Neil Lennon comments on uncertainty, SFA look cowardly


I would not pay too much attention to Neil Lennon’s comments about the squad not needing “much rebuilding, if at all.”  What he said about the prevailing uncertainty among all clubs is more revealing.

Celtic’s income will suffer next season in line with the rest of the industry, but Neil and the club will know that unique opportunities will open up with the transfer window.  Player valuations and wage offers will be down across the board.  Celtic are solvent, we should make this one of our busiest windows.

On receiving new evidence in 2018, an SFA Judicial Panel came to the conclusion that it did not have jurisdiction to determine whether Rangers’ 2011 Uefa licence was properly applied for and granted, and that the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) was the competent body.  Celtic were denied a Champions League qualification place as a consequence of this application.

After a two-year delay, the SFA yesterday announced they would not refer the matter to CAS “following consideration of the implications of such a referral”.

It may be the implications are irrelevant as the club went into liquidation in 2012, or it may be the implications are so great, Scottish football would be thrown into a whole new trauma.  This is not analogous of the SPFL declining to submit to a second investigation two weeks after Deloittes did exactly the same thing.

On that matter, Neil Doncaster explained himself in great detail and was examined by the media.  The SFA have given no explanation.  From the outside, it looks like a cowardly reaction to the treatment the SPFL board endured in recent weeks.

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  1. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    We all know they will never say it is irrelevant as the club went into liquidation.


    Celtic declared 9 in a row champions, let’s try to sneak this out there, they will be too busy celebrating to notice……….

  2. FTSFA











    ….☘️ ☘️☘️☘️☘️..















    HWG 10IAR

  3. The SFA are a dysfunctional, corrupt shambles. This outcome was entirely expected. The timing is diabolical and insulting.



    Celtic’s and our representatives role in this is has left a lot to be desired. There are serious questions about honesty and integrity. It’s not too late, but if left untouched this will be a stain on Peter Lawwell tenure and that would be a great shame.

  4. The Battered Bunnet on

    Our colleague-in-arms The Tribute Act has suggested this result – shelving the Res 12 case – is what all the shenanigans over the last month have been about – Sevco have bought off the CAS referral by backing down on the other guff.



    It’s a thought.

  5. I have held the view from the outset that legal action is the only course which may, may, produce a result. How that manifests itself remains to be seen, but I still think that a token case in the small claims court is a possible avenue, with the aim of achieving maximum publicity and, thus, embarrassment to both the SFA and Celtic if it comes to that. Reason: failure of corporate governance and to maintain fiduciary responsibility to shareholders. It would require a legal person to front this to ensure that the small shareholders are able to be represented properly. Any cost would therefore hopefully be minimal, even if the case was lost. I would hope – although not sanguine – that such a prospect might be a catalyst for some appropriate action. It could well be that the best that can be achieved is an admission from the SFA that they were duped, and an acknowledgement that procedures will be rigorously enforced going forward. There is also a possibility of a No Confidence Motion in the Board for the Celtic AGM.


    Enough rambling for now.

  6. i really cant see how the majority of SPFL clubs survive without the gates receipts. Smaller clubs have minimal overheads with no outgoings, they can put the club in the deep freeze till the turnstiles clock again. But Aberdeen, Hibs, Motherwell…



    We may well be denied the historic 10 because the Scottish game will be sunk.


    There are more questions than answers.



    Working at the moment so more later.



    But the implications here are very much worth considering.

  8. I thought Neil once again showed his management skill when he said he didn’t see the need to bring players in.



    Our lads have just won the 9, there’s no way Neil should be publicly talking about the need to strengthen, give the players their due respect.



    We will do some business this summer when the dust settles. Forster would be a fantastic signing and if we can get another Jullien then we’ll be flying. Klimala, Soro and Shved will hopefully contribute as well.



    It was good to hear Shved stayed in Glasgow during the lock down. There’s a player there if we can get him settled.

  9. Ron Bacardi……if you’re lurking, postie just been and delivered happy and generous tidings. Big Cheers from all at FRED.


    FRIESDORFER – well thought out argument. Only question is using the small claims court. Not sure it’s in their domain. BRTH now teasing us with impending answers? Hope so.


    P.S. How many shares do you need to have before you can attend the AGM? Anyone?

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The Celtic Board have never pursued this issue, it was fan driven, they are hiding behind the SFA,let’s not hide that fact.

  11. prestonpans bhoys on




    Agree 100% they are not interested since they were involved in the 5wa in the first place

  12. BADA



    The shareholders parked it with the PLC, they drove it alright, right into the cul-de-sac they knew was there, as they had seen the 5 way agreement and were well aware of the final destination for Res 12 from the outset, por cierto

  13. RUGGYGMAN on 20TH MAY 2020 11:05 AM









    It’s not a priority but we should look to bring in a 3rd keeper to take up Gordon’s place in the squad. My pick is Vaclav Hladky of St Mirren. A free agent in 11 days.



    I also think we should be looking to bring in TWO center-backs. We have the option to bring Jozo Simunovic back for another year. I wouldn’t be doing it myself. Jozo can miss the majority of the season with injury. Is the upside worth that risk? Not in my opinion.



    You could sign another RB and keep Elhamed as your 4th CB option.



    So at a minimum I’d like





    3rd Choice goalie


    Left-back to compete for a first-team place


    CB to compete with or replace Ajer


    CB or RB to replace Jozo


    LW to compete with MJ


    RW to compete with James Forrest


    ST to back up Eddy and Griff



    This is all based off the assumption that Lenny doesn’t really fancy the likes of Doohan, Hazard, O’Connell, Afolabi, Dembele, Oko-Flex, Klimala, Bayo & Hendry

  14. So basically the 5wa for the cheating 2 club’s out o ibrox overrides any attempt to challenge them.our governing body are using it as an excuse!


    Sad that Celtic shareholders are dismissed when there is a proven dossier of truth about our farcical governing body



    Tbb sound thinking.







    Id he’s leaving it’s to the crease his salary, he’ll have been tapped by 🐍 himself.

  16. “They thought we would be too busy celebrating”



    Fat Chance!! This site has posters moaning non stop since title confirmed. More moans than celebrating

  17. BADA



    Because his agent bumped his gums earlier in the season trying to boost his new summer contract.



    Although the newspaper quote was later rubbished by the player himself.



    Some Celtic fans didn’t rate VVD either.😂

  18. Res12 – It was kicked into the very long grass where the “where the feck are we tribe” live.

  19. Cowardly doesn’t explain this and it doesn’t do it for me.


    Dishonesty, corruption and criminality at the SFA should not go unpunished,.


    The SFA and rangers have conspired to corrupt scottish football.

  20. !!BADA BING!! on 20TH MAY 2020 2:15 PM


    Why do guys think Ajer is leaving?






    Cos his agent said he wouldn’t be renewing and he’s done nowt to contradict him.



    Rugyman is correct. – I’ve schooled him well😉- talented though he is, the young Viking is horribly right foot dependant for a left centre back. And he fair loves a dive in or jersey grab.



    HH jg

  21. onenightinlisbon on

    JINKYREDSTAR on 20TH MAY 2020 1:54 PM



    Thanks for posting that. Totally agree with the similarities with Sevco and of course our own A grade liar Boris.

  22. On Res 12 …


    A breakfast thought which I shared with Auldheid in the event the board do or say nothing in reply to the SFA’s puerile response re the Licensing issue …


    to change my mind about leaving my ST refund with the club but instead collect it and put in towards a ‘fighting fund” for an independent review to uncover the truth.


    I reckon £8-10k per 100 ST holders willing to support a review independent from the club and judging from the ’show of hands’ at the AGM resolution we should be able to make a decent start.


    Of course the club board may take the issue further but after their worrying responses at the AGM, I won’t hold my breath. Plus I have real concerns about those who were involved in the 2011/12 Licensing decision and those who were involved in the SFA 2019/20 making the “matter closed” call now – some familiar faces !


    We need to know the truth, warts and all. This ain’t going away – some of us do have the appetite.

  23. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Ajer rubbished the alleged ‘article ‘ …..why can’t we increase his deal and he can stay with us.?

  24. !!BADA BING!! on 20TH MAY 2020 11:52 AM


    Just watching that fud Douglas Ross representing the government in Parliament….very appropriate




    How dare you dis my local MP like that!!!


    The only reason that twat scraped back in was because of the English vote up here, mainly 39 Engineer Regt at Kinloss.


    He has an office on Forres High Street and it takes me all my time to walk past it and not open the door and shout “GIRUYYFH.” 😉

  25. Bada – I wasn’t aware that Ajer had rebutted his agent’s comments. Good to hear. Thank you.



    HH jg

  26. !!Bada Bing!! on

    JG- not getting at you amigo,I have seen a few posts last couple of weeks saying Ajer was leaving. I think he would be better staying and developing here,but if a bid comes in, it could all change HH

  27. Just sell Ajer, Kristofer Ajer…


    I just don’t think you understand..


    Cos if you sell Ajer, Kristofer Ajer


    You just might get a more balanced and less erratic centre half to push on to the next level in Europe…

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