Mubarak brings echoes of another adamant player


Occasionally an innocuous comment left here can stay with you for years.  The day following the 2005 defeat in Bratislava someone wrote, “I suspect we’ll find an injury in Nakamura’s fitness test”.  The player was scheduled to sign imminently, but with Champions League income looking unlikely, doubts emerged that Celtic would pay the money.

Soon others expressed doubts that Shunsuke would want to come, but within 48 hours of that defeat, he was sitting in front of the media at Celtic Park.  I was there, among a gaggle of Japanese and Scottish journos, when one of the locals asked why the prospect of being without European football didn’t put him off.

Shunsuke handled the question perfectly, “I am not here for six games of football, I have signed for Celtic and hope to play here for many years.”  Rumour has it that not everyone in the dressing room back then was equally as enthusiastic about life in Glasgow.

I’ve heard lots about Wakaso Mubarak in recent weeks, he appears to be a genuine talent, as well as being spirited.  What is most appealing about him is that he wants to be here.  This deal would not have happened if the player was not absolutely committed to coming to the club, and making his stay a success.

Back in August 2005 we didn’t know what we were getting with Naka, and I’m not going to burden Wakaso with a comparison to a player who turned out to be a transformational legend, but we need players with big personalities who can walk into the dressing room with the determination to be there, just as Naka did.

Welcome to Celtic, Wakaso.  Be yourself and you’ll love Glasgow; Glasgow will love you too.

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  1. The Green Man



    13:10 on 28 August, 2014



    Oh I see the same old cliché is rolled out again.


    If you criticise PL and the board….then you aren’t a true Celtic supporter.


    The Celtic Aristocracy look down on their own supporters, treat them with contempt.


    A wee bit of class hatred eh…


    Bourgeois masonic handshaking and brown brogues galore.


    What was it Bankier said?…”Behave Yourselves”


    I wonder what Celtic supporters will have to say to these gentlemen?








    Criticise until your heart is content but also give detailed alternatives, if I see one I think will work, I will give it my full support.

  2. stevo



    It’s estimated that 70% of the FTSE is run by men with a finance background. I agree with your sentiment and believe that the problems faced on skills shortages and productivity in this country is partly due to bean counters obsession with short termism and risk aversion.

  3. My friends in Celtic,



    It is said, factually so I am told, that your support for your football team is one of life’s constants. From cradle to the grave.



    Now I am not so sure, conditional support seems more apt for some.




  4. Here’s hoping Wakaso Mubarak does a good job for us and wants to stay on. I don’t blame Paul for posting an article about it – it’s Celtic news.



    As for Wednesday, aye it wasn’t very good but it’s a game that could have gone the other way. We’re in a transition period so it was always a risk we’d go out. We did, that’s football. Reshape the team and get better for next year.

  5. South Of Tunis on

    Snake Plissken .



    Any recommendations re books ( in English ! ) re the Slovak Uprising / History of Slovakia ?

  6. Chavez



    13:17 on 28 August, 2014



    Here’s hoping Wakaso Mubarak does a good job for us and wants to stay on. I don’t blame Paul for posting an article about it – it’s Celtic news.



    As for Wednesday, aye it wasn’t very good but it’s a game that could have gone the other way. We’re in a transition period so it was always a risk we’d go out. We did, that’s football. Reshape the team and get better for next year.





    You poor man, you had to watch it on Wednesday too??? That’s inhumane.

  7. Bigot Pound Agenda.


    So now, we aren’t Celtic supporters if we refuse to watch sevco at CP.


    Ha….its gets worse by the minute.


    You can prop up the circus of horrors if you like, and welcome your sevco pals to CP.


    Im not buying in to that….no way


    Personally, I want to see them burn in hell, that would be worth watching.


    I suppose I must be a “Bad” Celtic supporter eh.



    Sack the Board




    No Bigot Pound Agenda



    Mon the Hoops




  8. Steinreignedsupreme on

    thecyclist 13:12 on 28 August, 2014



    Aye. That’s modern football I’m afraid. Not that I’m defending it.



    I live in England and I hear the same complaints from fans of clubs down here.

  9. swordfish supporting wee oscar on

    Scullyboy…not up to me to name anyone,celtic have been found wanting by not scouting and getting players in long before this.Why do you think NFL walked away?

  10. Captain Beefheart on

    Indeed Snake.



    The Soviet dissidents who fought the Marxist huns and the resistance fighters who fought the Nazi huns should always be remembered.



    True rebels, not like the kiddy on ones here.

  11. Support for your football team is a given… supporting the extravagances of your clubs PLC employees – especially when your hard earned money is so tight one doesn’t know how he’ll be able to feed the elephant – now that’s another issue altogether.



    People on restrictive incomes have had enough of supporting affluant wasters at Parkhead at the expense of some domestic and family neccesities.



    That does not mean they are not supporters and to insinuate such is just plain crass.

  12. scullybhoy



    So you want supporters to come up with detailed alternatives…ok, heres one


    Don’t reward failure.


    Heres another one.


    Sack the Board.



    There you go




  13. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Wakaso Mubarak is 1.7136745664564356m tall [approx]



    He has the hamstrings of a mongoose.

  14. traditionalist88 on



    12:53 on


    28 August, 2014








    IMO turning up to see Sevco validates their existence. The SMSM are desperate for it because then ” life is back to normal” for them and the years of cheating, discrimination, lies, facilitation were worth it.



    You welcome Sevco, you welcome another 100 yrs of cheating..



    Sevco should not exist. Ask Spartans about it.



    I ll never go to a Celtic v Sevco now. You become complicit in the charade by turning up. Playing into the hand of SFA,SMSM etc.



    That’s me, though. Others will differ in attitude & I accept that..



    Celtic forever!








    When Celtic play Dundee are you turing up to see Dundee or are you turning up to see Celtic?



    The amount of obstacles thrown in our direction over 127 years have been huge…



    Celtic supporters who have gone before us would be turning in their graves listening to some of you saying you won’t go back.



    Vs. the Huns- we won. A new version may be on the horizon. Nothing to do with us.



    Put them in their place like Dundee Utd did.



    They won’t be tempting world class players like the oldco did.




  15. I am going to praise James Forrest this morning for having the directness to be the only one, out of many who criticised the Hugh McDonald article, to actually cite an instance of where Hugh had got it wrong. He may, like others, have used the line that “it was rubbish from start to finish- pure PL spin- dictated to him”, but having made that rant, he then actually supplied an instance showing where it could be wrong- no one else did.



    Which brings me to my main point- Paul 67- getting it in the net because he is not posting the same views and addressing the same points that they want him to talk about. Every poster who uses this line of attack, the view that Hugh and Paul are being worked from the back by PL and just issuing spin, are overlooking the possibility of an alternative truth. Namely, that they actually agree with what they write in their own names. The fact that what they right co-incides with what we imagine PL’s own views to be, does not mean that they have been imposed upon them. Ask yourself the simpler question- Is anything they are writing at odds with positions they have espoused in the past? Are there signs that they have been bought off or whored their views and attitudes for the favours or monies of some Svengali figure?



    If the answer is no, then do them the credit that you would want to have for yourself and accept that their views are their own, honestly and consistently held, however wrong-headed you may think they are.



    Otherwise, if you persist with the board lackey and hack jibes every time someone expresses views that do not chime with your own, then you lay yourself open to the same treatment. You legitimise the tony donnelly tactic of noting that :-



    You are being critical of Celtic


    Rangers fans are critical of Celtic


    Therefore, you must be a hun.

  16. Captain Beefheart on

    The CQN Mr Angrys would moan even if Paul told them PL was a dud. A little respect for Paul 67 please.



    Cultsbhoy, you also support Aberdeen don’t you? Why are you therefore concerned about what happens to Celtic?

  17. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    SouthofTunis- it’s both Czech and Slovak but ‘HHhH’ by L.Binet about the plot to assassinate Heydrich is very good.

  18. mullet and co 2 on

    Monte blanco.


    I think folk are worried that not just the failure to reach the Champions Leauge but also the manner doesn’t bode well. The SPL could be won with Peter Lawell managing the team.


    Therefore Champions League qualifiers are guaranteed every year.


    The Champions League qualifying route consists of 3 rounds now against teams of the calibre we have just faced. We should be able to beat them with our current resources.


    That is beat them and teams of that ilk every single year. The set up of our team should be geared around those 6 matches. However we fail every year to prepare properly and have sold players during this time. The manager only needs to pick a team and tactics capable of getting us there. It should be achievable every single year but we find every possible scenario to make it harder.


    We are not going through the champions route it’s teams like Karagandy, Maribor and Legia for goodness sake.


    Taking us on from that argument though is where the tough stuff starts. If we end up in the Europa it is not a complete disaster but you will likely find two of the types of teams I have just described in your group. They should be beatable but only if you have a coach who is prepared to play to his teams strengths. We don’t unless we sign a few flying machines and Andrea Pirlo in the next few days.


    The net result is the coefficient coming down, existing players slurs plummeting, fan disinterest … Less income.


    Next year we have Scott Brown out of contract and not one single player who could attract plus 6m unless Forrest stays fit or by some miracle Johansen comes good.


    The same qualification exercise presents itself next year? Would we even qualify for the Europa?


    I suppose by then Rangers will be back and will have hacked their way past Motherwell and would be ready to roll over our soft underbelly and do us in.

  19. Why don’t all the malcontents who aren’t happy with Paul’s topics start their own blog. How about notthecelticquicknews. You could have a night out in the quarter gill and throw darts at photos of PL, then pick a fight with the barman for putting a lime in yer corona instead of a lemon.

  20. The Honest Cover-up on




    I’m not sure why you chucked your Celtic season tickets because the SFL (which Celtic were not a member of) decided to accomodate an application from a new club. The SPL (which Celtic were a member of) righly declined this club’s application. It was a unaminous decision except from Killie who abstained. I could understand you boycotting Kilmarnock games but not so much Celtic games.


    That is your perogative though and fair play to you.


    If you have genuinely “chucked it” it seems odd that you would come here 2 years later to tell us. I’m glad you’ve found a new hobby but maybe you’d be better off blogging on clycling forums.



    I wouldn’t feel the need to post on cyclingquicknews about how disinterested in cycling I was and how appalled I was at the CEO of Raleigh for their policies on new bike manufacturing.



    Each to their own though. The majority of Celtic fans still support their club and will continue to do so even during these frustrating times.

  21. arsson80



    13:12 on 28 August, 2014






    Does Swordfish have access to the well invested and funded scouting resources that Celtic do before giving you 3 names ? I’m sure there are 3 players from their list that we could have bought if willing to spend the money from selling Forster/Ledley/Wanyama/Hooper etc etc. Seems like when they do buy it is a token £2million panic buy to quell the fans rage. o much for planning ahead :) Disastrous management





    Good point but whilst most of us are actually quite inexperienced in running a huge business like Celtic, we can assume that if there were good players out there who are willing to:


    1. Live in Scotland


    2. Ply their trade in a league that cannot even get a sponsor


    3. Earn what is feasible in that said league



    then I think Celtic would have done their best to get them. Only my opinion and sorry that I cannot continue the debate as I am off out.

  22. Ha…Peter wants to downsize everything, but strangely enough, not his own salary.


    Executives, don’t you just love them, blame everything and anything, and lie through your teeth, but will not take any responsibility.


    What a job that is eh….do what you like, then hide.


    Stop romanticising businessmen and asset strippers, they just aren’t worth it.




  23. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Usual CQN herpestidophobia.



    You wouldn’t be sayin’ that if you were an ole cobra.

  24. The Honest Cover-up on




    Well said. If Paul was focibly ramming his messages down people throats and clogging up their email inboxes with his articles I could understand their exasperation. They choose to come onto his website. If they don’t like his message by all means debate and register your grievances. Keep it civil though. Some of the criticism of our host is way over the top.

  25. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Southside – wouldn’t work. Anyone who missed the photo would be called a happy-clapper and beaten up.

  26. There’s an issue of CQN Magazine due out shortly. Given the current unrest on the blog and among the support in general we would be happy to invite supporters to contribute to the magazine. If you would like to give it a go please email – articles required by Sunday.

  27. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    ‘The mongoose emits a high-pitched noise, commonly known as giggling, when it mates. Giggling is also heard during courtship.’

  28. traditionalist88 on

    Moonbeams WD



    I believe that was a means to an end(successful too) whereas this is people saying they’ll chuck it for good. Because of huns. Shocking.




  29. We have had nearly 48 hours of mumping and moaning on CQN, some of it reasoned and most of it hysterical. Eventually Paul67 . . . THE OWNER AND CREATOR OF THE BLOG . . . posts a new article about our latest signing, and a few spoilt brats are slaughtering him for not validating their nonsense with a negative article attacking PL. They are like little kids looking up to their mammy for approval after they shouted at someone in the playground.



    They are so insecure that, having joined in the feeding frenzy, they need to be patted on the head and mollified like the immature fearties that they are.



    To the flouncers . . . Cheerio.

  30. The Honest Cover-up @ 13.27 So because i no longer attend games i’ve not to comment ? i also don’t vote but i still get involved in talking about politics, i felt the need to chuck it becuse i was getting p****d off at the direction the club was going in, and it’s ongoing silence in the cheat years, oh and i’m also a member of a good few cycling forum’s where any one can comment, you don’t have to own a bike you know.

  31. South of Tunis



    I’m hoping(?!) we draw Inter or Fiorentina *shudders*. Both closer for me.







  32. The Green Man



    13:22 on 28 August, 2014






    So you want supporters to come up with detailed alternatives…ok, heres one


    Don’t reward failure.


    Heres another one.


    Sack the Board.



    There you go








    Just about to go out but I thought your analysis was superb, do you work for a big company, if not get your CV out there!



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