Mubarak brings echoes of another adamant player


Occasionally an innocuous comment left here can stay with you for years.  The day following the 2005 defeat in Bratislava someone wrote, “I suspect we’ll find an injury in Nakamura’s fitness test”.  The player was scheduled to sign imminently, but with Champions League income looking unlikely, doubts emerged that Celtic would pay the money.

Soon others expressed doubts that Shunsuke would want to come, but within 48 hours of that defeat, he was sitting in front of the media at Celtic Park.  I was there, among a gaggle of Japanese and Scottish journos, when one of the locals asked why the prospect of being without European football didn’t put him off.

Shunsuke handled the question perfectly, “I am not here for six games of football, I have signed for Celtic and hope to play here for many years.”  Rumour has it that not everyone in the dressing room back then was equally as enthusiastic about life in Glasgow.

I’ve heard lots about Wakaso Mubarak in recent weeks, he appears to be a genuine talent, as well as being spirited.  What is most appealing about him is that he wants to be here.  This deal would not have happened if the player was not absolutely committed to coming to the club, and making his stay a success.

Back in August 2005 we didn’t know what we were getting with Naka, and I’m not going to burden Wakaso with a comparison to a player who turned out to be a transformational legend, but we need players with big personalities who can walk into the dressing room with the determination to be there, just as Naka did.

Welcome to Celtic, Wakaso.  Be yourself and you’ll love Glasgow; Glasgow will love you too.

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  1. lennon's passion on

    Wow did PL proof read that for you. Get a grip man there is no comparison what so ever.

  2. James Forrest is praying for The Unconquerable Oscar Knox on

    If he even comes close to the skills of the wee Japanese genius I will be well pleased.



    As long we exercise our option to buy :)

  3. Seriously Paul67 ?



    That article is unfathomable….



    Would you care to share your views on the strategy that burnt a golden ticket of £20m only 2 nights ago?



    In case it has passed you by it has been a preoccupation on CQN.

  4. The rebuilding of personnel and strategy starts now.



    There is still much to do and much left to play for.



    Warsaw here we come :-)




  5. The Celtic world is so bad that, even I canny be bothered moaning about them anymore.


    So, I’ll just say this…the sooner the huns come back – the better coz, I’m missing the


    “Jingle -Bells” song at ne’erday.


    Celtic fans are ‘rebels’ by dna/design so going by that….we’ve slipped into slumber coz the huns urny there to keep us on edge – every rebel needs a tyrant.


    Oh, and hurry up with the standing-area.



  6. Paul67,



    Are we likely to see anymore before Monday?



    Would be nice to get rid of a few as well. Need a clear out again.




  7. Just catching up.


    Has Mubarak signed then?


    Has anyone got a picture of him.


    Will the name put anyone off?

  8. I’m taking a CQN holiday….



    This blog used to have genuinely objective critical analysis of Celtic. Now it reads like a mouthpiece for CFC Board.


    There is greater analysis of Hunco Board than there is of our own Board.



    I’m out….!

  9. CultsBhoy




    12:16 on 28 August, 2014




    I’m taking a CQN holiday….



    This blog used to have genuinely objective critical analysis of Celtic. Now it reads like a mouthpiece for CFC Board.


    There is greater analysis of Hunco Board than there is of our own Board.



    I’m out….!




    Shut the door on your way out; you’re letting in a draft

  10. Transfermarkt lists 39 players in our first team squad. Of which only Liam Henderson is under 20.



    That is frankly ridiculous. It’s three players for every position, the third choice in each place needs moved out. If it comes to pass that both 1st choice and reserve are injured that’s the chance for an U-19 to come in.

  11. traditionalist88 on

    See all this guff about the bigot pound, what are we supposed to do, just not turn up if/when we have to play the newco?



    Dundee United have had to play them twice and put them in their place. We may have to do so too. It was always on the cards. We’ve had to deal with far bigger obstacles placed in our way in our long history. Lets concentrate on how we can help put Celtic back on the right path regardless of what Sevco are up to.




  12. I’ll wait until I see him play before I get to excited. Hope he is not another dud, never heard off him, our the other one getting banded about serco or something

  13. the glorious balance sheet on

    So we begin our preparations for CL qualification in 2015/16 by crowing about the temporary signing of someone who may not be here for these qualifiers?



    Move on, nothing to see here. Everything is great.

  14. Paul67, from what i heard, after the loss to Maribor, we were going to drop this guy but due to the level of fury vented, Lawell didn’t have the balls to go through with it for fear of a lynching. BTW another article that smacks of propaganda, we’ve stooped so low that we’re supposed to excited about loan singnings, take the skelfs from your a**e Paul, it’s good to come off the fence sometimes.

  15. I’m in Aberdeen today working.


    It’s raining.


    Obviously the doing of feckin’ Lawwell!


    Or the Green Brigade!


    It’s definitely one of them though!

  16. Paul67,


    Dearie me, even in the bad old Pravda days of the Celtic View the editor would have been embarrassed with this one,


    Most fans commenting on our CL exit and we get this cheerleading piece. CQN is/ was better than this.


    Time for a wee break from CQN. This article is as out of touch with the fans current thinking as PL and the board are.

  17. Squire Danaher haha excellent…”if Charles Mulgrew had spent as much time working on how to kick a ball with his right foot as he did having that monstrosity put on his arm.”



    Modern football in a nutshell eh?



    All about attitude, look no further than Fraser Forster.


    People mistakenly think they got it wrong when they questioned his ability.


    Fact is they were probably right, he just got better! Good coaching and patience on our part but mainly down to his attitude and damn hard work.



    You can ban the fizzy drinks and tattoos and instagramming their latest headphones and trainers but it’s really up to the player. They have to want to get better. It should possess them. Football is a short career. Make the most of it.



    Welcome Wakaso, Eid Mubarak

  18. squire danaher on

    Celtic Quick News



    Not Lazy Journalism



    BBC report a loan signing and CQN leader article 21 hours later welcomes the player



    Is Paul



    1) fed up defending what many think is the indefensible?



    2) of the view that CQNers won’t listen at this time to a defence of the “strategy” so won’t bother trying?



    3) still trying to sell the Gospel according to the SSM??

  19. mullet and co 2 on

    Weeminger, I see you are planning an analysis and forward projection on our current situation.


    Hopefully that includes the average sale of 10 million of talent each year based on the trend of the last 5 summer transfer windows.


    I’d like to highlight again that I don’t see this as a problem as long as the replacements are good enough to maintain performance levels. I.e. qualify for European league football.


    Every man and his k9 knows that we have bought crud in the last few transfer windows. Why?


    You buy crud and the performance goes down we go out of Europe early and sustain loses. We can’t then sell those failures. We sell less tickets and can’t buy replacement players.


    Why are we buying crud and why are we stockpiling cash?


    Why did we hire a coach with no European experience who is hell bent on implementing a system that apparently suits a handful of the current 1 st team?


    Root and Branch review required of these spectacular errors.

  20. Going by the views expressed so far, surely its time to put away the turd polish and address the issues we are all concerned about….




    Just a thought.

  21. GivehimthemoneyPeterCSC on

    To those having a go at Paul because he tries to see positive stories give him some respect!



    Ok we got beat by Maribor, you still wake up a Celtic fan…life could be a lot worse



    If you don’t like the blog there are others



    If you are angry with life and just want to blame someone, blame yourself

  22. you’ve heard lots about him…from where?


    “Deepthroat” on the back stair of the main stand?


    Don’t believe all you hear Paul,


    but above all else, do not go on someone else’s say so.



    you are being hung out to dry.


    as you will see with some of the comments already.


    the board need to spread out the scapegoats.


    its best practice when trying to save your skin.



    and by god, come Tuesday morning they are going to need some saving.



    heaven forbid not winning v Dundee and selling commons and vvd.



    im stocking the bunker wae tins

  23. So Paul is getting stick for not succumbing to hysteria. Anyone would think we’d never failed to reach the CL group stage before.

  24. Bhoys & Ghirls,



    We are all aware of the pitfalls and negatives.



    In fact CQN has been understandably gloom and doom since our pitiful performance. But once we have attributed blame to all and sundry, we have to pick ourselves up and plan for the future.



    IMO ;This is the message from Paul 67’s article.




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