Managers are keen to use record transfer players


Football is all about the creation and utilisation of space.  The first thing Leigh Griffiths did to create the goal last night was leave space in the box for him to exploit.  If Leigh occupied the traditional centre forward position, there would have been no space for him to leave his marker and the goal would not have happened.  This is a striking example of football intelligence.

Until that moment, Celtic were disarmingly impotent.  Too often this season we have been dependent on opponents making a defensive mistake, and, if like St Mirren they don’t, we look laboured.

It was difficult to assess Filip Benkovic against St Mirren on Friday, he was never pressed and was skinned once, but you could see what all the fuss was about last night.  The Croat looks the real deal: fast, good in the air and comfortable on the ball.  He will take more responsibility in the weeks to come.

Celtic improved when Brendan Rodgers abandoned his initial plan on 57 mins, replacing Tom Rogic and Forrest with Scott Sinclair and Mikey Johnston.  Almost immediately, Callum McGregor burst into newly available space (my word of the day) in the box.  From then on Rosenborg were under pressure.  The entire stadium knew the game was there to be won, we just needed our chief goal-scorer on the field.

When managers break transfer records for a player they are keen to play him, but leaving Odsonne alone inside the box isn’t working.  We have options for Rugby Park on Sunday, but our treble goes on the line at the League Cup quarter-final at McDiarmid on Wednesday.  We need to be ready for it.

I’m nine days from the Great Scottish Run half marathon, which I’m totally unprepared for.  The ‘Why did I say I’d do this?’ thought has occurred, but you know why.  If you and I cannot do our best for the Celtic FC Foundation, we are missing a whole lot of what it means to be Celtic.

The Foundation means we can connect right back to that hall in Calton in November 1887, when Bro Walfrid said, “Let’s form a football team to help feed the poor.”  This is where we came from and, if you and I have any say in the matter, it remains a central part of where we are going.

If you can help sponsor me for the Foundation, please do so here.

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    A shitebag would not have achieved what you have in life. Greateful thanks for your ticket to our friend. A shitebag wouldn’t have done that either.



    He’s meeting my Dad and my sisters tomorrow. That’s four people who have had their day made by your generosity.



    That’s what Celtic fans do,mate. It’s what we are.




  2. J McCormick


    Thanks to you I will enjoy a trip to Ayrshire tomorrow. Hope I enjoy match



  3. Father Jack



    I am afraid that there is an answer to Kelly Smith’s questions re Orion.



    “So? So, so? Can NASA explain that?



    Yes. Yes they can.



    The answer, simply, and which has been explained in detail elsewhere, is that the Apollo astronauts were not in the Van Allen belt for long enough to have to deal with dangerous levels of exposure to radiation.



    The Apollo astronauts did return to Earth having been exposed to significant radiation – but not more than is allowed by US law for workers at nuclear power stations, for instance.



    So what’s different with Orion EFT-1? Put simply, two things: equipment and time.



    First, Orion contains much more complex and complicated electronic equipment than the Apollo systems, which could potentially be damaged by radiation and so has to be tested before humans are allowed to fly inside it.



    Second, Orion isn’t just intended to go through the Van Allen belt and back in a few short days. It’s designed for missions up to 21 days long, and perhaps even longer if it forms part of a mission to Mars. As a result it would face exposure to vast amounts of radiation in space, for months on end, and so testing its shields and how much radiation gets through is prooobably a good idea.



    So no, NASA did not accidentally leak that the Apollo missions were fake in its own promotional videos.”

  4. DD 9.02pm



    Danny McGrain scoring … Arbroath ?



    Remember am no Dallas and wrong far more times than correct



    Delighted the Cqn chef McCormick sorted you out for the game tomorrow

  5. When read mention of Tommy I have to post.


    My all time Celtic hero bar none. Yes, I post as Lennybhoy, my second all time Celtic hero. I would have chosen Tommy Twists, Tommy Burns but a dear friend formerly of this Parish had already taken the moniker.


    I had the pleasure of meeting Tommy on more than one occasion, one of which was 18th August 1994, my Birthday. I was at Celtic Park celebrating my 32nd Birthday and the day Tommy, Fergus and Billy had to attend a meeting with the SFA to decide compensation. As Fergus and Billy sat impatiently in a Honda Accord outside Celtic Park, me a 32 year old Bhoy was so excited to meet his idol, who was a 37 year old Bhoy, only 5 and a bit years older than me. I produced his book published in 1989 and said “Tommy , it’s my Birthday, can you sign your book” as Fergus shouted “Tommy, we really must go”, Tommy took the book and wrote happy birthday and wrote my Sunday name. I then asked nervously and still star struck when are going to sign someone. He replied “Soon Son, soon “. Son, I thought to myself Tommy we are not much difference in age but didn’t have the balls to say so.


    Tommy Burns Thursday, I was there that night, proud member of the Tommy Burns Coatbridge CSC, of which I am still a proud member. I got off the bus when we got home, tripped, cut my wrist on the bottle of Becks I was carrying. Mate wrapped my scarf around it, got in, wife wrapped it in a bandage. 11:00 next morning, Clock Bar for a full session. Home with Curry and afterwards took the bandage off, still bleeding. MDGH and 5 stitches later I got home.


    I will never be able to express in words what Tommy Burns means to me but I think you get the gist.


    Tommy and to all of you…


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!



    You nearly have me convinced, nearly, but not quite.

  7. BMCUW & DD



    Jeez, feeling very humble now. I would say “ it’s just a ticket “ but we all know it’s more than that when the Celtic supporters gather.


    Off for an early night, lot to do tomorrow but no cooking. Sorry,GFTB I can’t tease you with my menu tomorrow . I hope to grab a bite of lunch in town tomorrow once I hear how our Bhoys get on.

  8. Lennybhoy in March 2008 after my wee mass funeral (to this day my mates say it was a brilliant day :-) we ended up in the Clock bar as the Banks closed for a couple of hours



    Tommy Burns was/is pretty special for me as Gutenberg posted this morning epitomises everything good at being a Celt …. a fan who lived the dream



    Hail Hail

  9. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Delaney’s , so much for me being off for the night .



    I’m sure Danny scored in our frst game of the 73/74 season against Clyde. The same game that clogger McVey seriously injured Brian McLaughlin.



    Other games I remember him scoring were against Alloa in a league cup match at Recreation Park, Queen of the South in a cup game at Celtic Park and a screamer v Hibs in our 3 1 win in our run up to the 4 2 game .

  10. Father Jack



    I am not sure that Ibrox exists.



    I know that I travelled to a place that claimed to be Ibrox but, given what we know about the toxic atmosphere there, I seriously doubt that anyone could survive a visit.



    Yet here I am!



    Or am I?



    What is existence after all?



    “Philosophical discussion of the notion of existence, or being, has centered on two main problems which have not always been very clearly distinguished. First, there is the problem of what we are to say about the existence of fictitious objects, such as centaurs, dragons, and Pegasus; second, there is the problem of what we are to say about the existence of abstract objects, such as qualities, relations, and numbers. Both problems have tempted philosophers to say that there are inferior sorts of existence a s well as the ordinary straightforward sort, and they therefore often suggest that we use the word “being” to cover both kinds but restrict “existence” to “being” of the common, non-fictitious, non-abstract sort. (Sometimes the term “reality” is proposed for “existence” or for “being.”) The problems of fiction and abstraction are different, how ever, for there are both real and fictitious abstractions. For example, the integer between two and four is real, but the integer between two and three is fictitious. On the other hand, there are both concrete and abstract fictions; for example, the winged horse of Bellerophon and the integer between two and three. Accordingly, philosophers have often dealt with the two problems in quite different ways and perhaps ought to do so.”



    So, I think I am entitled to add Ibrox to the list of moon landings, JFK shooting, and Area 51 (not the nightclub, as I think I have been there) as dubious concepts dreamed up by some secret society that I have yet to invent and perpetuated by adheretns who cannot think for themselves.



    Thankfully, you and I are above such things :-)

  11. JMCCORMICK on 22ND SEPTEMBER 2018 9:37 PM


    I too am a Coward when it comes to watching things about Tommy. I did watch last night’s programme, what I loved about it was that it was mostly family and close friends that it concentrated on when recounting his life. However, in 2009 I was bought ‘Faithful Through & Through, the Tommy Burns Story’. 9 years later it still has the cellophane intact, too scared to watch it for fear of how upset I would be.


    I have the Faith that Tommy had and having shed a tear last night I am now at the stage that I will sit down and watch ’Faithful Through & Through, the Tommy Burns Story’ at some point this weekend.


    One last thing, I had always wanted to attend The Tommy Burns Supper that was run by the Herriot Watt CSC. That dream came true but sadly Tommy was not there, it was the last ever Tommy Burns Supper run solely by the Herriot Watt CSC. Billy was there as was Rosemary. Yes the Herriot Watt did run one with the Celtic Foundation, I attended that but chuffed that I got to the original one, albeit Tommy wasn’t there.


    God Bless you Tommy and thank you for being you…


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!





    And that’s why we are Celtic supporters. Loud proud and permanent.

  13. Big Packy1



    No Christie’s for me fur a while working on a Saturday morning so by the time I get home at 2.30pm the wee blade is already away shopping with my sisters … only go “over the street” to keep her occupied



    Christie’s still going strong though





    No need for humility,old bean. Some of us have a lot to be humble about,you certainly don’t!!!




  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    The Soviets and subsequently the Russians would have had to be complicit in a hoax moon landing.


    Not to mention the global scientific community.



    Is it credible to think that they were / are ?

  16. Setting Free


    I have always been sceptical that Australia exists, till I go there I will always wonder if people have been lying to me, Ibrox, I have been there a few times so I believe it exists, it’s not a nice place, I concur it’s toxicity.


    Why do you mention the JFK shooting, ah, unless you are hinting that LHO didn’t shoot him, you wouldn’t be doing that would you, I did read somewhere he wasn’t really shot but I don’t believe that, I have no idea what to believe in these days of fake news, I do believe though that If I am to decipher the rest of your post I think I should start partaking in the drink.

  17. Macjay



    Russians & moon landings ???



    Am more interested in the Griff starting and would also like young Edouard beside him, maybe some of our Leigh’s gallusness will help our record signing …



    Not sure if you can get the Tommy Burns programme on the inter web but if you can am sure you will enjoy it

  18. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    GUTENBERG on 21ST SEPTEMBER 2018 11:54 PM



    Great to hear that .


    I posted to you just after the game when the euphoria was still powerful.


    Your daughter and her pal from Dublin .


    Lovely in every way.


    And thoroughly enjoying themselves .

  19. I watched the TB documentary last night.



    Cried my eyes out. My favourite ever Celtic person.



    TB was Celtic.



    HH jg

  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    I just wonder if Leigh is ” a bit of a handful ” for Brendan in the way that wee jinky was for Jock .



    Perhaps that would explain his lack of game time.



    Someone mentioned his negative reaction when Sinky ruffled his hair after Leigh scored .



    Seemed unlike him . Maybe he was bovvered about his hair weave .



  21. Hope Mulumbu gets a start tomorrow. Hope too that Griffiths is CF, with Eduard to his left. I would leave out either Rogic or McGregor, as both have contributed little of late. If Gamboa is available, I would play him too. He would play a forward pass now and again, besides going forward himself. Lustig (much as I like him) seems incapable of it now.



    Hope some sort of confidence returns. It has been distinctly absent for much of the season. Our manager has to change the tactic of passing sideways and backwards. I’m sure that has contributed to our lack of self-belief.

  22. Jamesgang 10.37pm



    Instead of the “are you a Sev” fir new posters I think the new question should be “did you cry at the Tommy documentary” if it’s a “naw” that poster must be a hun ;-)



    Much like the Jinky programme & the Sean Fallon documentary, even though Celtic is always there, it’s the family stuff (alongside the Celtic stuff) that makes us get a bit weepy :-)

  23. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Tommy Burns , like so much of the Celtic of that era passed me by .


    Communication was by local newspaper or the Celtic View.


    Occasional videos at the Sydney CSC .


    CQN has essentially brought me up to speed on Tommy the legend .


    Tommy the player I know only by reputation .


    I will , I`m sure , be able to access the program on You Tube and hopefully share it with the laddie .

  24. Macjsy 10.40pm



    Just my opinion I think Leigh thinks he is our best striker and footballers are spoilt kids, this time last year I was gutted as I thought Leigh was in his way out but am sure whether they differ or clash Brendan is good for Leigh and Leigh is good for Celtic… am not going to slag our double treble winning manager … but sometimes coaches can’t coach natural ability and I’m my opinion Leigh finds scoring goals naturally … over the moon he has signed a 4yr deal and just as glad Brendan sanctioned the deal



    Good times can maybe even get better :-)

  25. PCS 10.41pm



    Mulumbu tomorrow ???



    I think he is a cert to start and even though I think N’cham has all the attributes I have a feeling Mulimbu will grab this chance and be hard to displace … I think he will be great fir our defence and also help Broony



    I like the fact he has been about the block and will grab this opportunity to maybe get a few medals and give us Celtic fans even more good times

  26. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    I agree with all of that .


    Delighted to see that the new Scotland striker cost the Edinburgh huns two points today .

  27. Just watch man c game on MOTD , THERE 4th goal was a move we see game after game , KT overlapping to the bye line ,but sadly without the finish , as no striker following in to score , same on other wing with jamesy. The invincible team converted chances like that .

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