Kyogo and Hatate World Cup miss is strategic blow to Celtic


The short-term consequences of Kyogo Furuhashi and Reo Hatate missing out on the Japan World Cup squad is that two of our most important players will have a midseason recuperation period.  Therefore, Celtic’s title winning chances edged up this morning.  Daizen Maeda made the cut and will be in Qatar.

The longer-term consequences are not so bright.  When Celtic make their pitch to attract players, they talk about playing before 60,000 fans, sure, but that reaches only so far.  What counts for more is what playing for Celtic can do for your prospects.  Play in the Champions League (an oldie now back), raise your profile with the national team and ‘just look at all our players who leave for the EPL’, where they all really want to play.

World Cups count when a player leaves the club also.  Every player who appears for even a few moments at these events is scrutinised by hundreds of scouts and coaches.  If you are part of the game’s top showpiece, your profile is raised by association.  If you did not make the Japan squad, perceptions about you takes a hit.

For the player trading model to work most effectively, we need to compete in the Champions League and we need our players to be included in World Cup (and Euros) squads.  A Japan squad light on Celtic players may feel like good news, but it is a strategic blow.

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  1. WHAT IS THE STARZ on 1ST NOVEMBER 2022 12:02 PM







    Nonsense and you know it





    It has no significance whatsoever, nobody really cares but just an excuse for you to get your encyclopedia to prove what an erudite chap you are.





    The article is worth a read for Celtic fans,that’s why I linked it.





    Priest Brother Rabbi it doesn’t matter to me and it doesn’t alter or affect the substance of the article.





    But let’s have a roasted toasted CQN bunfight about it.







    Well that’s bollocks.



    First of all not so long ago I posted a comment on here which referred to Bro Walfrid as being a priest, and was duly corrected for it, so your encyclopaedia/erudition point is out the window.



    Secondly the error wasn’t in the article, it was in the headline, so there’s no criticism of the article or its author.



    And to say that it doesn’t matter whether he was a priest, brother or rabbi does make me question what you understand about the origins of the Club.



    It was a sloppy and significant mistake, which was disrespectful to the subject of the article and to its author.

  2. What is the Starz on

    On the far more important topic of the World Cup


    I have no respect for any player who takes part in it.


    I would hope that one team even one player would say no I won’t play for corrupt Fifa in a feudal slave state.


    But Harry Kane will wear a wristband …Big deal.

  3. WHAT IS THE STARZ on 1ST NOVEMBER 2022 12:20 PM




    It isn’t nonsense and the fact that it is of no significance to you doesn’t make it so.



    It’s a sloppy error that reflects badly on the newspaper.



    I’m not sure why you are getting so het up about it.



    Maybe you’re the subbie that wrote the headline. That might explain it.

  4. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    I reckon if the wee man scored some of the chances he has missed in CL he would have stood a better chance of making the squad . Unfortunately he was going through a bad spell

  5. Maybe aye, maybe naw.


    Despite lots of caps at youth level, Edouard and Dembele are nowhere near the French national team. No Euro or World Cups for either of them.


    However, unlike the French two, we would not be selling potential greatness with Hatate (25) and Kyogo (27). They are in their peak years now.


    If Kyogo has a 25-30 goal season, I think there will be plenty of interest from England regardless of him being in the Japan squad or not.


    Hatate has shown up well in the CL though has not quite lived up to his electrifying start for us. But he too could play in the EPL.


    On the plus side for us, both of them have a huge incentive to play well tomorrow in Madrid to remind the Japanese coach what he is missing out on.


    Personally, and selfishly, I would be happy for them to be with us for the next 2-3 years and remain at the heart of Angeball. If that means they are not regularly flying off to Asia for international games, all the better for us.

  6. I’m not sure it changes too much.



    I’m perfectly happy to retain a core to our squad over the next three or so years rather than lose big players to the EPL. If Kyogo and Hatate are at Celtic for the foreseeable then that’s good as far as I’m concerned.



    If you’re playing in Japan and Celtic come calling, I’m confident you’ll make the move rather than stay in Japan.

  7. As I posted earlier, I am happy the two didn’t make the squad.


    My selfish objective is to win the league.


    As a dear old friend of mine says “Beat the Huns. Win the league.”



  8. Clearly, I’m shallow and a short termist.


    Pleased that the players aren’t currently listed for WC duties.


    Appreciate the strategic cost, though focus is very much on the pitch, here and now.

  9. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Not sure I follow the logic of today’s missive.



    If you’re good enough you’ll get your EPL move.



    If you’re good enough you’ll be selected for the national team.



    The fact neither was selected says they’re not good enough to play for Japan



    Raise your game for Celtic and these things will come.

  10. Paul



    A truthful dose of realism in your article today.


    Realism that many would not have considered, such is the short term thinking of your average supporter.







    Real shame for the lads who missed out, everyone wants to play at a world cup.



    Highlights from the above article are:-



    – high percentage of players are working in Europe; coming to Celtic is a strategic move as P67 says


    – Only 3 strikers in the squad, is one, and lots of mids. Very bad luck for Kyogo and clearly Hatate is seen as at that level yet


    – the author notes that Kyogo did not do as well in Japan system as in the Celtic system


    – the author also notes that Hatate’s form in CL has been noted

  12. My conclusions –



    Japan must have some amount of talent in front of Kyogo and Rio, they are not exactly core squad members before now, so no great suprise to me that they dont get picked.



    I do also think , Kyogo lost a bit of sharpness for a wee while there, and his big opportunity to stand out was scoring in the CL, and he missed 3 great chances.



    Daizen will puzzle some, form not so great here, but seen in Japan as the better all round striker after an exceptional year before he got to us.



    I would be tempted to let these guys go home for a period duing the world cup break, maybe even sit out of Aussies trip.



    All these guys will play for the their national team in the future,



    as will Matt for denmark.

  13. We’ve got CL income to aim for in the next couple of years. I’m ok with not selling our good players. O’Riley will most likely be away in the summer as is.

  14. Happy Birthday to one of Cqn’s finest Blantyre Tim.


    Hope you have a great day.


    Catch up soon.




  15. It looks like the Japan squad is made up of home-based players and players playing in the top 5 leagues.



    Without knowing the coach’s thinking it’s impossible to say for sure why it’s the case but if you were a young talent looking for a way into europes top leagues you might worry about how Kyogo has been the best player at times in Scotland, played in the champions league and still slipped out of the picture at national level.



    A similar offer from a team from Germany, Portugal or France might be more attractive if you want to be part of the national team.

  16. A similar offer from a team from Germany, Portugal or France might be more attractive if you want to be part of the national team.





    We’d likely lose out to these clubs anyway though.

  17. bournesouprecipe on

    A different International manager might have a dfferentview Daizen Maeda was In the Japanese Olympic Squad as were 12 others under the same manager maybe he has a plan. Kyogo got subbed at half time in his last game.



    They have listed only three forwards including Maeda.

  18. Does the current Japanese national side play a particular style of football?



    If so, how closely does it resemble Angeball?

  19. It is still a good thig for Celtic that only Maeda made the squad. The only downside is their sell on price. However, I prefer them to stay at Celtic. Kyogo and Hatate can concentrate on Celtic and not be distracted by Japan.



    Also there will be likely less bids for the players from other clubs which must be good news for Celtic. Do you think Ange wants to lose these players ?



    Celtic want to keep their best players

  20. There also the possibility that this coach doesn’t know what he’s doing, and Japan bomb, nobody takes any greater interest in their league and we continue to pick up great Celtic players from there for bargain prices.



    Shame we don’t have another team to really get behind, the early stages can be a long couple of weeks when all you’ve got is whoever England are playing.

  21. ERNIE LYNCH on 1ST NOVEMBER 2022 1:30 PM



    To make that question easier, how would you describe Angeball, if such a thing exists?

  22. My personal experience is that the WC isn’t what it use to be.



    We’ve got the best players in the world now playing every week in the CL. International football is becoming a bit of a nuisance.



    I don’t know any of my football supporting friends that are looking forward to Qatar, everyone resents the break in club football.

  23. AN DÚN on 1ST NOVEMBER 2022 1:20 PM



    I’d hope we’d stand a chance if we’re up against a team in the relegation spots in Germany or the lower half of the table in France which is where two of the four attacking players who got in ahead of Kyogo.



    We’d pay more than Circle Brugge

  24. Why do we need to sell KF / RH?


    If they do a job for us at a cost we can afford and is good value then why sell?


    We should not be afraid of building a team.


    Better than always selling a team.



    PL and his half wit version of player selling not trading was just a revenue stream he stumbled upon when all his other great ideas ran into the sand / lost credibility.



    Low effort way to balance the books when TFOD2.1 were working their “hedge” phase.



    Two years and away was just a second rate bean counter working one set of beans — we still seem to have that mindset in the exec level and also the support and it is still holding us back.



    Better we keep good young players for 4 years and sell them straight to the CL quarter finalists than we send then to the south coast for less than half their real worth.