Intoxicating in the Cup


Buckie is a long way from Glasgow in every sense.  It is part of the Westminster constituency of Moray, which has Douglas Ross as its MP (he draws a salary from both UK and Scottish parliaments, as well as the SFA).  It’s a farmin’, fishin’ and perhaps foulin’ (apols. P Lynott) community which has planned a day out in the big city to see Buckie Thistle take on Celtic in the Scottish Cup.

Thistle wear green and white hoops, a tradition apparently established when Celtic donated a set of strips last century.  Celtic were their opponents of choice to celebrate their centenary and travelled north four decades ago to play a church fundraiser.  The Grotto needs help too, you know, Celtic!

They currently sit fifth in the Highland League, but a Scottish Cup tie at Celtic Park is the equivalent of Champions League qualification; more money will pour into the Buckie coffers than has ever been seen in the Lanarkshire equivalent.

Their claims to fame might stop there were it not for Stephen King, one of the top selling fiction authors in history, referencing the club in a recent novel, then posing for this photo in team top and scarf.  King knew nothing about the club but chose it because of “it’s gorgeous name”.  Club brand mangers everywhere take note, Lanliq United is still available.

If Celtic don’t progress into the next round of the Cup on Sunday evening, even an intoxicant like Lanny will not be enough to soften the blow.  Safe journey to the estimated 5,000 on pilgrimage to Celtic Park.

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  1. Tom McLaughlin on

    Chloe Craig sent the Gers keeper the wrong way. Woman commentator said, “It wasn’t the most convincing of penalties.”




  2. 1-1.



    Huge ginger Sevco brute clubs the ball into the back of the net after a skirmish in the 6 yard box.

  3. 1-2






    If this is what womens football is like all the time, it’s time it was knocked on the head.



    Under 10 stuff.

  4. SLUR OR NOT? Court ‘wrong’ to rule that using word ‘Hun’ for Rangers fans is sectarian – as top sheriff to make final decision



    Thank fek for that ,GO HOME YA HUN

  5. Our centre half (who incidentally gives away a unnecessary penalty to Sevco ) is a good centre half ,The new coach will see how small some of the girls are ,incidentally we’re do the girls do there training,do they have access to Lennoxtown on the indoor trading facilities up their.

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    PB earlier re TEG contract – cheers.



    “The collaboration wil enable Rangers’ first team to tour international markets, such as North America, Far East Asia and the Middle East, in the years ahead”



    Didn’t know the above or that the contract runs until 2026.



    I speculated idly about Copenhagen game and without facts …. and got it wrong.

  7. Think the Scum game will be off tomorrow.Lashing rain all night.1pm inspection.Which would be nice.

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Have they ever honoured any contract?🤔😂





    BRRB – Lol.



    In their 12 years of existence I’ve witnessed them treating every business relationship with somewhere between indifference and total contempt …. EXCEPT one.



    Sly Sports.

  9. Prestonpans bhoys on




    No problem our discussions does have benefits (a) they are defo skint and (b) their future summer excursions are , if they are lucky, giving them penny’s




  10. Democratic choice as a citizen excercising his inalienable right to freedom and liberty …woman’s football …Celtic or otherwise ..,not for me 🤔👍

  11. Second point …,Celts never underestimate your enemies and their propensity to shape shift 🍀

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    TURKEYBHOY on 19TH JANUARY 2024 10:33 PM


    Think the Scum game will be off tomorrow.Lashing rain all night.1pm inspection.Which would be nice.






    That would indeed be a bonus.



    Next round scheduled for weekend of 10-Feb (3 weeks from now).



    SPFL Match day 25 has already been brought forward to midweek of 06/07 Feb to accommodate.



    So limited opportunities to reschedule unplayed league fixtures.

  13. Good morning a ll from a sorry, soaking Garngad 2 degrees, not as cold though.



    Mon the Son’s against sevco, if on.



    D. :)

  14. “CARPE DIEM 63 on 20TH JANUARY 2024 12:12 AM


    Democratic choice as a citizen excercising his inalienable right to freedom and liberty …woman’s football …Celtic or otherwise ..,not for me 🤔”



    On this subject, I offered the view that Arbroath , or any men’s team playing at that level, would beat the best Women`s team very comfortably ( I actually said by about ten goals but that was just to make my point).


    I was soundly ridiculed !!!

  15. Bhoy on Celtic Star this morning saying the Ghirls team suffering the same as bhoys team with a lack of investment,

  16. 12-0 to Wrexham and, apparently ,they only played 40 minutes .



    PS I am not ante Womens football ( I actually ran one at school) but I am not in favour of what I see as a wild exaggeration of the standard and the subtle pretense by commentators that it is of a similar level to that of the Men`s game.

  17. Weather Forecast for our game tomorrow looks pretty bad.


    A, shame, really as I was hoping for the best crowd possible for Buckie.


    Another hope is that I can find a dry seat as mine is at the very edge of where the rain falls !


    A final hope is that the wind doesn`t affect my journey over much!


    Cheerio for now.

  18. The female game will continue to grow exponentially in relevance and exposure, as that is the clear path and aim set out by those who drive and administer that game.



    The media are right behind this and the inclusion now of so many female pundits and commentators in the men’s game is providing a further lever in all gender aspects of football’s overall profile.



    Any step to deny women the right to play in the home stadium (imagine playing 2,3,4 games a week at Celtic Park) of the club they represent will be met by accusations of discrimination “we are all footballers employed with the club”. In time the same argument will be used to force clubs to split the football budget equally between the men’s and women’s squad….again the “we are all footballers employed by the club and deserve equal treatment and benefits” argument will be used. The case on all of the above has already been won by women’s squads all over the world at national level and will inevitably ‘filter-down’ to clubs, i.e. the principal has now been established, only the timescale is in doubt.



    Parity in all aspects with men’s football is the stated aim of all those running the women’s game, and okay it may not come overnight, but persistence and constant referral to discrimination will ensure that, in the long run, it will be achieved, with the courts most probably playing a significant part.



    It is not hard to imagine the impact of cutting the football budget in half, in order to facilitate the women’s squad, would affect a club like Celtic. It find it hard enough to compete in the crazy transfer market under present circumstances, with 50% less to spend it would be more of a back number.



    It may well be that many clubs, especially in Scotland and tiers under the EPL, will decide that running a full-on women’s team is therefore not in their interest, and move to an arm’s length, or, franchise operation could be considered, with the women’s squad retaining a version of their name and colours. This would have to be done sooner rather than later because the longer and deeper embedded the women’s team becomes, the harder it will be to mount any reasonable defence should discrimination cases come to court, …..and over time, come to court they will.



    So that is the conundrum facing clubs as the women’s game hurries along the road to equality. I take no sides in this important and developing situation, I merely point out the direction and strength of a prevailing and persistent wind.

  19. Yeh Darwin/Cloud9/Jhb and all your other fake monikers.some of which may be wimmin or in between types



    Did you not forward a laughable study of this containing your own made up assumptions,made up figures and made up conclusions?telling posters who questioned your highly dodgy and unverified figures as faecal matter.



    You still phonin-grifter George Tommy?



    Walika salaam ya hillbilly bam



    Pity those refugees we remember you being opposed to dont get tbe same chance at equality as your forebears did

  20. In any physical or contact sport woman cannot compete with men on an equal basis. Not just football.


    That is why we have and must maintain separate sporting events.



    This is not misogynistic or any other accusation that can be flung, it is a biological fact.



    Look at Tennis where Serena Williams stated she couldn’t beat any man rated in the top 100.


    This was after her 4th Wimbledon title gained without dropping a single set.



    However you don’t need physicality to be a commentator. You have some cracking female’s commentating or anchoring the mens games.




  21. In the summer of 1980 I was working in Sweden and played for a 4th tier team called FC Udevalla. We played the Swedish and East German national ladies teams in a competition in Norway.



    The games were 45 mins long only as we played 3 games per day over 2 days and I recall we won both games quite comfortably 4 or 5 nil. The 5 men’s teams in the competition all played with 9 players vs 11 for the 3 ladies teams (Norway also played but not in our group) .



    The winners of the competition actually were Elfsborg Boras men’s team. A forerunner to the team Celtic played in a CL qualifier. They were in a lower tier back then.



    The Swedes and the East Germans were regarded as the best in the world for ladies soccer back then.



    We finished 3rd in the competition over all and I do recall it was a very enjoyable weekend on and off the park.

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