Kris Boyd comments best thing to happen to Celtic


The thought was put to me this morning that Kris Boyd’s ill-considered comments on the Celtic squad – that they are divided – could be the best thing that happened to the team this season.  Football clubs and footballers perform best with a ‘them’ to work against.  We had this briefly under Ronny, when Aberdeen kept in touch for five months of the season, but since then we have pretty much had the run of the place.

Boyd is a professional footballer playing in the same league as Celtic.  When an opponent comments on you or your team, the words carry greater resonance than they otherwise would.  I doubt newspaper clippings are pinned to dressing room doors, but everyone at Lennoxtown will have reacted to what a Kilmarnock player has said about them.

Then we had the “Aston Villa make their move” for Brendan Rodgers tat.  Brendan will leave Celtic eventually, but the entire planet knows it will not be for a team 15th placed in the Championship.  It is no indication of his or Celtic’s worth and insulting to suggest otherwise.

Footballers and managers are best with a point to prove.  Celtic are capable of winning every domestic game between now and the winter break.  Whatever has gone on at Lennoxtown this season, recent comments have given the squad plenty of motivation.

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  1. One can only imagine the mutterings going on in the plain and tidy front parlors and assorted TV rooms of Ayrshire………………………….

  2. By ghod watching Scotland is grim stuff. Mcleish’s body language is telling clueless and out of his depth. Why do I watch this/???

  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Painful to watch.


    As usual .



    Why would Charlie have come off at H.T. ?


    Injured ?

  4. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Two best left backs in the UK – neither of whom started at left back.



    Two players in the midfield ‘engine room’ neither of whom are playing regularly for their clubs.



    Russell instead of an on-fire Forrest.



    An invisible man playing at right back – did we actually have a right back?



    Aye – manager’s a genius.



    If Scotland want to qualify for anything, they should ask Stevie G to take over – he’s a genius an aw .






  5. Very disappointing performance from Scotland. A brief 15 minutes early in the firatchalf where we were gifted a penalty. But in the end, very lucky to only lose by the 1 goal.


    Oh well, as,all 3 teams are level on 3 points it’s all to play for in November when we could see Scotland promoted to League B or, just as possible, relegated to League D!


    Play nice.

  6. Wonder if the sky panel will veer off topic and mention the trouble at Celtic. OMG you couldn’t make it up.




  7. Delaneys Dunky on



    Listening to Radio Scotland coverage was bad enough. My only imagination of the game via radio commentary was we got hammered 2-1.


    Hope you are well L.



  8. Well that’s two hours of my life I won’t get back. Macleish’s body language says it all clueless and uninspiring. Inquitous IV small package heading your way shortly from SY Hail Hail Hebcelt

  9. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    ha ha ha ha ha hah


    a made up country dispatched a banana democracy, you could only make it up


    I’d like to see Eck introduce the likes of Scottie Arfield * and Ryan Jack to replace Scott Brown.


    When Berra comes back he will provide the good solid base that the English Championship offers.



    Funny that Eck hasnt considered Europe’s top striker Stephen Dobbie, too.



    * played for Canada but the SFA have overcome lifetime bans, so why would a few diddy caps thwart the Dechmont kid ?

  11. The grim reality is until Hampden is completely cleared of the best wee country’s serial failures then the decline of Scottish football will continue.


    They would rather fail than have a level playing field in the national sport.


    Unfortunately the mssm and vast majority of Scottish population shares the same sentiment.


    Staggering that there has been no accountability for the staggering decline .


    There is no plan in place to rebuild the country ‘s number one sport or even a recognition that one is needed.


    In a fair and honest nation there would be a national outcry.


    Only in the best wee country would it be tolerated.

  12. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    This week’s treatment of the Griff in every radio programme – Clyde, BBC, 5-Live, Talksport – was concerted and disgraceful.



    One caller last night said asked for some consideration for Griff – given his every move and problem is picked over in the MSM, and given it was Mental Health Day, his point was that such incessant attentiong could be detrimental.



    Two of the lines of comment were disgraceful – Duffy and Guidi I think.



    Tonight – said it all when someone on Radio Scotland pre-match accidentally mentioned that James McArthur had also asked to be excused from the squad this week (without so much as a comment).



    Whole panel had a collective “ahh-hmmm-errrr” then moved on without comment.



    Tom English – having had a couple of minutes to consider how the subject should be approached came back with a plaintive – “He’s playing every week for his team in England – Scotland really need him back – a bit of management is needed there” – not a hint of irony.



    If you are a Celtic man you are an easy, and very popular, target. Always been the case since I was wee, and heard tell of plenty similar instances from my dad.



    I hate the fact that some of the crap that Celtic (and lets not pretend it is just the team we support) in Scotland has made me not too bothered about the fact that we got beat.








    More Pissed Off That I’m Not Bothered About It, Than The Fact That We Got Beat CSC

  13. Delaneys Dunky on

    Fan a Tic


    The bowling club committee think they are daeing braw. All good doon the luj tae.


    Easy money.



  14. BGFC


    When I heard that Beram played a pass off KT to win for Israel on Radio Scotland, I chuckled. I have now realised that I am not a supporter of Scotland fitba team anymore. Sadly.



  15. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Unlucky Jobo.



    Thought Naismth led the line well and Scott Brown’s replacement was utterly dominant in midfield.



    Fortunately your keeper was MOTM!



    Most disappointing thing for me was Forrest trying when he came on.



    Also disappointed for the manager who was employed to earn money to pay off back taxes by the organisation meant to implement rules and oversight in order that he should never have to pay back taxes.



    Hopefully Portugal rip you apart:-))

  16. Celtic Champs Elect on

    How any true Celtic supporter would support Scotland with that clown McLeish in charge is beyond me



    I want scotland to get pumped every game they play the sfa at anti Celtic always have been



    Me I watched Boardwalk Empire superb show



    Scotland feck them

  17. Big Eck … the Caledonian version of Bertie Vogts.



    One step forward, three steps backwards.



    I’ll still support Scotland. But what do I tell my kids? Support this pish? Just go. Please. Now. We all know how its all going to end.

  18. Cracking finish KT, good to see that lot humped. How anyone can be a team mate of Naebalance after him putting boot in on Broony is beyond me. Bet Griff is sitting at home with an Irn Bru and Tunnock Teacake having a laugh to himself and good luck to him, pity it wasn’t more than 2. No doubt the Tartan Army down the Ludge will be blaming it on the Fenians in the team

  19. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    ” However, it was reported some of the Scottish Football Association board would boycott the awards dinner.



    A Hall of Fame statement said “a number of factors” were behind the move.



    It read: “Further to consultation with the chair and members of the Scottish Football Hall of Fame committee, due to a number of factors including ongoing enquiries, and concerns over the state of Paul’s health, it has been decided to withdraw the nomination of Paul Gascoigne at this time from this year’s nomination process.”






    What about the clowns who nominated him ?

  20. How to defeat an enemy,



    1, Yourself.



    2, Form a Coalition.



    3, Wait for it to destroy itself.



    Option 3 deep in progress.




  21. Expat Celt


    You are being extremely derogatory there.


    Comparing Bertie Vogts to EBT Clueless Eck.


    If I was Bertie, I would have my lawyers on you, for comparing me to a clown who manages Scotland now. ?



  22. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    DELANEYS DUNKY on 11TH OCTOBER 2018 10:05 PM


    I have now realised that I am not a supporter of Scotland fitba team anymore. Sadly.





    I have the same sentiment.



    Used to be a regular attender at Scotland games at Hampden, until I made the mistake of standing in the ‘Rangers’ end one night with my pal – that really shone a light on the fact that me, and others from a similar background (i.e., Roman Catholic +/- Irish background +/-Celtic supporter, for anyone wondering), were not welcome by a section of this country. That was a really enlightening, and unpleasant, night.



    Nevertheless – Wee BGFC still gets excited – wears his kilt, etc., and I’m not wanting dampen his enthusiasm. I wish I could support Scotland wholeheartedly, but that’s gone for me. Sad.






  23. What can I say apart from roll on Saturday 20th. Scottish football deserves this shite.



    I eventually got a reply from JPT regarding my e-mail about last week’s clusterfeck:



    Hi ********



    Thanks for getting in touch, I think the Club statement was a strong one and put on record the feelings of Celtic about this whole issue.



    As always the Club will act in the best interests of Celtic and our supporters, this whole issue has been a mess from start to finish however we now have a venue, a date and a kick off time so we will fulfil the fixture and hopefully have a Cup Final to look forward at the end of this however I don’t think any of the organising bodies emerge with any credit from this situation they are however fully aware of the thoughts and feelings of Celtic and our supporters in regard to their handling of this matter.



    Best regards




  24. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Stuff it – away to watch an episode of “Lost In Spaaaaaaaace !!!!”








    PS Watch for McLeish playing every Celtic player for the full game against Portugal