Neil Lennon nails partisan Scottish Government


When asked about the Scottish Government’s incredible action, which gave Newco a competitive advantage over Celtic and Aberdeen, Neil Lennon said, “I can’t comment on what the Rangers (sic.) boys did. What I can comment on is the reaction from the Government, which I find bewildering.

“Considering the way they treated us after the Bolingoli incident. There seems to be double standards at the minute as far as we’re concerned.

“We were subjected to ‘privileged footballers, yellow card and blah, blah, blah’. We have been treated in one way and other clubs have been treated another by the Government and that’s unacceptable from our point of view.”

On discovering Boli Bolingoli broke Covid rules, Celtic isolated the player, disciplined and transfer listed him.  He has not been near Celtic Park in the three months since.  At a time when the virus was at its lowest, Nicola Sturgeon switched into Daughter of Ayrshire mode and grandstanded on Bolingoli’s transgression, banning Celtic (and Aberdeen, for players visiting a pub) from playing football for two weeks.

On discovering two of their players broke Covid rules, Newco isolated and disciplined both.  Sturgeon was silent, instead a Scottish Government spokesperson issued a statement offering Newco their support.  Despite prevalence of the virus being much higher, this incident did not register with this Government.

I have a friend who often refers to the ‘Everyone’s against us’, siege mentality, they try so hard to foster at Ibrox.  Giving people something to fight against brings the best out of them, especially if they are ‘privileged footballers’.

Neil Lennon needs to use this two-faced Government action.  Let the players know they are up against a Government who could not wait to cause fixture congestion to them, while allowing Newco to play on. None of this remotely surprises me, this is a glimpse into how things will be, Scotland.

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  1. Timbhoy


    I wouldn’t blame him for looking for a move – he needs to be playing regularly to develop

  2. Adi



    Verbatim from the Record



    First Minister Nicola Sturgeon had warned that football was on a ‘yellow card’ after previous incidents involving Celtic defender Boli Bolingoli and eight of Aberdeen’s first team.


    But a Holyrood statement said: “The return to training and match protocols mandate strict adherence to all government guidance in place, including on gatherings and physical distancing.



    “Players maintain the sporting bubble by not compromising any of these things when away from the heavy regulated training or match environment, and we expect clubs and their staff and players to fulfil their responsibilities and apply all of these measures rigorously.



    “We commend Rangers for taking such swift and decisive action in this instance, to protect the rest of their squad and wider public.”



    However-check this link from the Times – different words in different newspapers, attributed to Spokesman ….mmmmm as we used to say




  3. David 66 – happy Birthday, hope it’s been a great day, and it hasa fantastic end ( fitba’ wise 😉 )



    Cornelius and Iniquitousiv,


    Thanks for the advice. If i could conjure magic tricks, I wouldn’t waste them logging on to CQN 😂


    I use the same set up (ipad, chrome , no java and with Adblocker ). This “usually” works, but for no discernible reason at all, sometimes it doesn’t, and it becomes a little more then mildly irritating.


    Like this afternoon. Then i usually switch off my television set and go and do something less boring instead ( one for the older posters……nae Corkcelt and Cosy Corner Bhoy old, but older than weeBGFC, and possibly his dad anaw)



    Missed the start of the huns game, but I stand by my belief that they are a well coached – and very lucky from what I’ve seen so far – bunch of donkeys. 🐴

  4. Cult members surely more Zombie like? ;unable to give a view seperate to what they’re told or instructed by their master.



    I have no allegiance to any party I just don’t like being told who to vote for or that one party can do no wrong. Obvious agenda driven Propaganda makes me question it’s validity and puts me right off.

  5. The Huns do have a lot of luck, but they are a much improved team and have been playing bloody well this season.


    Looks like another Euro win, possibly in the last 16 after 3 games.

  6. Adi – you won’t and it will remain non attributable. Mission accomplished for a much better PR machine than Celtic have.

  7. MARTIM1980 on 5TH NOVEMBER 2020 6:46 PM


    It does appear especially by this blog at times that you don’t just vote snp but joint some sort of cult and believe they are without critism. Vote for who you want to but you don’t have to pursuade other people to think like you because,funningly enough, not everybody thinks like you or agrees that everything they do is excellent whether it is or it isn’t.



    Trump’s team don’t take critism well and often attack the pursuer…….




    i agree Martin criticism of smp is cult like.


    infact the nearest thing i can think of was the cult of Tony,our palestinian world peace envoy wbose murdoch led cult did sucker one or two socialists into his middle class confusion new labour it was called.check it out.its hard getting any socialist to back the war criminal.his cult status is intact




  8. AN Tearmann who mentioned Labour? You, twice in response to criticism to the SnP which further emphasises the point in that you’re unable to accept any criticism Lol🤣😂



    And it’s Martim1980

  9. The huns have won a watch with gerrard no mistake, they are a very very decent team, no standout performers but a really difficult team to beat when they put their minds to it. No overpaid prima donas unlike ourselves.



    The sooner we accept that, and take on the challenge, the sooner we can get back to supporting the team and manager en route to the ten.

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