Neil Lennon nails partisan Scottish Government


When asked about the Scottish Government’s incredible action, which gave Newco a competitive advantage over Celtic and Aberdeen, Neil Lennon said, “I can’t comment on what the Rangers (sic.) boys did. What I can comment on is the reaction from the Government, which I find bewildering.

“Considering the way they treated us after the Bolingoli incident. There seems to be double standards at the minute as far as we’re concerned.

“We were subjected to ‘privileged footballers, yellow card and blah, blah, blah’. We have been treated in one way and other clubs have been treated another by the Government and that’s unacceptable from our point of view.”

On discovering Boli Bolingoli broke Covid rules, Celtic isolated the player, disciplined and transfer listed him.  He has not been near Celtic Park in the three months since.  At a time when the virus was at its lowest, Nicola Sturgeon switched into Daughter of Ayrshire mode and grandstanded on Bolingoli’s transgression, banning Celtic (and Aberdeen, for players visiting a pub) from playing football for two weeks.

On discovering two of their players broke Covid rules, Newco isolated and disciplined both.  Sturgeon was silent, instead a Scottish Government spokesperson issued a statement offering Newco their support.  Despite prevalence of the virus being much higher, this incident did not register with this Government.

I have a friend who often refers to the ‘Everyone’s against us’, siege mentality, they try so hard to foster at Ibrox.  Giving people something to fight against brings the best out of them, especially if they are ‘privileged footballers’.

Neil Lennon needs to use this two-faced Government action.  Let the players know they are up against a Government who could not wait to cause fixture congestion to them, while allowing Newco to play on. None of this remotely surprises me, this is a glimpse into how things will be, Scotland.

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  1. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on 5th November 2020 1:50 pm



    Probably because they have well developed thought process and don’t go through life doing what others tell them they should do.


    Not being obsessed with religious fairy stories also helps.

  2. I see the SNP loyalists are on here ridiculing the sentiments of our manager and the blog editorial.



    Not one of them have expressed an opinion on whether the SNP was right or wrong to take their distinctive actions, far less advance reasons for why they were justified.



    Celtic Mac started to do so but failed to round out his argument.



    Timmy 7 just relied on heavy sarcasm and Neustadt gave us slogans and a pictorial version of “Tomorrow belongs to Me”

  3. spikeysauldman on




    The very least we could have expected was for the tin pot govt not to commend the Huns.

  4. NOTTHEBUS on 5TH NOVEMBER 2020 1:49 PM




    And is it your support for the SNP that prevents you from understanding the self evident hypocrisy in how the SNP government have responded to breach of Covid rules by players of the two clubs?

  5. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Sorry Timmy7, your response makes no sense whatsoever.



    Please frame your thoughts in coherent sentences, lest I deem you as one of their cyber-bots.




  6. Hmm, Team Trump about to make a major announcement at 4.30pm. This could be their last throw of the dice…

  7. spikeysauldman on

    whether intentional or not, it was a good idea for NFL to question the Gov. Might even get some fans behind him, siege mentality etc etc at a time when he needs it.

  8. ‘Depleted Sparta shorn of momentum as they target Celtic scalp’


    ‘Benfica a different challenge for Rangers – Gerrard’



    The above are both headlines on the BBC Scotland sports website, why is it the media in Scotland are always looking for ways for Celtic to lose and never supportive? Sevco? No so much.


    Answers on a postcard to L.O.L. 1690!




    I think I put forward my point succinctly. Weird that you would think its influence by my political persuasion



    The fact that the SNP’s Plan for an independent Scotland includes retaining the Sax Coburg Crowd as heads of state tells me all I need to know.



    No friends of mine. They have a cheek to refer to anyone else as unionists. If they won’t put their money where their mouth is and go for a republic, Scotland will remain the same bigoted wee place it has always been. Most of the population don’t like Celtic or Catholics and that won’t change in an independent Scotland imo.


    They will be after the Catholic schools in the first parliament after a yes vote imo.






    Yes,well said,the SNP will court the support,of all the unacceptable types,Celtic fans,RC’c, Irish etc. until they achieve the objective then watch the attitude change.



    SNP with their latest activity has now refreshed my previous reticence,SNP no thanks.

  11. NOTTHEBUS on 5TH NOVEMBER 2020 2:03 PM



    What stopped the two hun players from turning up at training?

  12. SFTB …”tomorrow belongs to me ” ….I like it



    I think wee slogans and pictures are an effective simple tool….



    smiley especially for those who think that we as a country are best seved by Boris and company thing



    loving the new spitting image series ….



    Saor Alba




  13. NEUSTADT-BRAW on 5TH NOVEMBER 2020 2:09 PM



    ‘we as a country’








    Do you live in Scotland?

  14. NOTTHEBUS on 5TH NOVEMBER 2020 2:11 PM









    Like most “crimes” they got caught.The fact remains, they didn’t







    So what prompted the SNP government to issue a statement commending the huns for their actions?

  15. How will things be in Scotland ?



    Are Celtic supporters going to be rounded up ?



    Will there be a return to massive orange walks , and segregations ?



    Will our vote be removed ?



    Is it only Celtic supporters , or are catholics supporting any other thing going to get it as well.



    Hysterical nonsense.

  16. FRANKTERRY on 5TH NOVEMBER 2020 1:58 PM


    Hmm, Team Trump about to make a major announcement at 4.30pm. This could be their last throw of the dice…






    he will blame Neil Lennon




    Surely you recognise that, at the very least, the SNP have been showing partiality to the denizens of Ibrox from Alex Salmond through MacKaskill to the spokesperson for our First Minister? Like the media, the SNP realise they are the demographic they must pander.



    Like Trump in the USA, they seem to be wanting to appeal to the far right. That frightens me.

  18. SAINT STIVS on 5TH NOVEMBER 2020 2:41 PM



    Have the SNP ever done anything that could be construed as pro Timmy?

  19. Timmy7-noted



    I hope you don’t get offended by this, as it is definitely not the intention, but when i read your posts i do it with Rick from the Young Ones in my head.



    My favourite ever comedy character so it makes me smile :-0

  20. Neil is the right man to comment as this is a football matter and refers to a punishment of our games being suspended. I do think he should have mentioned our punishment as what happens to Rangers is not strictly our business

  21. Linda,



    Our resident legendary lothario, Big Jimmy is usually on in the morning.



    You might be best coming on and trying again then.



    Also, are you a hun?

  22. dettolandtheblackash on

    This blog is resorting to pure dog whistle politics that we heard about SNP from Labour in the 60s and 70s as well as from some Catholic pulpits – As professor Tom Devine points out most Scottish Catholics nowadays have the confidence to make their own mind up

  23. NorrieM



    I agree that when issues stray away from ‘football’ Neil should either defer to someone else at the club or make clear that he’s speaking in a personal capacity. Journalists don’t help because they ask him questions knowing that he will usually do neither of these things, but instead give them the headline & story they want.



    Some will suggest that it IS football but that’s being disingenuous. The label says football but the package contains politics – as we can see on here now.



    I agree with the Uncle Jimmy – Celtic should really look at Neil’s remit & responsibilities. His focus should be on the team & fixtures & getting ambushed by media into saying something that will only be distorted into an unnecessary distraction hinders that. Personally, Neil doesn’t need more flak either.



    While the 2 incidents have similarities, it COULD be said that Sevco had a better system in place so that any Sevco player who breached regulations was identified before endangering colleagues at training etc. We don’t know how the club were tipped off so that they could be seen to be acting responsibly but that response in itself was enough for someone at ScotGov to commend them. Celtic took action that was perhaps even more responsible as soon as they became aware of the breach by their player, but got a bollocking instead – Sturgeon’s populist jab at privileged footballers etc.






    I think your comments are on point. I have no idea why Paul chose that language but that point or his article generally were not enhanced by it at all. Politics rather than religion is the more likely driving force behind whatever she does even if it’s a paper thin variant.



    Celtic have a decent case for raising the apparent ScotGov inconsistencies without starting a sectarian fire that will just be used as a distraction from addressing Celtic’s main grievance.


    The commendation was a mistake in my opinion: like getting a certificate of merit for driving on the correct side of the road. Sevco acted precisely as Celtic did at precisely the same time – that is, as soon as they became aware of it. How else were Sevco supposed to act? The clear implication of them getting a pat on the back for doing only what they’re supposed to do is that they, Sevco, acted in a way that other clubs didn’t.



    Without that commendation I don’t think Paul would even have written today’s article.


    Just my opinion of course.





    Our resident legendary lothario, Big Jimmy is usually on in the morning.


    You might be best coming on and trying again then.


    Also, are you a hun?




    Or a honey.

  25. dettolandtheblackash on

    Ernie -I think recognising subtle and not so subtle political bias from the owner of this blog is worth pointing -particularly when he uses ‘old school’ labour rhetoric. In the same way we can also recognise that the SNP government made a gaffe where this is issues is concerned. Confident politically well informed Celtic supporters will recognised both.

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