkish LB.



    All good fun though 😅🤣😂

  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Was the FC Copenhagen game arranged as part of the Sydney Cup settlement?

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