It’s not just about genius


“People don’t realise how hard he trains or how much he works at it” – Kieran Tierney, talking about Leigh Griffiths. Therein lies a story. One young player, who has worked enormously on his development, recognising the efforts of our other clear success story from this season.

Anyone who believes there is a consistency in the application at training of professional footballers is misinformed. Some are there early and/or stay late to work on their own. Some breeze in at the last minute and never hang around to run, lift or practice with a ball after formal training ends.

The club provides players with breakfast and lunch, but can’t monitor their evening meals or snacks. Or more. Some don’t need to be monitored, others do.

In three months we’ll watch thousands of dedicated athletes, swimmers and sportspeople of many disciplines, pretty much all who work on their development 24×365. Some live lives in the margin of early rises and hermit-like lifestyles. Most footballers live a different reality.

Things are changing at Celtic – and have been going on since before the Ronny era. Players like Kieran Tierney have been brought up to understand the importance of lifestyle and hard work. For years, young players’ attitude has been a major factor in determining if Celtic will retain their services.

Success is not just about inherent genius.


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  1. They’re all so engrossed with themselves they don’t realise new article has been posted… ;-)

  2. Why did SFA lawyers mention Celtic in a court case today that has nothing to do with us?

  3. prestonpans bhoys on




    Think everyone is waiting for the promised”big story” or was it “big picture”

  4. Talking of geniuses…



    Now, the following should not be misunderstood as a desire that Ronny should have stayed. I’m relieved that we’re changing manager. Nevertheless –


    League games


    Ronny Played, Pts 77, GD 53 – in the SPL


    The Magic Hat P35, Pts 80, GD 54 – in the Championship


    Chalk and cheese right enough, a genius and a dud if you believe most of the SMSM

  5. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    Toor A Loo



    It sounds like a giruy to the Res12 bhoys.



    Want to see a positive reaction from Celtic PLC in the coming days/ months but not holding my breath.



    Fluffy squirrels CSC







  6. Oops –



    Ronny Played 34, Pts 77, GD 53 – in the SPL



    The Magic Hat Played 35, Pts 80, GD 54 – in the Championship



    Oot for a walk, now that the snow’s cleared…

  7. I think what we are seeing is a closing of the circle (Masonic reference intended!)




    “Rangers” are back – de facto if not de jure. This was always going to happen and in many ways I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner (via a restructure of the leagues system into 2 divisions instead of 4).




    Celtic’s lack of voice over the “same club” myth, and – more seriously IMHO – the mis-registration of dozens of players over many season – tells me that our club long ago decided to tacitly approve this resurrection. A calculation was made that we needed them, financially and in a corporate branding sense, and that as a result we would do as little as possible to disrupt their path up the leagues.




    If it hadn’t been for fans’ outrage, I’m sure Celtic would have acquiesced to Sevco going straight into the SPL post liquidation.




    The authorities and Celtic are preparing to resume the narrative of the OF as if 2012 was little more than a bad dream.




    But we – and fans of other clubs – will always know the truth. That Sevco is a new club. They are destined to walk the footballing world with that mark of cain upon them.

  8. Toor A Loo on 28th April 2016 1:28 pm



    SMSM will now link him with Celtic in 3….2…..1……

  9. Todays blog about professionals training & work ethic makes me think about Mamadou Sakho at Liverpool who I was reading about at lunchtime. According to today’s Guardian Sakho isn’t challenging the doping findings in his A sample, where there were reportedly traces of a fat burning substance. Had me thinking why a 26 year old professional athlete involved in a regular training regime & playing elite sport would need to use fat burners. Never mind the risks of using a banned substance.

  10. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on




    I too eagerly await the big picture article promised last week…


    I think we are interested to see if we share the same big picture..?

  11. Italiabhoy: They are destined to walk the footballing world with that mark of cain upon them.



    At least that’s consistent with the old club so I guess some things did transfer after all.

  12. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    ernie lynch @ 1:03 ( Previous article).



    That was very,very good. I am surprised I have not seen it before. Perhaps I lived in England too long!


    Thanks for posting it anyway.




  13. Toor A Loo on 28th April 2016 1:34 pm



    and Paddy Power cut his odds to 4/1 (3rd fav)

  14. MACJAY1 FOR NEIL LENNON on 28TH APRIL 2016 1:15 PM


    NATKNOW on 28TH APRIL 2016 1:12 PM




    The superb …..



    ” Withnail and I .”








    Indeed. One of many great lines delivered by Richard Griffiths playing “Uncle Monty”… :-)))

  15. I don’t doubt that what Paul says is true. But we don’t look demonstrably fitter than any other Scottish side. Some contributors last night commented on the willingness of the Atletico forwards Sprint back to assist the defence. We do nothing like that.

  16. James Forrest ( from previous article)






    “it’s a lie. You can surrender the ground on it as you like”






    Quite right on the ‘same club’ fantasy.



    And what happens next season when that nonsense encroaches on the Celtic brand,as a business (can’t say ‘sporting’ can I?) rival with whom we wil be in direct competition next season, claims to be Scotland’s ‘most successful club’, aiming hilariously for title 55 in its 4 year existence?



    No surrender to The Big Lie!



    Er, maybe that slogan needs a bit of work.



    Hail! Hail!

  17. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Any info doing the rounds about what’s visiting


    the winner’s enclosure at Punchestown?

  18. It was stated in Court today that SARS had issued a ‘Certificate of Good Standing’ about Dave King. So tax problems in South Africa had no bearing on ‘fit and proper’.



    Will some in our support say it was Peter Lawwell and the board who issued it to bring back King and Rangers

  19. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    NATKNOW on 28TH APRIL 2016 1:39 PM



    Magnificent actors.


    Every one.

  20. NATKNOW on 28TH APRIL 2016 1:39 PM



    He was on the telly last night in the History Boys.



    I noticed that in the sequence showing the Boys cramming for their exams the fat one was shown eating a Tunnochs Tea Cake.



    English basturts.

  21. MACJAY1 FOR NEIL LENNON on 28TH APRIL 2016 1:51 PM


    NATKNOW on 28TH APRIL 2016 1:39 PM




    Magnificent actors.



    Every one.




    Great script too and it was very well executed. One of my faves.



    If you have the time/inclination you can read The Peculiar Memories of Thomas Penman written by the director, Bruce Robinson…

  22. MACJAY1 FOR NEIL LENNON on 28TH APRIL 2016 1:51 PM



    The script is available as a book.



    The introductory essay by Bruce Robinson is very poignant.

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