Leigh, Efe, Mikael, Dedryk and Jozo



I got my wish last night, that Leigh Griffiths would reach the 40 goal mark for the season, and what a great goal it was too, memories of Love St ’86. Also delighted Leigh was aware-enough to mimic Henrik’s ” five zero” gesticulation when he reached 50 in 2001.

40 goals for Celtic in a season is a very rare achievement, as Paul John Dykes pointed out this morning, it’s now only been done 13 times in 128 years.  Jimmy McGrory (four times, three in a row) and Henrik Larsson (three times, two in a row), are the only two who have achieved this more than once in their Celtic careers, so Leigh knows what he needs to do next season to get a really special place in the history books.

As for the other pertinent points from last night’s game in Perth, I can cut Stefan Johansen some slack. McDiarmid Park was a farmer’s field not so long ago, and St Johnstone’s first goal looked like it came as a result of a plough intervention.

Efe Ambrose is another story. Last night’s decision to challenge (Logan Bailly) for a ball inside his own six-yard box was inexplicable but consistent with his general awareness this season. When the new manager is in place, someone inside Lennoxtown needs to find the earliest possible moment to sit him down and play the Efe highlights video.

We have a good central defender in Erik Sviatchenko (club captain in the making), and one who could become so in Jozo Simunovic. If Jozo gets himself fit for July we should be well-placed for the qualifiers, but those two aside, we are struggling in central defence.

Out of contract Charlie Mulgrew is in the latter stages of his career, but can be trusted to do a job without causing unnecessary alarm every week. Mikael Lustig’s days as a rampaging full back may be limited by his persistent hip issues, so playing as auxiliary central defender, as he often does for Sweden, works on paper.

I’d be far from confident facing Champions League qualifiers with Efe or Dedryk Boyata, who could still makes Belgium’s Euro’s squad, but if Jozo’s fit, signing a right back, with Mikael covering central defence, feels like an appropriate use of resources.

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    I agree that a settled side could bring more consistency to team and individual performances.



    However, the bloated first team squad needs to be addressed by the new manager.



    How will he know who to keep and who to let go in the short term?



    He can’t go into the next window with a view to enlarging the squad.



    It wouldn’t make sense.



    Anyway, I hope the new manager is up for it.



    I see the clumpany has tweeted PL is rumoured to have talked for two hours to the sun about LNS and Res12, and not a word printed, surprised anyone



    That there’s no back up on he did do that? No, not at all, a desperate effort at spin, no wonder your not involved in res.12 anymore, your a kite flyer, and the farther your away from res 12 the better chance it has, IMO, no offence, but you do seem a very angry man/woman? Stick to your thoughts on the Middle East problems, not that it’s that bad there, but I’m sure with your wide expertness on the matter, and put in charge, it could all KO again in a heart beat, keep fighting the fight.

  3. An Teach Solais on

    CANAMALAR at 2.48 pm



    I suggested a couple or articles ago that probably PL’s motive in speaking to the Sun was to publicise matters around Res12 but that suggestion was derided on here.



    If it is true that that part of the discussion (a) took place, and, (b) the old Masonic cover-up/ blackout was imposed by the Sun, it sure raises a number of questions.


    First, why would any Celtic supporter buy that rag.


    Second, the Club has to beef up its PR operations and think outside the box. There may be news agencies, newspapers furth of Britain which might be interested if given a locaal “peg” on which to hang the story. HH

  4. Philbhoy – Can’t argue with that.



    How many have we vying for the one No 10 slot ? – Rogic, Allan, Armstrong, McGregor, Commons, Bitton, Johansson…….etc etc…



    Big job on the squad ahead….



    Before adding anyone ever again then I’d hope Park gets his jotters.

  5. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Ah tool, you really really are completely ignorant of the facts, and you talk about people flying kites, good for you, ignorance must be bliss eh.

  6. An Teach Solais on

    Could we have a truce on the inter-personal wrangling? We have real enemies out there who have a visceral hatred for our club. Our attention and efforts should , IMHO, be focused on making CFC the best IN EVERY WAY, ethically, in quality of performance, in upholding our ideals, aspirations and traditions and when our Board stray, call them to account. HH

  7. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    An Teach..,


    I agree and have to wonder what else he was expecting from that rag, if true.



    I’d have thought the ad taken out with the herald would have been all the evidence he needed that if there is important information relevant to our club and supporters, then it would not matter which rag he chose, circulation figures would have rocketed, if he’d went to the guardian or times and supporters knew he was, circulation would have matched the herald, hopefully he has learned a lesson and repeats the exercise with a bit more savvy and respect for the support.


    Celtic supporters want to know what’s going on and the bigger the story the more we want to know.

  8. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Have on computer ipad is no so flexible so have to suffer fools but never in silence.

  9. TheBarcaMole on

    Absolute pleasure to be in the company of BT, Marspapa, Paolo’s Boots and assembled lurkers last night in the PV. Good craic… Apparently the Celtic game was on too…




  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on 12th May 2016 2:48 pm


    I see the clumpany has tweeted PL is rumoured to have talked for two hours to the sun about LNS and Res12, and not a word printed, surprised anyone ?




    Is that the sun in the sky?

  11. An Teach Solais on

    CANAMALAR at 3.44pm.



    Agree that CFC has to improve its PR. I would have assumed that the papers you mentioned in England had been approached. If not then a Press Conference to which only journalists from outwith Scotland be invited.


    With the British Prime Minister accusing the leaders of some countries as being corrupt, perhaps a story placed in RT (Russia Today) TV or Aljezeera (Sp??), or RTE or German football magazines might be published/broadcast there re corruption in Scottish football. Then whatever artificial barriers that SMSM have erected here might begin to cromble. Would really like to see Channel Four do an expose.


    There is much that the ordinary fan can do by complaining to the likes of Ofcom about the vow of omerta IMO. HH

  12. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on 12th May 2016 3:14 pm


    Ronny signed off today with a message to the Celtic support. “I want to thank all the fans. The relationship I’ve had with them has been very good.


    “I wish them all the best. This club is special and they have to understand that and protect it. Everyone wants to drag it down and wants us to lose so it’s important to have unity and the players need support.”




    He obviously saw right through the MSM succulent level lamb munchers.


    No wonder they wanted him gone.

  13. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    An Teach..,


    Assumption and presumption are a marriage made in heaven but the offspring prove them to be the mother and father of all fcuk ups.


    You can forget ch4, Thomo got his warning and has no intention of returning to it.


    Going abroad only makes it easier to keep out the UK limelight, English broadsheets are the ideal as they are widely read both sides of the border and would embarrass the SMSM. As I said, if the support are informed where it’s going to be printed the circulation will rocket especially if they advertise the exclusive.

  14. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    I know Efe didnt look to smart at thems 2nd goal but i thot the goalie cld have done better!!

  15. Blog seems quiet today, our friends have maybe reached a ceasfire about the Left Bank and the Golam Heights.


    Who would have thought that Neganon2 & Sydnetim would get gogether and join their own PLA. It’s a bit like the “AA” only members get to sit around talking about Peter Lawwell

  16. Been busy organising another Q&A for CQN for next week.



    We’ve had Tommy a Gemmell, Willie Wallace, wee Bertie, Big Yogi, Davie Hay, Charlie Gallagher and others.



    Maybe this one is going to suit Neganon 2 a little more? Need to wait until he’s on to see when he’ll be available.



    Meanwhile stock up on the popcorn.

  17. Good afternoon winnings. Hope you are well. On the less than joyful train from edinburgh and off to a gig tonight. Did you mean join the q and a or some err good news that we have been waiting for for ages? ;)



    Canamalar i dont buy the sun thing about not publishing lawwell on res 12 etc. Celtic will never say anything meaningful on these matters. But tell you what if that was the case why not publish an article on the celtic website and tell everyone about the censorship? It wont happen coa it didnt happen.



    Had to laff at philbhoy chiding you for swearing. Maybe he juat has a selective memory.



    I think i may call the tool a tool from now on. Quite frankly the thickest person i have come across.


    Done with him for the day eh…lol



    In other words….away for the messages

  19. GerryBhoy


    NO NO NO !!!!


    Robbie Martinez doesn’t know how to defend he is an extremely poor manager unless he’s magic at flippin burgers and will get a gig in Mackie Dee’s !!


    I don’t want him anywhere near Celtic he’s Rank Rotten !!!!!!

  20. Just heard that R onny wont be joining in the celebrations on sunday……came over the radio…..says hees catching the plane after the game ends to visit his family in back home in Norway,…….whats that all about…..would have liked him to join with the players in celebration saying farewell to the fans……anyway well done Ronny thanks for the memories.

  21. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    ronnie leaving like that makes me kind of upset.



    he deserves a full



    oh ronnie ronnie

  22. Geordie Munro on




    I’m sure he’ll get one near the 90 mins.



    Hopefully it’s not followed by ‘gtf’ :)




  23. If, indeed, Roy Keane is appointed, I would love to be in the same room as wee Jamsie and a few others just to see the look on their coupons.



    Coming around to the idea that he is the right man at the right time. I wouldn’t have said that as recent as two years ago.

  24. squire danaher on

    Sin city Bhoy



    I said the same thing yesterday.



    I include Mulgrew and the inevitably-returning Stokes (who already has form in this regard) in your “few others” ha ha

  25. Sin city bhoy



    I tried to catch you the other day


    I was wondering if you knew a wee pal of mine and Tony d. Tommy strain?

  26. Squire Danaher-



    My thinking is that of all the candidates mentioned, he will stand up best to the inevitable rise in honest mistakes next season.



    I have no interest in our games versus the decaying undead, but still want them put in their place. An “outsider” IMHO will be like a deer in the headlights when faced with renewed secret society shenanigans.



    Roy Keane will relish putting them in their place.



    “I don’t like teams that wear blue”.

  27. He use to run the Vegas csc and was a committee member of the nacsf , from the gorvals iriginally

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