Lennon luxury of sharpening next week


These games all seem simple the morning after they are completed, but that only happens if the hard work is out on.

Sarajevo did enough to take the lead last night, lesser teams than Celtic would have stuttered, but that proved to be what the instigator needed.

Neil Lennon now has the luxury of using next week’s home leg to sharpen fitness where necessary, and perhaps to give one or two their first Celtic Park experience.

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  1. Any injury updates on Shved, Bayo, Boli and Forrest?



    Anybody seen Kouassi or Arzani yet?



    When’s the petted lip Ntcham back with us?



    More questions than answers.




    Well done Celts on avoiding potential banana skin.




    I’m having a wee party on Saturday and would like to invite you to it, starts around 4.00pm in B/V and ends up in Baccuss (Spelling) right opposite,until they call a halt to the drinking,Your welcome to join us.

  3. From last post.


    Scottish player of the year as voted in various polls by those involved with football in a professional capacity or the opinion of someone watching tele on the other side of the world who thinks he is crap.





    Decisions, decisions

  4. Well done against a physical team and in dreadful conditions. Some good displays.Thought Ayer was outstanding and Biton composed at the back.

  5. Ironic that I made the post below only for a new article to go up!



    TIMALOY29 on 10TH JULY 2019 11:25 AM



    If something is mentioned in the last page of a previous article it can easily get lost. I had to go back myself to look over it because I missed it first time.



    Lighten up.

  6. Clink. As said before. Last Season was poor no standout players Only his ten weeks of purple patch stood out. Calmac would have won but was injured too Mitch



    If James plays like he did in 2019 he will stop being a 1st 11 player



    When we come to our last qualifier for CL we need 11 players. JF was invisible in both AEK games. We can’t afford passengers in those games

  7. Sydney Tim


    6 May 2013



    Motherwell striker Michael Higdon has been named PFA Scotland Player of the Year.



    The 29-year-old Englishman scored 27 goals as the Lanarkshire side secured a Europa League qualifying spot.



    Hibernian’s Leigh Griffiths, Andrew Shinnie of Inverness and Aberdeen forward Niall McGinn were also in contention for the award.



    Griffiths was named Young Player of the Year, the on-loan Wolves striker having also netted 27 times this season.



    Higdon began his career at Crewe before moving north to sign for Falkirk in 2007.



    After two years with the Bairns, the Liverpool-born player joined St Mirren, leaving Paisley for Motherwell in 2011.



    Motherwell striker Michael Higdon has been arrested over an alleged assault hours after being crowned Scotland’s Player of the Year.



    The 29-year-old was held after a disturbance at the Corinthian nightclub in Glasgow in the early hours.



    BBC Scotland understands Higdon was released from police custody at 09:00.



    He was named Professional Footballers’ Association Scotland Player of the Year at a ceremony on Sunday night.

  8. At Centre Half I suspect our top 2 will be Kris on the right and Christopher on the left. KT flanking him and a big money, sooper dooper RB beside KA….



    Jozo and Benkovic as back up CHs, with Bitton in cameo mode.



    I’d be happy with that.

  9. Go tell the Spartim on

    All of our players have flaws or else they wouldnt be our players for long and Forrest is no exception. Like most wide players, they are inconsistent, the frustration lies in that he has the talent, of that there is no doubt (including a good shot with both feet that we saw when he first started), but like so many other players in our set up can go missing or if you are a fan of them, have a quiet game. These things are part and parcel of the sport, my gripe would only be that he is always on his heels and never on his toes (or at least most of the time he is).



    Its an open forum where everyone’s opinion is exactly that, cheap digs and snide remarks rarely mask the ability or lack of ability to debate.



    Buyyourownsoapbox CSC

  10. weebobbycollins on

    Big Wavy…Benkovic? Do you know something I don’t?


    I don’t think he’s coming back to us…

  11. https://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/sport/17760662.marvin-compper-told-early-wasnt-celtics-plans/



    For the fans, that continually chip in with Brendan Rodgers signings were sh*te… Neil Lennon’s signings are sh*te



    I think it is quite evident that Celtic have a broad Football Department. The likes of Lee Congerton / Nicky Hammond, overseeing the scouting department and recruitment.



    I would suggest there needs to be better communication between these departments and the Manager. Surely that cannot be difficult.


    Whether it is Marvin Compper or Maryan Shved… it certainly looks clear that these were signings that Rodgers didn’t particularly want.


    Currently we appear to be talking to the Ecuador Intl Sergio Quintero… yet, N.L played daft last night insisting he hadn’t heard of him.


    Either way, the left arm should know what the right arm is doing.

  12. I cant be arsed typing out all the facts on James Forrest however, he scored goals and made assists in every month of the season.



    Including winning goal versus 2nd rangers.


    And how can anyone forget his match winning performances in the scottish cup againsts hibs, herts and aberdeen.



    the last 2 seasons he is not injured plays 57 and 55 games, scores 17 goals each season.



    ffs what do people want,

  13. OLDTIM


    Have a great day on Saturday sorry i can’t make it , i’m off to Corfu on holiday tomorrow so as i said have a ball !!

  14. Thought Bitton was poor last night, caused a lot of uncertainty between the defence and Bain.


    I hope we are not thinking of him as one of our centre halves



    Patrick Roberts should have been signed and Forrest sold (any price), Arzani or Shved would be a big improvement right now

  16. James Forrest has been exceptional this last 2 seasons.



    Anyone that can’t acknowledge that…. well, they really should consider a different sport to follow

  17. James Forrest – fantastic player. Along with Anthony Stokes saved Neil’s job when we were 3 nil down to Kilmarnock at half time and a lot of the older players were hiding.



    Routinely scores and performs exceptionally in big game (Karagandy anyone?)



    We’re lucky to have him.



    God Bless James Forrest.

  18. James Forrest stats 2018/19 season.



    ⚽️ 16 goals.


    🎯 20 assists.


    ⏰ 4,110 minutes.


    🕕 51 appearances.



    🏆 SPFL, Scottish Cup and League Cup.



    📃 Ladbrokes Premiership Player of the Season.


    📃 PFA Scotland Player of the season.


    📃 Scottish Football Writers’ Association.



    Just over 1 in 3 of our goals last season had James assisting or scoring. 51 of our 63 games…



    We have some eijits in our support. Can’t see further than the bottom of the beer goggles.

  19. Go tell the Spartim on

    Big Wavy



    Your assuming some of the JF dissenters are part of our support, im not convinced they are.

  20. SAINT STIVS on 10TH JULY 2019 12:19 PM



    ffs what do people want



    Attention in the main….



    2 more posts from BREENY (who doesn’t post on here much ), suddenly he is verging on the prolific. His insightful analysis looks like it will be invaluable to the site in the coming weeks.

  21. Wee Jamsie Forrest happened to keep Patrick Roberts on the bench, due to him being more effective in the team.


    Is this a figment of my imagination ?


    How many players took a cortisone injection against medical advice to play for Celtic ?



    The day after a good result, some on here can’t help themselves.



  22. Guys open your eyes and watch the game, he has no work rate and never helps his full back, as a winger when did you see him cross a ball accurately, so scared he cannot tackle, plays the easy ball 9 times out of 10, he is just fortunate he plays in a winning team and therefore gets opportunities. It’s not difficult, just watch him next game, he is terrible. Don’t understand why fans can’t see it.

  23. We should have kept Lustig, we had a one year option.. we only had to pay him same wages but CFC wanted to cut wages and offered a 2 year deal. Crazy to get rid of him before signing a RB We have none at club (one loan ended, Gamboa released and AR is not quoted. Ajer cannot play RB neither can Hendry or Bitton Hayes cannot play LB either!

  24. weebobbycollins on

    Breeny…just what is your point?


    There’s always wan…


    The terribly unhappy clique…



    as I stated in my first post, I am just supporting Sydneytim who has received huge flak for telling the absolute truth. As a Celtic fan I wish JF all the best, but truly painful to watch in most games. Anyway enough said, I will leave for those to watch next game.

  26. weebobbycollins on

    Seriously………………it’s awe aboot ma entitled opinion, so it is…yada, yada, bla, bla…



    I suppose some just need a goat they can scape…

  27. fieldofdrams on

    Weebobbycollins at 1.27



    A goat they can ESCAPE, not a goat they can scape.



    Wee James Forrest is just being made an escaped goat (copyright HunMedia)

  28. not blaming Ajer either! or Bitton. Play players in their position. KT is a better player than Bain but you wouldn’t put him in goals!

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