Less ball circulating, Christie, McGregor, and Boli mixture


Despite the win there were signs of July rustiness in Celtic against Sarajevo last night.  Early passing was unproductive and play was less structured than we are used to.  I got the feeling Lewis Morgan and James Forrest were told to take players on, instead of circulating the ball, which our wide players would have done previously, although it could be no more than Morgan playing his natural game, unfettered by team instructions.

This is a perfectly valid tactic but attacks we will inevitably break down more often.

Boli Bolingoli lost possession twice in the first seven minutes but then steadied.  Seconds after I noted how solid a performance he subsequently put in, he again lost possession, leading to the Sarajevo goal.

Very little can be interpreted from this so early in his Celtic career, but the player knows a similar error later in the competition could be costly.  That aside, he crossed well, made runs infield to create space on the wing and turned up in the No. 9 position when Odsonne Edouard dropped deep.

Oh how we missed Ryan Christie.  The opening goal was Celtic’s best play all night.  Edouard beat two players and got inside the box.  The ball broke to Christie, in a position few of his team-mates would be able to conjure a goal from, but that’s exactly what Ryan did.  It was a superb finish.

I made my mind up early last season that Callum McGregor was my PoTY, but the burden of carrying so much central midfield responsibility eventually told on him.  His winner last night was a goal from nothing – space outside the box that looked safe until he unleashed a shot.  This is what he can do – if he’s not run into the ground.

These games are all about getting the job done, hopefully without incurring the cost of injury or suspension, so Neil Lennon will be very satisfied.  It is clear we have a long way to do.  Christopher Jullien should help, so should the signing of a good right back.

Bring on the Nomme Kalju


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  1. There’s no easy teams in Europe these days.



    With the exception of Kilmarnock it seems.

  2. Adi Dassler



    “Tom McLaughlin is a true tic man. He got that on goid authority. The same as everyone else. Sone work, sone dont.




    Ye chose yer story.”




    No slight intended on Tam at all, if he was the perpetrator, but you DON’T have to choose any story unless you get some evidence to back it up.



    We cannot just send unfounded rumours out to fly and plead innocence when they turn out to be completely untrue. We have laws to stop us shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theatre.

  3. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I thought Killie would be ok, as they had won in the away leg… then I got completely sidetracked thinking about Connah’s Quay Nomads??? How can a team called Nomads play a home tie? Doesn’t being a Nomad mean that you have no home? Surely Killie can appeal the result on the basis that the “Nomads” played a game at “Home”. 😃



  4. quadrophenian on

    FOOL TIME WHISTLE on 18TH JULY 2019 3:06 PM


    Everybody Loves – what a great ensemble cast and show. Ray Romano’s writing was a classic-in-the-making.


    If any couple/family needs open-minded understanding or support, a football blog isn’t necessarily the place.




    Your characterisation of what I actually meant is off; I wasn’t excusing his actions so that we could justify a cheap signing (you’re not so good at the old mind-reading stuff, it seems) and I didn’t aim to defend (nor abuse) an abuser.


    I don’t apologise for keeping an open mind on anything I read thru a mediated channel; esp a tabloid paper or a biased football blog or little comment box. Being too quick to judge others often unsettles me eventually. Mibby MIT’s right – it all would need further consideration and praps a week’s training allows the club to do that. HH

  5. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Perhaps team descriptors can offer us a chance to escape the SPFhelL. We change our name to Celtic Rovers, and on our travels, to keep faith with the name, we uproot to the EPL, or maybe even La Liga.



  6. Mike in Toronto on

    did you all read that ….??’



    “mibby Mit’s right” ….



    woo hoo!!!!



    read it and weep!!



    I’m right, I’m right … I told yous I was right … but you didn’t believe me ….



    (doing a happy dance around my office … thank god I wasn’t still in court when I read that … not sure what the judge would have thought about my happy dance ….although with the robes on and flowing about, my dance would have been even more spectacular !!!)



    sorry…. people on here dont agree with me as much these days…. I got a bit carried away….




  7. Good Evening…



    Well done Lenny and the bhoys… thought it was a fine display…



    Just to say I haven’t commented for a few days for a reason. T’was in a discussion regarding “multi-culturalism”,



    Was busy but as I caught up with the blog and was prepared to respond – it caught my eye that CQN thought Police suggested that this forum is not not one to discuss… multicultalism.



    Intimating that wasn’t about Celtic, so shouldn’t be discussed. The guys went on to discuss fish suppers and put up Daily Record Links… mmmmMMMM.



    Now, if I had the time and inclination, this would have been addressed at that point. As it happened I had neither – also I had no compunction to “start with” MacJay again. So I left it.



    So now! CQN thought Police are suggesting tonight that a man convicted of violence against his partner and the Mother of his children should be forgiven or admonished.



    Why..? his victim said so… a bit of a domestic…



    Now, this CQN thought Police guy has been discreetly trolling me for quite some time.



    A state of affairs I’m big enuff, and ugly enuff to cope with.



    What has concerned me more and more was this guy, a while back, phished for my e-mail and by extension my social media profile.



    He got my details and has surreptiously trolled me ever since.



    No bother – I was stupid enuff to give him my details, but it’s shabby to say the least.



    And now he is the master of clemency when Celtic are trialing this guy – it doesn’t sit right with me.






    Hail Hail

  8. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    There’s only one Boli Mbombo


    He hits the ball with aplomb-o


    He plays out left


    And his touch is deft


    Walking in a Boli Wonderland



  9. lets all do the huddle ? on

    if we make the 4th qualie round i wonder how much the tickets will be



    35 quid?



    unfortunately these days we are just a plc that run a football team



    and ive always said



    the only thing a c.e.o. of a p.l.c. cares about is their own pay and bonus package



    everything else is a side show – including, in our case, how competetive the team is, and how much we spend on decent players

  10. Not a great advert for the SPFL – getting beaten by a welsh team that sounds like a Viz character at the first hurdle

  11. lets all do the huddle ? on

    Just seen the Killie result, words fail me..





    dont worry about killie



    the are doing just fine



    so well in fact that they have cut our allocation in half next season



    they have an 18000 seat stadium



    and will only give use 4000 next season






    i seen their reason for it



    and.kind of understood it



    but makes no financial sense



    so i will still go there next season but not be in the ground



    and just drink jars in the hotel across the road 😁

  12. Fool Time Whistle on




    Indeed, a classic show with a great cast and superb writers.





    As for the angry man, we are todays targets it seems.


    There is much evidence of the infamous CQN Fallacy at work of course.


    In essence it means you have to assume facts that you want to be true, and from that unstable foundation you launch an attack or more reasonably, make your argument.



    Celtic have shown humanity and support to many of their players facing domestic issues, in the past and in the current squad. They take the reasonable view that one blemish is not a game changer as opposed to repetitive offnces of a similar nature.



    Most galling for me in the diatribe was an impugning of the integrity of those who chose to take a more charitable approach to the man & his family. Apparently, we were all just making an excuse so as we could sign a right back. The CQN fallacy in action. Assume a motive, elaborate upon it and then attribute it to people so that they can be disparaged.




  13. lets all do the huddle ? on

    Its been a terrible night for Scottish football.





    not sure about that



    has there not been a great night of football related kkkulture in the south side of glasgow tonite?

  14. lets all do the huddle ? on

    “as Alfredo Morelos proves his worth with deadly hat-trick”




    superb headline

  15. CHAIRBHOY on 18TH JULY 2019 10:02 PM






    My fault that.



    All I was trying to say was that our western countries are the most diverse places on the planet.



    Tolerant,multicultural, accepting, welcoming – and it’s a wonderful thing.



    I think also that places such as China, Bangladesh and many African countries would benefit from a little bit of diversity and cultural enrichment – so bland they seem to be.



    HH. 🍀

  16. On BBC Rumours today…


    Losing to sides like FBK Kaunas and Maribor while at Rangers has minded Kilmarnock defender Kirk Broadfoot not to take Connah’s Quay Nomads lightly as Killie lead the Welsh side 2-1 going into Thursday’s Europa League first qualifying round return leg at Rugby Park. (Record)



    That worked out well for him then :)



    Isnae so good for the country co-efficiant tho :(

  17. Going for this guy from Leicester proves to me our scouting system is severely flawed . How many RB s is it now that we have failed to sign , that we are chasing this fellow . Every season we have a major want in the team ,that needs addressed pretty dam quick , if it’s not a centre half it’s a striker .this season it’s a right back , but a battler for midfield wouldn’t go amiss Either , we are too powder puff in there , too many wee guys with no heart for a battle . Broonie excluded . We still have wants in the team , sorry to all the boys who thought we were great last night , couldn’t see it myself we should have hammered that mob last night . We still have wants in the team , Neil Lennon has a lot of work to do , and make no mistake there is a challenge coming from the other side of the city .

  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    As VP said, £23 for next week is high,so we will be about £35 for final qualifying game,if we get there….

  19. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The excellent CQN’r,Hot Smoked, posted an article, where Danny Simpson’s wife withdrew all charges,and allegations against him,but a Snowflake knows better, not belittling any abuse but ……incoming needs to read the story.

  20. Bada Bing,



    There are also counter damning articles. Even the judge said , quote:- ” Unworthy of belief” was Simpsons testimony.



    You do not need to be a snowflake to resent this sort of behaviour from a rich young man who many regard as a role- model.



    He is not our player and we certainly do not need to import this sort of person.


    Domestic violence can be complicated. It’s mental as well as physical and the victim often believes she is at fault.



    How would our players wives and partners react at social events ? Etc etc.



    It is really a sad day when we want to crucify a player for a foolish social media rant, but we accept players convicted of physical assult on a female. We should not be moral crusaders, but we should not defend or import the indefensible.



    Our growing and extremely dedicated female supporters deserve better from our club representatives . ( This applies to all at our club )

  21. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Green P- thanks for a full reply my friend, as we know, the press will be on the hunt,not a great scenario, and the SMSM will have the knives sharpened…..on his ability, why are no English teams in for him? HH

  22. A wee repost to the Celtic fans of Cork



    Thank you Corkcelt for posting



    A fine tribute.my friend.The you’ll never walk alone I hope was as moving a rendition as that sung in Lisbon after the 50th anniversary mass.



    CORKCELT on 18TH JULY 2019 10:54 AM



    Just a cut & paste from a piece in local paper in Cork, Touched a nerve with me as it is the locality I grew up in Cork & regularly attended Mass in that Church.



    A week after I learned of Billy McNeil’s death, I decided to organise a mass for him at the Society of African Missions church in the Western suburb of Cork, where I have been living for the past ten years.



    I chose this particular church because of an emotional attachment I had to it, having been a student in the adjacent college between 1950 and 1952.



    I contacted Celtic and asked for the club’s support. Being Celtic, that support came in the form of a large, colour photograph of Billy and Celtic jersey with Billy’s name and number 5 printed on it: both items delivered by courier to my home.



    Two days before the mass on the May 16, a lady from the club’s PR office telephoned my daughter Katherine to inform her that Bobby Lennox and John Clark would be arriving in Cork to represent the Lisbon Lions.



    I just couldn’t believe it when I heard the news.



    By then, the Celtic supporter’s clubs in Cork were aware of the mass and on the night turned up in big numbers wearing the Celtic jersey and scarves. The deputy Lord Mayor of Cork sat in the front pew alongside Bobby and John.



    Prior to the mass, I had booked a string trio from the Cork School of Music to play appropriate music. A Welsh tenor, Ryan Morgan, sang Abide with Me, Ave Maria, The Lord is My Shepherd and Panis Angelicus during the liturgy.



    When it came to the offertory, Fr. Michael O’Leary SMA invited Bobby Lennox and John Clark to bring the jersey and picture up to the altar. Fr. Michael and his fellow priest Fr.Kevin O’Connor SMA turned both items around to face the congregation to loud and sustained applause.



    At the end of the mass, Ryan Morgan led the congregation in a rousing rendition of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone.’ I had to fight hard to hold back the tears.



    Afterwards, my daughter said to me, ‘Dad, I felt so much love here tonight.’



    I am going to present the jersey and photograph to the two Celtic supporter’s clubs in Cork.

  23. Almore,irish language boys



    Looking for irish meaning,derivations and background for the term Shankhill?



    Thanks in advance




  24. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    HOT SMOKED on 18TH JULY 2019 2:01 PM





    “The statement, which has been published by The Mirror, read: “I am devastated by today’s outcome for Danny, our family and our daughter Skye. I am not a victim at all. Danny is a kind, loving father and despite our ups and downs he is a good person who I love and respect.



    “We did get into a heated argument. I asked Danny to leave but he wouldn’t so I called police. When they arrived Danny was not on top of me and he definitely did not throttle me. I told police I would not make a statement as he is not violent.



    “I later attended the police station of my own accord to ask for bail conditions to be dropped as Skye and I missed Danny terribly. I gave an interview saying he did not assault me. My statement was dismissed at court. This verdict will put more strain on our family. I now have no faith in our police or judicial system.”






    Thanks for that.





    Let`s all look after our female fans by casting doubt on the veracity of the above statement made by Danny`s wife.


    Maybe she`ll be happy if her husband gets a job.



    As the Big Yin said to Parkie about a gig he had played in Brisbane.


    ” Booed off ? I was booed on. “

  25. ATM – Without Google, I think that it means graveyard, burial site or something like that.



    There is one in Belfast and one in Dublin.



    It’s spelt Shankill though, as opposed to Shankhill.



    Only have a few words though, cupla folca so it’s wrong more than likely.



    HH. 🍀

  26. A few allegations flying around but I’m not the alligator..)



    Tell you one thing though that guy is a total FLYMAN and his mate is nothing but a CRAWLER , this I know for a fact!




  27. Good morning, friends, and a Big Happy Friday from a dry and bright, mild rather than hot, East KIlbride.


    I expected the tickets for next Wednesday’s game to be pitched at £20 and had that been the case I don’t think there’d have been too many complaining. An extra £3 per ticket will ‘only’ bring in another £120,000 or so but at a time when we aren’t exactly desparate for money. Another chance missed to give something back to the supporters.


    I’ll be there, though.

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