Intoxicating in the Cup


Buckie is a long way from Glasgow in every sense.  It is part of the Westminster constituency of Moray, which has Douglas Ross as its MP (he draws a salary from both UK and Scottish parliaments, as well as the SFA).  It’s a farmin’, fishin’ and perhaps foulin’ (apols. P Lynott) community which has planned a day out in the big city to see Buckie Thistle take on Celtic in the Scottish Cup.

Thistle wear green and white hoops, a tradition apparently established when Celtic donated a set of strips last century.  Celtic were their opponents of choice to celebrate their centenary and travelled north four decades ago to play a church fundraiser.  The Grotto needs help too, you know, Celtic!

They currently sit fifth in the Highland League, but a Scottish Cup tie at Celtic Park is the equivalent of Champions League qualification; more money will pour into the Buckie coffers than has ever been seen in the Lanarkshire equivalent.

Their claims to fame might stop there were it not for Stephen King, one of the top selling fiction authors in history, referencing the club in a recent novel, then posing for this photo in team top and scarf.  King knew nothing about the club but chose it because of “it’s gorgeous name”.  Club brand mangers everywhere take note, Lanliq United is still available.

If Celtic don’t progress into the next round of the Cup on Sunday evening, even an intoxicant like Lanny will not be enough to soften the blow.  Safe journey to the estimated 5,000 on pilgrimage to Celtic Park.

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  1. HOTSMOKED , from earlier


    Exaggerated, spot on. But we can all see the agenda. Soon the girls will be wanting the same wages as the guys, and knowing how stupid society is, they will bloody well get too




  2. Kinglubo



    SFA chief guy was saying as much after a few drinks at the golf in the summer.



    Women’s team costs Scotland a serious amount. More than they will make from men’s team this season ….. which is a good one.

  3. !!BADA BING!! on 20TH JANUARY 2024 11:54 AM


    Great to see that prk Beale getting torched at FT last night👍



    BADA, I know they were beaten (again), but what happened? I have a mate who lives in Sunderland and is a season ticket holder and I warned him that Beale was, as you allude, a prk! At first he thought it might be a good signing because of what he had heard/read through the media, but lately he had been coming round to my way of thinking.



    Ave Ave

  4. Emerald- boos ringing round the stadium at FT,which he’s well used to,3 defeats in a row….

  5. glendalystonsils on

    On the subject of women’s football , personally I have no interest in it . I’m not chauvinistic , it just doesn’t appeal to me in the same way that watching Emmerdale doesn’t appeal to me . There are very few sports in which women can compete favourably with men unless you have a keen interest in show jumping or dressage .



    I’m fine with women football pundits on telly , as most seem to know their stuff ,and let’s face it …..if KrisBoyd can get a gig ….

  6. Problem as I see it, is the lack of balls amongst the men running the show. Just say NO, deal with it !!!



    Gone too far now though




  7. I’m sure the TV deal for the Wummans football in England, will be far more than ours…



  8. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Vicky Bar. Racing and football in store. It’s a hard life. 🍻

  9. Kinglubo


    In an international team all the players are paid the same amount so it’s possible to give equal pay between the men’s and women’s teams.


    However in club football every player negotiated their own contract so there’s no case for equal pay.

  10. bigrailroadblues on

    Think I’ll have to seek advice from Big Jimmy for my football and racing bets. Dearie me. 🙄

  11. What bugs me, and they got away with it too, is women’s tennis wanted equal pay but still only play 3 sets of tennis.


    You don’t see many women going down coal mines do you ?


    Then , they get into mens is there right, but get bitchy when a man makes a sexist remark.



    The world is mad I tell you, you heard it here first




  12. I’m watching Norwich v West Brom at the moment..


    Jed Wallace on the Norwich right wing can put in a mean early cross.


    It’s on Norwich Tv. They use BBC Norwich radio for commentary and it’s brilliant. Like tv commentary back in the ‘70s…ie….describing every passage of play on the park, naming the player on the ball or making the tackle….and ABSLOOTLY no WAFFLE. Sky Sports, TNT and the rest take note

  13. The following is for supporters who have long complained about the governance of Scottish football and want to do something about changing it.



    The BBC reported on an Open Letter from The Scottish Football Supporters Association to Ian Maxwell CEO of the SFA as follows:




    Independent Scottish football watchdog to be debated by MSPs



    By Chris McLaughlin


    BBC Scotland sports news correspondent


    The possibility of Scottish football having an independent regulator is to be debated by MSPs.



    Fan groups, backed by former First Minister Henry McLeish, believe the move is needed to safeguard the game.



    The UK government announced last year that it would introduce a watchdog to oversee the game in England.



    A cross-party group has been pushing the idea in Scotland and a motion put forward by MSP Ben MacPherson will be debated in the coming weeks.



    The full scope of English football’s regulator is to be determined but will focus on the sustainability of the game, fan interests and safeguarding club ownership.



    Football regulation: What does it mean for the Scottish game?


    Football regulator: UK government confirms new independent body


    Independent regulator for football outlined in King’s Speech


    MPs at Westminster gave the go-ahead after a fan-led review and fears over a break-away Super League.



    News of the debate at Holyrood was followed by an open letter from the Scottish Football Supporters Association (SFSA) to the chief executive of the SFA, Ian Maxwell.



    The group, which has been pushing for an independent regulator, accused the head of the governing body of disrespect after claiming he dismissed the findings of its fans’ survey last year.



    The poll of 2,500 supporters found fans wanted greater transparency and more representation at the highest level of the Scottish game.



    Mr Maxwell answered questions on the possibility of an independent regulator at Holyrood’s health, social care and sport committee in December.



    He pointed to huge differences between the game north and south of the border and described Scottish football governance as “robust” in dealing with financial issues.


    He also said the views of fans and other stakeholders were always taken into consideration by the governing bodies.



    But in the open letter, SFSA head Stuart Murphy accused the SFA chief of ignoring the report’s findings.



    He said: “I found the attempt to undermine a report put together over a long period of time, with wide involvement across the game, particularly disappointing and disrespectful.



    “In fact, it is wholly incorrect.



    “The report was compiled following a comprehensive engagement process with stakeholder consultation across Scottish football.”



    The SFA has been approached for comment.





    That Open Letter has been broadcast by Phil Mac Giolla Bhain at





    and in this follow up blog he sets out what can be done to influence the debate the BBC refer to





    The point of emailing your MSP as requested is to inform them of your views before the debate, based on this motion lodged at the Scottish Parliament in November by MSP Ben MacPherson. Enhancing Scottish Football (See end) , takes place.



    You can use the template provided drawing on the SFSA Fans Review and points 1 to 3 emphasised in Phil’s follow up blog and oft discussed in the past.



    There will never be a better opportunity to change the environment of secrecy that allows the SFA to operate as it does (the 5WA. cost to taxpayer for example)



    It will only take a small amount of your time to read the material at the links, check your MSPs e mail address on link provided via Phil , and e mail him/her with your views.



    After years of complaining now is the opportunity to bring about much needed change at Hampden





    Motion Enhancing Scottish Football to be debated by Scottish Government at a date to be confirmed, so time to influence and inform your MSPs beforehand.



    Enhancing Scottish Football


    Submitted by: Ben Macpherson, Edinburgh Northern and Leith, Scottish National Party.


    Date lodged: Friday, 03 November 2023


    Motion reference: S6M-11073


    Current status: Achieved cross-party support



    That the Parliament celebrates what it sees as a current successful period for the Scottish national football teams; believes that, collectively as a nation, Scotland should seek to build on this progress and achievement, and therefore make further improvements to realise even more of Scotland’s footballing potential, including in the Edinburgh Northern and Leith constituency; recognises, with its determination to seek to enhance Scottish football at all levels, the work of the Scottish Football Supporters Association (SFSA) by initiating, coordinating and publishing a fan-led review of the game in Scotland, titled Rebuilding Scottish Football: A Fan Led Review of The Game in Scotland, which was published in June 2023; notes that the SFSA-sponsored review includes recommendations for strengthening and extending the role of football as a sport that is accessible to all in the population who wish to engage and participate, as a major cultural industry for the nation, as a means for encouraging positive social change, and as a source of substantial individual and community benefit especially in relation to physical and mental wellbeing; further notes the issues raised in the fan-led review and the belief that there are shared merits to considering these on a collaborative, cross-party basis with stakeholders, and, in particular, with the Scottish Football Association (SFA) and Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL); notes the key recommendation of the fan-led review that the governance, finance and conduct of Scottish football would benefit from independent scrutiny and, as necessary, appropriate regulation, which it understands is being undertaken in England and discussed within and amongst football communities worldwide, and acknowledges calls for there to be further consultation on the future development of Scottish football, including its oversight and governance, for the benefit of the continued enhancement of Scottish football.




    Supported by: Karen Adam, Clare Adamson, Jackie Baillie, Colin Beattie, Neil Bibby, Sarah Boyack, Miles Briggs, Keith Brown, Maggie Chapman, Foysol Choudhury, James Dornan, Annabelle Ewing, Murdo Fraser, Kenneth Gibson, Clare Haughey, Bill Kidd, Douglas Lumsden, Gordon MacDonald, Fulton MacGregor, Gillian Mackay, Ruth Maguire, John Mason, Stuart McMillan, Oliver Mundell, Audrey Nicoll, Willie Rennie, Alex Rowley, Mark Ruskell, David Torrance, Evelyn Tweed, Tess White, Brian Whittle

  14. AULDHEID on 20TH JANUARY 2024 3:43 PM



    *love these keep the coming as although I am 3.5k miles and almost half a century away my heart is still in the highlands, well no the highlands but the bonnie bonnie banks, as for the sfa, they have hated us since along with Renton FC we helped create the Scottish League removing some of their powers, but unfortunately not enough including player registration and match officials.



    Renton was expelled after 5 games for breaching the regulations against professionalism, by playing against St Bernard’s, who had been found guilty of concealed professionalism, we had done the same thing but by that time were too big to expel, however, the SFA have never liked us since then for taking away their power over the national game.

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