Kris Boyd comments best thing to happen to Celtic


The thought was put to me this morning that Kris Boyd’s ill-considered comments on the Celtic squad – that they are divided – could be the best thing that happened to the team this season.  Football clubs and footballers perform best with a ‘them’ to work against.  We had this briefly under Ronny, when Aberdeen kept in touch for five months of the season, but since then we have pretty much had the run of the place.

Boyd is a professional footballer playing in the same league as Celtic.  When an opponent comments on you or your team, the words carry greater resonance than they otherwise would.  I doubt newspaper clippings are pinned to dressing room doors, but everyone at Lennoxtown will have reacted to what a Kilmarnock player has said about them.

Then we had the “Aston Villa make their move” for Brendan Rodgers tat.  Brendan will leave Celtic eventually, but the entire planet knows it will not be for a team 15th placed in the Championship.  It is no indication of his or Celtic’s worth and insulting to suggest otherwise.

Footballers and managers are best with a point to prove.  Celtic are capable of winning every domestic game between now and the winter break.  Whatever has gone on at Lennoxtown this season, recent comments have given the squad plenty of motivation.

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  1. The same tired old narrative, bang-on message, hunned-up hopeful thinkin’…. decade after decade which when allowed to take root, flourishes – an easy hook for the Timid.



    Who are all these Managerial and Boardroom geniuses – we waaaaant names!!!!!!




  2. …and then any prospect of decent debate among reasonable bhoys and ghirls obscured by multi-moniker


    huns stirring………..







  3. I see where you are coming from and apologise for the remark.


    I do want to add that of course we all have different opinions on who is to blame for what happened in the summer, however Hot Smoked and his earlier comment just seemed to ignore the shambles from our CEO which inadvertently caused, in my opinion, the loss of entry to the Champions League through not strengthening the squad, with multi millions in the bank, to overcome the limited opposition we faced


    by not signing the players needed in the positions we were weakest.


    It shouldn’t be forgotten.


    Hot Smoked, in my opinion, seems to want to though.

  4. Lambert 14- sometimes things don’t read as well as they are said, Jim is a gentleman,and a true supporter.I don’t agree with him or P67 a lot of the time, I posted criticism last night, of a lack of cojones on our board,some will agree,some won’t, we know that’s what platforms like this are for,thanks for reply HH

  5. L14- Agree with all of that,the AGM will be a bun fight,I’m not sure if Brendan will be there….

  6. Lambert14



    Thank you for the apology. JJ is a gent in person, though an all too often completely ‘wrong’ poster in my humble and often ‘even more wrong’ opinion!




  7. There is a real concerted effort going on at the moment to keep Celtic on the back pages for all the wrong reasons. Not unusual in itself but they really are wheeling them all out to have a dig every last wooden head they can find. They still won’t grasp the nettle and confront the elephant in the room that is Scotlands footballing shame. We’re fortunate that we have many fine Celtic bloggers shining a light on them.


    As far as Scotland are concerned I have slowly lost interest due to a combination of poor performances and the way Celtic players have been treated. I wish them well and hope the Celtic players come through unscathed. If I was Griffiths or Tierney I would be wanting a word with some so called former and current professionals , I use the word professional in the loosest sense. You can feel their pain.

  8. 100 trophyies



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    I use it extensively and trust me it would take a unbelievably sneaky wee turd of a virus with a machete, chib and Godie Hawn disguise to sneak past the ultimate Duck Duck Go and Privacy Possum barriers I employ.



    There was a warning a while back not to download it from unsolicited emails or sms msgs, as they were being used by third party fifth columnists (or should that be filth columnists) to divert your browsers to porn sites and attempt to steal your financial details.



    The official download is fine and secure.



    Hail Hal






    ps Just in case, I’ve checked your bank account and since you’re skint they won’t bother you??….(That’s a joke).

  9. mike in toronto on




    Kick off?



    What is this kick off of which you speak?



    Dont be trying to bring football onto CQN!



    This is a blog for canonizing the Board, or demonizing the Board…



    I would appreciate it if you would keep your silly little football out of it.



    Thank you very much.




  10. !!BADA BING!!


    Totally agree about the AGM.


    I think it will be the rowdiest since the days of Jock Brown.

  11. SOUTHSIDE on 11TH OCTOBER 2018 1:13 PM









    no chance me paying for a pint till it’s firmly in my mitt!





    I understand your point about differing opinions and totally agree. Nobody likes a heated debate more than me. But there is a line between debate and abuse. Some of the comments recently are way beyond the boundary. I would be offended to be called a joke, or an apologist by a stranger, wouldn’t you?






    A joke , apologist , malcontent or happerclapper , there has been much worse used to describe posters on here and in some cases its ignored because of the stature of the person /blogger using it .


    Anyhoo mate , PAUL67 whom i’ve shared a pint and a chat with over the last few years and is a lovely man as is his dad and brother should not be above critisism because its his blog ……



  12. Matt


    ps Just in case, I’ve checked your bank account and since you’re skint they won’t bother you?


    Hi Matt, yer a gentleman, downloaded,was a bit worried in case there was a virus, yup, I’m skint, that’s me back in business,


    Thanks again,


    Hail hail,


    C’mon the hoops,



  13. mike in toronto on




    I had not heard about that. What a great idea.



    Thanks for sharing that.

  14. Being a good conspiracy theorist I was interested to see the semi final ticket prices, but just for our game. There were also rumours of our tickets being dearer than the Hampden game. Would we be surprised if this was the case, and the sfl were waiting for us to start selling before announcing the other tie prices?

  15. I was actually just going to post the same point as Paul67 makes.



    Added to that….



    McLeishs treatment of LG9 and Jamesy



    The tabloids being even more disrespectful of our whole management and players



    The SFAs blatant WDGAF rulings on Sevco players.



    It really is being ramped up this season and it’s the 1st time since Lenny’s days we are rightly in a bit war-footing situation.



    I watched the full St Johnstone game 11pm on Sunday and went to bed delihhted not so much by the score but more by Jamesys celebrations and his and Callum’s BT interview after the game…sheer focus and detemmination.




  16. SOUTHSIDE on 11TH OCTOBER 2018 3:04 PM


    Being a good conspiracy theorist I was interested to see the semi final ticket prices, but just for our game. There were also rumours of our tickets being dearer than the Hampden game. Would we be surprised if this was the case, and the sfl were waiting for us to start selling before announcing the other tie prices?



    Let’s be honest, they will do what they want, and we will do nothing about it……

  17. Georgios Samaras has retired from playing to take up a role with boyhood club OFI Crete.



    The former Celtic striker has moved from the pitch to the boardroom for a role alongside his father, Giannis, according to reports in Greece.



    I loved big Sami in the Hoops, he definitely divided opinion, but I think it broke his heart to leave us,good luck to him.

  18. Last day in Canada – flying home this evening – did any of you Canadian Bhoys know the late Des Tyghe – had Bhoys 67 as his number plate


    Was big mates with my late brother.

  19. Paul67 et al



    Coincidence or not, but on the same day Alex McLeish manages Scotland for a second competitive game I receive a letter from the HMRC.


    Contractor loans – the loan charge


    Dear Celtic Mac


    I am writing to you as I believe you’ve used a tax avoidance scheme. As part of this scheme you received a loan or credit instead of income and you haven’t paid tax or national insurance on this. We call this ‘disguised remuneration’.


    No specific details re outstanding taxes, national insurance etc, but there are attached notes on what to do next.


    If the “loan” is not fully repaid by April 5 2019, the “loan charge” will tax “all outstanding disguised remuneration loans” on that date.


    Repayment of the loan has to be in cash. Genuine cash repayment means the loan charge will not be due. Repayment will only prevent the loan charge, it will not stop HMRC enquiries into tax liabilities incurred at the time you used the scheme.


    Not sure what my own potential liability might be ten years on, (the system is still widely used in the construction industry and elsewhere) but the fact is HMRC now has the force of a Supreme Court decision behind them, and are taking some tax dodges seriously. Pity the SFA and the SPL/SPFL didn’t feel the same way.

  20. Dubaibhoy-Ur they still deid? on

    Was that Big Eck I just saw on tv or a Jakey impersonation???




  21. Bada Bing


    George had everything, speed power height and good skill, however he seldom played where it hurt and if he could have added that what a player he could have been. Suppose that was his style but I was very frustrated by him.

  22. Dessybhoy- he was one of the few players who consistently played well in Europe for us,does he not hold a record of scoring in 7 consecutive away European games?

  23. Shortly after Giorgios signed he went on a scoring spree for about 5 games. He was quite un-playable. But he went into an inexplicable decline then became something of a bit player.



    The point is, though, his form came back. Scored twice in a 2-0 win at Ibrox. We had been written off weeks before that game. Outstanding too in one of our Barcelona matches. In short, a Celtic legend.

  24. mike in toronto on

    I remember seeing GS when he was in Holland (Heerenveen?) …. he looked like a world beater …



    mind you, lots of players have looked brillaint in the Erdevisie but not shown the same sparkle in other leagues…



    but I was very excited when he signed for Celtic …



    undoubtedly had as much skill as anyone, but not sure he always knew what to do with it …



    he often seemed to be playing a different game from his teammates ….



    ran down more rabbit holes than Alice!



    but, when he was on, he could be unplayable … when got a head of steam going, bombing down the wing and cutting inside, he was great to watch …