Levein lining up excuses


I watched Olly Lee’s body language as he hobbled off Celtic Park on Sunday, it was clear he was distressed at something more than just missing part of a meaningless game.  For him, the Scottish Cup Final was in jeopardy, which Hearts have now confirmed he will miss.

Football managers like an excuse for failure as much as anyone and Hearts are lining them up ahead of the Scottish Cup Final.  Cup finals come round rarely for players like Lee, so I was empathetic to his distress as he left the field, but Craig Levein was straight in with the “hugely disappointing news for us……….. and especially for Olly.”

There are a raft of Hearts players with no chance of playing on Saturday, look out for Levein drip feeding the news between now and then, to ensure everyone knows how hard their job is.

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  1. 67 European Cup Winners on

    On our next Manager


    I think (because like all of us – I don’t know)


    DD and PL will make an effort to get a category one manager the likes of Benitez, Martinez, Dyche, AVB,


    But getting that level of manager to commit in June is difficult because they will want to wait and see what materialises throughout the summer


    As we know we cannot afford to wait until the end of the summer as we have CL qualifiers in a few weeks


    Assuming getting a Category one manager proves impossible then you have no alternative but to look at Category two managers


    This is where we will find Lennon, Moyes, and a few others we probably haven’t thought of



    My preference would be a Category one manager someone better than BR was but that is a long long shot


    If I had a choice I would want Benitez



    This brings us to category two and in my view I would rather the devil you know and that Lennon



    One final thought on my basic analysis DD and PL could pull a rabbit out of the hat after the Cup Final



    Who knows




  2. DD great to see you posting. I asked someone the other day about you. Know you have had a rough time recently. Will say a prayer that things will get better soon. YNWA




    Would you consider Dyche a Category One manager?



    I’d love Benitez but I always found that idea to be fanciful. Unconvinced with Newcastle’s budget – what chance Celtic’s?

  4. BURGHBHOY on 21ST MAY 2019 8:46 PM



    I agree 100% my friend.


    The thought of the man packing his stuff up and being kindly ushered out the door leaves a sickly feeling in my gut.


    I want Celtic to repay the loyalty he has showed us and give him a right good contract and financial backing.


    We really don’t need anyone else.And I do not believe there is a realistic appointment who brings the glamour.


    Davie Moyes……?..no thanks.

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Benitez staying at Newcastle, if anyone thinks we would pay a manager 80k a week plus……..

  6. I hope Leinster take about 40 off them.


    Never liked GW fans…. especially since around 2012.

  7. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    It’d be interesting to see if the injury count over the course of the treble treble attempt has been higher than over the previous 3 years – the undefeated record and our amazing titles have left the bhoys knackered.

  8. SFTB



    Gap closing?



    This season or last this season more points 87 verse 82


    This season or last this season more wins 27 verse 24


    This season or last this season more goals scored 77 verse 73


    This season fewer goals conceded 20 verse 25


    This season better goal difference 57 verse 48


    This season fewer draws 6 verse 10


    This season same winning margin 9 points


    CL this season same last 16



    Hail Hail


    Neil Francis Lennon CSC

  9. JOBO BALDIE on 21ST MAY 2019 5:29 PM



    Breaking news this hour is that my 3rd favourite team, EKFC may have talked Darren O’Dea out of his planned retirement.



    *Better hope he disnae invite his bro in law lol.

  10. 67 European Cup Winners on

    GEEBEE1978 on 21ST MAY 2019 9:03 PM


    Keeping Burnley in the EPL is a huge achievement – I think he is a leader who takes no nonsense from players


    I would have him


    Benitez as well keeping Newcastle in the EPL another miracle worker



    Would Moyes have kept either Burnley or Newcastle in the EPL ??


    Would Lennon ??



    It’s like buying a car you can only buy what you can afford and what’s available



    Testing times







    I have the utmost respect for what Dyche has done with Burnley but it’s horses-for-courses. How would he be if he had to build a team on the front foot and open packed defences? Also, there are many on here who have complained about the style of football served up by BR (amazing, I know). Some of Burnley’s football is brutal.



    Not sure about Moyes either although it could be said his last stint in management was fairly successful.



    I was hoping Martinez could be tempted back into club management but looks very unlikely.



    Straight battle between Moyes and Lennon then? Still not sure where the flurry of bets for AVB are coming from…..

  12. Silver City 1888 on

    Lining up excuses or lulling us into a false sense of security? There is a very good reason why one treble is hard enough to get. One duff game and it is all over. A lot of people will be lining up to see we have a duff game.

  13. Good to see you back, DD. Maybe you know the old Polish saying about rumours: “Rumours are like diarrhoea- they come out of an arse, and the bigger the arse the worse they are”.


    Not directed at anyone in particular, just a general observation to alleviate the mood till we find out on Sunday…… probably.

  14. If people actually had a hard look at the facts surrounding BR’s departure, a proper look and totally discount what you think happened, start from scratch, start from the top and what did they know.


    It seems the BR was working his ticket according to most posters, the media are in line with this and the bloggers, Paul included are in line with this, so, the club obviously knew this and they would have been kept abreast of his every move, especially after the China syndrome.


    As far back as the winter break there was chatter in the media about the Leicester boss getting his jotters and BR was getting linked with them, everyone, myself included put it down to the media attempting to spread discontent, I now believe they had an incling, if they did our board would have as well, thing about Dermot, in business if you cross him you will struggle from that point on, he will make it his business to put barriers in you way, it’s well known he is a ruthless chap when crossed, now we get to Neil Lennon, who mysteriously left Hibs, wasn’t sacked and didn’t resign, he just left, how very convenient for us, then we have the compo we got, this didn’t happen in a day of BR leaving, there would have been talks prior to the news breaking that he was going and any compo package will have been agreed on, the news then broke in the morning and he was gone the same day, all hell breaks loose and Lenny steps in, again how lucky that Neil was available.


    A mystery, not for me, the board knew all along he was going, £9 million says they knew. had they been taken by surprise that many are thinking and believing, I would be mortified that out board were that stupid and naive, which thankfully they are not.

  15. Good to see you on here again G my friend, you have been missed. S says hello.




  16. Fully concur with THE BATTERED BUNNET on 21ST MAY 2019 12:15 PM and OT’s agreement with him.



    As I posted a couple of days ago DM is being hung out tae dry mainly for his manure tenure as his cv is a lot better than the spoofers as he actually won a title.



    He also has won the LMA Manager of the Year Award, which is voted by fellow managers, 3 times, and is also an executive on the League Managers Association.



    The manure position as I pointed out was a poison chalice prior tae the Doc taking over and a lot of fingers can be pointed at interference from Sir Matt a common trait with a fellow Lanarkshire mhan who Jock had tae put in his place as Hugh McIllvaney pointed out in the Centennial Video. I’m almost sure SM was eventually advised, for the good of the club, tae take a back seat.



    Mibbees, just mibbees that was one of the reasons Jock turned the job down, a kind of Jimmy Ruffin moment in “I’ve Passed This Way Before”.



    Let’s not forget SM was back in charge after the Wilf McGuiness fiasco and being only about 20 year older than Jock mibbees he saw the possibility of his overwhelming spectre hovering on the horizon.



    Similarly, until his recent operation sir furious was still travelling on the official team bus, his presence was overshadowing such really good managers as Aloysius Paulus Maria van Gaal and the pretentious one, God help poor “doogie houser” now in charge as this was his old boss.



    Jock also said on taking over at Parkheid when asked if he had full control, a hint at Sir Bob’s imposing presence in the past, that it was no use in saying you had control if you didn’t.



    I am now of the feeling that when Jock was offered a seat on the board he, based on past manure experience, was purposely removed fae the football side of the club, by Desmond White or even big Billy as the Big Mhan was indeed that, a Big Mhan in more ways than one.

  17. WilliamKentigern67 on

    RIP Jake Black. Was at Springburn College with him in ’76. A Possil legend. Last words were allegedly tweet tweet Possil Fleet.

  18. Emerald Bee


    Thanks again for the ticket on sun,


    Good chat with your fr.iend ken bout the gaelic also.


    Hope yovr friend gets ouer his op :-)





    Delaneys dunky


    Good to see you post.(are you a hun haha)


    Called you over weekend u slung mi a deefy lol



  19. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    DD IS BACK !!!!!!!






    Hail Hail from the BGFC gang – love from us and ours to you and yours :-)))))




    David66 – will say a prayer for your brother – been a long wait for you to say your goodbyes.





    BGFC & Wee BGFC (now finished his Highers and kicking back relaxing)

  20. Delaneys Dunky on



    Thank you kindly.


    Was great to see you star in the Lisbon Lions documentary last week. Brought back great memories of Lisbon 2017 for me.


    Could you think of our friend Weefra in your prayers please. The wee man is struggling at the moment. He was going to Paradise on Sunday but spent the day in Hairmyres with his ailment. Hope he makes the fitba next season.



  21. For a light show, if that is important, the Allianz Arena in Munich takes some beating.

  22. Delaneys Dunky on

    Thanks for all the welcome home messages bhoys. Cannae wait till we hopefully see history made in our lifetime on Saturday.



  23. Robinbhoy,



    All good ; hope you are doing well.



    Living in London these days but back in Glasgow for the cup final.



    Still travelling too much although using the Concorde Room rather than First Class Lounge so need to meet their next time.



    hope your brother is doing well.




  24. Delaneys Dunky on



    Unfortunately Celtic took an Allianz beating!


    Crackin occasion though. Best stadium and match experience going. Great trip in magic company.



  25. Delaneys Dunky on



    Sorry pal. We will chat soon. Saturday could be special day in Celtic history. Great Tim Times D. Magic



  26. Delaneys Dunky on



    Thanks pal.


    Wish I saw your heads up for Fields of Athenry pre race ?


    Good shout.



  27. DD


    Big up mate ? Good to see you posting and hopefully more positive than events of late have occasioned. Look forward to a catch up with you soon.



  28. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    I picked the wrong day to log onto Cqn



    Welcome back DD☘️☘️

  29. Lucky Cody,



    Glad to hear all good! My bro is doing fine. I’ll pass on your regards.



    Concorde room means you’re travelling like crazy, but at least in comfort!



    Safe travels and enjoy the cup final.




  30. Delaneys Dunky on

    Celtic Mac


    You watching on Saturday?


    Confident for a record and history forever.



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