Less ball circulating, Christie, McGregor, and Boli mixture


Despite the win there were signs of July rustiness in Celtic against Sarajevo last night.  Early passing was unproductive and play was less structured than we are used to.  I got the feeling Lewis Morgan and James Forrest were told to take players on, instead of circulating the ball, which our wide players would have done previously, although it could be no more than Morgan playing his natural game, unfettered by team instructions.

This is a perfectly valid tactic but attacks we will inevitably break down more often.

Boli Bolingoli lost possession twice in the first seven minutes but then steadied.  Seconds after I noted how solid a performance he subsequently put in, he again lost possession, leading to the Sarajevo goal.

Very little can be interpreted from this so early in his Celtic career, but the player knows a similar error later in the competition could be costly.  That aside, he crossed well, made runs infield to create space on the wing and turned up in the No. 9 position when Odsonne Edouard dropped deep.

Oh how we missed Ryan Christie.  The opening goal was Celtic’s best play all night.  Edouard beat two players and got inside the box.  The ball broke to Christie, in a position few of his team-mates would be able to conjure a goal from, but that’s exactly what Ryan did.  It was a superb finish.

I made my mind up early last season that Callum McGregor was my PoTY, but the burden of carrying so much central midfield responsibility eventually told on him.  His winner last night was a goal from nothing – space outside the box that looked safe until he unleashed a shot.  This is what he can do – if he’s not run into the ground.

These games are all about getting the job done, hopefully without incurring the cost of injury or suspension, so Neil Lennon will be very satisfied.  It is clear we have a long way to do.  Christopher Jullien should help, so should the signing of a good right back.

Bring on the Nomme Kalju

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  1. weebobbycollins on

    Btw…can I go back to buying Warburton’s bread? It’s been a long time…




  2. What is a “Quality” Right back?



    Seems harder to find than a “handsome hun”….

  3. Corkcelt



    You should be very proud of yourself my bhoy…..us CQN-ers certainly are.



    What a fantastic initiative leading to an equally fantastic response from the club.



    Well done Corkcelt, and all the Cork Rebels who supported this and well done Celtic, including Buzzbomb & Luggy…..heroes are forever.

  4. Corkcelt


    Really enjoyed that story, having watched the hoops in Cork I was not surprised met some great guys there. Thought Boli done well last night ,but he is no Kieren Tierney.HH

  5. Tully, Just in case you read it wrong, I am only reporting on the event, I wasn’t the guy who organised it,

  6. Ticket bought for Nomme Kalju but, as I did all the work online, why was I charged 1:50?



  7. quadrophenian on

    Just watched without knowing the score after a day dodging screens and websites; good effort, but must concentrate better, is all.



    Thought it seemed weird we’d take an EPL free on a trial, unless he’s damaged goods or out of shape. I didn’t know about his domestic stuff, but hen I read this from the Leicester FC website and the guy seems like a solid pro and generally with a great attitude and good heart. Let ye among us who has not sinned cast the first etc etc.





    Oh, and another Boli song has to be a redo of Mony Mony by Billy Idol, vi Tommy James and the Shandelles:



    Well you make me feel Boli Boli


    So Boli Boli


    Good Boli Boli


    Yeah, Boli Boli


    So good, Boli Boli


    Oh, yeah, Boli Boli


    Come on, Boli Boli


    All right, baby Boli Boli


    Say yeah, (yeah), yeah, (yeah)


    Yeah, (yeah), yeah, (yeah) , yeah (yeah), yeah



    Bring on the NomNom Kilojoules HH

  8. Quad



    “The statement, which has been published by The Mirror, read: “I am devastated by today’s outcome for Danny, our family and our daughter Skye. I am not a victim at all. Danny is a kind, loving father and despite our ups and downs he is a good person who I love and respect.



    “We did get into a heated argument. I asked Danny to leave but he wouldn’t so I called police. When they arrived Danny was not on top of me and he definitely did not throttle me. I told police I would not make a statement as he is not violent.



    “I later attended the police station of my own accord to ask for bail conditions to be dropped as Skye and I missed Danny terribly. I gave an interview saying he did not assault me. My statement was dismissed at court. This verdict will put more strain on our family. I now have no faith in our police or judicial system.”






    Cheerio for now,



  9. quadrophenian on




    Good reminder for all not to jump to tinternet conclusions. HH

  10. Shinty player finishes three under at the Open.


    Not sure if he’s got the caman in his bag.

  11. We need to talk about Danny.



    Yep. Lots of uninformative virtue-signalling by the saints in our support.



    Decent pedigree but worryingly it feels to me we are suffering from a lack of decent scouting, frustratingly at a time when we have some money to spend.

  12. traditionalist88 on

    Alan Hutton available on a free. File below Stephen O’Donnell.



    Other interesting ‘names’ that are free agent RBs:



    Danny Simpson




    Dani Alves


    Ignacio Abate




    Stephan Lichtsteiner


    Marko Petkovic


    Ousmane Coulibaly


    Anthony Vanden Borre


    Paul Caddis


    Alan Hutton


    Mouhamadou Dabo





  13. quadrophenian on



    I found the LCFC article very informative, given that I had absolutely no information on Danny prior.


    I thought fellow Tic fans might find it interesting, too. And when HS offered a perspective on prior gossip, I thought…clearly there’s two sides to every tabloid trash story.


    How can one deduce from another’s blog comment when they’re being fair minded and when they’re ‘signalling’?



  14. HOT SMOKED on 18TH JULY 2019 1:41 PM


    Ticket bought for Nomme Kalju but, as I did all the work online, why was I charged 1:50?









    Celtic have claimed in the past the £1.50 goes to Ticketmaster as they run the online and telephone service.

  15. No one really knows what takes place in what are known as”Domestics”.People making judgements on something they know nothing about.The statement from Danny Simpsons wife speaks volumes,but willbbe discarded by the “Hang em high”brigade.You knowvwhat Burns thought about “Holy Wullies”.

  16. prestonpans bhoys on

    See Simunovic has got a two game ban for that red card against Gallen, didn’t even know that a friendly could carry into the season.

  17. Fool Time Whistle on




    Can I join in and thank you for two things..that you did.



    YOU contacted Celtic about the mass and from that the club sent a shirt and a large photograph of Billy.


    YOU shared this lovely story with us & you’ve made us smile & a few shed a tear.




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