Juve let heart rule the head


Were you impressed by how smartly Juventus opened last night, pressing Barcelona into conceding a corner?  It was an ambitious opening.  In the days after we beat Barcelona in 2012 one journalist took all sorts of abuse online for recoiling against the suggestion Celtic put on a ‘brave’ performance.

He conceded Celtic’s was a brilliant performance, but defending your 18 yard line was more sensible than brave.  What Juventus did last night, pressing Barcelona, leaving space at the back, was brave.  It was foolish too.

Juventus are a remarkable team and have just completed one of the best seasons in their history.  They had a right to think they could have a go at Barcelona.  They came close too, for a while after they equalised Barca were penned back, but the game turned when Lionel Messi found 50 yards of space ahead of him.  You can’t leave Messi with that sort of freedom.

Three minutes into the game Juventus fans would have been encouraged, they had already forced Barca back and made an attempt at goal but the cost of all this expansionism was space in their own box.  Even this great Juventus team should have gone into yesterday’s game knowing their limitations.

If they played within them, were they good enough to sneak a win against Barcelona?  Quite possibly.

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  1. I witnessed Wiggins doing an interview.



    I don’t trust him at all, I may be wrong.



    The hour is late efter all.

  2. itscalledthemalvinas on

    My old PE teacher was shown the door for having the nerve to marry a catholic while playing for the deadsters ! John Little played left back in the sixties and was also capped for Scotland.


    Great guy and never a hun.



    Thank you Willie waddle, jock Wallace and John greig for maintaining the sectarian policy. It harmed them more than it harmed us.

  3. Queen Elizabeth twitter account complaining that agcr didn’t recognise her two birth days this year him being a republic but managed to award his pedrocaravachio brother two in a row.







    Don’t go driving in any tunnels.

  4. Leftclicktic



    I wasn’t having a go at you sir I was only giving my own view of our own club.

  5. leftclicktic on



    Didn’t think for a second you were having a go at me Sir,:)))


    good night all


    Hospital in the morning again hoping to keep my “Big Shoe” and not get a stookie.


    whits life came tae :))))))))))))))))))

  6. Old Tim



    Second qualifying round, first leg 14–15/07/15


    Second qualifying round, second leg 21–22/07/15


    Third qualifying round, first leg 28–29/07/15


    Third qualifying round, second leg 04–05/08/15


    Play-off round, first leg 18–19/08/15


    Play-off round, second leg 25-26/08/15



    Don’t know whether home or away legs though, but pretty sure our home leg for second qualifier is the return leg




  7. I am a proper leftie.



    Left handed, left fitted.



    Its true that all the greatest artists, architect s , geniuses and dictators were all left handed.



    Adolf, Joseph steel, Mao see tongue. All of us.



    I salute you.



    Right handed dafties get in line for substigation.



    I am in charge, paddy McCourt is second in command.



    The rest of you, go find a handsome hun, then I might let you in the palace.

  8. Hamiltontim.



    I’ll have to wait until the 22nd for the draw to come through,the dates are fine.I was going to book the three games but I think It’ll have to be individually,but thanks for your help.

  9. Citibhoy Shoulder to Shoulder with Neil Lennon on

    Lily’ s



    I’ll pass the message on.







  10. Been working away recently so missed the sevco embarrassment fall out but caught the Clyde phone in show on podcast from Monday night with BFDJ and keevins, if you missed it it’s worth a listen.


    DJ like most Huns are stuck in the past, when asked about a new manager he brings up john Grieg and Walter myth and how they should have a say in who they bring in, football has moved forward they two are stuck in the dark ages, when asked about scouting he names albertz, laudrup and some ex American players and says the huns should ask them to phone up if they see anybody half decent, what kind of scouting system is that ??


    Everything they do is connected to the past.


    Right now we are so far a head of them they should never get near us again, if we continue on the road were on we are un-catchable and some supporters don’t like Peter lawwell but he does his job 100% on the button.


    What a great time to support the hoops, let’s enjoy it HH

  11. Hun skelper,



    Lawwell cost us £20M CL money last season. £30M at stake this season. Let’s see if he backs the manager.



    If he does not , and we are down £50M due to his tactical approach— then there are 50 million reasons why he should be sacked.



    Lawwell will try and punt VIrgil before the last qualifier—-and dress it up as deal of the century.

  12. itscalledthemalvinas,



    I wonder if you’re a Paisley bhoy? I knew Johnny Little as a colleague and I agree with you, he was a total gentleman.




  13. latchford



    Don’t post often now, usually just let the nonsense wash over, but just felt the need to say RUBBISH. Probably the Uigeadail dictating )).

  14. Morning Timland from a hun free mountain valley.



    Thot Ireland did good today, up against the cream of the crop that the epl can muster, well done MoN.



    At the end of the day, a hun is a hun, no matter, they choose to play for them, they indulge in their sectarian life, and you expect me to feel for them, sorry, not in my world.



    I will sleep well, trust me on that, and I need not a tin hat for saying it, they are the problem, always have been, always will be, feck them, and \i mean that from the bottom of my heart.










    I said two years ago,after PL hung NL out to dry,that he got lucky and had better learn from it.



    He didn’t. Last year was even worse!



    Personally I doubt he has learned from that either,and await the end of August with some trepidation. I’ll be delighted for him to prove me wrong.





    Bloody awful game,though!



    I think in the second half they showed about six replays of a Sterling shot from the edge of the area before they realised it was fifteen yards wide. Best either team could muster.

  17. Itscalledthemalviinos



    I used to watch Jinky in the reserves before he became a regular.


    Remember him having a great game v John Little who played him very cleanly.


    Always remember that, sign of a decent man.

  18. Oh… See the PL Haters are oot again tonight ……sucking any joy out of anyone willing to listen to their negative drones ffs

  19. skyisalandfill on

    In the upcoming qualifiers, which I can’t wait for as I hate the close season, Celtic need to switched on. We need, whatever centre back pairing we have to be up to speed. Unlike last season. I hope Ronnie and Johnny are already miles ahead of me.


    Bobby, finally got your email wi Sepp and Campell. Very funny.




  20. Seen a lot of reminiscing recently and thought I would add some of mine so hope you will indulge my vodka ramblings.



    My dad and uncles took my cousin and myself and after a pit stop for the adults at the white brig pub ( or as they called it “wattery Willie’s”) we walked to park head. One of earliest memories was frank haffey being injured but recovering after magic sponge and chorus of hail glorious St.Patrick.


    After starting work at cowglen in 71went to matches with newly made mates and still hate Falkirk after being chased out of the place.


    I fell a.way a wee bit through playing boys guild then in 80’s civil service type Saturday morning league.



    My daughter then asked to come to games in 90’s think first one was against ajax when mido and zlatan toyed with us.she then became a abobo fan then artur.we got to share the experience of him saving pen v man u. What a memory.


    Had to give up season tickets when she reached 18/19 as I couldn’t afford


    Hope to get back sooniish.



  21. skyisalandfill on




    I take it yer not :)



    Good story. keep posting.



    cheese on toast or rosted cheese?

  22. Skyisalandfil



    1) I most certainly am not


    2 I might get barred for this but I don’t like either options

  23. midfield maestro on




    23:21 on 7 June, 2015



    You an ex Sacred Heart pupil? Left there in 1981. John John was a character.

  24. Good morning my friends from a beautifully bright sun kissed (at last) East Kilbride.

  25. Well done to Mr O’Neill and his bhoys for making England look p#sh yesterday.



    I hope he makes PL’s ‘puppet’ WGS….winge about no having the chances etc…blah…blah…take big Mark McGhee(the-token-Tim) out of the Scotland set-up and….well…feck them anyway.



    Aiden would be a diamond in a Celtic jersey if…he was played by a Celtic manager who knew how to play him?….WGS stumbled across Aiden’s best position in a LCF victory v’s the huns when, he was played through the middle.



    Aiden didny play there again under WGS and, that was ‘one’ of the annoying things about the manager, it annoyed me anyway. The other annoying thing was…WGS stumbled across the formula to defeat Walters parked bus by, playing Robson & Hartley in midfield to get stuck right in aboot them and…the drive of those two players led us to 3 in a row.



    The next season…WGS binned the, Robson and Hartley pairing in our 1st game v’s the huns and…we were cuffed 2-4!!!!



    WGS recently said that – “The leagues should be re-constructed to get, Hearts-Hibs-Rangers back into the same league as Celtic.”….aye….did PL give ye an EBT to say that…?



    I hope that Mr O’Neill sticks WGS’s heid into his bowl of ‘bored-soup’ next week.

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